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Justin & Skylar

Skylar: she sits under a tree listening to music

Justin: *He is just coming out of his cabin when he walks past her*

Skylar: she looks up for a bit, before sighing and getting a pad out

Justin: *He doesn't notice her and he sits down behind a tree two metres away, he takes out his ear buds and starts listening to music*

Skylar: being cocky, she smirks to herself and shouts, "Copy cat much?"

Justin: *He turns his head and looks at Skylar* Oh look who it is, the b!tch of the west.

Skylar: she grins, "That's Miss Bitch to you."

Justin: In you're dreams. You don't disserve to have Miss in you're name. Miss means people would respect you, which not many people do.

Skylar: her grin widens slightly, "You weren't saying that when I took your virginity."

Justin: *Smirks* I believe I was the one who took yours. *He stands up and starts walking back to his cabin, when he gets there he sits on the porch, hoping Skylar won't follow him*

Skylar: she grins and sits beside him, just to bug him, "Nope. I took yours. And you're taking Chastity's now? Slut much?"

Justin: Actually I haven't. Now back off before I tell someone you touched my pecker.

Skylar: she looks at him, "Your what?"

Justin: Don't get it do ya. Just something me and friends always said back home. *Smiles and flips his hat so the beak is covering his eyes*

Skylar: She thinks about it for a bit before, "Yep. I did touch your baby maker, so what? It's what you do when you have sex. Besides, I'm sure you'd love to have drunk girl to touch it."

Justin: Maybe I would, what do you care? Death boy to cold when it goes in for ya?

Skylar: She frowns and blushes, "Same here, why would you care? And if you must know, he was going on a quest. Unlike you lazy ass bitch."

Justin: Yep just keep insuting me, 'cause I really do give a shit what you say. Wait no I don't, because as I said before you are a bitch. Plus I don't wan't to go on a quest. What about you you little hoe?

Skylar: she shadow travels from side to side as she says this, and because it's dark, it's creepy, "Who said I wanted to go on one? Nobody." She laughs and gives Justin a small cut with her dagger on his left arm, before appearing in front of the tree that she sat under, smiling at him crazily, holding a dagger with his blood on it. ;D

Justin: *he wipes the blood off his arm and walks over to Skylar and rubs it all over he face* NOW LEAVE ME ALONE YOU PYSCHO BITCH!!!!

Skylar: Her smile falters, snapping her back to her old self, and by old, I mean when she and Justin dated, she looks down at the dagger and screams, "W-What?"

Justin: *Smirks* Aww what's wrong, is little princess afraid of a little blood? *He wipes the rest of the blood off his arm and rubs it on Skylar's face* Oops, looks like you got some blood on you're face.

Skylar: She glares at him, "What. The. Hell. Justin?"

Justin: Poor baby are you all mad now. *Rolls his eyes* Maybe you shouldn't have cut my arm with you're dagger you stupid bitch. Gods you are so fucking rude since you started dating death boy. *He rubs his arm as if he had been waiting a long time to say that*

Skylar: She glares at him, "Luke has nothing to do with how I act. And how can oneof my dad's death be his fault?"

Justin: *he looks surprised but he still has an arrogant smirk on his face* You need to leave me alone, and just because I didn't know about you're dad's death doesn't make it okay to cut my arm.

Skylar: She grins slyly, "And do you need to be an asshead to me?"

Justin: Oh let's see, perhapse embarrsing me in front of Lucas, or maybe it was you throwing the snow globe into the river styx that I spent HOURS working on, or maybe it is just I don't feel like being around someone who has been nothing but rude to me. You're pick.

Skylar: She blinks at him, he eyes tearing up, "You caused the break up. You got jealous of my one other friend besides you. And just so you know I chose you over him. Not him, you. And about the snowglobe, you do know I would've jumped into the river and got it, but I couldn't. I'm sorry, but I-I just couldn't."

Justin: If you did pick me over him, I wouldn't be dating Chastity, and I wouldn't have gave her a ring. But about the snow globe thing, it is no big deal. *He bites his lip as he feels some what bad*

Skylar: She looks down at the ground, "It obviously meant a lot to you...I-I have Luke, you have her, we could let all of what happened go...and just try and start over?"

Justin: Sure, I would like that. So um how are you guys doing?

Skylar: She looks up and smiles slightly, "Fine, I guess. We haven't spoken much, since he was meant to be on a quest, and I've been in the Nyx Cabin crying..."

Justin: Why have you been crying?

Skylar: "Dad's death."

Justin: Oh... Um I kinda gave Chastity a ring. Sorry that was dumb to say.

Skylar: She smiles, "What kind of ring?"

Justin: Just a ring. *He smiles back*

Skylar: She grins, "It could symbolise a promise."

Justin: Well... that is kinda what it is for.

Skylar: She smiles, "So is that Justin that I went out with, lost with the relationship? Cause I'm the same boring old Skylar."

Justin: You're not boring, but you did lose me with the relationship. But I guesss it benefited both of us. *Smiles*

Skylar: She smiles, "Sucks for Chastity, but oh well."

Justin: *rolls his eyes and smiles* Sucks for Lucas to I guess.

Skylar: She tenses at his name and whispers, looking at the ground, "I-I think he prefers to be called L-Luke."

Justin: Ya I don't think we are at that stage yet.

Skylar: She brushes a hair out of her face, "I-I guess."

Justin: *He leans back in his chair and pulls his hat over his eyes again*

Skylar: She shadow travels back to the tree

Justin: *He walks back into his cabin*

The next morning

Skylar: She sits on her cabin porch, reading a book

Justin: *He walks out of his cabin with a huge grin on his face and in a shirt with the sides cut out and running gym shorts, h starts to jog and he jogs past Skylar*

Skylar: She looks up for a split second, before continuing on with her book

Justin: *He sees her and stops, he walks onto the porch* Hey.

Skylar: She looks up from her book, "Hey Justin."

Justin: What's up? *He leans against the railing*

Skylar: She sighs, "Not much, you?"

Justin: Um, well one big thing happened.

Skylar: She smiles slightly, "What?"

