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Little RP

  • Katy: She is sitting near the beach at night and looking at the water.
  • Soren :Swoops down in owl form
  • Katy: She sees the owl and uses her telepathic connection with nymphs,"You are an owl nymph are'nt you?"
  • Soren : " Yes but what animal nymph are you? "
  • Katy:She smiles,"I'm a Bat nymph."
  • Soren : Wonders " Bat Nymph ? um, whose sacred animal is a bat?"
  • Katy: She smiles a bit wider,"Persephone. What are you doing out here so late?"
  • Soren : Raises his eyebrows " Late? I am an Owl Nymph The night is my Realm .I think you should know that , being a bat nymph "
  • Katy: She nods,"That's why I'm out. Why don't you sit here?"
  • Soren ; "Sure , I can do that . What is your name ? " Sits down beside the girl .
  • Katy: she uses her powers,"You are Soren. I'm Katilyn, call me Katy."
  • Soren Starts to say something but suddenly breaks of with a grin " Hey , You are a Bat Nymph , right ,so instead of Katy , why  don't you rename yourself Baty ?"
  • Katy: She get really angry,"Well then, wies guy, name yourself Baty." She gets up and walks away.
  • Soren : Hurriedly gets up " Hey sorry . Didn't mean to offend you or something . Ok Katy it is ."
  • Katy: She is still mad at him,"If you didn't mean to offend me then you shouldn't have opened your mouth." 
  • Soren: Squats down and writes in the sand . How can i speak without opening my mouth ?
  • Katy: She says,"By opening your mouth I mean you shouldn't have said anything, idiot!"
  • Soren : " Wow ! I am an owl , they are wise birds , not idiots . Everybody knows that . It is basic."
  • Katy: She lashes out at him and slaps him,"Just becaus you are an owl doesn't mean you are wise. Do you know in the east, owls are considered stupid?"
  • Soren: " His cheek is redwhere Kty slaps him "Wow But isn't Greek ' well like connected with the Western Civilisation?"
  • Katy: She takes a deep breath to calm herself,"But you speak like a really stupid person." She takes another breath,"I'm sorry about slapping you."
  • Soren : Rubs his cheek " No offence . you are not the first nymph who did it ."

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  • Katy: She smiles,"You wanna do anything?"
  • Soren : Shrugs " What will we do ? I am out of ideas ."
  • Katy: "Would you like to train? Sinse it is night there will be no one in the arena."
  • Soren : "Sure" Turns into a Barn Owland and flies to the arena


  • Katy: She land in the arena with soren and turns back human. she asks,"What weapon do you own?"
  • Soren : "Nothing .But i sometimes use a short sword."
  • Katy: she smiles and takes out her sword,"Take it out."
  • Soren:"Ok I am ready."
  • Katy:She swing the sword at his right arm but at the last moment changes its dirction towards his thigh.
  • Soren : He leaps nimbly and turns into an owl , and then flies behind Katy . Hoots and then reverts to human . Laughs " Too  slow ."
  • Katy:She frowns,"That's not fair, the whole point of training is to be able to fight, not turn into an owl and flying away, like a coward."
  • Soren : Bristles . "Hey , enough with the name calling . We are animals nymphs and our special power is turning to animals . " Shugs " OK , if you insist .".
  • Katy: She swings aiming at his stomach this time,"If you want to defeat someone than you have to stand and fight. If you want to defend yourself than, well, run away."
  • Sorern : Blocks her strike deftly " Well Now I guess I will stand and fight ." Aims in an upward thrust .
  • Katy: She sidesteps and aims at his back.
  • Soren: Turns around swiftly and blocks her strike.
  • Katy: She hooks her leg with his and trips him, then she slashes at his arm .
  • Soren : "Ow that hurts ." Looks really hurt .
  • Katy: She replaces her sword,"Looks like I won! Don't worry, it's a small cut." She takes out a band-aid.
  • Soren: With a grin takes out his sword and aims it at her throat." Always stay alert in battle . You forget Lord Ares was my creator . I am a great strategist ."
  • Katy: She sighs and lowers his sword from her neck,"I won fair and square, this is cheating."
  • Soren: Raise his arms in a gesture " Hey , no pressure , anyway let us do something else ." Lowers his sword .
  • Katy: She looks up and sees that the sun has started rising,"Do you want to have breakfast in town. If we walk then by the time we reach the shops might be open."
  • Soren :" Ok " He walks outside , breathes in the fresh air and offers Katy his hand "Come on."
  • Katy: She hold his hand.


