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Caden and Wendy

Caden: He walks around Camp looking lost however he'd never admit it. He walks for a while longer before sitting on a bench and admitting defeat.

Wendy: Nearby, dressed in her WB stuff (red hoodie and jeans), Wendy leads a tawny, small pegasus towards the stables, gently pulling it along with a brown cord. She makes kissing noises and pats the muzzle to encourage the horse.

Caden: He hears the noises and glances over at Wendy, smiling slightly. He laughs and shakes his head and looks down at the ground. He laughs loud enough for Wendy to hear him.

Wendy: Her ears seem to perk as she pauses, looking over. Her eyebrow quirks in amusement. "Ish something funneh to yu?" She calls in her accented speech.

Caden: He looks over at her and shakes his head, getting up and walking slowly in her direction, "Not really, were you intending to be amusing?"

Wendy: She pouts. "I dunno. People laugh for nu reason whenever I show up, to be honest. I think it's cuz my nostrils are asymmetrical. Amirite or amirite." She flares her nostrils and looks down her nose bridge in a silly manner. "Ye, definitely ah-sih-meh-tree-cal."

Caden: He laughs again and smiles at her, genuinely, "It's cute, who wants to look perfect anyway?"

Wendy: She smiles back, her full-teeth smile like a lightbulb. "Yeh, becus, no one cares about noses anyway. I think Kim Kardashian does, but I dun really know who she is. That's just what I heard from deh Aphrodite cabin." She shrugs, innocent as a sheep.

Caden: He blinks a few times, "You don't know who Kim Kardashian is?"

Wendy: She blinks back in assent. ""

Caden: He laughs to himself and shakes his head slightly, "Do you not go on the internet at all?"

Wendy: "Of course I do!" Wendy says defensively. "I use Google to look for the answers to my summer homework." She says with a 'duh' tone.

Caden: He grins, and laughs out loud, "And did you not have any pieces on Kim Kardashian? She's pretty much a prominent figure of our generation."

Wendy: "No, it's on domain and range and linear of functions." She giggles. "You seem so cheerful today. Why?"

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