Justin: I asked Chastity to marry me. *He smiles*

Skylar: She smiles, "Good for you Justy!"

Justin: A-And she said yes. *He smiles back*

Skylar: She smiles once more, "Again, good for you!"}}

Justin: You're just saying that.

Skylar: She looks into space, "I-I'm not."

Justin: Really?

Skylar: She nods slowly

Justin: Well then thanks.

Justin & Quinn

Justin: *He is in London visiting a relative :3*

Quinn: She walks past him, knocking into him, "Watch it kid."

Justin: I believe you we're the one who knocked into me.

Quinn: She glares at him, "And I believe, that I don't give a shit." She grins, "You seem annoying, like a certain son of Eros that I once met."

Justin: Cool story, now I should really get going.

Quinn: She grins and pushes him against a wall, "And how are you going to stop me? What are you? A son of Aphro or something?"

Justin: *Smirks* Nope, Iris. *He smiles and create a beam of light to knock Quinn off her feet*

Quinn: She grins, "Awww! Hope cute!" She makes an illusion of the thing that Justin most desires in front of him

Justin: *he sees Chastity and snaps out of it* Can you let go!

Quinn: She smirks, "Sorry colour boy, it's too fun to see you struggle."

Justin Colour boy eh? Nice insult.

Quinn: She smiles sarcastically, "I know right! Now you best not struggle, or I will ends you."

Justin: Nice grammar. *He smirks and turns the tables so Justin is pinning Quinn to the wall*

Quinn: She grins and stuns him, "Though I hate my mother with a burning passion, the abilities I have gotten from her are very useful."

Justin: *He snaps out of the stun* S-Seriously what is you're problem?

Quinn: She smirks, "I don't have one. I just want to punish someone who walked into me."

Justin: Well then hurry up with it. Actually on second thought, *He kicks her shin and begins to run off*

Quinn: She grins and pulls out a sleek, throwing star, and lauches it at his leg

Justin: *It hits his leg and he fulls to the ground in pain*

Quinn: She runs up behind him, "Let's have a proper fight."

Justin: *He quickly gets up and holds his dagger to her throat* Deal.

Quinn: She punches him in the face, and arms herself with some throwing axes

Justin: *He wraps his hands around her neck and drops his dagger into his boot*

Quinn: She creates another illusion of something that Justin desires

Justin: *He sees Chastity again but quickly pushes the image aside and kicks Quinn in the face*

Quinn: She quickly dodges and knees him in the balls

'Justin: *He falls to the ground in pain, coughing through the pain* I thought you said proper! *He rolls over on his back and holds his balls in pain* Cause last I checked kicking I guy in the balls is not a proper fight!

Quinn: She grins, "And you think trying to kick me in the face is fair?"

Justin: More fair then kicking me in the balls, you pyscho bitch!

Quinn: "How on earth is that possible?"

Justin: Kicking in the face doesn't imobilize someone.

Quinn: "Well neither does what I did."

Justin: It kinda does you psycho. *He countinues holding his balls well trying to stand up*

Quinn: She sighs, "Stop being such a baby 'bout it."

Justin: *He shakes off the pain and picks up his dagger*

Quinn: She grins and picks up her Scythe

Justin: *He rolls his eyes* Are you done?

Quinn: "Hmmm. I could do this the easy way, or wait for"

Justin: Or you could go jump in front of a bus. Ya I like that idea.

Quinn: She grins and steps forward, "How about you? Unlike you, I have much more to lose."

Justin: Same here, I have a fiance at home.

Quinn: She shrugs, "The amount I care is hardly significant."

Justin: That's awesome, why don't you just leave me alone. *He begins walking away*

Quinn: She stuns him again and walks over to him, "How"

Justin: *He kicks her in the shins after the stun wears off and pushes her to the ground* How about yes?

Quinn: She spits in her face, "How"

Justin: *He cuts his hand with his dagger and whips the blood over her face covering her eyes and he kicks her rib cage* Adios bitch! *He begins to run off*

Cato & Jackie

Cato: *He runs up behind her and wraps his arms around her waist* Ello love.

Jackie: She giggles, "Is this ummm...Gaven? No...hmmm..."

Cato: Nope.

Jackie: She giggles again, "Who then?!"

Cato: Cato. *He kisses her cheek*

Jackie: She smiles, "Catttooooo..." She grins and turns around, kissing him on the cheek

Cato: *He smiles and blushes as she kisses him. Ello love.

Jackie: She smiles, "Hey..."

Cato: What have you been up to?

Jackie: She shrugs, "Tending to the"

Cato: Good, just been swimming and testing powers. *He smiles and realizes he is still holding onto her waist*

Jackie: She giggles, "What powers do you have?"

Cato: Controlling the wind.

Jackie: She blinks, "C-Cool!"

Cato: Not as cool as you, love.

Jackie: She giggles and blushes, "T-Thanks.."

Cato: *He blushes and kisses her cheek*

Jackie: She blushes darker, "Catttooooo."

Cato: Yeash love?

Jackie: she giggles, "Stop making me bluuuush."

Cato: Aww do I have to?

Jackie: She nods, "I feeel weird when I blush.."

Cato: But chu look so adorable when chu do it.

Jackie: She straches the back of her neck, "I-I don't."

Cato: Yes you do.

Jackie: She giggles, "How can blood rushing to your cheeks look adorable?"

Cato: 'Cause it's on you

Cato & Gaven

Cato: *He is walking down a path heading towards Aeolus' Cabin*

Gaven: He sits outside the Persephone Cabin

Cato: *He walks past Gaven humming*

Gaven: He mutters something about Jackie

Cato: *He some what hears it and stops in his tracks*

Gaven: Still mutters about her

Cato: *He walks up to Gaven* Hi I couldn't help but hear you talking about Jackie.

Gaven: He nods, "I was."

Cato: May I ask why?

Gaven: He mocks Cato's voice, "May I ask why you need to know?"

Cato: We are dating, that's why I wanted to know.

Gaven: He looks up, "So my twin has a boyfriend now?"

Cato: Y-Your twin? *He tries to rack his brain as he knows Jackie mentioned she had a brother* Oh so you are Gaven.

