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Much drama

Faith: She felt his warm hands hold hers. She was surprised to see the concerned look on his face. Her stone heart actually softened for a moment but then later, she realized that this wasn't her. "No." She flicked her hand. "I... can't handle myself." She looked away and turned around. She balled her fists. "Just... go away." She didn't really mean it but she didn't want the boy to get so attached to her either. She felt the need to do such an act. She didn't deserve the kindness Chase was showing.

She started walking away going back to her cabin.   

Chase: "Faith don't be like that.." He said, just hoping she's okay.

Faith: She stopped as she was about to take another step. She looked down the ground and bit her lips before speaking. "I'm always like this." She added as she slowly looked back up, "This... is me." Then she looked over her shoulder. "Deal with it." She looked in front once more and continued walking away. 

Chase: He walks after her, not wanting her to leave. He wasn't sure why he cared so much, but he didn't want this girl to leave. "Well you don't have to be alone"

Faith: That's not good. He's being persistent. She must find a way to piss him off somehow so that he'd stop. She stopped and turned around. "What is your problem? Can't you take the hint that I don't need you? I don't need anyone!" she said with a mix of worried and angered look on her face. To be honest, she didn't know what to do anymore. Nobody had ever been so patient with her attitude.    

Chase: He senses the worry on her face, he's not convinced about that last thing she said. He walked up to her "You don't have to act tough all the time you know" His lack of fear and clever attitude allow him to see's not some bitchy chick, but a girl who really needed a friend.

Faith: She scoffed then looked away as she smirked in a sarcastic manner. Then, she looked back at him. "Don't make me laugh." She added, "Then, tell me. What am I supposed to do? Act weak? What will happen to me if I don't act tough, smart boy, huh?" She shoved him. "Tell me." 

Chase: He sighs a bit before giving her an answer "I'm not telling you to act weak, I'm just saying you can be nice."

Faith: What he said made her smirk as if she found the idea amusing then her smug expression quickly returned to a straight face. "Thank you for the suggestion but... I must refuse to accept it." She pulled her clothes down to straighten the wrinkles on it. "Besides," she said with her chin up, "who are you for me to listen to you?" She cleared her throat before adding more to say, "That's a rhetorical question. I don't need your answer. Now, goodbye." She turned around and began walking away once more.

Arena Drama (?)

Faith: Just another usual day at the arena. She had her bracers, breastplate and helmet on. She wore, again, another three quarter sleeved shirt under her armor.

"HA!" She slashed her sword aiming for her opponent's torso.  

The poor soul gets hit straight in the chest, but his armor saves his life as he falls back on the ground. Reeling in pain.

Chase: He's sparing with a Hermes kid swinging around his axe, but his opponent just kept dodging. Before Chase could fire a fear blast, the guy jumped up and made a powerful kick towards his unprotected knee. Chase felt bones crack as he fell back on ground, gripping his knee as it swells.

Faith: Chase wasn't that far away from but she was too focused on her fight to notice him. She walked up to her opponent and put her foot on his torso as she pointed her sword under his chin. She took her helmet off and she was sweating. She panted as she said, "So... give up already?" 

"Yes..." He let out weakly as Chase moaned in pain, attracting the attention of a few off the campers.

She heard Chase moan, which made her turn to his direction."What the--?" she said in a bit of a shock as she saw Chase down on the ground gripping his knee. She saw the people around doing nothing. "What are you people doing!?" She trotted up to him and knelt down beside him. She was about to touch his arms but she thought she was being too soft and so she just hit him hard in the arm instead. "What happened to you, huh?!" For the first time she actually felt concerned but she didn't really want to show it and so she had to act 'tough'. She held his arms and looked around her. "MOVE! BRING HIM TO THE INFIRMARY! Gods! What's wrong with you all?!"  

Chase: He smiled a bit as she held his arms and yelled at the campers. Touched and surprised that she cared about him. The incredible pain still surging through his knee.


Chase: They arrived in the Infirmary where two of Faith's brothers carried Chase onto the bed. He moaned more as an Apollo kid fed him some ambrosia and looked over his knee. Seeing how purple and swollen it was, he tried using his powers to heal it. But the swelling was only reduced slightly.

