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Justin and Chastity

Justin: *He rubs the back of his neck* Ya about that...

Chastity: *Glares at him and crosses her arms* What?

Justin: Um I kinda did. *He bites his lip and looks away from Chastity*

Chastity: You slept with her? *Her glare intensifies and her cheeks turn a bit red from anger*

Justin: Y-yes.

Chastity: First, you didn't tell me you had an Ex. Then you tell me you slept with her? Are you stupid or something?

Justin: Sorry it never really came up while we we're making out and fighting. 

Chastity: Well, you should've said something when we weren't. Gods. *Turns to go back into her cabin* 

Justin: *He grabs her wrist and pulls her back* Come one don't be like this, just 'cause I messed up. Your the one I love, your the one I want to be with. *He kisses her passionetly*

Chastity: *Kisses back but, stops and steps away from him* Fine. I forgive you. I mean, it's not like I've never dated a non-virgin before.

Justin: *He looks somewhat happy but then a thought comes to his mind* Have you slept with anyone?

Chastity: Oh, I fail to see how that matters.

Justin: Well it isn't. But I wouldn't mind knowing what I am getting myself into.

Chastity: Fine, I'm a virgin. But, any girl would be if you only got dates with creepy 20-year olds who picked you up at the bar you work at.

Justin: 20 year olds? Well you just stepped down to a 17 year old, is that okay? *He says playfully biting his lip*

Chastity: Well, *Pats his shoulder* We'll see.

Justin: *He smiles at her and kisses her gently, the kiss then grows into having more passion*

Chastity: *Smiles and kisses back, also becoming more passionate*

Justin: *He takes a breathe and continues kissing her, he smiles will kissing her as he enjoys spending time with her :3*

Chastity: *Continues to kiss him back, also smiling.*

Justin: *He kisses her and moves the kiss to her neck where he whispers in her ear* I think I love you. *He moves the kiss back up to Chastity's lips*

Chastity: *Can't help but blush a bit and breaks the kiss* R-Really? You think you love me?

Justin: Oops did I say think? I meant I know. *Bites his lip flrtasiously*

Chastity: *Smiles and wraps her arms around his neck* Don't worry. I'm not mad about that little mix up. I'm a bit surprised, cause no body has said that to me before. Not even my mom.

Justin: R-Really, because you should be told that every day, every night.

Chastity: Blushes and pulls him into a hug* You're so sweet.

Justin: *He hugs her tightly but not to tight that it will hurt her* You're the sweet one.

Chastity: *Giggles and kisses his cheek*

Justin: *He picks her up bridal style* So where do you want to go?

Chastity: *Squeals a bit* J-Justin!

Justin: Yes?

Chastity: May I ask why you picked me up? *Looks down a bit, but, immediatly turns and buries her head in Justin's neck*

Justin: Not sure. Would you like me to set you down?

Chastity: *Smiles at him and shakes her head* No, I'm fine. But, if you drop me I will kick you so hard in your manhood you will never have babies.

Justin: Now why would you wanna do that?

Chastity: Cause you dropped me.

Justin: Not yet, and I won't. *He smiles and kisses her cheek* So where should we go?

Chastity: *Smiles back, and kisses his cheek back* You choose.

Justin: Movies? Strawberry field?

Chastity: Movies bore me.

Justin: Swimming at the peer? Maybe volleyball?

Chastity: Ugh, don't those things require, I don't know, movement? I'm too lazy.

Justin: Would you like to go outside at least?

Chastity: Ok. We can go outside. 

Justin: *He carries her outside and sets her down under a tree, he sits beside her and holds her hand*

Chastity: *Holds his hand back and leans her head on his shoulder* 

Justin: *He tries to hide the fact that he is so happy right now and that he is smiling like a mad man*

Chastity: *Looks up at him* What's up with you?

Justin: Nothing I just like this moment and want it to stay like this for a little while. *Smiles and wraps his arm around her well still holding her hand*

Chastity: *Giggles and moves closer to him*

Justin: *smiles and closes his eyes*

Chastity: *Closes her eyes as well*

Justin: *He starts to fall asleep with Chastity beside him, he slowly slips down the tree and is fully lying down on the grass still holding Chastity's hand*

Chastity: *Holds his hands tighter, and also falls asleep*

Time skip to 20 minutes later

Justin: *He yawns tiredly and stands up to stretch*

Chastity: *Is pulled into him, as they were still holding hands, and wakes up* Woah.

Justin: Oops sorry. How did you sleep?

Chastity: Good. I had a dream about you.

Justin: *He has a cute look on his face* Was it a good one?

Chastity: I don't think I should discuss it around little Demigods. *Looks at the young Demigods nearby* It had more of an R-rating. 

Justin: Just whisper it to me then. *Smiles and leans in towards her*

Chastity: Are you sure you want me to?

Justin: *Nods and leans in closer for her to whisper it to him*

Chastity: *Leans close to his ear and whispered the content of her R-rated dream, and by R-rated I don't mean the cool R-rated with blood and guts. I mean the other R-ratedness*

Justin: *He leans back* I see. I dreamed about you to, but I guess mine took place after yours.

Chastity: And what would yours be?

Justin: *he moves in closer to her and wraps his arms around her waist* You and me, with a kid, we both looked to be about 25 or 26 in my case. We also both had a ring on are finger, I guess indicating we had gotten married. *Smiles and blushes slightly*

Chastity: *Smiles and wraps her arms around his neck* You're so sweet.

Justin: *Smiles and kisses her gently still holding her waist*

Chastity: *Smiles and kisses back, still holding him close*

Justin: *He continues kissing her while thinking of his dream*

Chastity: *He continues kissing him, not thinking of anything cause kissing him makes her mind go all fuzzy*

Justin: *Continues kissing her and picks her up*

Chastity: *Holds him closer and continues kissing him*

Justin: *He sets her down breaking the kiss*

Chastity: *Blushes softly* That was nice.

Justin: I'd say so.

Chastity: *Giggles* So you liked it?

Justin: Obviously, I love every minute when I am with you.

Chastity: You're so sweet *Leans up and kisses his cheek*

Justin: *He smiles and hugs her, smiling the whole time*

Chastity: *She smiles and hugs back*

Justin: *He smiles and picks her back up carrying her back into her room and setting her down on her bed*

Chastity: *Smiles and giggles* 

Justin: What should we do now?

Chastity: Let's watch TV! *Pulls him onto her bed and turns her TV on*

Justin: *He wraps her arm around her and begins to watch TV*

Chastity: *Snuggles into his arms and begins to fall asleep*

Justin: *He notices her falling asleep and turns the volume down on the TV so it does not wake her*

Chastity: *Falls asleep in his arms*

Justin: *He himself starts to get tired so he throws a blanket over himself and Chastity and falls asleep*

Time skip to Midnight

Chastity: *Wakes up silently and blinks a bit, getting used to the dark*

Justin: *He is still sleeping soundly*

Chastity: *Looks at Justin's sleeping face and smiles*

Justin: *He sits up tiredly and notices Chastity smiling* What?

Chastity: *Sits up as well* Nothing.

Justin: It might sound odd, and I guess now I have it stuck in my head, but I had the same dream as before.

Chastity: You got it stuck in my head too, cause I think I had the dream, too.

Justin: Well at least we are on the same page.

Chastity: *Nods a bit* Now all that we need is to make it 10 more years. 

Justin: *Smiles* Shouldn't be that hard. Wait do you mean 10 years till having kids or to getting married? I just want to clarify.

Chastity: *Shrugs a bit and lays down* I don't know. Though, I might be able to keep my hands off of you to wait 10 years to have children.