Gaven: He nods, "I am."

Cato: Oh, well my names Cato.

Gaven: He nods, "Oh yeah, crap name guy."

Cato: *He rolls his eyes clearly getting frustrated* No need to be a major ass.

'G'aven: He smiles, "Thanks for the compliment."

Cato: You are welcome. *He begins walking off cussing in greek*

Gaven: He grins, "Be careful! Jackie can get annoyed if anyone messes with me."

Cato: Well that gives you no reason to call my name crap.

Gaven: "Who names their kid Cato?"

Cato: My parents, doesn't give you the right to insult it.

Gaven: He grins, "Just did though."

Cato: He glares at him "Well than that's good for you."

Gaven: "Aww, you don't sound to pleasant."

Cato: "Neither do you."

Gaven: "I saved her life."

Alfie & Matt

Matt: He is jumping and climbing in a nearby tree

Alfie: He walks underneath, and sits under it

Matt: He looses his grip and falls in front of Alfie "OWW!!"

Alfie: He tilts his head, "Are chu mkai?"

Matt: He gets on his knees "Yeash I ish okay."

Alfie: He grins and tilts his head to the other side, "Are chu an animal nymph?"

Matt: "Nope I ish an erotios."

Alfie: He gets up and eyes him, "Me too."

Matt: He grins widely "Really!?!?"

Alfie: He nods, "Yeppers!"

Matt: "Cool!" He stands up and stares at his feet

Alfie: He tilts his head again, "What's wrong?"

Matt: "Nothing, just kinda bored. I has nothing to do."

Alfie: He smirks to himself, and walks towards Matt and lightly grabs his wrist, "Want something to do?"

Matt: He looks at Alfie holding his wrist "Um, yeash."

Alfie: He grins and pulls Matt closer, "Any ideas?"

Matt: "Um... no" He looks slightly confused

Alfie: He actually takes Matt's hand, "You sure?"

Matt: He slightly hesitates to learn in and kiss him, but he doesn't

Alfie: He grins and actually does lean in and kiss him

MAtt: He kisses back, closing his eyes

Alfie: He smirks into the kiss and wraps his arms around his waist

Matt: He jumps at his touch slightly but settles into it and continues to kiss him

Alfie: He pulls away, "Sooo."

Matt: He smiles "Um... I... uh..."

Alfie: " what?"

Matt: "I... normally don't kiss guys."

Alfie: He shurgs, "You just did, you liked it?"

Matt: In a soft whisper he says "Y-Yes."

Alfie: He grins and grabs him and pulls him closer, "Well, if ya want, we could do this again, and again, and again."

Matt: He blushes and nods slowly

Alfie: He sighs, "So basically I just asked you out."

Matt: "And I basically said yes." He wraps his arms around his waist and kisses him

Alfie: He grins and kisses back, before thinking of Aiden and breaking away

Matt: "W-Whats wrong?"

Alfie: He shuffles, "N-Nothing..."

Matt: "Your my boyfriend now, chu can tell me."

Alfie: He looks at the floor, "I-It's nothing.."

Matt: "Alfie, I know somethings wrong."

Alfie: He shuffles again, "I said it's n-nothing."

Matt: "Alfie, just tell me." He holds his wrist

Alfie: He shakes his hand away, " isn't anything..."

Matt: "Fine." He shrugs and kisses Alfie's cheek "So what do you wanna do?"

Alfie: He shrugs, "What do you wanna do?"

Matt: He thinks for a second "Hm, I don't know. Alfie chu pick." He makes cute sad eyes

Alfie: He grins and pulls Matt towards him, kissing him

Matt: He kisses back smiling

Alfie: He picks him up and grins into the kiss

Matt: He smiles and continues to kiss him, he is wrapped around Alfie now with his legs and arms still kissing

Alfie: He grins and pushes him against a tree

Matt: He giggles playfully still kissing him

Alfie: He twirls them

Matt: He jumps down from Alfie and slumps down against the tree, clearly tired

Alfie: He grins and rests his head against Matt's leg

Matt: He begins to doze off

Alfie: He hugs him


Jackie: She sits on the porch of her cabin

Cato: He sits in a nearby tree not noticing Jackie

Jackie: She picks up a small stone and throws it at him

Cato: He sees it at the last second and slows down the wind so it harmlessly bounces off his chest, he then flys over to her "Ello love."

Jackie: She giggles, "Ruin my fun then..."

Cato: "Okay, fine, Throw a rock at me, and I'll let it hit me." He steps back making a target

Jackie: She giggles and throws a small pebble at him

Cato: The pebble hits him and he instantly moves his hand to where it hit, and pretends like it extremly hurt, even going down to his knees :3

Jackie: She smiles, "Wow you're so good at pretending!"

Cato: "Why thank you."

Jackie: She laughs and turns another pebble into a rose, before throwing it at him

Cato: He steps out of the way of the rose, and hugs Jackie :3 "I missed you."

Jackie: She hugs back, "I missed you too!"

Cato: "So, what have you been up to?"

Jackie: She shrugs, "Nothing"

Cato: "Nothing sadly, it was just too boring around camp."

Jackie: She sticks out her tongue, "So seeing me is boring?"

Cato: "Nope, you're the highlight of my day." He takes her hand and kisses her

Jackie: She giggles, and kisses back

Cato: He wraps his arms around her waist and continues kissing her

Jackie: She giggles, "Are you gonna hover and or fly?"

Cato: He smiles "Do you want to?"

Jackie: She nods, "I thought I'd say it for the fun of it.."

Cato: They begin to fly, after rising above the tree lines they stop and hover "So, do you like it up here?"

Jackie: She giggles and nods, holding onto him

Cato: "Good." He is still holding her waist, but his grip somewhat tightens so she wont fall

Jackie: She giggles, "It's so beautiful up here."

Cato: "Ya, I get to see this every day."

Jackie: "Lucky..."

Cato: "Ya can to if you want me to come pick you up everyday."

Jackie: She giggles, "Flowers are more my thing..."

Cato: "Okay then, well either way I'll bring you up here every once in a while."

