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Ian and Chelsea

Chelsea: *she is sitting under a shaded tree well sketching in her art book*

Ian: *Sneaks behind her and covers her eyes* Hey there gorgeous

Chelsea: Hey Ian. *She sets her sketch book down and gives him a hug* I missed you.

Ian: Smiles and hugs her back I missed you too.How have you been?

Chelsea: Good I guess, but I am better now that you're here.

Ian: Its gonna get even better Kisses her

Chelsea: *She kisses him back and lifts her leg up so it looks like she is balancing on one leg well kissing him*

Ian: Leaning against the tree,he pulls her closer to him,kissing more

Chelsea: *She continues to kiss him but kisses him back with more passion*

Ian: *Kisses back with equal passion I love you...

Chelsea: I love you waaaayyyyyyyy more.

Ian: I know,and i'll always love you no matter what *Pulls her close to where their bodies are touching and kisses her deeply and much passionately*

Chelsea: *she smiles well kissing him and pulls him to the closest point by his belt :P*

Ian: *Deepens the kiss more his arms around her.His hand slightly moves down her back*

Chelsea: *she continues kissing him still holding his belt*

Ian: *Hand moves down to her bottom and gives it a soft squeeze while kissing*

Chelsea: *She unbuckles his pants a little but pretends it's an accident* Woops...

Ian: Chuckles What are you doing down there?

Chelsea: What? The buckle just unbuckled itself :P

Ian: Oh really? Looks like someone wants us to get a little...frisky...

Chelsea: *She takes off her sweater and reveals she is wearing a thin tank top* That's up to you.

Ian: Oh,I want to get frisky too *Takes off his shirt,leaving him shirtless, and begins kissing her again*

Chelsea: *She continues kissing him and takes of her tank top leaving her only in a bra and pants*

Ian: *Pulls her on top of him.While kissing her,he undoes her bra*

Chelsea: Well, well, well. Looks like someone is happy to see me. *She pulls off his pants*

Ian: *Is in nothing in his boxers,with a huge bulge in it* What gave me away? *Pulls her closer and kisses deeply*

Chelsea: *she points to the bulge* That is what gave it away. *She smiles and continues kissing him*

Ian: *While kissing,he unzips her pants and pulls them off* I see....

Chelsea: *She smiles and kisses his chest, when she gets back up to his mouth she goes down and pulls off his boxers and moves back up to his mouth to kiss him again*

Ian: *Kisses back while moving his hands toward her behind and pulls down her underwear.He then pulls her as close as possible and begins to french kiss her a bit*

Chelsea: *She French kisses back and kicks off her underwear*

Ian: *Begins to rub against her <censored> as he continues to French her*

Chelsea: *she moans in ecstasy and continues to French him*

Ian: *Kisses down her neck while rubbing his <censored> against her <censored>* I can take it slow if you want.

Chelsea: N-No I am fine. *Continues to moan as she somewhat rubs against his <censored> as well*

Ian: *Moans in pleasure and plays with her chest as she rubs against him*

Chelsea: *She smiles and bites Ian's lip playfully still thrusting against his <censored>*

Ian: *Moans louder and looks up at her* I want to try and put it in.Can I?

Chelsea: *She nods and prepares*

Ian: *Gives her a smile before sliding her down on his <censored>*

Chelsea: She moans as it goes into her <censored> and bites her lip as it is her first time :P*

Ian: *Moans in pleasure as she is super tight* Oh gods,this feels incredible!

Chelsea: *She nods in agrrement and moans loudly* Y-Yes it is. Keep going.

Ian: I will. *Begins moving it back and forth,moaning loudly*

Chelsea: *She bites her lip as it somewhat hurts a smidge, but trying not to let it show on her face.*

After about 5-10 minutes

Chelsea: *Once Ian had done his part she straddles him and begins thrusting down on his <censored>*

Ian: *Moans loudly* Someone's very happy with me...