Justin: I should be able to as well, hopefully. *Smiles*

Chastity: *smiles at him* Hey, what time is it?

Justin: Midnight, why?

Chastity: *Smirks and gets off of her bed* Come on. Let's go for a midnight swim. 

Justin: Okay.

Justin & Chastity at the beach

Justin: *He walks to the beach with Chastity* Here we are.

Chastity: *Smiles and holds his hand, slightly pulling him towards the ocean* C'mon. Let's go swimming. 

Justin: *He takes off his shirt and skate board shoes and waits for Chastity down at the water*

Chastity: *Takes off her over clothes so she is now only in her swimsuit and takes off her sandols, and meets Justin at the water* 

Justin: *He walks in and dives into the water, when he comes up out of the water, he smiles at Chastity*

Chastity: *Follows Justin in, and once she catches up to him, she pouts a bit* Couldn't have waited for me?

Justin: Sorry, would you like me to stay here with you?

Chastity: *Rolls her eyes* Uh, duh!

Justin: Okay. *He smiles and kisses Chastity*

Chastity: *Smiles back and kisses him* 

Justin: Wanna go play volleyball?

Chastity: *Shrugs* Sure.

Justin: *He picks her up bridal style and carries her over to the volleyball court*

Time Skip: After Volleyball Game

Chastity: *Giggles and walks over to Justin after the game* Good game.

Justin: You to, although you played better than me. *Sticks his tongue out playfully*

Chastity: Well, you could've played worse if you tried. *Smirks playfully back at him*

Justin: *Smiles, and lies down on the beach*

Chastity: *Sits down next to him but winces* Wet sand. 

Justin: *Smiles and holds Chastity's hand*

Chastity: *Smiles and holds his hand back* 

Justin: Why don't we go back to your room and watch TV or something? *He kisses her cheek*

Chastity: Ok. Let's go. *Holds his hand and stands up*

Chastity's Room

Justin: *he walks in and sits down on her bed*

Chastity: *Walks in and kisses his cheek* I'll be right back. I've gotta go change.

Justin: Okay. *He puts his hands in his pockets and waits for Chastity*

Chastity: *Walks in the bathroom and stays in there a few minutes then calls out* Hey, Justin. Can you see a little stack of clothes out there?

Justin: Ya why? *He walks over to the pile but sets something under the pillow first*

Chastity: Because those are my clothes I'm supposed to put on. I can't believe I forgot them out there!

Justin: *He grabs them and walks to the bathroom handing the clothes to Chastity*

Chastity: *Takes her clothes* Uhm, thanks.

Justin: No problem. *He walks back out and sits back on the bed waiting for Chastity*

Chastity: *Walks out in her tank top and shorts* Sorry about that *Sits next to him*

Justin: No worries. *Smiles and lies down on the bed*

Chastity: *Smiles and lies down beside him*

Justin: *He smiles and rests his head on a pillow, slowly hiding something behind his back so Chastity doesn't notice*

Chastity: *Smiles back at him, not suspecting a thing*

Justin: *He smiles back and kisses her*

Chastity: *She kisses back* 

Justin: *He on perpose drops a small box*

Chastity: *Hears the little 'thud' it made and breaks off the kiss* What was that?

Justin: *He looks down to where the box fell and grabs it. He smiles and hands it to Chastity. Inside is a small golden ring that looks like this ->[1] *

Chastity: *Looks at the ring, then back to Justin* Wh-what's this for?

Justin: Just a small way of saying I love you. *Smiles and places the ring on her finger, well kissing her*

Chastity: You're so sweet *Smiles and kisses back* 

Justin: *He smiles and kisses her back smiling and whispers in her ear I love you.

Chastity: *Breaks the kiss and smiles* I'm so sorry, I didn't get you something. I didn't know we'd be exchanging gifts or anything tonight.

Justin: You don't need to get me anything. You're here, that's good enough for me.

Chastity: You're so sweet. *Kisses him softly*

Justin: *kisses her back* So do you like the ring?

Chastity: *Nods a bit* I love it. But, now I really feel like giving you something that you'll love just as much.

Justin: You don't have to. *Smiles at Chastity*

Chastity: Yes I do! 

Justin: Well if you want you can. But I wouldn't mind either way.

Chastity: Well, what do I give you?

Justin: Not sure.

Chastity: Well, why aren't you sure?

Justin: Maybe all I wan't is to be with you. *He wraps his arms around her waist* Why do you feel the need to give me something?

Chastity: Because if a person gives you something, that means that you're in their debt until you pay them back, and I feel powerless when I owe people stuff.

Justin: You don't need to pay me back, I gave that to you because I love you. And you could never be powerless. *He kisses her deeply*

Chastity: *Smiles and kisses him back*

Justin: *He pulls back and smiles proudly* That's all I need.

Chastity: *Giggles softly* Then, you're all I need.

Justin: *He lies down on the bed holding her hand* You're so beautiful. *He smiles and bites his lip playfully*

Chastity: *smiles and nudges him playfully* And you're so sweet. 

Justin: Why thank chu cutie. *He says playfully slowly pulling her down onto the other side of her bed*

Chastity: *Giggles a bit* What are you doing, you dork?

Justin: Is it so bad me trying to cuddle with you? Beisdes if I am a dork you most be the queen of the nerds. *he smiles cutely*

Chastity: Well, you got the queen part right. *Smiles and cuddles up to him*

Justin: *He smiles and cuddles into her* If you're the queen, I must be the king, more importantly you're king.

Chastity: So, basically, you just told me I'm awesome, and you love me, and I mean eveything to you?

Justin: *He nods proudly* Yes I did, my queen.

Chastity: *Giggles, yet again* Well, I love you too. 

Justin: *He smiles and snuggles into her more wrapping his arm around her*

Chastity: *Wraps her arms around him, also* 

Justin: *He begins to fall asleep, he is in his boxers and his DC hat. He snuggles more into Chastity*

Chastity: *She also falls asleep in her tanktop and shorts* 

3-hours later

Justin: *he slowly begins to awake*

Chastity: *Remains asleep* 

Justin: *He crawls out of the bed and puts on his pants, which are basically like sweat pants, only a bit more stylish. He then slowly crawls back into bed*

Chastity: *Slightly wakes up, but, her eyes remain closed and she mutters* Ugh, Justiiiiin. Why'd you leave?

Justin: *He smiles and kisses her cheek* I didn't I am right here.

Chastity: *her eyes remaining closed, she pulls him rather close to her and snuggles into him* 

Justin: *He continues to snuggle into her as well*

Chastity: *Keeps snuggling* You're so warm. 

Justin: Thanks, but you're more warm then I am.

Chastity: How am I more warm than you?

Justin: Because you're hot, warmth wise and looks wise. *He smiles and kisses her cheek*

Chastity: *Smiles and finally opens her eyes* Well, so are you.

Justin: Thank you, cutie. *he kisses her cheek again*

Chastity: *Smiles and kisses his cheek* Welcome, hottie. 

Justin: *He blushes madly and gets up out of the bed*

Chastity: Where are you going? 

Justin: I was just gonna go take a shower, but I can stay if you wan't. *He smiles cutely and bites his lip playfully, putting on his shirt*

Chastity: Well, it depends. If you love me more, you'd stay. If you love yourself more, you'd go shower. Which one is it?

Justin: *He takes off his shirt and lies back down in the bed* You had to realize that was the easiest decision of my life right?

Chastity: *Crosses her arms'Oh, so, you don't love yourself enough to be clean? 