Jackie: "So you're going to just grab me, and make me come up here?"

Cato: "No, I'll obviously ask you first, I wouldn't just force you to come with me."

Jackie: "What if I want to be randomly grabbed, then taken up into the sky?"

Cato: "Are you saying you do?"

Jackie: She nods slowly, "I might kick you in the balls a few times, but hey! It'd be fun," she giggles, burying her head into his chest

Cato: He smiles and holds her tightly, kissing her cheek "If you kick my in the balls, then I might not take you up here anymore, but then again, I can't resist saying no to you, so I probably will." He gives her one last kiss before huggin her again xP

Jackie: She grins, "You give in too easily..."

Cato: "Only to people I care about."

Jackie: She smiles and kisses his cheek, Awww! I love you too."

Cato: He blushes slightly and kisses her back

Jackie: She grins, "Isn't this tiring you?"

Cato: He nods slowly

Jackie: She sighs, "Don't drain your energy.."

Cato: "Okay." They begin to lower to the ground, when there he sits on the ground kind of tired

Jackie: She giggles and hugs him

Cato: "So what now Jackie?"

Jackie: She shrugs, "Up to you."

Cato: "We could get a bite to eat?"

Jackie: "Where?"

Cato: "Town?"

Jackie: "Where in town?"

Cato: "The mall."

Jackie: She giggles, "I mean what are we gonna eat?"

Cato: "Whatever you want."

Jackie: "Pizza hut?"

Cato: "Sure."


Jackie: She smiles, "That was fun!"

Cato: "Yeah it was."

Jackie: She smiles and hugs him, "I love you."

Cato: "I love you too." He hugs back and soon kisses her on the lips

Jackie: She smiles, "Why aren't you an Eros kid?"

Cato: "What do you mean? Are you implying that I am not as attractive as them? Or just because my personality is more like one?"

Jackie: She shakes her head, "You're cute enough to be one."

Cato: "Well in that case, you should be a daughter of Aphrodite, you look better then me."

Jackie: She shakes her head again, "Nope! You look better!"

Cato: "But you're drop dead beautiful."

Jackie: "And you're drop dead handsome."

Cato: "I guess we are both just drop dead sexy." He smiles and kisses her gently

Jackie: She giggles

Cato: "I love you."

Jackie: She smiles, "I know, I love you too."

Cato: "Good." He smiles and wraps his arms around her waist

Jackie: She giggles, "We need to go to Scotland and England together."

Cato: "Sounds good, I'll go whenever you want. But we have to go to Scotland first."

Jackie: She tilts her head, "Why Scotland first?"

Cato: "Because I've always wanted to go there. And now that your my girlfriend, it will be even more fun."

Jackie: She smiles, "But it would be more fun in England!"

Cato: "Well then, which one should we go to first? If England I know I good place to stay."

Jackie: "Where would that be?"

Cato: "An awesome hotel."

Jackie: Her eyes light up, "Called?"

Cato: He shrugs "I forget, but I was there a few times as a kid and it was awesome, there was a awesome water park, and the rooms were amazing."

Jackie: She giggles and pokes his side, "Sounds like fun!"

Cato: "So when should we go?"

Jackie: "You decide.."

Cato: "Maybe this weekend?"

Jackie: "It's already Saturday though...."

Cato: "Fine, how about over March Break we spend a few days in England then go to Scotland?"

Jackie: She giggles and nods

Cato: "Okay, I'll go arrange everything. Do you want to come?"

Jackie: She nods again

Cato: "Okay." He takes her to his bedroom and takes out his laptop and stuff to reserve le rooms xP

Jackie: She smiles and looks around, "Nice bedroom..."

Cato: "Thanks." He begins to type

Jackie: She stands beside him

Cato: He folds his laptop and stands up, wrapping his arms around her "There, we're set for the week."

Jackie: She smiles, "Yay!"

Cato: "So what next?"

Jackie: She shrugs

Cato: "Wanna go pack?"

Jackie: "How many days until we leave?"

Cato: "Including today, two."

Jackie: She thinks, "Maybe tomorrow we can pack?"

Cato: "Sounds good."


Cel: He leans against a tree, fiddling with his engagement ring on his finger

River: He is coming from the beach with a towel acrossed his shoulders, he walks past Célestin shirtless xP

Cel: He looks over, before looking away

River: He notices Cel and stops a few feet away from him "Why do you look so sad?"

Cel: He looks back at him, "I'm not."

River: He walks over to him "Well if you say so, my names River, whats yours?"

Cel: "Celestin."

River: "Nice to meet you sexy." He smiles a flirtasious smile xP

Cel: He blushes, hiding his engagement ring

River: "So how long have you been at camp Célestin?"

Cel: He shrugs, "Since"

River: "Since January I believe."

Cel: "So you're a newbie?"

River: "Correction, a sexy newbie."

Cel: He smirks, "Correction, a sexy newbie who's flirting with someone who's engaged."

River: He shrugs "So, I have flirted with a guy like ten years older then me who was engaged, we ended up having sex."

Cel: "Wow, slut much?"

River: "Thanks for the complement."

Cel: "Any time, any place."

River: "How about, in there." Points to a neabry bush surronded with trees "Right now?"

Cel: "You're challenging me for sex?"

River: "Hell ya!"

Cel: He smirks, "You're such a hornball."

River: "Thanks."

Cel: He tilts his head, "So you really think I'm going to cheat?"

River: He shrugs "Maybe."

Cel: "You're delusional."

River: "Nope, just speaking the truth."

Cel: "Not really...are you an Aphro kid?"

River: "Nope, Palaemon."

Cel: "Awww! Shame! You can't make me have sex with you then."

River: "Sure about that? I may be a son of Palaemon, but I have my ways."

Cel: "Like what? Stripping?"

River: "Nope, but I will if you want me to."

Cel: "Did I once say that?"

River: "Nope, just volunteering."

Cel: "Wow, whore."

River: "Haven't we been over this, you calling me whore and slut, just is a compliment to me."

Cel: "And I'll continue to say it until you man up."

River: "I'm more of a man then you."

