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Cain & Rosie: Special Guest

  • Cain: Cain nods. Still, it's getting late. Come on. I'll get a cab.Once said, Cain waves his hand in the air. A taxi comes and he opens the door for Rosie.
  • Rosie: "Alright." She said. When he opened the door for her she smiled and said cheerfully, "Thank you."
  • OOC: Timeskip to camp?
  • OOC: Sure, where will they meet vida again?
  • OOC: Maybe at the entrance of camp?
  • Cain: Once they were near camp grounds, Cain pays the cab driver. Afterwards, he opens the door for Rosie.
  • Rosie: She steps out of the taxi cab and smiles at Cain.
  • Cain: Cain covers his mouth as he yawns. It is then followed by the gritting of teeth and stretching of arms. Man, I'm tired.
  • Rosie: She giggles a bit as he does so but yawns as well. "You're yawns are contagious.." She muttered.
  • Cain: Cain moves his jaw a bit and looks at Rosie. You're not yawning. He grins.
  • Rosie: She looks at him with a puzzled face. "What? I was totally yawning!"
  • Cain: Cain makes a ^^" face. Really now? I didn't see it, so it doesn't count. He chuckles to himself before walking beside Rosie. It was quite fast that they're now at the entrance.
  • Rosie: "That was fun." She said with a smile, talking about their date.
  • Cain: Let me take you back for some shut eye. He says casually, shifting into his doggy form. He barks and trots a few feet away before barking cheerfully.
  • Rosie: "Okay" She said before he did. She then followed him afterwards.
  • Cain: Once they've arrived in front of the cabin, Cain walks in a small circle and barks. He tilts his head repetitively to the direction of the entrance.
  • Rosie: "Yeah yeah. I know we're here." She said chuckling.
  • OOC: When should Vida come in? >.<
  • OOC: o.o anythime you wish
  • Cain: He nods awkwardly before trotting beside her once more. The dog looks more at Rosie's face than the tracks.
  • Rosie: She looked at him when she saw him staring at her with the corner of her eye. "Wh-what? Is there something on my face?"
  • OOC: I seriously do not know how to make her just 'appear' XD could you think of a way? >.<
  • Cain: The dog wasn't looking at Rosie's face but at a distant figure he had a feeling was following them since a while ago.
  • Rosie: "What are you staring at?" She asked him looking in the same direction he was.
  • Cain: Cain seems to be sniffing the figure from afar. He doesn't reply to Rosie, hoping she would look at that direction as well. Not smelling anything that would alert them, Cain is unsure whether to flash his fangs or not.
  • Rosie: She does look at the direction he is sniffing at, looking at a figure as well.
  • Cain: Cain barks, thinking he would get a reply.
  • Vida: She heard his bark but tried not to move.
  • Cain: Not getting a reply, Cain looks back at Rosie. He shifts into his mortal form.
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