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French Drama... Oh La La

  • Ben: He is sitting at his desk in Benstin's beautiful house. He is looking at the news to see if anything worthy has shown up since he last checked it. When he clicks a news website the first thing he sees is a dating scandal that involves Cel, as he has gained fame in France as a musician, multiple rumours have been spread around, but none like this...
  • Cel: He walks into the house and shouts that he's at home. Because he's exhausted he flops onto the couch downstairs in the living room and turns the tv on.
  • Ben: He quickly shuts off his laptop and walks down the stairs, he sees Cel laying on the couch and unsure what to say after what he just read, he smiles gingerly, "Hey."
  • Cel: His smile is more confident, despite his retaining social issues "Hey...Did you do anything today or did you just stay on your laptop all day?"
  • Ben: He shrugs, "Not really... I cleaned the house a bit then got bored and went on my laptop... What did you do today?"
  • Cel: He mimics the shrugs, "I recorded some songs, worked with Marie - my assistant, remember her? - and had lunch with Jon."
  • Ben: He sighs, "Is that all you did?" He shifts his weight slightly, standing in the door frame awkwardly
  • Cel: He nods slowly, "Um, yeah? What makes you say that?"
  • Ben: He furrows his eyebrows, as he didn't get the answer he wanted, "That's not what I read."
  • Cel: He looks at him, confused, "And what did you read?"
  • Ben: A part of him doesn't want to say it, not wanting to be hurt by the outcome, "Don't play dumb, its all over news websites."
  • Cel: Once realising what he means, he scoffs somewhat, "You actually believe the websites?" He thinks for a second, "I'm not going to answer until you ask me the question."
  • Ben: "Fine. Did you cheat on me?" His tone is rather snappy.
  • Cel: He remains cool, "No. And I'm somewhat offended you think I would."
  • Ben: "Well when you're all over the news it makes me worry."
  • Cel: He looks hurt for a second before turning back to the TV, "Think what you want I guess. I know I didn't cheat but evidently you don't believe me."
  • Ben: "Did I say I didn't believe you? No, I said I was worried."
  • Cel: He shrugs, "You sure sound like you don't believe me and you argued that I had done more than what I said I did. Ergo, you don't believe me."
  • Ben: "I questioned you on it because I wanted to make sure you weren't lying to me. Which I now know you weren't."
  • Cel: He raises an eyebrow and sighs like he's beginning not to care, "Yeah, sure." His tone is sarcastic and yeah >.<
  • Ben: He starts becoming slightly angry, his anger being evident in his voice, "So what, now you don't believe me?"
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