Justin: I had a shower yesturday, I am clean. Unless you wan't me to go I guess I can. *He says witha childish look, he begins to stand up again and put his shirt back on* You're choice I can stay here with you, or do you wan't me to smell look Irish Springs?

Chastity: Oh, so you're not enough of a man to make the decision yourself?

Justin: We both know I am all man. You seem to be upset whenever I wanna go take a shower, so maybe the question is will you miss me to much?

Chastity: First of all, you have yet to show me that you are all man, so, I can only assume. Second, the answer to that is maybe.

Justin: So what you'r saying is you wan't me to prove I am all man?

Chastity: *Sits up* And how would you do that?

Justin: I think we both know the answer to that. *He sets his fists on the bed and leans in kissing Chastity*

Chastity: *Smiles and kisses him back*

Justin: *He continues kissing her more and is basically laying on top of her now*

Chastity: *Smiles and flips them over, so she is now on top of him and breaks the kiss* In your dreams, Justin. 

Justin: *He smiles cutely and blushes slightly* Aw come on.

Chastity: Come on, what? 

Justin: I am saying that since you flipped me off of you, and looks like now you are on top of me. *Smiles slightly* So have you decided, should I stay or take a shower?

Chastity: It doesn't just look like that. It is that. And, why should I decide?

Justin: Well when I tried to leave you clearly wanted me to get back in the bed. *he wraps his arms around her waist and kisses her softly*

Chastity: *Kisses him back softly but, also breaks that* Do what you want.

Justin: Yes but if I leave, you will get mad. And I don't wan't nor like upsetting you. But if I stay I'll begin to smell. *Smiles a little*

Chastity: So, what I'm hearing, is the only reason you're staying with me is because I'm emotional?

Justin: Not at all, just that you like being with me.

Chastity: Oh, so the only reason you're with me is so I can praise you?

Justin: No I am with you 'cause you are the most beautiful girl I have ever met by far.

Chastity: Oh, you're with me because I look hot? 

Justin: That and you have the best personality, cunning, clever, fiesty, over all amazing. *He flips her off him so he is on top of her again*

Chastity: Then, I repeat again, do what you want.

Justin: Okay then beautiful. I'll stay with you. *Kisses her nose and lays down beside her*

Chastity: *Giggles and cuddles up to him*

Justin: *Smiles and wraps his arm around her*

Chastity: *Giggles and snuggles closer* I love you, y'know.

Justin: I know, and you better know I love you so much, way more than any of my family, friends, or anyone I have ever met.

Chastity: *Smiles softly* Really?

Justin: Ya, y-you're really all I have left.

Chastity: How am I all you have left?

Justin: Well my step-mom threw me out of the house at a pretty early age, my dad and step brothers made no objections. ANd besides a couple friends I made here. You're the only one I care about.

Chastity: Well, I won't ever hurt you. You're probably the best thing that has happened to me.

Justin: *He snuggles into her more* Thanks.

Chastity: Welcome. *Smiles and kisses his cheek*

Justin: *He kisses her back and snuggles into her*

Chastity: *Giggles softly* Hey what time is it?

Justin: 1:18 p.m. why?

Chastity: *Sits up* Come on, let's do something fun!

Justin: Sure, any ideas?

Chastity: Nope. That's where you come in.

Justin: Kisses her softly* How about we play some sort of game??

Chastity: Sure, what kind of game?

Justin: Soccer, or would you like to play a board game?

Chastity: Ugh, soccer's too much work!

Justin: So a board game?

Chastity: Which one?

Justin: Clue? Sorry?

Chastity: If those involve mental thinking, then no.

Justin: Well what do you wanna do?

Chastity: Something that doesn't involve thinking.

Justin: Well that crosses off almost every board game.

Chastity: Then, not a board game.

Justin: I am guessing no athletic games?

Chastity: Well, I guess not. 

Justin: Hm, we could go to town.

Chastity: Ok then. 

Justin: Okay.


Justin: *The arrive hand in hand* Well here we are.

Chastity: *Holds his hand* This town is so small.

Justin: Ya but it's perfect for a little quiet time.

Chastity: *nods* It is. 

Justin: *He holds her hand tighter* So what do you wanna do?

Chastity: You can choose, since this was your idea.

Justin: Wanna go shopping or something, maybe get pizza?

Chastity: I'm hungry. Pizza it is!

Justin: Sounds good. *They walk over to the pizza parlor and grab two seats, Justin then walks over with two slices of pizza* Here you go. *He hands her a slice*

Chastity: *Looks at him and smiles* Thank you. *Begins eating her slice*

Justin: *He begins to eat and finishes it before Chastity*

Chastity: *Finishes it after Justin* 

Justin: That was good. *he gets to pops and gives one to Chastity*

Chastity: Yes it was. *takes her pop and opens it but, it sprays everywhere*

Justin: *He laughs and cleans it off their faces*

Chastity: *Pouts a bit* That wasn't funny.

Justin: But you looked so adorable.

Chastity: Oh yes. Being soaked in pop makes someone absolutely adorable. *Rolls her eyes*

Justin: Well when it's you, everything is adorable.

Chastity: *Smiles* Really?

Justin: Obivously.

Chastity: Well, thank you for calling me adorable. *Kisses his cheek* 

Justin: Anytime. So where to next?

Chastity: The Park for a walk?

Justin: Sure sounds good. *They walk to the park hand in hand and sit down on a bench*

Chastity: *Holds his hand and smiles* This is nice.

Justin: Sure is. *He smiles and kisses her cheek*

Chastity: *Nods* Almost makes up for you and your ex sleeping together.

Justin: Not this again.

Chastity: Well, I'm sorry if I can't stop bringing it up, cause, y'know, you slept with her!

Justin: Okay just saying but I am a 17 year old male, most 17 year old males get horny when with the one they love, or in her case loved.

Chastity: I fail to see your point, because girls my age also do that but, I'm still a virgin. And us Dionysus kids are drunk half of the time!

Justin: Just because you are a child of a drunken ass doesn't mean you need to follow in his foot steps now does it. *He stands up agrily*

Chastity: Excuse me?!? *Also stands up angrily* At least my father isn't a second-rate God like your mother is!

Justin: Yes but I believe he was a low life demigod unlike my mother. Just because Hestia was generous he got to be a major god!!! *He turns away from Chastity*

Chastity: Know what? I'm not even going to argue about my Father anymore. I am out of here. *Also turns around and walks away*

Justin: *He walks the opposite way*

In Front of Iris' Cabin

Justin: *He begins to walk inside*

Chastity: *Is walking past, texting on her phone*

Justin: *He notices her, and walks up behind her* Um... Chastity?

Chastity: *Turns around and looks at him* Oh, it's you.

Justin: Sorry, I was kinda out of line to say that. *He hugs her and whispers in her ear "Forgive me please"*

Chastity: Yes, you were out of line. *She hugs him back anyone and whispers back, "Forgiven."'*

Justin: *He smiles and takes her hand* Come on, I wanna show you my room.

Chastity: *Smiles and takes his hand* Ok, fair enough since you saw mine.

Justin: *He brings her into his room and picks her up lying her on the bed* You like??

Chastity: *Giggles and nods* I like.

Justin: Thanks. *He smiles and takes off his shirt, he then reaches into his closet and pulls out a new, cleaner one*

Chastity: Aw, Justin. Can't you just keep your shirt off?

Justin: If you wan't. *He throws the shirt he was gonnaput on back into the closet and lies down beside Chastity*

Chastity: Yay. *Snuggles into him*

Justin: You like when I have no shirt on, don't you?