Faith: She headed back to the cabin and let her brothers do the work. Right after she took off her armor she jumped to her bed and lay down face first. Then, she turned so now she's lying on her back. She looked up at the ceiling as she thought about whether to go to the infirmary or not. "Faith... why should you go there?" she said to herself. "Um... coz he's been kind to you? Duh!" she said as a reply to herself as she turn to her right. Then she turned to her left again. "But that's just not you." Turn to the right. "Don't be such a meanie. Show him that there's kindness in you." She jolted up right finally. "Fine..." she muttered.


Faith: She walked to the infirmary and when she was about to enter, she had hesitations and so she walked a few steps backward then hid behind the walls. "Okay... now what?" she whispered to herself. She peeked behind the door to see where Chase was. Once she spotted him, she immediately hid again. She rolled her eyes and sighed. "Let's just get this done with." She finally stopped hiding and leaned her arm against the door-frame her weight shifted only in one leg. She crossed her arms as she asked, "How's the knee?" She did her best not to sound concerned. She made it sound like it wasn't very new to her.  

Chase: He sighs "The Apollo kids say it's busted pretty badly, I'd at least need a week to heal. Even with Ambrosia...." He sounds disappointed "But hey it could be worse" He smiles a bit.

Faith: She just jerked the corner of her lips into an awkward smirk. "Huh..." she muttered. 'Now, you already saw him. Time to go,' she thought. "That's um.. good to hear." She nodded then shifted her weight to another leg as she put her hans in her pockets. "Okay, bye." She stiffly turned around about to walk away. 

Chase: "Ya know, I'm touched that you actually care." He said with a smile.

Faith: She bit her lips and did a twisty face. She turned around rubbing her nape. "Uh you know what? Who said anything about me going here to see you?" She scoffed. "In your dreams, pal. I'm here to uh... go get my brothers," she muttered. Now she felt sort of embarrassed. She had to make up a lie just to appear like she didn't care at all.

Chase: He laughs a bit "You do realize they already left right?" He's well aware of her lie and the reason she lied. "Come with a better lie"

Faith: She looked around a bit frantic that she was found out. Then she realized Chase was right. They weren't there. She pointed somewhere inside the infirmary then quickly scratched the back of her head indicating that she was mistaken or perhaps she was trying to make up an excuse. "Actually I am looking for them. And I just thought they're here. That's all." She pulled her clothes down even though it wasn't really wrinkled. It was just her way of covering up her nervousness. "Well, they aren't here so..." 

Chase: "Well we could stay here and talk, I'm sure they'll be at your cabin. No need to rush, am I right?"

Faith: She rolled her eyes. "Pfft. And what exactly are we gonna talk about?"

Chase: "Life? Ourselves? Lots of options really"

Faith: "Ha!" She laughed in ridicule. She said as she did the 'stop' gesture with her hand, "Please, just don't, okay? I don't want to hear drama." She turned around with a smug look on her face. As she was entirely facing the other direction, she muttered, "My life is already full of it." Then, she rolled her eyes.   

Chase: "Do tell" he says plainly, concerned for her.

Faith: She turned around with a confused look. "Huh?"

Chase: "Well if you want, tell me about your life. You can just get some problems of your chest."

Faith: That's nice. Someone actually wanted to listen to her. But she thought that telling her problems made her look weak and she didn't want that to happen. "Problem?" she said pretending to think, "Oh sure hold on lemme just think.. Oh! I know! You! Yeah, you! You're my problem!" 

Chase: "Expressing your problems doesn't make you weak" He says plainly, able to read her like a book at this point.

Faith: "Will you just stop acting like you know everything?" 

Chase: "As soon as you stop acting like you're alone."

Faith: She was held back. She felt like her heart was struck real hard. She was too stunned to answer. She looked down and bit her lips before speaking as she slowly looked up again, "H-How many times... do I have to tell you?" She clenched her jaws and balled her fists as if gathering her strength to be able to say what she wanted to say. "I--am--not--alone." 

Chase: "You act like it at least and by the way, if you're not alone who's with you?"

Faith: She stared at him for a second before replying. "Fine." She crossed her arms. "I am alone. But so what?"

Chase: "So come on, what's wrong? No bullshit answers okay?"

Faith: She sighed as she rolled her eyes. "What do you mean what's wrong?" She added, "Nothing's wrong with being alone. Nothing at all."

Chase: "I know it's lonely, I know it's scary and I definitely know it's boring!" he declared, laughing a bit.