Cel: "Mhm, that's why you're talking, and not pulling me to that bush?"

River: "Well in that case, if you insist." He grabs Cel's wrist and pulls him over to the bush

Cel: He resists at first before giving in, "So. Show me what you've been bragging about."

River: "Sure thing." He takes off Cel's shirt and unbuckles his pants, then taking them off only using his teeth, he pushes him down on the ground, and takes of his own pants, soon after both of their boxers. "Ready?"

Cel: He shrugs, "Sure."


River: He moans slightly

Cel: He sighs and gets dressed

River: He continues to lay there naked

Cel: He grins slightly, "Something tells me you don't have the intention of getting dressed."

River: "Nope not at all." He sits up and pulls Cel back onto him

Cel: He blushes, And apparently you're still horny."

River: "I'm always horny."

Cel: "I'll repeat myself. Whore and or slut."

River: "I may be slutty and a whore, but thats because I know what I like and I want what I like."

Cel: He tilts his head, "Huh?"

River: "I like you." He pulls Cel onto his still naked body so they are sitting croch to croch xP

Cel: He blushes, "W-What?"

River: "I like you, so will you go out with me?"

Cel: "I'm engaged, remember?"

River: "And I'm a man stealing whore remember?"

Cel: "So you want to date me in secret?"

River: He nods

Cel: He looks around, before kissing River, "S-Sure..."

River: "Good." He kisses him back

Cel: "What if Ailred finds out?"

River: "Oh well, we'll run away together."

Cel: He blinks, "R-Run...away...together?"

River: He nods

Cel: He tilts his head, "Aren't you the one with the twin named Destiny? Or something?"

River: "I'll come back and see her once in a while."

Cel: He leans in and kisses him

River: He kisses him back and takes of Cel's clothes pushing him back against the ground

Cel: He smirks, "Again?"

River: He nods beginning to thrust xP


Cel: He buries his head into River's chest

River: He smiles still undressed

Cel: "Again, I see you have no intention of getting dressed."

River: "Why would I?"

Cel: He shrugs, "I don't know, why won't you?"

River: "Well I didn't get dressed last time, and we ended up having sex again, how do I know we aren't going to have sex for the third time?"

Cel: He shrugs, pinning him to the ground, a smirk on his face, "Any clues?"

River: He pushes him off him taking of Cel's clothes again "Yep, get on your stomach." He begins thrusting again and again and again


Cel: He gets up and gets dressed, "No matter how much fun it is to screw with you, shouldn't we take like...take a break?"

River: "Fine." He stands up and puts his clothes on

Cel: He smirks and pulls River towards him, "It doesn't mean we can't makeout though."

River: "Sounds good." He pushes Cel against a tree and begins kissing him

Cel: He kisses back, before spinning around and pushing River against the tree

River: He continues to kiss him, putting his tongue in Cel's mouth xP

Cel: He pushes away, "A-Ailred..."

River: "What do you mean?"

Cel: "W-what if he finds out?"

River: "He wont."

Cel: "And if he does?"

River: "Then we run away."

Cel: "Where?"

River: "Anywhere you want."

Cel: He shrugs

River: He smiles

Cel: "S-So..."

Puck and Cami

Puck: He walks past her, looks at her, walks back, "Hey, um, are you new?"

Cami: "Ya, my names Cameron." She sets her guitar to the side and stands up

Puck: He smiles, "Nice to meet you, I'm Puck," he extends his hand for her to shake

Cami: She looks at his hand for a second then shakes it "Nice to meet you too."

Puck: "Faction and god parent?"

Cami: "Ortu Justitae and my mother is Khione."

Puck: He grins, "Same faction, and I got Hera."

Cami: "Cool! Your like the fourth member of Ortu I've met. And as far as Hera goes, isn't she like, kind of a b*tch?"

Puck: He nods, "Mhm. She's not meant to have kids, but there's like five other Hera kids."

Cami: "Oh, well if it means anything, you don't seem anything, like her."

Puck: "I could be, but my personality changes when I meet new people and such."

Cami: "Well you seem nice right now."

Puck: "Good evaluation."

Cami: She blushes slightly

Puck: "So what's it like being a Khione kid?"

Cami: "Pretty fun, I can basically freeze stuff, what's it like being a child of Hera?"

Puck: "I can make weapons from the ground and stuff."

Cami: "Cool."

Puck: He nods

Cami: She looks around and decides to sit back down where her guitar was, she then sets it down and looks up at Puck

Puck: He tilts his head, "What?"

Cami: "I don't know, just kinda bored."

Puck: "So you sit down?"

Cami: "Well I would have played my guitar, but that would be rude because I am talking to an insanly cute boy right now." She realizes what she says and her face turns red, she then covers her face with her hands

Puck: He looks at her, before looking away, before looking back at her, "Um...thanks?"

Cami: "I'm sorry..." She hides her now red face

Puck: He shrugs, "Sorry for?"

Cami: "Saying straight up that I basically like your looks."

Puck: He shrugs, "I'm used to it."

Cami: "I'm sure you are." She smiles slightly

Puck: He smirks, "You talk without thinking, don't you?"

Cami: "Maybe a little."

Puck: He laughs, "Maybe a lot."

Cami: "What ever." She smiles lightly and blushes a little

Puck: He smiles, "You;re pretty cute yourself."

Cami: She continues to blush "Thanks."

Puck: He smiles and holds out his hand for her to take, "Stand up, its awkward with you sitting down."

Cami: She takes his hand and stands up "Such a gentleman." She smirks slightly

Puck: He nods, "Yeah."

Cami: "So what now Puck?"

Puck: He shurgs, "I don't know.."

Cami: "Well can you decide?"

Puck: He tilts his head, "Why me?"

Cami: "Because, I don't know what to do."

Puck: He grins and grabs her wrist, "You're a clueless one?"

Cami: "Nope, just undecided if I like you or not." She smiles sweetly

Puck: He smirks, "Do I say that I'm honoured?"

Cami: "Depends which one I pick."

Puck: "Well are you going to decide?"

Cami: "Why do you want to know?"