  • Katy: She asks Soren,"You've not been at camp very long?"
  • Soren : " Nope ."
  • Katy: She smiles,"So, why did you come to camp?"
  • Soren : Shrugs " Dunno , well I heard about this place from other nymphs . They told me that here the girl nymphs here felt bored and thay could use the company of charming nymphs , like yours truly here . " Smiles and winks mischieviously . " Or maybe I needed the protection of Camp . "
  • Katy: She laughs,"Well, okay Mr. charmer-protector, grace me with your company."
  • Soren : Bows towards her with a flourish . " The pleasure is all mine . Well , what about you ? How long have you been camp ? Since the animal nymphs were first created ? "
  • Katy: "No, I've been here a bit longer than you but not very long. I used to live in damp and dark caves with bats before I came here."
  • Soren : " Bats ? You lived with bats ? But aren't , like , most girls creeped out by them ? " Quickly apologises " Oh , sorry , I keep forgetting that you are a Bat Nymph . "
  • Katy: She smiles,"Never mind. Most people do find it creepy. There are hunderds of bats living in one very dark place and all you can hear is their chatter."
  • Soren : Well , you know what ? I used to live with owls too , for a particular period . "
  • Katy: She sees the coffee shop and finds it open," Let's have some coffee, or tea or whatever, maybe a few muffins, too. Okay?"
  • Soren : " Sure . You got cash ? I don't think i have any and golden drachmas may not be accepted here . "
  • Katy: She takes out a fistful of human money from her pocket and opens the door,"I got cash, don't worry."
  • Soren:He exclaims through widening eyes . " Wow . Where did you get all that ? You been doing a part-time job or something ? "
  • Katy: She smiles,"Don't ask." She walks to the counter,"I'll have an iced tea and muffins, and you?"
  • Soren : " Mouseburger , or Rat sandwich . Just kidding . The same as you . "
  • Katy: She gets the stuff and sits,"Hey Soren, these are yours." She hans him one iced tea and his muffins."
  • Soren : " Thanks > " Takes a bite . "

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  • Katy: She sips her tea,"Do you like camp?"
  • Soren : " Yes , I do , but , you know , I have spent most of my time as a nomad . It gets a little crowded at times , so you see i spend most of my time in the forest in Owl Form . "
  • Katy: She smiles,"After we eat shall we go to the forest?"
  • Soren: " Sure , have you ever been to the forest . I spend my time flying and sometimes hear the occasional cry of a monster . "
  • Katy: She nods,"I have been there." She jokes,"Where else will I get my noths from?"
  • Soren : Teases " You should not have been . Do you know , there are a dozen different animals and monsters who have bats as appetizers , including Barn Owls ? "
  • Katy: "That is horrible!" She finishes her meal and gets up.
  • Soren: " Do not worry . I shall protect you . You are my first friend at camp , anyway . "
  • Katy: She smiles,"Let's fly to the forest. We were going there, right?"
  • Soren : Turns to barn owl . Flies to the forest .


  • Soren : Lands at the forest and says . : Well , what do we do now ? "

Tia and tanya are walking quietly throught the forest when the reach a clearing where Soren and Katy are there.

