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A Day in NYC

Noah: He jogs up to Tatia's cabin, a grin on his face before knocking on the door.

Heidi & Matt

Heidi: She skips through the forest, twirling her spear and singing a Greek song.

Matt: *He is playing catch with himself, when he notices Heidi* Heyro!

Heidi: She stops and grins over at him before waving her spear* Hai!! What's your name?!

Matt: My name ish Matt, what ish yours?

Heidi: Mine's Heidi! She giggles and skips over to him*

Matt: Are chu a nymph??

Heidi: Yes! I'm a wine nymph! Are you a spirit? or a demigod?

Matt: No I ish an erotios. I has love in my blood. *Smiles cutely*

Heidi: Oh my gods! Your an erotios! I've met lots of chus on Olympus! *She giggles* 

Matt: *He blushes slightly* So i guess chu like my species

Heidi: *She nods* Yes, I do! 

Matt: I wove you species.

Heidi: Really? My species isn't that great!

Matt: Yeash it is!

Heidi: But, we only know how make wine and get peoplez drunk. *She blushes deeply*

Matt: But I wouldn't mind dat, would chu?

Heidi: I guess not.

Matt: *he smiles cutely* Well what are chu waiting for??

Heidi: *She giggles* I dunno

Matt: *He giggles and slides himself closer to her*

Heidi: *She takes a step closer to him and stands on her tippy-toes so she's almost eye-level with him*

Matt: Chu um... have really pwetty eyes.

Heidi: *She blushes* Chu think so?

Matt: *He nods and blushes* Yeash i do.

Heidi: *She kisses his cheek* Tank chu

Matt: *He kisses her gently on the lips* Chu are welcome. *He blushes deeply*

Heidi: Your a very good kisser. *She blushes deeply too and giggles*

Matt: Danke chu, that was kinda my first one.

heidi: Me too. You wanna.....I dunno......kiss again?

Matt: Yeash pwease. *He smiles and kisses her gently once more*

Heidi: *She kisses him back softly and smiles*

Matt: *He breaks the kiss and smiles at Heidi*

Melyssa & Travis

Travis: *He's walking through camp, listening to his iTouch with his eyes closed*

Melyssa: *She is walking around camp with a map still trying to figure out where things are when she bumps into him* Ouch watch where you are walk- Oh hi.

Travis: *He grins and takes his earbuds out* Hey. You new here?

Melyssa: She nods nervously* Oui, my name is Melyssa.

Travis: Well, then welcome to camp, Melyssa. I'm Travis, son of Boreas. 

Melyssa: *Smiles* My dad's Zephyrus. So how long have you been at camp?

Travis: *He shrugs* A couple of months, tops. *He notices her map* Hey, you need help finding someplace?

Melyssa: Um... no I am just trying to figure out where everything is. So that I won't look like a lost puppy around camp.

Travis: Oh He rubs the back of his neck. Well, if you want I could help you out.

Melyssa: *She blushes and looks at him* Um sure, thanks!

Travis: So what places have you not found yet?

Melyssa: The big house.

Travis: He raises his eyebrow. You don't know where the big house is?

Melyssa: *Blinks and looks down* No.

Travis: It's okay. I know where it's at because when I got here, well, I woke up in the infirmary. *He grins and blushes*

Melyssa: W-What happened? *She blushes as her cheeks become extremly red*

Travis: I was attacked by a giant fox right outside of camp. 

Melyssa: At least you survived. My mom didn't survive a hellhound attack.

Travis: Oh gods.....*He looks at her with sad eyes* I'm so sorry. My mom died of a rare cancer.

Melyssa: That's worse than a hellhound attack. I'm sorry. *She looks down at the ground*

Travis: Hey, it's okay. It's been years since my mom died, so you don't have to worry about it.

Melyssa: OH, well at least you have had time to adjust. I've had no time, between exploring camp and unpacking. *She looks at him then back at the ground*

Travis: *He looks at her sadly before putting his finger under her chin and lifting it before leaning in and kissing her softly*

Melyssa: *She kisses back softly and placing her hands on his chest*

Travis: *He pulls away from her*. Oh gods, I'm sorry *He blushes deeply*

Melyssa: I-It's okay. *She blushes tomato red*

travis: I-i just though........ugh..I'm so stupid.

Melyssa: No you're not, you're sweet and cute. *She blushes*

Travis: *He blushes also* Oh, really?

Melyssa: *She nods and blushes to the maximum :3*

Travis: Oh, so that means you won't mind if I do this *He leans down and kisses her again softly*

Melyssa: *She kisses back softely well blushing*

Travis: *He lightly puts his hands on her hips, just incase she didn't want him to put his hands there*

Melyssa: *She blushes even more as he places his hands on her hips and she wraps her arms around his neck still kissing him*

Travis: *He pulls away from the kiss and smiles at her*

Melyssa: *She smiles back and blushes tomato red*

Travuis: So would you.....i don't know....wanna go out with me sometime?