Puck: He shrugs, "Can't I hope that I could get a beautiful girl?"

Cami: "If I give you my answer, will you give me an answer?"

Puck: "Answer to?"

Cami: "If you like me or not. Because if you wont give me an answer, I am not giving you an answer."

Puck: He grins, "You go first."

Cami: "Well despite just meeting you, I already can tell I like you." She grins "Your turn."

Puck: "Hmmm, I guess the feeling's mutual..."

Cami: "So then. What next?"

Puck: He looks at her, before quickly kissing her, "How about that?"

Cami: She blushes and kisses him back

Puck: "So, how about going out?"

Cami: "S-Sure, I would like that."

Puck: He grins and pulls her closer to him

Cami: She blushes, burying her head into his chest

Puck: He grins and twirly hugs her

Cami: She smiles and kisses him gently

Puck: He sets her down, "Soooo."

Cami: She smiles slightly "Yeah?"

Puck: "Well this isn't awkward.."

Cami: "Not it would have been awkward if I said no to going out with you." She smiles and kisses him softly

Puck: He smiles, "Mhm.."

Cami: She hugs him and buryies her head in his chest

Jato's Trip To England And Scotland ^-^

Cato: He finishes packing his duffel and walks to the gates of camp

Jackie: Since I cba to find out the month, she flower travels/shadow travels up to him, "Hey!"

Cato: "Ello love, ready to go?" He wraps his arms around her waist

Jackie: She nods, "I was ready about two hours ago, when I came here..."

Cato: "Sorry, I couldn't find my swim shorts."

Jackie: She giggles, "Wow, great reason to hold us up."

Cato: "Well I wasn't going to go to a huge waterpark resort, and not have anything to wear down to the pool. Anyways lets get going." They walk over to the cab and get in

Jackie: She rests her head on his shoulder throughout the journey

Cato: When they arrive at the hotel in England, Cato steps out and waits for Jackie

Jackie: She steps at and smiles, "Wow...this is England!"

Cato: "Yep, and this..." He points to a giant hotel "Is where we will be staying."

Jackie: Her eyes follow his finger and she smiles

Cato: "Should we go check-in?"

Jackie: She nods

Cato: They walk into the hotel and check-in, after they are checked in the go up to there fabulous room that is huge if I might add x3

Jackie: She marvels at the size of the room, "W-Woah..."

Cato: "It's huge isn't it, okay go get unpacked then we can go down to the pool." He kisses her softly

Jackie: She sighs, and unpacks before going into le toilet.

Cato: He puts his clothes into the dresser, after he takes off his clothes but can't find his swim shorts, he begins looking naked x3

Jackie: She walks out quietly and sees him, blushing before just like, hiding around the corner

Cato: He franticly tries to find his swim shorts

Jackie: She giggles slightly, just so he can hear her

Cato: He quickly turns around and blushes embarrassed, he then quickly covers his penis with a pillow "Um... I suppose you saw that."

Jackie: She nods and walks into the room from the corner, "Yep. I did."

Cato: "Oh." He looks down embarrased

Jackie: She walks towards him, and lifts his chin, smiling with a glint in her eyes

Cato: He blushes madly and continues covering himself

Jackie: She grabs the pillow and throws it away, before pushing him onto the bed, "How's this for embarrasing?"'

Cato: "Um... I..." He blushes beat red 

Jackie: She grins and pulls him back up, making them kiss :3

Cato: He smiles and kisses her back playfully pushing her against the patio sliding door, well still naked if I may add xP

Jackie: She giggles, "I see you're not embarrased anymore."

Cato: He smiles "Maybe a little, I'm just trying to keep up with you." He kisses her once more

Jackie: She laughs, "Wow, this day has gone by so well! Nice big room, I casually saw my boyfriend's dick..."

Cato: "Well, the last part wouldn't have happened if I remembered to close the door."

Jackie: "I came out of the bathroom, you couldn't help could've got changed later, or quicker."

Cato: "But then you wouldn't have seen me, and we wouldn't be making out up against a glass door."

Jackie: She giggles, "Wow, you are such a gentleman!"

Cato: "I am, most of the time." He smiles and steps back "I can put on my clothes if you want."

Jackie: She grins and looks at him, up and down e.e, "'re fine..."

Cato: "Okay then. I might just go take a shower." He smiles and grabs a towel "Feel free to join me." He walks into the washroom and gets into the shower turning it on and etc. >.<

Jackie: She grins and shouts, "I take it that means you want me to, doesn't it?"

Cato: He shouts above the water falling "Yeah!"

Jackie: She gets undressed and joins him, "Well...."

Cato: "Ello." He playfully pushes her against the shower wall and kisses her passionetly

Jackie: She giggles and kisses back

Cato: He accidently grinds up against her when reaching for shampoo without knowing he did it

Jackie: She blushes deep red, "Catooo!"

Cato: "Yeah?" He continues reaching for the shampoo but stopped grinding up against her almost right away, he grabs the shampoo

Jackie: "You...kinda...maybe...sorta...grinded against me..."

Cato: "I-I did?" His eyes go like 0-0

Jackie: She nods

Cato: "S-Sorry, I didn't mean to." He steps back and his back hits the other side of the shower

Jackie: She blushes.

Cato: He blushes and kisses her once more trying not to grind up against her again

Jackie: She kisses back

Cato: He continues kissing her unaware he has a boner >~<

Jackie: She stops and looks down and then back at him, giggling, " have something to deal with.."

Cato: He smiles slightly "I know, sorry. It kinda has a mind of it's own." He blushes madly

Jackie: She giggles again, " you, so yeah."

Cato: "What do you want me to do about it?"

Jackie: she blushes, " with it? It's kinda awkward..."

Cato: "Well, I don't feel like tucking, should I put on my shorts?"

Jackie: She blushes again, "We're in the shower, it'd be even more awkward..."

Cato: He smiles "Well really I have no other options."

Jackie: She smiles and kisses him, "Who cares? You're cute, and you're English."

Cato: He kisses her back "And your sexy and Scottish, and I love you so much."

Jackie: "Bet I love you more!"