  • Katy: She looks at Soren,"Why don't you talk to them?"
  • Soren : " Who are they ? "
  • Tia: She answers before Katy could say anything,"we're Twins. Daughters of Tartarus."
  • Tanya: She continues,"From Broken Covenant. And you?"
  • Soren : I am Soren , an Owl Nymph and this is Katy , a Bat Nymph .
  • Tanya:She sneers,"Did we ask for introductions, sis?"
  • Tia: She looks bored,"They are animal nymphs, must be from camp."
  • Soren : Counters , " Did we ask you for introductions ? I asked my friend here , didn't I , Katy ? "
  • Katy: She frowns and whispers,'Keep quiet!"
  • Tia: She asks,"So. Are you from Camp?"
  • Tanya:"- Because we don't like campers."
  • Soren : Asks Katy , " What is the deal with these guys ? "Turns to the twins , " And I do not think I like the way you speak , so there . Just because you are the kids of that old stinking pit does not mean that we have to be afraid of you . "
  • Tia: "we do not like the way you talk to us.'
  • Katy; She whispers,"Do not provoke them. They are powerful.'
  • Tanya; She speaks angrily,"Listen to your little friend, owl."
  • Soren : Whispers to Katy , " Who are they , anyway ? "
  • Tia: Katy starts to whisper but she cuts in,'We're the broken covenant. We do not like campers."
  • Katy: "They have got a grudge against the gods."
  • Soren :  Whispers to Katy , " So what do we do now ? "
  • Katy: She whispers back,"We leave?"
  • Tanya,"No, we do not" She uses her powers to create a small pit to trap them and takes out her sword.
  • Soren : " I think we should do what she says . " Takes out a sword .
  • Katy; She draws her sword.
  • Tia: She draws her sword and using darness to conceal herself attacks them from the back. She lunges at Soren.

OOC: hey Dino,  you mod Tanya. because, we'll have Soren and Tia fight and katy and tanya. So both fights will go on simultaneously.

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  • Soren: He uses his owl senses to sense her and tries to duck . However , the sword strikes him on the shoulder . " Ooooow " , he yells . Turns to attack Tia .

OOC:I mean that you post for Tanya too.

  • Katy;She tries her best to anticipate any attcks that come her way.
  • Tia; She laughs and blocks the sttack with her sword. She stabs at her chest.
  • Soren : This time , he successfully blocks her strike and trips her by hooking a leg around her's .
  • Tanya : She lunges at Katy in an upward thrust .
  • Tia: She falls but sends a wave a negetive energy to confuse him for a second and gets up. She feints another stab but insted swipes at his leg.
  • Katy: She was anticipating the attack so she easily sidestepps it and catches her arm and twists it.
  • Soren : Remembers his time in the arena and changes into a Barn Owl . He flies behind Tia with his sword grasped tightly in his talons and lands behind her . He turns into a human and strikes her hard on the shoulder with the flat of his sword .
  • Tanya : " Aaaaaah " , She yells in pain and furiously turns around , aiming her sword at Katy's belly .
  • Tia: It hurts her but she bites her tongue and keeps quiet. She creates a waist hieght pit and with the hilt of her sword aims to bash his head.
  • Katy: She jumps back but ends up getting a small cut. SAhe punches her with her left hand and aims at her thigh.
  • Soren : He suddenly has an idea . He turns to Barn Owl again so that he shrinks in size and gets out of the pit easily . He lands on Tia's head and claws at her face .
  • Tanya : She creates a small pit at Katy's feet , such that she falls into it .
  • Soren : He notices Katy trapped and yells at her , " Turn to Bat , quick . " 
  • Tia: She growls in anger. Taking advantage of his distraction, she kicks him on the back and gives him a shallow cut on the back.
  • katy: She takes Soren's advice and turns into a bat. She flies behind tanya and pulls her hair and trips her.
  • Soren : Turns furiosly , his eyes blazing in anger . " Hoooooooo " . Quickly grabs her wrist with one claw , grabbing her sword with another .
  • Tanya : " Aaaaaaaargh " . She wards off the attack by using her hands to shield herself and hits Katy with the flat of her sword blade .

OOC: Dino, animal nymphs can either be fully animal, in this form they cannot talk and they anr animal sized, or fully human, with no wings or claws. This means that you have to correct your post.