Chastity: *Nods* Very much so.

Justin: Why? Do you like seeing my abs? Or because I am warm? Or you just like the way I look?

Chastity: Can I choose all of the above?

Justin: Yes, yes you can. *He smiles and kisses Chastity passionetly*

Chastity: *Smiles and kisses him back passionately*

Justin: *He pulls his hat over both their eyes and continues kissing her*

Chastity: *Giggles softly but, continues kissing*

Justin: *He smiles and breaks the kiss*

Chastity: Aw, now why'd you have to go do that?

Justin: I have an idea I think you'll like. Be right back. *He runs off out of his room*

Chastity: *Pouts a bit but, waits*

Justin: *He comes back with two glasses and a bottle of wine* Here we go. *He tosses her a glass* Want some?

Chastity: Of course I would but, I didn't now you drank.

Justin: Depends how amazing I feel, last time I drank was with a group of friends at a party. *He pours them both a glass* Here's to us.

Chastity: *Smiles* Here's to us. 

Justin: *He drinks most of it only leaving a small sip*

Chastity: *Also drinks most of it* 

Justin: *He smiles and finishes the rest* You drink better than most of my friends back home.

Chastity: *Smiles and also finishes the rest of her drink* What do you expect from a Dionysus Child?

Justin: Good point. *he lies down on the bed beside Chastity and kisses her*

Chastity: *She kisses Justin back*

Justin: *He lies down on top of her still kissing her*

Chastity: *Slowly breaks the kiss* What do you think you're doing?

Justin: Making out with my girlfriend, what do you think you're doing?

Chastity: Nothing. Nothing at all.

Justin: Well then shh and let me kiss you.

Chastity: Fine, I'll be a good girl.

Justin: I wouldn't mind chu being bad. *He puts on a really cute and innocent look*

Chastity: Bad, like I go rob the coffee shop? 

Justin: You know what I mean by bad. *He kisses her and moves down to her neck*

Chastity: *Giggles a bit and slightly pushes him away* D-Don't kiss my neck. It's rather, uh, sensitive.

Justin: Sorry. *He kisses her lips again still on top of her*

Chastity: *Kisses back* 

Justin: *He continues to kiss her and he throws his hat onto the floor*

Chastity: *Continues to kiss* 

Justin: *He smiles and gets off of her*

Chastity: Now, what are you doing?

Justin: So you wan't me to stay on top of you?

Chastity: Ever so slightly, but, I still wanna know what you're doing.

Justin: Just getting a drink. *He pours a glass of wine and chugs it* Would you perhapse mind covering you're eyes I need to change into something slightly more comfortble. These boxer-briefs aren't the best for not riding up.

Chastity: *Sighs* Fine. If you insist. *Puts her hands over her eyes*

Justin: *He closes the bedroom door and begins to take of his boxers*

Chastity: *Slightly peaks but, closes her eyes again*

Justin: *He turns around, still naked and walks over to his closet to grab his sweat pants*

Chastity: *Slightly peaks again but, closes her eyes, again* You done yet?

Justin: Almost I can't find my sweat pants, if I can't I'll either have to go back to the boxers or just stay nude. *He smiles playfully even though he knows Chastity can't see him smiling*

Chastity: Your choice *Peaks, yet again*

Justin: I know you're trying to look. So does that mean you wan't me nude? *He says playfully and turns towards her*

Chastity: *Quickly covers her eyes again* I don't know what you're talking about.

Justin: It's okay, I honestly don't care if you look. I just was being respectful in saying look away. *Continues standing there naked until he continues to search for his comfy pants*

Chastity: *Shakes her head and continues covering her eyes* Nope. 

Justin: Okay I seriosuly can't find them, what do you prefer, em naked? or in boxers?

Chastity: *Keeps her eyes covered* Your body, your choice.

Justin: Would you mind if I stayed naked?

Chastity: Not at all. 

Justin: Well then naked it is. *He walks back over and crawls under the sheets* You can look again, even though you already did see my dick.

Chastity: *Slowly peaks out of her hands* I have no clue what you're talking about. 

Justin: *He moves her hands away from her face* I could see you peaking, plus you can look, I am under the blanket.

Chastity: I still have no idea what your talking about. I wasn't peaking at all.

Justin: The fact you're saying all this just makes me believe you we're peaking.

Chastity: *Crosses her arms and looks away* Was not.

Justin: Fine, I believe you. So what do you wanna do?

Chastity: I don't know. You?

Justin: Watch TV?

Chastity: Sure!

Justin: *He stands up and gets the remote from his dresser then walks back* Sorry I kinda just flashed you. *He clicks the remote and turns the TV on* Do you wanna pick the channel?

Chastity: *Smirks a bit* No problem, and you can choose.

Justin: YOu can choose, and di chu like what you saw? *Smiles cutely*

Chastity: *Nods a bit* Yeah, yeah I did. And, seriously, you can choose.

Justin: *He turns it on to Animal Planet* This one good? And thanks I appreaciate that you like my penis. *He smiles playfully and kisses his cheek*

Chastity: *Nods* Yeah, this channel is fine. And your welcome. 

Justin: *He smiles and wraps his arm around her* If you do not wan't me to get more frisky, don't come under the blanket.

Chastity: And if I do go under the blanket?

Justin: Well then I will get frisky and you will need to control me.

Chastity: *Thinks for a few seconds* Under the blankets it is! *Goes under the blankets*

Justin: *He is shocked with her decision but snuggles into her* Well well well aren't you adventurous. *He smiles and pecks her cheek with a kiss*

Chastity: *She snuggles into him and kisses his cheek too* Just a little. 

Justin: Crawling into a bed with a naked 17 year old with testostaroine raging through him, I would say you are. *He smiles and finally finds his comfy pants under his dresser, he stands up revealing hus priavte areas for the final time, he turns to Chastity and puts them on.* Sorry I had to wreck the fun, but you know the fleece from my blanket feels kinda weird on a nude butt and penis. *He smiles and gets back into the bed snuggling back into Chastity*

Chastity: *Giggles and snuggles back into him* It's Ok. I guess I forgive for ruining the fun. And, you wouldn't try anything on me, would you? *Looks up at him innocently*

Justin: Only if you asked. *He looks back at her innocently and kisses her nose, he then turns the tv's volume down smidge* It's like 10 o'clock p.m. right? 'Cause I am so tired. *He snuggles into her more and acts childish* I needs to sleep.

Chastity: Come on, please. Stay up with me. I'll get so lonely if you go to sleep!

Justin: Okay I will. *He kisses her nose and smiles*

Chastity: Yay! *Leans over and kisses his cheek* 

Justin: *He smiles and blushes like crazy*

Chastity: *Giggles and snuggles closer* 

Justin: *He snuggles into her and wraps his arm around her*

Chastity: *Smiles and kisses his nose*  I love you.

Justin: And I love you.

Chastity: *Giggles and looks at him* I have a question.

Justin: That question would be??

Chastity: Did you really mean what you said at the Park?

Justin: What did I say?

Chastity: That I was following in my Drunk Ass Father's footsteps.

Justin: No, I just got mad. Believe me you're perfect and you're not following you're dad's footsteps.

Chastity: *Smiles and blushes a bit* Please. I'm far from perfect. 

Justin: You are perfect. So perfect I would wanna spend my life with you.

Chastity: *Blushes* You're so sweet. *Kisses him softly* 

Justin: *He kisses her back* No seriously I do.

Chastity: *Blushes harder* Really?

Justin: Yes I honestly do.

Chastity: *Smiles at him and snuggles into him* I love you so much.

Justin: I love you to.