Melyssa: Sure, just tell me when. *She smiles and kisses his cheek*

Travis: *He grins* Sweet. How about Friday night, I'll pick you up at your cabin around 7?

Melyssa: Okay, sounds good.

Travis: See you then. *He kisses her cheek really quickly then jogs away*

Friday At 7:00 O'clock

Melyssa: *She is just finishing getting ready, when finished she starts to brush her hair*

Travis: *He walks up to her cabin and knocks on the door, nerously. (he's wearing this except without the hat)*

Melyssa: *She opens the door and smiles when she sees him, she hugs him then releases* Hey Travis!

Travis: *He grins and hugs her back* Hey Melyssa. You ready for our date?

Melyssa: Yep. *She steps outside closing the door behind her and holding Travis' hand*

Travis: *He leans down and kisses her cheek* M'Lady, right this way *He leads her to town and up to the movie theater* What movie would you like to see?

Melyssa: Um, how about something scary?

Travis: How about Mama or Hanzel and Gretel?

Melyssa: Mama seems interesting but I am not sure I can make it through the whole movie. So can you pick Travis?

Travis: *He looks down at her* Let's check out Mama and if it gets too much for you we can leave. How does that sound?

Melyssa: *She looks up and smiles* Okay sounds good with me.

Travis: Great *He walks up and buys their tickets* Do you want any snacks or something to drink?

Melyssa: I'll have a pop and a bag of skittles.

Travis: Okay, what kind of pop?

Melyssa: Pepsi please.

Travis: Okay *He orders two pepsi's, a box of skittles and a box of starburst then hands Melyssa her drink and box of skittles* here you go M'Lady

Melyssa: Merci. *She kisses his cheek and they walk into the theatre*

Travis: Where do ya wanna sit?

Melyssa: Hm. *She points to a spot close to the back and they sit down*

Travis: *He wraps his arm around her shoulders and whispers into her ear* You ready for the movie?

Melyssa: *She nods and snuggles into him* Ya just a heads up I will most likely jump at the scary parts.

Travis: *He grins* Okay.

The movie begins

Melyssa: *She barries her head in his chest when a scary part comes up*

Trvais: *He hugs her a bit tighter and looks down at her with a worried look before whispering* You okay?

Melyssa: *She nods slowly* Ya I will be fine.

Travis: Okay, but if you ever want to leave let me know. *He kisses the top of her temple*

Melyssa: *She blushes and rests her head on his chest* As long as you're here I'll be fine.

Travis: Okay. *He returns his attition back to the movie but, lightly squeezes her shoulder*

Melyssa: *She smiles and begins to watch the movie as well*

After a while, the movie ends and Travis leads her out off the theater into the dark snowy night.

Travis: *He holds her hand* So what would you like for dinner?

Melyssa: You can choose. *She squeezes his hand gently*

Travis: How does pizza sound?

Melyssa: Good with me.

They arrive at a pizza parlor

Melyssa: *She walks in holding Travis' hand*

Travis: He looks up at the menu. What's your favorite kind of pizza?

Melyssa: Peporroni and bacon.

Travis: Great. He orders the pizza and leads her over to a booth table. M'Lady

Melyssa: Thank you. *She sits down and begins to eat*

Another lovey dovey rp between Melyssa and Travis :3

Travis: He's sitting by the pond in the woods, holding a guitar and playing it softly with his songbook open next to him.

Melyssa: She flys up behind him and taps his shoulder

Travis: He jumps, almost sending his guitar into the pond then grins when he sees it her. Hey beautiful.

Melyssa: "Bonjour Travis!" She kisses his cheek

Travis: So, how'd you find me? 

Melyssa: "I didn't know you would be here, I was just coming to the pond to get some peace and quiet."

Travis: Well, you found it. He pats the patch of grass next to himself for her to sit.

Melyssa: "What song were you playing?"

TravisHe looks down at his lap and blushes. Oh just a song I've been working on.

Melyssa: "Do you know A Team?"

Travis: Sorry, no I don't.

Melyssa: "Oh."

Travis: Sorry. He moves his guitar behind him before moving close to her and wrapping his arms around her waist and pulling her gently onto his lap.

Melyssa: She giggles and grabs his guitar "Can you play me a song?"

Travis: He blushes and take the guitar in his hands. Sure, do you want to here one of my songs or someone elses?

Melyssa: "Play one of yours then one that we both will know."

Travis: He blushes, and pulls his songbook closer to himself so he can read it. If I suck just let me know and I'll stop, Okay?

Melyssa: "You wont."

Travis: He blushes some more before beginning to play this > song.

Melyssa: She smiles and watches him play

Travis: While he's playing, he glaces at her and smiles.

Melyssa: She smiles back

Travis: He finishes the song and blushes deeply. What do you think?

Melyssa: "It's good."

Travis: Thanks. He closes his song book and puts his guitar next to it, before rolling up his jean legs and walking into the pond.

Melyssa: She contemplates if she wants to go into the water, then decides to join Travis

Travis: He grins as he watches her come into the pond, he wades over to her and wraps his arms around her waist.

