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Emmaline: She walks through the forest, her bow and quiver slung over her shoulder. She wearing an odd outfit, a long, white dress from the twenties, paired with brown leather hunting boots and a silvery embroidered shawl across her shoulders. Her long hair flows down her back, and she stays completely silent as she passes through the trees.

Gale: He is running through the forest making more noise than a buffalo.

Taevya: As she trudges through the forest, enjoying the silence and tranquility, she hears the barely audible whisper of the wind blowing steadily through the trees. She pulls her windbreaker more closely around her arms and stops and the foot of a large oak tree. Being used to cold weather because of her Russian background, the chilly wind does not bother her much, but it is still bitterly cold. She flops down and stares blankly ahead, not moving, though her mind is racing.

Emmaline: Hearing a sudden noise, she becomes tangible, and abruptly notices the chilly wind. She wraps her shawl tighter around her shoulders, her teeth chattering softly. She moves quickly towards the source of the noise. When she reaches Gale, her eyes open wide in surprise. She quickly ducks behind a tree, both to avoid being seen by him and to avoid being run over.

Gale: He spots his bird , which he had lost some time back. He slowly approaches it but his leg gets caught in a wet vine. He mistakes it for a snake and starts screaming.

Taevya: As she sits under the oak, she hears someone start to scream noisily, ruining her silent tranquility and startling her. She stand cautiously and moves toward the sound, her feet running as quickly as possible over the rough terrain. She sneaks up on the prone form lying on the earth, afraid it is a monster, but then she realizes it is a human and slowly stands, peeking over the top of a row of bushes carefully.

Gale: He looks down and realized its just a vine. he cuts it with his sword and not knowing that people are watching him he says,'Good, nobody saw that."

Emmaline: She peeks out from behind the tree, having made herself intangible when she heard the screaming. "I saw you," she whispers, moving towards Gale in a ghostly manner, her apparel helping. Her deathly pale skin seems even lighter in the light of the forest.

Gale: He doesn't even look at her. He just runs off deeper into the forest shouting,"I'll kill you. You miserable excuse for a bird."

Taevya: Hearing the screaming boy mutter something about no one hearing him scream, she smirks victoriously as she watches him stand and brush twigs and dirt off of his clothing. She steps out of the brush and pads toward him cautiously, not knowing if he is friend or foe. Deciding it is safe to approach him, seeing as he was apparently screaming over nothing. She walks the rest of the way over and taps his shoulder a bit hesitantly. "Hello?" she says softly, hoping her Russian accent does not make her unintelligible. "Are you alright?" Just then, she sees a ghostly, ethereal figure floating toward the,m. Not being a superstitious person, something like this normally wouldn't make Taevya upset, but it was cold, dark, and windy. All of this added to the ghastly apparition's spooky appearance, and Taevya screams, stumbling backward and trying to draw her swords at the same time as the boy runs off, yelling something about a bird

Gale: He hears a scream and turns. He rushes back and reaching there he says,"Where is the snake?"

Taevya: Suddenly hearing a male voice come out of no where, she successfully unsheathes her swords and starts swinging them around wildly, yelling defiantly in Russian. She hears the boy yell in surprise, and she lowers her sword, taking a good look at her victim. Her face turns bright red as she vaguely recognizes this boy from Camp. Sheathing her swords, she clasps her hands and lowers her head, her eyes cast downward. "I am sorry," she mumbles. She cringes, waiting for a harsh reply.

Emmaline: Realising she may not be needed in this conversation, she fades into the treeline, embarrassed. She has come to the realisation that it was she that made the girl scream, and being in such a melancholy mood she feels no need to right her wrongs. In the shadows, she watches the interaction now between boy and girl.

Gale: He seems to forgive her. He asks,"Where is the snake?"

Taevya: Blushing fiercely, she shifts uncomfortably from one foot to the other. "Er...there was no snake," she says rather lamely. "I thought I saw something, but it was nothing. I was foolish." As she speaks, she slowly backs up toward the undergrowth, getting ready to flee at just the right time.

Emmaline: Partly due to being dismissed so easily by the girl, and partly due to her feeling of being disregarded by the male, Emmaline scowls fiercely and begins ripping at the bottom of her dress. When she is finished, she smears her gown in dirt, wincing as she thinks of how much she'll have to repair the gown after this affair. She looks down at herself, at the product of her work. Her gown in torn at the hem, and it flutters in the breeze. There are smears all down the front of her dress as well, and it looks as if Emmaline may have fallen off a cliff to her death, then returned to haunt at Camp. Ready, she floats up in her ghostly to Taeyva and Gale.

Gale: He looks around and sees Emmaline. He thinks she is some kind of ghost but has never seen such a muddy one. He asks her,"Why are you so muddy and , er, untidy?"

Taevya: A strangled shriek escapes her throat as she spots Emmaline appear to float toward them. "Th-that is the ghost I thought I saw. Although she wasn't as dirty before." She narrows her eyes suspiciously at Emmaline. "You were not trying to scare us, were you?"

Gale: "She looks like she did a good job."

Emmaline: "Wh-why would I want to scare you?" She whimpers softly, wringing her hands together in front of her nervously.

Taevya: She shrugs and backs away a little, still a bit unnerved by Emmaline's sudden ghostly appearance. "I do not know. Because you look like a ghost?"

Gale: He understands why Taevya got scared but nevertheless said,"You shouldn't say that. It's rude. And, she looks almost as scared as you." He looks at Emmaline,"Why are you so dirty?"

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