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Tori & Landon

Tori: *She is reading a book under a tree*

Landon: Shadows travels next to Tori before mumbling Boo.

Tori: *she jumps and throws the book on the sky, accidently hitting Landon on the head* LANDON!!!!! I haven't seen you for awhile. How are you?

Landon: Rubs his head, wincing a bit Ouch. And I'm doing fine. Or at least was. Smiles at Tori

Tori: *Giggles and hugs him* Sorry I didn't mean to.

Landon: Laughs, hugging Tori back I know you didn't. I shouldn't have snuck up on you. Smirks Even if it was fun.

Tori: *She smirks and crosses her arms*  Enough fun to get smacked by a book... for the second time

Landon: Puts his hands up, chuckling Maybe...If you didn't have the book

Tori: *She holds up a hardcover book* Well looky here, I do have the book.

Landon: Stares at the book Well looks like I'm not shadow traveling for a while.

Tori: Oh please, I would only hit you if you piss me off.

Landon: Note to self: No not piss off Tori Smirks On purpose

Tori: *She smiles and drops the book on the grass* So what have you been up to lately?

Landon: Reaches down and grabs the book, before handing it back to Tori Here you go. Shrugs Nothing much, really. Just...hanging around I guess.

Tori: Nice so how much of you're powers have you tested?

Landon: Besides the shadow traveling...nothing. How about you?

Tori: Same. It is just more fu then the rest of the powers I have seen.

Landon: Yeah, also I've never really had a reason to use the others.

Tori: Same.

Landon: So what about you? What have you been doing lately?

Tori: Exploring camp, and hanging with friends.

Landon: Smiles Sounds like fun.

Tori: Meh not really.

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