  • Katy: She leaves her hair in surprise and jumps back. She then uses a disarming technique to make her drop her weapon.
  • Soren : Lands beside Katy , Tia's sword grasped in his talon . He turns to human . He points his sword at the twins . " Well , Katy , don't you think you should pick up her sword ? " Points at Tanya .
  • Tanya: Balls her fists in anger . " Well , what do you think we should do now , sis ? "

OOC:- Sorry , forgot . I have corrected it .

  • Tia: Before Katy can pick up her sister's sword she sends out a wave of negetive energy, making Soren and katy feel as if they are trapped. She calls out to her sister,"Tanya, get your sword." She then picks her sword up and releases them.

OOC: Should we continue this fight scene longer or do you think we should finish this fight?

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  • Soren : Jumps on Tia , and uses his talons to prise her sword from her claws . Turns to human . Pointing both swords at Tia , he yells  , "  Katy , quick , before she gets her sword . "
  • Tanya : She hears him and starts to reach for her sword .

OOC: Let's end it on a neutral note. Also, your god modding. Means you are dictating how the opponent will react. Please read Help:A Beginner's Guide to Role Playing - The Don'ts List BTW, by meutral i mean that Tia is defeated and katy is defeated too so both parties go away quietly.

  • Katy: She reacts slowly and lets Tanya get her sword.
  • Tia: She knows she has been defeated and stands back, quietly willing her sister to defeat Katy.

OOC : - Fine and btw I did read Help:A Beginner's Guide to Role Playing - The Don'ts List . But i did not know that the prising sword from claws was godmodding , Sorry .

  • Tanya :  She gets her sword quickly and points it at Katy's throat . " Well , Owl . Do u release my sister or what ? "
  • Soren :  Grits his teeth in frustration . " Fine " , he replies , knowing that Katy could do nothing now . " But , first you should release Katy . "
  • Tanya : Asks Tia , " What do you think we should do , sis ? "
  • Tia: She smiles,"You know what we have to do." She turns to Soren,"You take your nymph girl back to camp and me and sis go to our faction. We leave peacefully, understand!"
  • Katy: She nods,"Its reasonable, I agree.".
  • Soren : " Alright , as long as you honour the deal . " He releses Tia warily .
  • Tanya : " You know , the same goes for you guys . " She turns towards Katy and lowers her sword slowly . " Take your Barn Owl back to camp and we will leave , Ok ? "
  • Katy:She nods and quickly grabs Soren's arm and pulls him," Come on."

OOC: I'll post for Tanya now.

  • Tanya: She looks at them leave and she and her sister dissapear back into the forest.
  • After they leave.
  • Katy: "I'm glad they left."
  • Soren : Shrugs modestly , " Well , to speak the truth , I am frankly disappointed . I was enjoying whipping their sorry butts . Why do they have a grudge against the Gods , anyway ? "
  • Katy: "Bad childhood or something, blame the gods for that. Like got kicked out of school or abused, stuff like that." She looks back,"Lets get out of this forest, I'm in no mood for meeting others."
  • Soren : Teases , " Why ? Are you feeling afraid ? Next time , maybe you should stay back and let me handle the fighting . "
  • Katy:"Oh leave it." She pulls him,"lets just get out.'
  • Soren : Grins , " Fine , if you say so . " Turns into an owl .

OOC : - Do they go back to camp?

OOC: Yes they do. You choose the next location and make a new header.

  • Katy; She rolls her eyes and thurns into a bat and follows him.


  • Soren : He lands at the Lake and asks , " What do we do now ? "
  • Katy: She smiles and takes out a few toffees from her pockets,"How bout we eat.'
  • Soren : " Fine , better than doing nothing . " He grabs all the toffees from Katy and puts them into his mouth , making a face . " It is like plastic . " Realisation dawns upon him , " Oh , no , I ate the wrappers as well . "
  • Katy: She almost chokes with laughter,"What a stupid thing to do!" She pauses,"I hope it has no ill effects on your digestion."
  • Soren : Laughs . " I do not think so . By the way , no offence , but do you poop through your mouth ? "
  • Katy: She gags," Ew... no! What put that idea in your head?!"

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  • Soren : It is because you are a bat . " Winks at Katy . " I watch Animal Planet in my spare time ."
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