Cato: "Oh really, I don't see you showing any sign of affection." He points down at his boner >~<

Jackie: She stares at him, "What do you want me to do? Like kick it?"

Cato: His eyes go 0-0 "Um, no that would hurt. But you can kiss me like you mean it."

Jackie: "As in?"

Cato: He gets as close as possible so their "parts" are touching each other "Kiss me like it is the last thing you would ever do."

Jackie:She blushes really darkly, "C-Cato?"

Cato: He raises an eyebrow "Yeah?"

Jackie: She wraps her arms around his neck, pulling him close to her, "How's this for kissing?" She deeply kisses him

Cato: He smiles into the kiss and wraps his arms around her waist, after awhile he breaks the kiss "Perfect."

Jackie: "Well, luckily for me, it wasn't the last thing I'd ever do."

Cato: "Yeah, it's lucky or else I'd have no one."

Jackie: She nods playfully, "And then you'd have the trouble of getting rid of the body!"

Cato: He looks puzzled "Who said I would be the one to kill you?"

Jackie: "But if I were to randomly die, you'd need to dispose of my body!"

Cato: "But you aren't dead, so lets celebrate." He pushes Jackie to a different wall and kisses her extremly passionetly

Jackie: She smiles into the kiss and kisses back

Cato: He kisses her back and runs his hands down her back

Jackie: She giggles, "I love you so much Cato..."

Cato: "I love you too Jackie..."

Jackie: "What do you wanna do now?"

Cato: He thinks for a second, when he begins to talk his voice trails off  "Um... I-I..."

Jackie: "You?"

Cato: He blushes madly and opens his mouth letting some water go in because his mouth went dry

Jackie: "Well?"

Cato: He backs up and runs out of the shower, he is now sitting on his bed dripping wet, still nude

Jackie: She just stands in the shower, confused

Cato: He puts his head in his hands thinking to himself he took it to far xP

Jackie: She looks around in the shower, before sitting down and wondering if she was a bit too clueless

Cato: He wraps a towel around his waste and walks out onto the balcony (He ish waiting for Jackie to come out onto the balcony xP)

Jackie: She gets out of the shower, gets dried and dressed, before walking out and sits on her bed

Cato: He is still out on the balcony looking at the view, he looks back and sees Jackie, deciding to walk back inside he walks in and sits beside Jackie

Jackie: She looks at him, "O-Oh...hey..."

Cato: "H-Hi, I'm sorry, I-I took it to far."

Jackie: "W-What do you mean?"

Cato: "Well what I was trying to say in the shower was... t-that I wanted to have s-sex with you."

Jackie: She blushes bright red, "C-Cato..."

Cato: "I-I know, thats why I left."

Jackie: "Y-You're 19...I-I'm only 17..."

Cato: "I know, it was dumb of me to think about it." He looks away from Jackie

Jackie: "I-It wasn't..."

Cato: "Yes, yes it was." He stands up and puts on his clothes

Jackie: "Cato. It. Wasn't."

Cato: "Why do you say that? I know it was."

Jackie: She gets up and grabs Cato's hand, "Stupid or not, it was a sweet idea."

Cato: He looks down at their hands and blushes "R-Really?"

Jackie: She nods, "I'm just not ready for it...not now..."

Cato: "I know, I-I wasn't either, I don't know why I brought it up."

Jackie: She smiles cheekily, "Because you love me so much?"

Cato: He nods slowly

Jackie: She bounces, "Yay!"

River and Cel's Break Up o.O

River: He sits across from Apollo's Cabin waiting for Cel to come out

Cel: He walks out, humming a tune, despite what he's gonna do x3

River: He sees Cel and jumps up, beginning to run towards him "Célestin we need to talk."

Cel: He sighs and rolls his eyes, "Me first. You're a douche. You're a whore and something I hate. So, I thought I wanted you, but I don't. It's over."

River: "First of thanks, and second, I was just about to say the same, so yeah." He smirks and walks towards the beach

Cel: He grins and burns River quickly

River: He stops slightly andgroans in pain, but continues walking until he reaches the beach

Cel: He glares again, before cursing River to speak in rhyming couplets :3

River: As he is no longer anywhere close to Cel, it doesn't affect him

Cel: Btw he's like, on the beach ;P

River: He dives into le water (Btw River is half way down the beach xP)


River: He doesn't hear Cel's lame insult as he is now in his black tip reef shark form swimming in the water xP

Cel: He stands on the edge of the water, just so the water goes past him

River: He swims up to Cel and bites his ankle still in shark form x3

Cel: He squeals and runs out of the water, before sitting under a tree, crying

River: He smiles and swims away from where he bit Cel

Cel: He yells and curses at River in French

River: He swims deeper into the water x3

Cel: Carries on

Titus & Alex

Titus: He is flying around the strawberry fields in bee form

Alex: She skips around the strawberry fields :3

Titus: He lands on her head x3

Alex: She looks up and like, bounces

Titus: He looks at her oddly and flies off transforming into his normal beach boy body x3

Alex: She waves, "Ohaiii!"

Titus: He looks at her like o.O "Hey."

Alex: She tilts her head, "Guardian Nymph?"

Titus: "Nope, former demigod son of Persephone, now a bee spirit."

Alex: "Oh. I'm an Erotiaddd."

Titus: He looks her up and down (Not flirtasiously) "I see."

Alex: She tilts her head, "How can you tell by looking at me?"

Titus: "All nymphs and spirits can tell."

Alex: She sighs in frustration, Greattt."

Titus: "My names Titus. What's yours?"

Alex: She smiles, "Alex."

Titus: "Nice to meet you."

Alex: "You toooo."

Titus: He smiles for like the first time since he is an ass x3 "Why do you extand your words?"

Alex: She tilts her head, "Extend my words?"

Titus: He smiles Yeah you go llllike thattttt."

Alex: "Oooohhhhh. Cause I doooo."

Titus: "I see." he smiles blushing a very small bit >.<

Alex: She bounces, "What's it like being a bee nymph?"

Titus: "Not really fun, just get to turn into a bee and such."

Alex: "And you were a demigod before I presume, righttt?"

