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  • Quinton: "Okay then" He nods slowly, then strips down and dives into the water quickly.
  • Sienna: She smiles and gracefully dips her toe into the water, once she realizes its warm enough to swim in, she dives in after him
  • Quinton: He watches her swim over, ever so slowly for his liking. Wanting to speed things up, he races over to her and grabs her butt, squeezing it gently.
  • Sienna: She chuckles as he squeezes her butt, she sets one hand on one of his pecks and the other around his neck, she has a rather intriguing look on her face, as if to try and seduce him.
  • Quinton: He grins, unsure of what her look is meant to mean. "What, are you trying to be sexy, chica? What's that look?" He purrs to her.
  • Sienna: "Depends, is it working?" She smiles slightly her face going soft.
  • Quinton: "Well, not really." He laughs softly, his hands moving up to her lower back.
  • Sienna: "Then no, no I wasn't." She smiles moving her hand up and down his back softly, her b**bs (idk if I can say that???) pushed against his chest.
  • Quinton: He grins at her, beginning to get aroused. To relieve some of the sexual tension, he roughly pulls her closer and locks his mouth onto hers, frenching her.
  • Sienna: She kisses him back, feeling his arousal in the downstairs >.<
  • Quinton: He shudders at her touch, his hands moving to her chest to feel her, uhm, jugs? >.<
  • Sienna: She gently but playfully pushes him against a log, kissing him through the whole thing, eventually feeling his um, pecker touching her wooha >.<
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