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  • Kyle: Kyle is sitting in the Hades cabin. He is in his room listening to his music tuning out the noise that is coming from outside and the rest of the cabin.
  • Cody: Upon hearing he has a new half-brother, Cody knocks in front of his door with an apple.
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  • Kyle: Since kyle had his headphones in he barley heard the nock but said. "Come in"
  • Cody: Once the signal was good, Cody turns the knob and opens the door. Hey, you're my new half-brother?
  • Kyle: Kyle smiles looking at Cody. "Ya i just got here today." He says standing up and walking up to him. "Nice to meet you im Kyle."
  • Cody: Cody Knight. Nice to meet you as well. Cody hands the apple to his half-brother. Apple? I dunno why an apple but I've decided to give you one.
  • Kyle: Kyle slightly laughs as he grabs the apple. "Ya sure ill take it.' He says briging it up to his mouh and bitting it. He smiles at Cody.
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