Chastity: *Smiles at him more and kisses him softly, again*

Justin: *He kisses her back and whispers into her ear "Look down"*

Chastity: *Looks a bit confused but, complies and looks down*

Justin: *He grabs something from behind his back but holds it there for a second* Close you're eyes.

Chastity: Uhm, Okay. *Closes her eyes, still confused*

Justin: *He quickly jumps off the bed and gets down on one knee :3* Okay open them.

Chastity: *Slowly opens them and looks at him* Justin, what are you doing?

Justin: *He smiles and pulls out a small black box and opens it* Chastity Rosemerta will you marry me?

Chastity: *Her mouth opens in shock but, she slowly starts to nod* Y-Yeah, I will.

Justin: *He smiles and jumps up to hug her*

Chastity: *Smiles a lot and hugs him tightly*

Justin: *He smiles with a huge grin*

Chastity: *Smiles back* I love you so much.

Justin: I love you so so much. *He puts the ring on Chastity's finger*

Chastity: *Smiles more, and leans over and kisses his cheek* I love you more.

Justin: I just proposed and you said yes, can't we just agree we both love each other more than anything? *He kisses her on the lips and smiles*

Chastity: Fine. We both love each other insanely. *Smiles again and kisses him on his lips*

Justin: Remember that dream I told you about, with us married and we had kids?

Chastity: *Blushes softly and nods* Yeah, I remember.

Justin: Well I guess it's gonna happen after all. *He smiles cutely and blushes*

Chastity: I guess it will. *Smiles and leans over, and kisses him* 

Justin: *He kisses back*

Chastity: *She continues kissing him* 

Justin: *He smiles and breaks the kiss* You're so adorable.

Chastity: *Smiles back at him* Why thank you. So, what're you thinking about now?

Justin: How amazing you'll look on our wedding day. *He smiles cutely*

Chastity: Well, I'll bet you'll look just as amazing on our wedding day.

Justin: Hopefully. I need to at least give you are good run for you're money

Chastity: *Giggles and pulls him closer, snuggling into him*

Justin: *He snuggles into her and wraps an arm around her*

Chastity: *Smiles and kisses his cheek* 

Justin: You are so cute, and I am so happy you said yes.

Chastity: You are so sweet, and I am so happy you asked.

Justin: *He kisses her forehead and snuggles into her*

Chastity: *Snuggles into him and slowly starts to fall asleep*

Justin: *He notices this and shuts off the TV and the lights and begins to fall asleep as well*

Chastity: *She falls asleep*

The next morning

Justin: *He is asleep with his arm around Chastity*

Chastity: *Slowly wakes up and giggles* Justin, baby. Wake up. 

Justin: *He rolls on to his side facing Chastity, he slightly wakes up but his eyes remain closed, he yawns* Y-Ya?

Chastity: *Kisses his forehead* I'm going to take a shower, OK?

Justin: Sounds good.

Chastity: I'll see you in a few minutes. *Walks into the bathroom*

Justin: *He gets completely undressed and then searches in his dresser for something to wear*

Chastity: *Does her shower things in the bathroom*

Justin: *He grabs a plaid long sleeve shirt and some jeans, and boxers, he then walks over to his bed and gets dressed*

Chastity: *She slowly walks out in just a towel, and she blushes* Uhm, I don't have any clean clothes here.

Justin: You can borrow some off mine, they might be a little big but...

Chastity: *Looks at him* But what?

Justin: I guess we'll just have to work with the clothes I have. You can pick what ever clothes you wan't.

Chastity: But, your shirts will be like dresses on me.

Justin: And you will still look beautiful.

Chastity: *Smiles* You're so sweet. Can you pick something for me? They are your clothes after all.

Justin: *He smiles and grabs a sweater that was smaller and doesn't fit him anymore then a pear of jeans that are also a little small*

Chastity: *Smiles again* Thank you. Do you mind turning around while I change? 

Justin: Sure. *Turns around*

Chastity: Thank you. *She gets dressed*

Justin: You almost done?

Chastity: Almost! *Almost finishes getting dressed* 

Justin: *He turns around anyways and hugs* Can you hurry pwease? *He puts on a cute face* I wanna take you out.

Chastity: *Blushes a lot* Uhm I-I can hurry but, will you let me get the pants on first?

Justin: SOrry. *He releases her and turns around*

Chastity: I-It's Okay. *She quickly puts her pant on, still blushing* All done. 

Justin: Great so where should we go?

Chastity: Uhm, you decide.

Justin: Town again? We can get you some clothes that fit.

Chastity: *Shakes her head* I don't like town.

Justin: I can take you on a date?

Chastity: You can take me out on a date.

Justin: Okay.

Their Date :3

Justin: *He walks in to a restaurant with Chastity*

Chastity: *She walks in with him*

Justin: *They walk over to a table and wait for the waiter*

Chastity: *She smiles at Justin* This is fun.

Justin: Ya it is.

The waiter comes and orders their food blah blah blah >.< they get their food and begin to eat :3

Justin: *He begins to eat his pasta :3*

Chastity: *She also begins to eat her chicken and rice* 

Justin: *He swallows a small portion* Hey so would you perhapse like to go to the valentine's dance with me?

Chastity: *She nods, then swallows her portion* We're engaged, I'm pretty sure it's, like, an obligation.

Justin: *He smiles and takes a sip of his iced tea* True.

Chastity: *She takes a sip of grape juice and frowns* It completely sucks that I have to be over 21 to have an actual drink when we're out though.

Justin: Ya it does. It would make this feel more real.

Chastity: How about we finish our meal and then have a drink back at your room? 

Justin: Sure why not.

Chastity: *She smiles and takes another bite of her food* 

Justin: *He finishes his food and waits for Chastity to finish*

Chastity: *She finishes her food just a little after him*

Justin: *He goes up to the counter and pays then walks abck to Chastity waiting for her*

Justin and Chastity AGAIN!

Chastity: She walks up to him and smiles Hey there.

Justin: He turns around "Hey beautiful"

Chastity: She giggles softly So, what's up?

Justin: "Nothing much, just picking out some clothes for a trip I might be going on."

Chastity: You're going on a trip?

Justin: "Ya my dad wants to see me. And the only way I would go is if he promised that my step-mom wouldn't be there, so she wont be so now I have to go."

Chastity: Aw. So, I'll have to just miss you for a while. She pouts softly, crossing her arms

Justin: "Well." He wraps his arms around her "He did give me two plane tickets." He pulls them out of his pocket

Chastity: She blushes and wraps her arms around him You want me to come with you?

Justin: "Obviously, why wouldn't I?" He holds the extra ticket in front of her waiting for her to take it

Chastity: She looks down. Because I'm not exactly the girl you'd take home to your parents.

Justin: "Your the kind I would take home."

Chastity: She looks up at him Really?

Justin: He nods and hands her the ticket "So will you come with me?"

Chastity: She smiles and takes the ticket Yes. I will. 

Justin: "Okay, we're leaving at 4:00 o'clock."

Chastity: Okay. Can I help you pack? I'm too lazy to do mine now.

Justin: "Well I have everything all packed basically, I just need to pack some more small things. Want me to help you?"

Chastity: She nods Yes. I would very much like that.

Justin: "Okay."

They walk to Chastity's room and pack all her stuff

Justin: "Okay, that's all you'll need. Now I am gonna go finish packing see you at the gates at 4." He kisses her goodbye than runs off

Chastity: She smiles as she watches him run off and mutters Well, bye. 

The Trip

4:00 O'clock

Chastity: *Waits at the gates for Justin*

Justin: He walks up to the gate with his doufel bag "Ready?"