Faith: "Dude, it's not boring." She added, "Pffft. People just make me sick. They're a burden." She said those words as if it had no meaning but she was actually referring to herself. She remembered the time when she had her first monster attack. She was a burden to her stepfather. If she didn't exist... if she weren't there... then perhaps he didn't have to go all that danger just for her. All this time, she didn't know why she despised the presence of other people. Now, she knew. She thought of herself as a burden. She thought maybe if she stayed away, then no one would be troubled just like before.

Chase: "People can be helpful, we care and learn about eachother. It's always nice to know someone's got your back." He looks into her eyes, somewhat inviting her to move closer.

Faith: "Yeah, help each other then forget about yourself and just die!" she blurted out without realizing she said to much. She immediately covered her mouth feeling shocked. She never knew or heard of his stepfather after their fight with the empousai. She didn't know if he lived or died. But until now, she's still pondering on that matter. Tears welled up in her eyes.

Chase: "What's wrong?" he asks, he assumes she lost someone very close to her. He wishes he could hug her tight.

Faith: She quickly rubbed her eyes with her palms and denied something was wrong. "Nothing. Just stop, please." She sniffed holding back a sob.

Chase: "Right..." He looks away, ashamed he almost pushed her to the point of tears. Completely unsure of what to say >.<.

Faith: She didn't even know why she was staying there for so long. When she finally realized she was, she started walking away hoping she would not ever have to tackle topics about her life ever again.

Chase: He wants to say something, but sighs loudly. Feeling like he's bothered her enough and expects her to never see him again.

Like 3 days after

Chase: After days of healing from the Apollo kids and daily servings of ambrosia greatly helped the healing process. But he needs to be on crutches for a few days, Chase feels bad about what happened in the Infirmary. So he goes towards the Ares Cabin, he struggles to grip a bouquet of flowers as moves towards the cabin. Chase figures Faith will be mad and yell at him, but he still wants to apologize.

Faith: "Hey, I'll just go to the arena!" she shouts across the cabin enough for one of her siblings to hear.

"Sure thing!" a sibling of hers answers with a thumbs up.

She brings with her, of course, her weapons and her armor then she opens the door of their cabin ready to go out.

Chase: He knocks on the door with his head, hoping Faith or one of his siblings will answer.

Faith: Just in time. Faith has already opened the door and sees Chase in front of her. "Oh... it's you again..." She looks at him from head to toe and says, "With a crutch." Her siblings inside snickers at what she just said. She hears them laugh and it makes her laugh a bit, as well, but she suppresses her laughter. "Huh. Totally," she mocks.

Chase: He looks towards her 2 brothers, rolling his eyes because he knows they're both scared of ponies. "Hey" He says as he rests his right crutch under his armpit as he hands her the bouquet. He looks away, expecting her to reject them and curse her out.

Faith: Her half-siblings exclaims in awe, "Ooooohhhhh!"

She scoffs. "Flowers," she says in a monotonous voice. "Lame but... sure. I'll accept the peace offering," she says as she takes the flowers from him. "And perhaps I'll credit you for your efforts considering the fact that you came all the way here... with crutches."

Behind her, her siblings again laughs at what she said. "Faith! Since when did you have a sense of humor!?"

She smirks and looks over her shoulder. "Today." Then she looks back at Chase. "Just today."

Chase: He smiles, since this is going better than he thought. He decides to push his luck a bit. "I was thinkin we could head into town?" he suggested, sounding slightly flirty as he does so.

Faith: She squints her eyes and raises an eyebrow. Then she rolls her eyes and says, "Excuse me, I--" She tosses the bouquet and lands on her bed. "Have better things to do." She steps out and starts walking away going to the arena. She scoffs. "What does he think I am? A kid?" she mumbles.

Chase: "No I really don't" He says having heard her, he tries to follow her. "I mean it's just two teens hanging out" He's careful not to say the word "date".

Faith: She stops walking and turns around to face him. "Well, you know, if you're the kind of guy who would waste his time going to town and stuff instead of training..." She leans in closer. "Guess what?" She says in a whisper and pokes him on the chest, "I'm not like you." She turns the other way and continues walking away. She runs her fingers through her hair to get the strands blocking her eyes out of her face.  

Chase: He continues to follow her, just so he can tell her this "Hey we could always hang out after..."

Faith: She turns around and quickly points her spear on his throat. "Sssshh!" She threatens Chase, "Speak again... And I'll dig this thing deep right into your throat. Got that?"

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