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Uriel manages to use up all of his magical energy to teleport outside the infirmary to escape Dante. He has several injuries, gashes were Dante put his sword through him. He's relieved for the moment, but collapses from exhaustion.

Joseph: Wearing his labcoat and gloves, he is ready for work. When he is about to enter the infirmary, he notices Uriel. '"Vhat in ze name of St. Peter?!" 'he quickly lifts Uriel over his shoulder, rushes him inside, and places him onto a bed. '"Are you ok?! Can you speak?"

Uriel: He groans in response. "I'm... Not even sure... I was attacked by someone in the forest. I tried to fight him off but–" He groans in pain.

Joseph: Joseph curses in German "Verdammt! It had to be one of zose böse BC assassins! I vould not reccomend traveling in ze forest, sir!" he quickly feeds Uriel a bit of ambrosia, and patches up his open gashes with bandages.

Uriel: "Damn... BC... I could've taken him... If I was only ready..." His voice trails off, and his eyes begin to close. He slowly falls out of consciousness.

Joseph: he panics and curses in German "Scheiße! Nein, nein, nein!"Joseph gets out a medicine, and injects it into Uriel with a syringe needle that will have Uriel regan his consciousness.

Uriel: He struggles to stay awake; struggles to stay alive. He opens his mouth, murmuring words that could not be made out. Only a few were clear enough to understand, "It's... not... see... you." The medicine begins to take affect, and Uriel's eyes stay open partially.

Joseph: He feeds Uriel a tiny 2 inch-high bottle of nectar "Zere, zere. Hopefully zis vill make you get back to a better state of health."

The sun sets and rises again.

Uriel: He is in a stable condition now. The blood has long since stopped flowing, and his wounds have all been patched up. However, his right arm is a little limp and needs some time to recover before he could fight again. He sits up in bed, and smiles at Joseph. "Thank you, friend. I don't know what would've happened to me had you not acted so swiftly and skillfully."

Joseph: He looks quite happy "It vas no problem." He realizes that he hasn't even introduced himself yet. "Oh, by ze vay, my name vould be Joseph König, Son of Apollo."

Uriel: "Uriel Cohen, son of Hecate. Nice to meet you, Joseph." He reaches out his hand to shake while continuing the conversation, "I'm forever in your debt. If there's ever anything I could do for you, just ask."

Joseph: He smiles "Zat is nice of you! Danke!" he looks annoyed "I swear, at zis rate ze BC vill be tearing apart Demigods faster zan I can heal zem!"

Uriel: "Aye," he says, his face turned stone cold as if he stared into the eyes of Medusa, "they've been a thorn in our side for far too long now. The very fact that they can get so close to our camp with no issues is a worry in itself." He looks at his arm. "But I'm afraid I have no one else to blame for this than myself."

Joseph: He lightly pats his back "Zere's no reason to be so hard on yourself! And don't vorry, a friend of mine, Ryuu Takao, is alvays patrolling to try and find BC members who somehow slipped into our border. He is very vell trained in Japanese warfare."

Uriel: "Ryuu, huh? I wish I was as courageous." He stares at his wand. "To think that I've been here for a year now, and have never done anything significant for the camp. Do you think I could do something meaningful here?"

Joseph: He makes another slight smile "Vell of course you can! And you don't have to go around trying to hunt down ze BC. Take me for example! Ze people do seem to be happy vith my medical work. Helping out can extend to any skill zat you have."

Uriel: He ponders that for a second. "Hmm. I guess you're right." He turns his body and let's his legs droop over the edge of the bed. "Thanks again, mate. I think you've done more here than just heal my injuries."

Joseph: "It vas no problem at all. Oh, and if you or a friend are ever injured, just remember zat I vork here for many hours everyday!"

Uriel: "Duly noted!" And with that, he made his way back to his Cabin. His stride was a little queer, as his arm and leg were still injured at the moment.

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