Chastity: *She smiles and nods, holding up her doufel bag* All ready.

Justin: He walks over to Chastity when a cab pulls up and drives them to the airport and they arrive in the Vancouver airport. They than take a cab to Justin's dad's house in Vancouver "Well, here we are."

Chastity: Yeah. You sure you want me to meet your dad? *She looks at him, expecting the worst possible answer*

Justin: "Yep." They walk up and knock on the door

James Cringe: He opens the door "Welcome back Justin!" He looks at Chastity "And who is this?"

Justin: He holds Chastity's hand and squeezes it lightly "She is my um... fiance."

Chastity: She blushes and squeeze his hand back Um, Hello. My name's Chastity.

James Cringe: He looks at them both "Well than, I guess welcome to my home."

Justin: He takes a sigh of relief than the two walk up into Justin's room "Wow, hasn't changed since I left."

Chastity: *She rolls her eyes* Well, what did you think it would be like?

Justin: "Well considering my b**ch of a step-mom kicked be out, I wouldn't be surprised." He throws his bag onto his floor

Chastity: How about let's not talk about people who you don't like. She looks at him and nudges him gently Plus, you really shouldn't hold grudges.

Justin: He shrugs "Want me to show you around?"

Chastity: Sure. But, where am I staying? 

Justin: "Well either you can stay in my room, or the spare bedroom."

Chastity: I don't think your dad will appreciate us staying in the same room. Even though we wouldn't be doing anything. 

Justin: "Why would he care? I'm 17."

Chastity: Because that's generally the reaction that comes with a boy and a girl staying in the same room. Just show me to the spare room.

Justin: "Fine." He walks down the hall and show Chastity the spare room

Chastity: Thank you. *She sets her stuff down and kisses his cheek* Now will you show me around?

Justin: "Sure." He shows her around the house and everything than takes her out to the barn, inside there is no animals but instead it is like a huge lounge souly for Justin and his friends "This is my favoruite part."

Chastity: You have a barn? She looks at him and smiles That is so cool.

Justin: "Ya, we used to have a lot of animals, but than my dad sold them and made this."

Chastity: Well, if your dad is the one that built this, then he's so cool too. 

Justin: "Ya, only my best friends have seen this."

Chastity: So, I'm one of your best friends? 

Justin: "No your my fiance, which is even better." He smiles and kisses her

Chastity: *She smiles and kisses him back* 

Justin: He smiles and lifts her up he than takes her down to the basement of the barn where there is a TV and a bar and etc.

Chastity: *She giggles with delight and she snuggles into his grip* 

Justin: They sit down on the couch and Justin turns on the TV "What do you wanna watch?"

Chastity: *She shrugs* Your awesome barn, you choose.

Justin: He turns it on to MTV

Chastity: *She watches with him, gently playing with his fingers *

Justin: He smiles "What are you doing?"

Chastity: Playing with your fingers. *She continues to play with his fingers*

Justin: "I see, are you having fun with them?"

Chastity: *She nods* Yes, I am. Thanks for asking. *She rolls her eyes and continues playing with them* 

Justin: He laughs and begins to nod off

Chastity: *She starts falling asleep, as well.*

The next morning

Justin: He slowly begins to wake up

Chastity: *She is snuggling up to him, still having a hold of his hand, still asleep* 

Justin: He is now fully awake when he realizes where they are "OH SHIT!"

Chastity: *She is woken up by his talking, and she squeals a bit, jumping away from him* What the hell is wrong with you?

Justin: "Oh my gods, I am gonna be in so much crap."

Chastity: *She looks at him* May I ask why?

Justin: "My dad probably thinks we slept together!" He looks at his watch "Now we have 2 minutes to get back to the house before my dad wakes up and checks to see if I am in my room!"

Chastity: *She rolls her eyes* Weren't you the one that said, when you suggested we sleep in the same room, that, why would he care, that you're 17.

Justin: "Yes but if he finds out we slept in the barn, he will deffinetly think we slept together."

Chastity: Then just go. I'm too tired. I'll just go back to sleep. *She goes to lay back down on the couch*

Justin: He rolls his eyes and begins to walk back to the house

Chastity: *Moans softly and stands up, starting to follow him* Wait, don't leave me. I don't know this place.

Justin: "Fine." He holds her hand and they run off for the house, when they arrive they quickly go into their bedrooms and wait for Justin's father to awaken

Chastity: *She softly lays on her bed, trying to go back to sleep* 

His father wakes up and goes down into the kitchen to make breakfast

Justin: When his father is in the kitchen he sneaks into Chastity's room and lies down on the bed with her

Chastity: *She opens her eyes slightly and smiles as she snuggles into him, closing her eyes again*

Justin: He smiles and wraps his arm around her

Chastity: *She smiles as she tries to go back to sleep* 

Justin: He falls asleep

Chastity: She too falls asleep 

Like 5-10 minutes later Justin's father starts walking up the stairs as he is done making breakfast

Chastity: *She slowly starts waking up* 

Justin: He continues to sleep, and his father finishs walking up the stairs xP

Chastity: *She nudges him softly, and doesn't hear his father* Baby wake up. 

Justin: He moans loudly not wanting to get up he rolls onto his side, his father is now almost to the room

Chastity: *She rolls her eyes and sits up, and leans over and kisses his cheek* Please, baby. Get up.

Justin: He slowly wakes up

Chastity: *She smiles softly'See. Waking up isn't that hard.

Justin: "It is when you don't want to." As he finishes speaking his father walks into the room well the two are in the same bed

James Cringe: "Time for breakfast guys."

Chastity: *She smiles a bit* Okay, Mr Cringe. *She goes to get off of the bed* 

Justin: He stands up and fixes the bed

Chastity: She stand, helps Justin a bit, and stretches a bit

James Cringe: "Chastity, you can go get some breakfast, I just need to speak to Justin for a sec."

Chastity: *She nods and smiles* Okay Mr. Cringe. *She walks out the door, going downstairs* 

Like um maybe 10 minutes later Justin and James come downstairs and Justin sits beside Chastity

Justin: "Can you pass the bacon and eggs please?"

Chastity: *She nods* Sure *She passes Justin the food stuff* Oh, and, uhm, thanks for the breakfast, Mr. Cringe.

James Cringe: "No worries, I love making food, so don't mention it."

Justin: He eats his breakfast, and 10 minutes later he has finished it, he pulls out his cell phone and begins to text someone he used to know from school

Chastity: *She also finishes and she just sits there quietly, unsure of what to do* 

Justin: He puts his phone into his back pocket and stands up "Thanks for breakfast dad." He waits for Chastity to go upstairs

Chastity: She stands up, following Justin, and she nods at Mr. Cringe

Justin: They walk upstairs and into Justin's bedroom

Chastity: She sits down on his bed So, what did you and your dad talk about? 

Justin: "Just that he thought we... you know, slept together, I told him we didn't then we just talked about camp."

Chastity: So, you two aren't fighting? 

Justin: "Nope, anyways we should probably get packing, are flight leaves at 8 o'clock."

Chastity: Ugh, Fine. Can you help me with mine?

Justin: "Sure."

Chastity: Yay. *She stands up, smiling* 

They go pack Chastity's stuff then Justin comes back into his room and packs his

Chastity: *She starts going down the stairs with her stuff* 

Justin: He packs up his stuff when he spies something from the corner of his eye and he goes to pick it up

Chastity: *She calls to him* Are you coming, Justin? 

