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Haast and Aliona

Haast:He's laying in a deep mud puddle perfectly camouflaged with the mud

Aliona: *She is chasing her tail in lion form*

Haast: He yawns and awakens, then stands up and stretches

Aliona: *She gets tired and lays down under a tree*

Haast: He walks out of the puddle and shakes off the mud revealing he has no clothes on

Aliona: *She slowly begins to fall asleep*

Haast: He's slips on his shorts and sits on the oppisite side of Aliona's tree

Aliona: *She is still sleeping deepy then before*

Haast: looks around to make sure nobody's watching, then starts singing "Over The Rainbow"

Lexi, Deniel, Matt & Maddi

Lexi: she is sitting in a tree listening to her iPod

Deniel: he comes up behind her and covers her eyes

Lexi: She is caught off guard and jumps exidently smacking Deniel in the process. Oh my gods sorry Deniel.

Deniel: He winces at her smack and rubs his cheek Okay, next time no surprises. He removes his hand revealing a big red spot that is starting to turn purple and black

Lexi: She kisses his cheek

Deniel: He smiles and blushes Ummm, I think you may have smacked my lips too

Lexi: Smiles and kisses his lips

Matt: Him and Maddi run up and see them kissing EW Momy and daddy are kissing!!

Maddi: Laughs with Matt

Deniel: He laughs with Maddi then kisses Lexi again

Lexi: Smiles and breaks the kiss holding Deniel's hand

Matt: Are chu gonna be together for ever?

Maddi: Smiles and attempts to climb a tree

Deniel: He blushes deeply Um um um... He looks at Lexi

Lexi: Deniel, are we? *In her head she is saying please, please, please XD*

Deniel: *In his head he's battling with his fear of commitment and his love for Lexi*

Lexi: *she kinda has a somewhat sad face and looks at Matt and Maddi*

Deniel: Can I skip the question?

Lexi: *disappointed and somewhat sad she looks away from Deniel* Go ahead be my guest.

Deniel: Thanks Lexi. kisses her cheek and wraps an arm around her

Lexi: *Kisses him back* (OOC: Does he know she is upset now? XD)

Deniel: he smiles You know I love you, right? (OOC: No, all my characters are blind other characters feelings. It makes things more exciting XP)

Lexi: Ya I know. (OOC: Oh well Lexi is kinda pissed now and thinks Deniel doesn't love her as much as she loves him XD)

Deniel: looks over at Maddi who is climbing a tree Maddi, don't climb up too high! (OOC: I know XD, this will be fun)

Maddi: *she falls from the tree and Matt catches her* Dank chu Matty.

Matt: Chu are welcome.

Lexi: *Smiles through her sad expression*

Deniel: Great catch Matt! He walks over to Matt and Maddi Are you hurt Maddi?

Maddi: No daddy.

Matt: *he sets Maddi down and walks over to Lexi, sitting down beside her* Are chu okay?

Lexi: *she manages a smile* Ya go play with you sister okay.

Deniel: realizes Lexi has a sad face and walks over to her What's wrong Lexi? You look sad

Lexi: *She flips her hair to cover one eye* Don't worry about it.

Deniel: shakes his head I'm your boyfriend, we have love nymphs, you can tell me anything

Lexi: Well if you loved me, you should know why I am mad without asking. *She stands up and whispers in his ear "I will be right back, she leaves for a minute and takes Maddi and Matt to their rooms*

Ten Minutes Later

Lexi: So, did you figure out why I am mad?

Deniel: I think you're mad because I didn't answer Matt's question

Lexi: Ding-ding-ding we have a winner! (OOC: wow Lexi I know your pissed an all but XD)

Deniel: he frowns But why are you mad about that? (OOC: stupid Deniel)

Lexi: Not answering pretty much means... you don't know how you feel or... *she chokes back a sob* or you just don't care.

Deniel: Lexi, I don't know how I feel about us being togeather forever. hugs her But you have been the only girl i've ever loved. None of those girls i've kissed or slept with matter

Lexi: Are you trying to make me feel better by talking about who you kissed and slept with?

Deniel: shakes his head and groan, then bangs his head into a tree a few times (OOC: I told you he was a player)

Lexi: *she crumbles and starts crying on the ground* (OOC: I know :P)

Deniel: he rushes over to Lexi and pulls her into a hug What do you want me to do Lexi?

Lexi: Well, you could have at least, said something other then "Can I skip the question?" Wanna know what Matt and Maddi asked me when I took them to the nymph sanctuary?

Deniel: nods slowly

Lexi: They said "Why did daddy not answer the question?".

Deniel: A-and what did you say?

Lexi: I just said I don't know. *she looks away from Deniel*

Deniel: turns her head towards him then gives her a deep kiss

Lexi: *She kisses him back and smiles a bit*

Deniel: Lexi, if I was to be with someone forever...I would love for that person to be you. kisses her passionately

Lexi: *She breaks the kiss and looks at him with a shocked face* W-What are you trying to say?

Deniel: I'm saying that I would love to be together with you forever

Lexi: *smiles and hugs him tight* Same. (OOC: Is that a proposal I hear XD Just kidding)

Deniel: hugs her tightly (OOC: Besides, he's only 15 or 16)

Lexi: *She smiles and kisses his cheek, leaving lip-stick on his cheek, but she does not tell him* (OOC: I know she is only 16 herself and her father would murder Deniel if he asked to marry her o-o)

Deniel: So at least now I can answer Matt's question later on. He squeezes her hand And now I know where we stand (OOC: wow, very protective parent O-O)

Lexi: Ya. *She is still trying to hide the fact he has lip-stick on his cheek* (OOC: I know right)

Deniel: So what do you want to do?

Lexi: Wanna go see Maddi and Matt at the sanctuary?

Deniel: Sure!

Nymph Sanctuary

Matt and Maddi are running aroundin Matt's room playing hide nd seek, tag and many other fun childish games

Deniel: Hello Kids!

Matt: DADDY!!!!!!! *He runs and tackles Deniel to the ground*

Maddi: Heyro!!!!!!!!!!!! *She runs and jumps on to Deniel and Matt*

Lexi: *she laughs and begins to clean the room*

Deniel: laughs with Matt and Maddi So what have you been up to kids?

Maddi & Matt: PLAYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Deniel:rubs his ears Don't you two have an off switch?

Matt & Maddi: NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!

Deniel: pulls out a bag of candy You two want some candy?

They both nod and sit still

Lexi: Really must you bribe them with candy?

Deniel: nods and gives them the bag

They eat it all in 2 minutes

Deniel: Do you two feel better? whispers to lexi They really do act like kids even though they look like teens

Lexi: Well remember they we're just made like last week.

Deniel Okay, you are right. kisses lexi's cheek

Lexi: *she blushes like crazy and continues cleaning the room*

Deniel: Would you like some help Lexi?

Lexi: Um no i think you need to control the kids. *She points to them jumping on Matt's bed*

Deniel:smiles and starts jummping on Matt's bed

Lexi: *She laughs then has a serious look on her face* That was not what I meant by control them.

Deniel:he nods and get's Matt ans Maddi off Matt's bed What do you want to do today kids?

Matt: Pway.

Maddi: Ya pway.

Lexi: You heard them go play a game with them, I'll stay here and clean. *She kisses Deniel's cheek and starts to get cleaning*

Deniel:nods and takes the kids outside Tag! touches Maddi's shoulder You're it! runs away from them

Lexi: *She laughs* So childish.

Deniel:he hides in a tree while Matt and Maddi tag each other

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