Titus: "Yeah, I got killed by a BC member."

Alex: "A what what membr?"

Titus: "Broken Covenant, do you not know who they are?"

Alex: She shakes her head, "I've only been created for say a month."

Titus: "Oh, I see."

Nieve & Nate

Nieve: She is sitting in an apple tree

Nate: He walks underneath said tree

Nieve: "NATE!" She eagerly jumps down and tackle hugs him

Nate: He's tackled hugged and hugs back, "Heyyy Nieve."

Nieve: "What are you up to?"

Nate: He shrugs, "Nothing much, you?"

Nieve: "Exploring camp."

Nate: "What have you found so far?"

Nieve: SHe thinks for a second "Everything!"

Nate: He grins, "Tell me in more detail?"

Nieve: She shrugs "The beach, the town, the cabins, everything."

Nate: "Having fun?"

Nieve: "Yeash!"

Nate: He smiles, "Goooood."

Nieve: "Are you?"

Nate: He shrugs, "I guess."

Nieve: "Good."

Nate: "Met anyone?"

Nieve: "Yeah."

Nate: "Like?"

Nieve: "Dad, mom, dad's brother's erotios." she blushes smiling xP

Nate: he raises an eyebrow, "His erotios? I could've sworn that they had two."

Nieve: "They do, but I just met the one."

Nate: "Which one?"

Nieve: "Max."

Nate: "Oooooh. The dude."

Nieve: "Yeah!"

Nate: "Is Nieve in loveeee?"

Nieve: she shrugs casually "Maybe."

Nate: "Wow. So casual."

Nieve: "What about you, have you found someone yet?"

Mitch & Kayden

Mitch: Tired and exhsausted from training, he walks to his cabin

Kayden: He sits on the Melinoe's Cabin Porch, speaking to some random ghost

Mitch: He walks past the cabin not noticing Kayden

Kayden: He looks up, "Oh, hey to you too."

Mitch: He looks at Kayden "Oh hey."

Kayden: "Wow, I can just, feel the love that you give to me."

Mitch: He smirks "Sorry, I didn't think you wanted love."

Kayden: He kinda blushes, "Please elighten me about what kind of love you think I mean."

Mitch: He smiles "I obviously mean the tune in my voice."

Kayden: He laughs awkwardly, "Of course! I know that."

Mitch: "So what have you been up to?" He walks up onto the porch

Kayden: He shrugs, "Nothing much. Been speaking to Lisa, Bre and Skylar."

Mitch: "I see."

Kayden: He stands up, "You?"

Mitch: He shrugs "Pretty much the same."

Kayden: "So you'd know that Li doesn't like it here, right?"

Mitch: He nods "Yeah."

Kayden: "And Bre is being the same annoyingly fun best friend ever..."

Mitch: He smiles "`How so?"

Kayden: He pales, "Oh, just being herself.."

Mitch: "What exactly do you mean by 'herself'?"

Kayden: "Its like you literally haven't been paying attention to her. You know how she acts and jokes around."

Mitch: "Yes, and I also know she jokes that you like me." He leans against the wall of the cabin

Kayden: He nods, "That's one of her best jokes..."

Mitch: His face goes pale "Oh, okay good."

Kayden: He tilts his head slightly, "Why's your face gone all pale?"

Mitch: "I-I don't know."

Kayden: He sticks his tongue out playfully, "You must do."

Mitch: "I-I think I'm gonna be sick." He walks over to the ledge shaking

Kayden: He walks over to him, "You alright?"

Mitch: He shakes his head "N-No."

Kayden: He looks at him, "How come?"

Mitch: He shakes his head "I don't k-know."

Kayden: He grabs him by le shoulders, so they're face to face, "You must know. So, tell me."

Mitch: He shakes his head "I-I don't."

Kayden: He sighs, "You must though."

Mitch: He shakes his head once again despite knowing that he does know why x3

Kayden: He lets go, "Fine. Don't tell me then, despite its kinda obvious that you do know, just saying."

Mitch: He shrugs and leans over the ledge again "So what if I know, maybe I just don't wanna tell you."

Kayden: "You'd tell me cause we're best mates? At least give me a hint."

Mitch: He hesitates for a second then leans back against the ledge "I can't."

Kayden: "Why not?"

Mitch: "Because... I-I can't."

Kayden: He pouts, "Why not?"

Mitch: "Do you really want to know?"

KaydenL "No. I've just been asking you for no reason. Of course I want to know!"

Mitch: He hestitates for a second and is about to grabd Kayden's hand and kiss him but decides not to "I-I just can't tell you."

Kayden: "Whyy not?" He does super adorable puppy dog eyes

Mitch: He whispers to himself 'Because it will wreck our friendship' so quiet no one can hear it x3

Kayden: "Uuuuh. Miiiiiitch, I can't hear you."

Mitch: "Yeah, that was kinda the point." He hides his head in his wrists covering hsi now red face

Kayden: He takes a step closer and lifts his head up, "And you said you'd tell me. So tell me."

Mitch: He smacks/moves his hand away "No it will wreck our friendship!"

Kayden: He stares at him, "I've hit on you, and we're still friends. So you can tell me."

Mitch: "But this is way to close to wrecking it."

Kayden: He sighs and rolls his eyes, "Tell me anyways."

Mitch: He takes a deep breath, his hands shaking slightly "I l-like you."

Kayden: "Duh. People have to like each other to become friends."

Mitch: "N-Not like that." He puts his hands over his face

Kayden: He kinda blushes, "Like what then?"

Mitch: He punches his arm playfully "Obviously romatically."

Kayden: He like blushes so you can see it, "R-Really?"

Mitch: he nods slowly looking away from Kayden

Kayden: He like, idk blushes a lot, and like, semi looks away

Mitch: He picks up his back pack "Um, I should get going."

Kayden: He looks at him before kissing him quickly on the lips before moving back, "I, maybe you should, I-I just need time to think."

Mitch: His eyes are now like O.O and he slowly walks away grinning kinda idk x3

Kayden: He looks at him, "Oh and by the way, if you haven't already guessed. I kinda like you too."

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