Justin: "Ya just a second." He grabs the item and puts it in his backpack

Chastity: Well, Hurry! *She walks down the stairs and waits for him* 

Justin: He walks downstairs "Ready?"

Chastity: Mhm. Are you? 

Justin: "Yep, let's get going."

James Cringe: He walks into the room "Don't forget to come back soon." He hugs Justin and turns to Chastity "And you, make sure my boy doesn't get into any trouble."

Chastity: No promises on that, sir. He gets into trouble without me. 

Justin: He shakes his head

James Cringe: "Like what?"

Chastity: *She nsees Justin shaking his head* Uhm, sorry, sir. I think I've already said too much. 

James Cringe: "You can never say to much to the father of your boyfriend."

Chastity: "Well, there is the fact that he already had sex with his ex-girlfriend." 

Justin: He looks shocked and looks away from them both in anger

James Cringe: "Justin, is that true?" He has a hint of anger in his voice

Justin: "Well... um ya."

Chastity: She also looks away from James and Justin, waiting for this whole situation to be over

James Cringe: "And when did you plan on telling me?"

Justin: "I wasn't going to!" He grabs Chastity's hand and storms out of the house

Chastity: She lets herself be half-dragged, while half-walking with him

They got on a plane without saying a word, Justin then sits down angrily and puts his earbuds in

Chastity: She sits beside him, and pokes him softly Justin, baby. Are you mad at me? 

Justin: "Oh no, not at all. I mean you just told my dad I has sex with my ex. Why would I be mad?" He rolls his eyes and turns up the sound

Chastity: She sighs "So, I take it you are mad. To that, all I have to say is, Good."

Justin: "What the hell did I do to you!?!?"

Chastity: "If you don't know, then that's your problem. Not mine." 

Justin: He ignores what she said and looks out the window

Chastity: She begins ignoring Justin, too. 

Justin: Shortly after putting his headphones in he stands up and walks to the washroom

Chastity: She doesn't really pay attention to him, not really mad anymore but, just being stubborn 

Justin: He returns and sits back in his seat, not making any eye contact with Chastity

Chastity: She just reads her magazine, not giving him the time of day.

Justin: Bored, and tired, he begins to play Temple Run 2

Back at Camp

Okay, after a really really long, and really really boring plane ride that is just too boring to describe, the two finally make it back to Camp. 

Chastity: Carries her suitcases into Camp.

Justin: He grabs his duffle and begins walking into camp as well

Chastity: She heads towards her cabin

Justin: He begins to walk back to his cabin, but in the process he picks Chastity up and carries her with him

Chastity: Chastity almost squeals, and is about to break le silence, but, becomes stubborn again, and quietly pouts at being taken. 

Justin: He reaches his cabin and walks into his room. He then sets Chastity on the bed and walks into the washroom to change

Chastity: She sits on his bed quietly, unsure of her next move

Justin: "I'll be out in a second, I'm just gonna take a shower." He closes the door and takes of his clothing, after he gets into the shower

Chastity: "Yeah, fine." She continues to just sit on his bed, unsure. She can't help but cross her arms, and slightly pout over the little fight they had had earlier.

Justin: He returns with a towel wrapped around his waste, and his clothes in his arms. He drops them into the laundry hamper and walks over to his closet to pick out new clothes. He takes his hat from the top shelf and puts it on his head

Chastity: Can not help but stare at him for a few seconds before looking away. 

Justin: He finds some boxers and puts them on

Chastity: She continues to just stare at her lap, having nothing to do. 

Justin: "Do you have anything to say?"

Chastity: She looks up at him "Not at all." Her arms cross. 

Justin: "Hey, you started this, so don't get mad at me!"

Chastity: "Oh, I'm the one who started this? How is it my fault?"

Justin: "Telling my dad I already had sex!"

Chastity: "Hey, that's your own fault."

Justin: "I wasn't the one who brought it up!"

Chastity: "You were the one that was having sex under-aged with your ex, weren't you?"

Justin: "Basically everyone at camp does it! Just because you haven't doesn't mean you have to throw me under the bus!"

Chastity: She rolls her eyes and stands up "I'm done with this conversation, and I'm out of here." She heads towards the door.

Justin: "We're gonna have to work this out some time!"

Chastity: "Well, what is there to work out? We got in a fight, we got mad, and, now I'm over it." She steps outside the doorway. 

Justin: "THe thing is why did you do it!?!?"

Chastity: "What do you mean, why did I do it?"

Justin: "Tell my dad I had sex."

Chastity: She looks down, crossing her arms again. "I-I don't see how that matters. I did it. The reason shouldn't matter." 

Justin: "Well it matters to me."

Chastity: "Why does it matter to you?"

Justin: "Because my dad now knows that I am no longer a virgin, he is probably pissed at me for not telling him sooner. And because you said I did something to diserve it!"

Chastity: "I did it because I was angry at you because you seemed ashamed. Ashamed of a relationship between us!"

Justin: "How?!?!"

Chastity: "No, not the emotionally relationship or whatever. The Physical part of our relationship. You shouldn't be ashamed at all to be with the person you love, should you?"

Justin: "How was I ever ashamed?!?!"

Chastity: "Because you were the one that ended up being worried about what your father would say. You were the one that made us sneak back in the house early in the morning because of the assumption that he would think we slept together. Even if he did, why should it matter? If it does to you, then, that means you are ashamed."

Justin: "Sorry if to me, he might have thought we snuck out of the hosue just to have crazy wild sex in a barn!"

Chastity: "That is not my point, Justin. My point is, why would it matter what he thought? If it really mattered that much to you, well, then, excuse me. Excuse me that I didn't want to be ashamed of." 

Justin: "Ever think maybe I didn't want my dad to know I wasn't a virgin and having sex!?"

Chastity: "First of all, you are a 17 year old hormone-crazed boy. If he didn't think you were, then, he should've smartened up. Second of all, you aren't having sex, at least not since you and your ex broke up, unless there's some other girl who you slept with or are sleeping with." 

Justin: "Oh so now you don't freaking trust me not to have sex with other girls!"

Chastity: "Well, apparently I have a reason to since you said you were having sex, when we clearly aren't!" 

Justin: "When did I say we were!?"

Chastity: "You said you didn't want your dad to know you were having sex. That's indicating either you and I are, or you're getting it somewhere else." 

Justin: "Ya it can also mean past tense! Which is what I was stating when saying that comment!"

Chastity: "Whatever! I'm just, I'm out of here."

Justin: "Fine go ahead."

Chastity: She storms off towards her cabin, not taking a second glance at him

A little While Later

Chastity: She storms into his cabin again. "I forgot my bag here, where is it?"

Justin: He turns around and is holding a beer bottle "How am I supposed to know?"

Chastity: "Because, oh, let me see, The last place I saw it was here, and this is your cabin." 

Justin: "Like I was paying attention." He takes a sip of the beer

Chastity: She rolls her eyes "Whatever." She starts to search for her bag.

Justin: He walks up behind her and hugs her tightly

Chastity: She is shocked a bit and blushes slightly "A-Aren't we supposed to be mad at eachother?"

Justin: "Maybe, who said I cared?" He takes another sip and staggers over to his bed

Chastity: "Well, no one, but, earlier, you seemed madder than me." She sighs as she gets on her hands and knees to look at the lower spots.

Justin: He scratches his head "I don't seem to recall this."

Chastity: "Well, then, you must be drunk because it didn't happen too long ago." She goes to check under the bed

Justin: "Maybe I am." He stands up and pulls off his shirt, he then climbs back into the bed and drops his now empty beer bottle on the floor

Chastity: She rolls her eyes and finds her bag under his bed "Yeah, I can tell." She takes her bag out from under the bed.