Melyssa: She giggles and sets her arms on his shoulders, she then uses her powers so they are hovering above the water :3

Travis: He chuckles and kisses her nose softly.

Forest Fight

Travis: He's leading a blindfolded Melyssa through the forest, grinning. Remember, no peeking.

Melyssa: "I wont, just hurry please."

Travis: He chuckles. Okay, okay, we're almost there. He leads her a bit deeper into the woods then stops her and stands behind her, his hands in the edges of the blindfold. Ready?

Melyssa: She shrugs "Yeah."

Travis: He gently removes the blindfold from her eyes to reveal this > .

Melyssa: She gasps "Travis! It's beautiful." She turns around and wraps her arms around his neck

Travis: He grins down her, leans his head against her forehead and wraps his arms around her waist. Not as beautiful as you though.

Melyssa: She blushes

Suddenly the sound of slow, creepy clapping fills the silent air.

Travis: His grin disappears and lifting his head away from hers and looking around the dark forest.

Melyssa: She jumps and buries her head in his chest

A girl seating in a nearby tree appears in the moonlight with a smirk on her face "Aw sooo adorable you campers are!"

Travis: He hugs her tightly before whispering in her ear. Get behind me.

Melyssa: She nods and steps behind him holding his hand

Travis: He squeezes her hand before glaring up at the girl. Who are you and what do you want?

The girl disappears from the tree then reappears in the middle of the fireflies, making the fly away in fear. She's leaning on a spear and smirking at the couple "My name's Micaela, and I'm here for some revenge".

Melyssa: She cowards behind him x3

Travis: What did we do to you?

Micaela: She moves toward them slowly. Oh you two didn't do anything wrong, it's your little camp and the gods. So I'm going to take out my revenge on you and your little girlfriend.

Travis: He tightens his hold on Melyssa. You stay away from her.

Melyssa: She squeezes his hand.

Micaela: She laughs in a creepy way. Ah, puppy love. It blinds you two. Don't you see it, boy? She's going to find someone better than you and break up with you. It's just a fling!

Travis: He tenses up.

Melyssa: She steps out in front of Travis "Oh please! Like I would leave the best guy at camp!"

Micaela: She shadows travels so she's standing right infront of Melyssa. What would your mother say about it?

Melyssa: She chokes back a sob "My mothers gone!"

Travis: He walks up behind Melyssa and wraps his arms around her waist before pulling her a few feet away from Micaela.

Micaela: Oh, I know. She begins walking around them. But, I've talked to her ghost.

Melyssa: She looks shocked and tries to resist Travis' pulling.

Travis: He tightens his hold on her waist and leans down, whispering. Don't let her get to you.

Avery and Jared

Jared: He stumbles into his cabin, holding a hand to his wound as he rushes over to his bunk, pulling on a pair of basketball shorts before grabbing an old shirt and pressing to the wound causing him to wince as he leans against his bunk, not willing to lay down or sit. The moonlight glowing on him from the window

Avery: She walks passed the Deimos' Cabin looking for Jared

Jared: He catches her scent, seeing as he should be a wolf right now and stumbles away from the window, trying not to be seen but instead trips over one of his sibling's weapons and makes a loud crash causing him to groan out in pain and lean against one of his siblings bunks.

Avery: She hears the noise but doesn't approach the cabin thinking Jared will eat her stuff

Jared: He gives up trying to hide the pain and falls to the floor, still pressing his now blood soaked shirt to his stomach and he leans against the bed post. A-avery!

Avery: She doesn't hear him as it was a faint cry for help

Jared: He gets scared that she left so he stumbles to his feet, and moves quickly to the door. He opens the door and leans heavily on the door frame before yelling out a bit louder. A-avery!

Avery: She turns and looks and Jared not seeing the wound "Jared?"

Jared: He stares at her with pleading eyes. H-help me. He noticeably winces in the moonlight, sweat glissing off his forehead and bare chest as he pressing his wound harder with the blood soaked shirt.

Avery: She runs up to him taking him inside and laying him down

Jared: He groans, breathing heavily. Gods, it feels like I'm changing but I havent changed since I was shot.

Avery: "W-What do you mean shot?"

Jared: He moves the shirt, revealing a gun wound, bleeding and swollen. Luckily, the wound isnt very deep as the bullet is still slightly viewable. I changed a while ago and wandered out of camp and near town into the backyard of someone's house. I knocked over the garbage can and the guy who lived there came out with a shotgun. He shot me and I ran for a little while before I passed out. When I woke, I was human again and I made my way back here. He smiles faintly.

Avery: "Um... okay then."

Jared: He watches her nervously before trying to sit up. I shouldnt have bothered you. I'll fix myself on my own. You can go.... back to whatever you were doing

Avery: She rolls her eyes "I came to check on you."

Jared: Well you checked on me. He stands up and starts slowly making his way to the bathroom.

Avery: She grabs his arm and pulls him back down "You don't know what your doing do you?"

Jared: He shakes his head and looks away from her. I'll.... I'll figure something out.... I always do.

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