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Homer Megalos gets blackmailed into leaving camp by Helenuss Prodotes, and now he must find away to ensure that his sister will be safe from any known threats.

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Homer is sitting down watching TV in the Thantos cabin when the door opens, and closes. Homer then ignore it.

Helenuss: Hello Homer.

Homer: Helenuss? What the h*ll are you doing here?

Helenuss: Didn't you here I am a demigod?

Homer: Homer glaresI don't care if you are a god, you will leave this camp at once we don't need your kind here.

Helenuss: I have every right to be here.

Homer: After all that you and your damn family as caused, I am surprised that the gods haven't simited you the moment you were born.

Helenuss: I can say the same thing about you, Helenuss gives Homer a smile. I am not the one who killed a priest.

Homer: Homer takes out his katana Say that one more time.

Helenuss: Why would I want to fight you? When I can tell the entire camp about your little sister recent power outage.

Homer: Leave her out of this! Homer swings his sword and Helenuss dodges the attack

Helenuss: No, I think I will bring her into this Homer does a swings the sword in a upward angle.' , unless... Homer: Unless what? Homer puts his sword away

Helenuss: You leave camp.

Homer: What?

Helenuss: You leave camp and your sister secrete will remain a secrete.

Homer: Homer tackles Helenuss. Why should I believe a traitor like you?

Helenuss:You have my word. Homer takes out his tanto and put it on Helenuss throat

Homer:Your word means nothing. Helenuss begins to become nervous as Homer begins to draw blood.

Helenuss:I swear on Styx if you leave camp I will never tell a soul about Demetria power issue. {C Homer doesn't let go

Homer: Now swear that you will never harm or manipulate her in any way whether it is direct or indirect.

Helenuss: I swear

Homer: I swear what?

Helenuss: I swear on Styx.

Homer: Then I will be leaving in the morning.

Helenuss: That good to h...

Homer: But know this if you break that vow it wouldn't be me or my family that will be your biggest concern, but Styx herself. I will personally inform of her of your little vow.

Helenuss: Helenuss smirks as her closes the door and steps out of the cabin. Walks away from the cabin when he far enough away Foolish man he think I am afraid of Styx, but it is Styx who shall fear me.

He laughs like an insane man, meanwhile back at the Thanatos cabin. Homer looks worried, angry and sad as he hears the door to the bathroom close.

Homer: Did you hear everything that was said?

Helena: Steps out of the restroom, what happens now?

Homer: I guess I have to start packing and leave camp in the morning. After a moment of silence Homer clenches his fist and appears to be angry Helenuss is going to break his promise, he is going to harm her.

Helena: So why leave then? If you know he is going to break his promise, you should stay. Family comes first, right?

Homer: If I stay my sister will be kick out since Alexander is never going to allow a demigod who lost their power, and who god parent isn't reclaiming them. If my sister will leave, I am honored bound to leave with her, and with both of us gone he will succeed where his family has failed that can not be allowed to happen.

Helena: Can you hide or something? This just isn't fair!

Homer: If I don't honor the agreement Styx will come after me, and that is one god you don't want to mess with. Since she will dedicate every once of energy to ensure one downfall, and no boundary including the camp may stop her.

Helena: Looks like she is about to cry. Ok...what do you need me to do then?

Homer: Protect and watch over my sister. Do what must be done to ensure her safety, and make sure that as long as Helenuss is in the camp that she must not leave. Even if it mean hiding her. Can you promise me to at least that.

Helena: I will do my best....But you better stay safe and you are going to owe me big for this one, mister.

Homer: I will, but there is something you should know. After a few hours Homer finishes explaining what he knows about Helenuss to Helena. and that is everything you need to know about him and his family plus their goals.

Helena: *sighs* Ok. It is going to ake some work, but with a little luck, things should turn out ok.

Homer: As long as my sister remain at or near camp everything should turn out okay. No matter how weak she may be she is stronger than she looks.

Helena: Smiles. In that case we will be just fine. Power and luck are an unstoppable combo.

Homer: I am hope we see each other again Helena.

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