Justin: He pats the bed beside him motioning for her to join him

Chastity: She looks at him and the bed a bt cautiously 'and slowly goes to sit beside him "What do you want, Justin?" 

Justin: "I want you to stay."

Chastity: She crosses her arms "Well, you certainly didn't want me to earlier."

Justin: "Well I do now." 'He sits up and pulls her onto the bed tiredly'

Chastity: Is pulled and snuggles into him, starting to cry a bit "S-So no more fighting?"

Justin: "Nope."

Chastity: "Yay." 

Justin: He snuggles into her "Since we are getting married, I was wondering if you would like to move in with me." He snuggles into her more

Chastity: She giggles and snuggles into him again "Well, of course I would love to, but, wouldn't your cabin mates disapprove?"

Justin: "I don't mean, move in with all your stuff. I just mean sleep here every night. After all, we are engaged, so your going to have to get used to it."

Chastity: "Well, I guess I could then. Just to get used to it before we get married." 

Justin: "Speaking of which, what day do you want to have it?"

Chastity: She shrugs "Don't know. Just, not a Monday. Monday's are too depressing as it is." 

Justin: "How about August?"

Chastity: "Hm. It's nto cold, and it gives us more time to plan everything else. So, yeah. August it is." 

Justin: "Sounds good."

Chastity: She smiles "Yay. What next?" 

Justin: "Up to you."

Chastity: "B-But I don't know what comes next." 

Justin: "Okay then, where do you wanna have the wedding?"

Chastity: "Hm. Not the beach. Too sandy." 

Justin: "Okay."

Chastity: "Well, where would you like to have the wedding?" 

Justin: "I picked the month, you pick the place."

Chastity: "Come on. The only places I know of to get married are churches or beaches. Churches are, well, churches and beaches, I repeat, are too sandy." 

Justin: "We could get married on an island?"

Chastity: "An island? Isn't that just land but, surrounded by beaches?" Her nose slightly crinkles

Justin: "I'll just think about and we can talk later."

Chastity: "Okay. What do we do now, though, if we're not going to talk?"

Justin: "Sleep."

CHastity: "But I'm not tired." 

Justin: "And I am tired."

Chastity: "But, I'll be bored,"

Justin: "Then watch tv." He hands her the remote

Chastity: "But, you're much more entertaining than TV."

Justin: "Fine, what do you wanna do?"

CHastity: "I don't know." She shrugs and snuggles into him

Justin: He cuddles into her and begins to doze off

Chastity: She rolls her eyes, and starts dozing off as well


Justin: He continues to sleep x3

Chastity: She wakes up after hearing a noise 

Justin: He moans quietly not wanting to get up

Chastity: She softly shakes him "Jay, baby. Please get up. I heard a noise." 

Justin: He moans once again "What was it?"

Chastity: She looks down "A-A scary noise." 

Justin: He sits up rubbing his eyes "Really?"

Chastity: She nods and blushes a bit "Yes." 

Justin: "It's probably just one of my half-siblings."

Chastity: "You sure?" 

Justin: He nods "But do you want me to gofind out?"

Chastity: She smiles softly at him "Would you?" 

Justin: "Yes." He stands up and walks out into the hall

Chastity: She smiles "Thank you." 

Justin: He doesn't return for several minutes x3

Chastity: She gets really worried "J-Justin. Are you still there?" She gets off the bed

Justin: He comes back in with a glass of milk and some cookies "Ya, just getting something to eat."

Chastity: She glares a bit at him and lightly hits his shoulder "You jerk! You scared me have to death. I thought you were, like, murdered or something." 

Justin: "Fine, I wont give you cookies then."

Chastity: "Isn't it too early to have cookies?" 

Justin: "Not in this room it isn't." He begins to eat one of the cookies

Chastity: "Well, may I please have a cookie, baby?" 

Justin: "Ya." He nods and hands her the plate

Chastity: "Yay." She takes a cookie and kisses his cheek

Justin: He hands her the glass of milk

Chastity: She shakes her head "No. I don't really like milk." 

Justin: "Um... okay then."

Chastity: She looks at him "Something wrong?" 

Justin: "No, not at all."

Chastity: "Mkay then." 

Justin: He finishes his cookie and lays back down in the bed

Chastity: "You aren't seriously going to go back to sleep, are you?" 

Justin: "Nope. Just waiting for you."

Chastity's Babysitting Featuring Justin :D

Chastity: She is sitting on Justin's Cabin's Porch, reading. 

Justin: He runs past his cabin with a paniced look on his face

Chastity: She looks up at him, her eyebrow raised "What's up, Baby?" 

Justin: "I need to go to the big house but I am stuck 'babysitting'." When he finishes speaking a 12 year old rusn up behind them

Broedy: "Hai there!"

Chastity: "Why do you have to go to the Big House and why do you have to babysit? The kid's like, 10. He can watch himself." 

Broedy: "I'm 12!"

Justin: "It's not necessarily babysitting, it's more just watching him so he doesn't get into trouble, since he kinda has been lately." he looks over at Broedy who has a huge grin on his face "And as far as the Big House goes, I don't know a nymph just told me to come."

Chastity: She glares up at him a bit "I sincerely hope you know what I'm thinking and will ease my nerves."

Justin: "Chastity just pleeeeeease watch him well I'm gone."

Broedy: he sits on the ground and writes his name in the dirt because he ish bored x3

Chastity: "You have not eased my nerves yet!" She looks at him and crinkles her nose "Wow. He's so boring he can play with a stick."

Broedy: he looks up at her a furrows his eye brows

Justin: "Please Chastity!?" he pulls her closer to him and holds both her hands x3

Chastity: She blushes a bit and sighs, holding his hands back "Fine, but, I swear if this meeting has to do with that little nymph with you, you don't wanna know what I'll do."

Justin: "Considering she was a rainbow nymph, I don't think you have anything to worry about, plus we are getting married I wouldn't mess that up." he kisses her and runs off to le Big House

Broedy: he looks up at Chastity "Hai!"

Chastity: She looks down and sighs "Hi, little boy."

Broedy: "I'm not little!" >.<

Chastity: She nods "Yes, you really are." 

Broedy: He looks at a puddle of water and makes it get her wet x3

Chastity: She squeals a bit, stepping back slightly, glaring at him 

Broedy: "Don't call me little."

Chastity: "You are so lucky you are, like, 8 and I am not aloud to slap you!"

Broedy: "I'm 12!" he gets fristrated and runs away x3

Chastity: She rolls her eyes and summons vines to capture him so he can't run away

Broedy: the vines tangle him up and he looks at Chastity furious x3

Chastity: She walks up to him, a smirk on her face "Well, the little twerp doesn't seem all that happy now, does he?" x3 

Broedy: he shoots her with water again "Don't call me that!" he pulls a ring off his finger and it turns into a quiver full of arrows he uses one to cut the vines then the quiver turns back into a ring

Chastity: "I wonder how Justin got stuck watching you, you little brat!"

Broedy: "I'm not a brat!"

Chastity: "Uh, yeah. Yeah you are."

Broedy: he furrows his eyebrows

Justin: he ish walking back to them when he sees Chastity calling Broedy le names of meaness xP he moves behind a tree watching

Chastity: "What'd you do to have to get a babysitter anyways?" 

Broedy: "Why do you want to know?"

Chastity: "Because I have to watch you. I'd at least like to know why I'm being punished too."

Broedy: "I don't want you to know."

Chastity: She rolls her eyes "Aww, the little boy is ashamed."

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