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Leo: Leo walks up the stairs of Hecate's cabin, holding a small blue box, with a red ribbon on it. She is wearing a black coat over a short red dress, that finishes a few centimeters above her knees. Her hair hangs in loose curls, framing her face. On her feet are black ankle bootie heels, 5 inch long. She has some light make up on, along with a small, but happy smile.

Mika: Mika is sleeping in his bed, not wearing a shirt nor any bottoms (he sleeps nude >.<). The covers are coveringf the bottom have of his body as he sleeps on his stomach.

Leo: As she walks up to his door, she finds it slightly open, and shrugs before going in, not bothering to knock. Her eyes fall on his sleeping form as soon as she takes a step inside. She mutters something like 'aw' under her breath, and quitely shrugs her coat off, folding it and placing it carefully on his desk. She takes of her shoes and tip-toes to his bed, laying next to him on her side. She smiles and traces the outline of his bottom lip withher finger tip.

Mika: He doesn't wake up, and the blanket slowly inches down towards his butt as he moves faintly.

Leo: She smirks and trails her fingers down his bicep. "Mika?" She says his name in a low whisper.

Mika: He wakes up slightly, still having his eyes closed "Y-Yeah?"

Leo: She kisses the corner of his mouth softly, "Merry Christmas."

Mika: Her smirks, kissing her softly "Merry Christmas to you too."

Leo: She smiles and steals another kiss, before pulling back slightly, to look at him. "Sleep well?"

Mika: He kisses her back "Sure did."

Leo: Her smile widens, "That's good. I bought you something." She picks up the little box from his bedside table, as she had put it there earlier.

Mika: He smiles as well "I bought you something too."

Leo: She grins, "You did?" She scoots closer to him, "Mine first, though."

Mika: He smiles kissing her cheek as he receives her present, as he opens the box he spots a Rolex, his mouth drops "A Rolex for me?"

Leo: She chuckles and nods. "Thought you'd like it."

Mika: He kisses her softly, before remember he is naked and that he probably shouldn't get up, he then holds his covers tight to his chest, and then reaches to his windowsill and grabs a box with an emerald necklace (her birthstone) and hands it to her "Merry Christmas."

Leo: She opens it and now it's her turn to gape. "Mika... It's beautiful."

Mika: "I thought you'd like it." he smirks slightly "I have another present for you... If you want it." He takes the covers off, this was not something he had planned on doing but, seeing Leo and knowing it's Christmas, he figured he might as well make it a night to remember. He is now fully exposed, a worried expression crosses his face. He leans in and kisses her passionately/seductively

Leo: Not having the time to react as he practically pounces on her, she just kisses him back, with equal fervor.

Mika: He breaks the kiss "If you don't want this, tell me."

Leo: She smirks, "We've done this before, Mika." She returns to kissing him.

Mika: He grabs something from his nightstand (presumably a condom) "Merry Christmas." Soon the good time begins

Leo: A few hours later, she's lying on his bed, using his chest as a pillow. Taking a lazy look around the room, she chuckles as she sees her dress an the rest of her clothing on the floor, while her bra is hanging on his chair by one of the starps.

Mika: He smiles as she chuckles "What is it?"

Leo: She kisses his shoulder, "Nothing." Looking up at him, she throws him a smile. "Thank you."

Mika: "Thank you for what?" he looks slightly confused, but in a cute/adorable way

Leo: She chuckles and pecks his lips. "For the great Christmas gift."

Mika: "oh, you're welcome." he kisses her softly

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