Chelsea: *She grins* You did great, best and only I have ever had. But now it's my turn. *She thrusts faster and harder on his <censored>, she makes moaning and groaning noises but doesn't stop*

Ian: *Moans loudly and sits up and helps her thrust by her hips*

Chelsea: *20 minutes later of them alternating they have a blanket over both of them from Chelsea's bag and are laying naked in the grass Chelsea still half laying on Ian and half not, painting she manages to say* T-That was amazing. Almost like you have done it a million times. *She lies back down on top of him and tries to slip back into her clothes*

Ian: To be honest,this is my first time.I haven't done it ever,I just fantasize about what it would be like *Helps her put her clothes on*

Chelsea: *smiles* Wait that was you're first time to? It felt like you knew exactly what to do and you we're so in control the whole time. Well until I took over that is.

Ian: Chuckles I know.I don't even know where my drive came from.It just sort of came over me and I knew what to do.Weird huh?

Chelsea: Same here. I had no clue what i was doing.

Ian: Well...Kisses her cheek At least we had ALOT of fun,didn't we?

Chelsea: I wouldn't call that fun, I would call it the best day ever. *Kisses him and stands up after getting her clothes on, revealing Ian's naked body* Oops. :P

Ian: Ah its fine. *Puts all of his clothes back on* And I agree it was the best day ever.

Chelsea: So what should we do now?

Ian: I don't know,what do you think we should do?

Chelsea: Well, I am tired so you decide.

Ian: Tired huh? Oh I know,we can go to my cabin and take a nap.How bout that?

Chelsea: Sounds good to me

Ian: Sweet let's go

Poseidon Cabin

They arrive at the Poseidon cabin and crash on Ian's bed

Ian: Ah,this feels nice...

Chelsea: Much better than the grass. *She snuggles into him*

Ian: *Pulls her closer* I agree... *Pulls a blanket over them*

Chelsea: *She snuggles in and begins to fall asleep*

Ian: *Smiles and kisses her forhead while falling asleep himself*

50 minutes later

Chelsea: *she slowly begins to wake up*

Ian: Still fast asleep,snoring smoothly

Chelsea *She giggles and quietly gets out of bed*

Ian: Wakes up a little Hey...

Chelsea: Hey cutie. *She kisses him on the cheek*

Ian: Hey gorgeous Kisses her cheek How'd you sleep?

Chelsea: Good because I had you.

Ian: Sweet. So what're you up to?

Chelsea: Nothing much I was just gonna go to the washroom.

Ian: Oh cool.We always have water in this cabin.Ba dum tss Laughs That sucked so badly...

Chelsea: *She laughs and heads to the washroom*

Ian: Grins and sits up.He hums "Rock the Dragon" while he waits

Chelsea: *She finishs using the restroom and comes out*

Ian: Grins and waves So what do you want to do now?

Chelsea: I don't know.

Ian: about the beach?

Chelsea: Sure sounds fun.

Ian: Sweet! Grabs his surfboard


They both arrive at the shore

Ian: Ahh,my home territory...

Chelsea: *Smiles and kisses his cheek* I think I will just tan.

Ian: Sure thing babe. He runs out to the water and begins paddling on his board

Chelsea: *She smiles and lies down watching him surf*

Ian: Catches a big wave and begins surfing like a pro

Chelsea: *Smiles and begins reading a magazine*

Ian: Surfs many waves before finally coming on land and laying next to Chelsea That was a good work out...

Chelsea: *Laughs* Oh please, you don't need to work out.

Ian: Laughs I know,but I do love to surf these waters.Plus, I don't mind getting wiped out cuz I love being in the water.

Chelsea: Meh the sun is more my thing.

Ian: Chuckles Well you are a blazing hot daughter of Apollo.

Chelsea: *Smiles* You're not to bad yourself. *Smiles cutely*

Ian: Grins Why thank you cutie.Kisses her

Chelsea: *She rests her head on his shoulder*

Ian: Smiles and holds her close as they enjoy the sunset

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