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Tim and Haast

Haast: He is laying back in the sun and enjoying the warmth.

Tim:He was walking around camp, going nowhere in particular

Haast: He hears Tim and gives him a wave. Good morning, beautiful day isn't it. All that's missing is some lovely mud.

Tim : Hears Haast, he gave him a wave back and said "Yeah, it is a lovely morning." He then moves closer to the guy.

Haast: He pats the spot next to him. Sit here friend. My name's Haast. What's yours?

Tim : He sits down to where Haast's suggested. "Haast, well that's a unique name.I'm Tim by the way" he said this as he extend his arm for him.

Haast: He shakes his hand. Yeah, I guess so. I mean I haven't met anyone with the same name as me yet. So Tim, how long have you been at camp for? 1 month? a year? 6 months?

Tim : He thinks for a while "Uh, I think it's about a week or so. How about you, how long have you been here?"

Haast: Well... he looks to the sky I'd say about 6 or 8 months. Really time seems to move about in a strange way here. Or it might be just me.

Tim: He was quite for a brief moment."Yeah! this demigod business is weird. Speaking of demigod, whose godly child are you?"

Haast: He laughs. Actually i'm an animal guardian spirit. Who's are you?

Tim: He was a little shock "Really? My mom is Persephone. May I ask what kind of animal spirit you are."

Haast: Pigs of course, I love those snorting mud rolling things. He smiles.

Tim: "Pig!" "he laughs softly. So what do your kind do. I haven't really met many animal spirit"

Haast: Well I mostly spend my time helping pigs in the wild, releasing domesticated pigs and protesting to shut down pig farms.

Tim: "Ohh! so each one of you protect a specific kind of animal. Is that right? This godly stuff seems rather fascinating with the Gods to the nymphs and all." Looks at Haast "Sorry about my weirdness, I'm still absorbing this things cuz I'ts new to me and all.

Haast: No worries man, I get that a lot with the newish dudes.

Tim : "Is that so? Well, you seem to be nice. Anyway I was wondering what other things you can do at camp. you know besides training and chatting with others?"

Haast: Not much, swimming, climbing the climbing wall, eating at the dining pavilion and sleeping in my room. You?

Tim :": Well I've already said training and talking with others... and also some of the things you said..." He thinks for  "Well, yeah, that's about it. I'm still meeting new people here though".

Haast: Cool. Any cute girls? He wiggles his eyebrows suggestively.

Tim: "Well, um, ...I met some 'cute' girls. There was this Aphrodite kid, the first one to speak to me by the way. There is also the weird nemesis kid, oh and the maze Goddess daughter. "

'Haast: He nods with a grin and a thumbs up. Nice. So where are you from?

Tim: He smiles "I was born in th Philippines but I grew up in Los Angeles."

Haast: He nods. "Got family back in California?"

Tim: "Yeah, my dad and his other family is there."

Haast: Oh, so you've got a step mom and siblings?

Tim: Yes,I have to ask do you animal guardian spirit consider as family? Also, where do you live when you're not at camp?

Haast: Oh here and there. Where ever there's woods there is usually dryads, tree nymphs or spirits, so I crash with them.

Tim: "Is that so..." He grins then looks at the sky."Do you think Pigs can fly in the near future" looks at Haast, smiles and murmurs to himself " Well that was completely weird and random!"

Haast: He laughs Maybe, I heard there is a monster that looks like a pig with wings. But i've never seen it myself.

Tim: "Really, now that's a great sight to see." yawn "I'm kinda hungry now." Looks at Haast "Do you eat pigs?"

Haast: He frowns. No way dude. I'm strictly vegan.

Tim: "Ohhh...sorry if I offended you in any way"

Haast he smiles No worries, its cool.

Tim: Are you sure? 

OOC: I really don't know what Tim should do now, any suggestions for a plot or something?

Haast: he chuckles Yeah i'm sure. Say, you want to go do something? I mean the sun is nice and all but I feel like a cool down.

Tim: sure where do you want to go?

Haast: The Beach! he yells and jumps to his feet in excitement

Tim: That sounds fun," he said as he also stands up

Haast: Yeah! I'll quickly go change and meet you there. he runs off to his room

Tim: Yeah" as he decided to go to his room and changed also..

The Beach

Haast: He runs towards the beach with his swim shorts on, carrying a towel and wearing a pair of sun glasses. He cannonballs into a sand-dune and rolls down it.

Tim: he came after Haast wearing a blue short and a sleveless white shirt, plus other stuff in his bag. he drop the bag and went towrds Haast.

Haast: He stops rolling and is still for a few seconds before leaping into the air. "Wow! That was amazing! He sees Tim coming towards him. You have to try that. It was so much fun!

Tim: He came closer to Haast. "Um, I think I'll just go with the water..." 

Haast: He shrugs Suit yourself. Got your sunglasses?

Tim:Well I have one on my bag, but why do I need sunglasses?

Haast: Well I saw them on a movie and though everybody wore them on the beach and move in slow motion when walking along or coming out of the water.

Tim: "ohhhh. is that so" laughs a bit "What movie was that?"

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