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At the Theater

Afer the Theater

Fleur: She opens her mouth, about to ask a question, when a large, furry paw slashes through the Mist and dissipates it.  "Bal!" she cries, unsheathing her spear.  "Hang on, I'm coming!"  With that, she took off like a shot for the park, hoping that Bal wouldn't be ripped to shreds before she got there. 

Bal: Meanwhile, Bal looked like he would be dead after five minutes. He manage to kill four of them, but was badly wounded by the other three. He couldn't tell if he would last longer. He hoped help will come soon or he will be toasted.

Fleur: Gasping and panting, Fleur flies across the street to get to the park, where she dearly hoped Bal would still be alive.  She arrived to see Bal barely standing, pinned up against a tree, with three large wolves surrounding him, growling and baring their teeth triumphantly.  With a loud screech, Fleur throws her spear at the one closest to Bal, causing it to disintegrate into yellow dust before the other two knew what was happening.  She dodges one wolf's leap and grabs her spear, stabbing it.    She faces the last wolf defiantly, brandishing her spear.  The wolf leaps with a deafening howl, but Fleur ducks and stabs the wolf as it flies over her. The last wolf dead, she runs over to where Bal is barely standing. He sways, as if he could be knocked over by a feather. 

Bal: Bal wasn't looking so good. He knew his ribs and his left leg are broken. Not to mention, the bite marks on his legs are very deep. But, he didn't looked like he was in deep in pain. He smiled at her, just as he smiled when he saw her come towards the camp entrance. "Hey, what took you?" He said, not minding the pain. 

Fleur: She smiles back and sheathes her spear.  "I think that a thank you would also be in order, instead of complaints about how long I took," she says teasingly.  "Now let's get you back to Camp.  I only brought a bit of ambrosia - here."  She reaches into her coat pocket and pulls out a baggie of ambrosia.  "Eat it."

Bal: "But, I am wounded. Can you feed it for me?" He said, teasing and telling her as if she was his personal nurse.

Fleur: She gives him the Evil Eye, but smiles at the same time, breaking off a piece and stuffing it in his mouth.  "There.  Happy?"  As Bal nibbles on the remainder of the ambrosia, Fleur looks around for a way to transport Bal back to Camp.

Bal: He ate the godly food with a little blush. After that, some of his wounds are gone, but there is still some wounds that are not healing. He tried to stand up but couldn't. He cursed in his mind but he couldn't blame anyone at the moment. "What now?" He asked her.

Fleur: "You will sit there until I figure out what to do," she orders, flicking her hand impatiently.  "If you stand up you will kill yourself."  She looks away for a moment to search her coat pockets for drachmas and comes up empty.  When she spots Bal stil trying to move, she glares at him, causing him to wither and stop moving. "Lay doooooowwwn," she says scarily.  "I told you you are going to injure yourself further."

Bal: He saw her face and immediately sat straight. "Yes, mam." He said, not wanting to anger the girl. "Can we at least sit on a bench over there?" He asked her, pointing at the park's bench.

Fleur: She thinks for a moment then relents.  All right, then," she says, "but do not blaime me if you injure yourself further."  She stoops to pick him up carefully.

Bal: "Don't worry. I am used to being in this kind of pain." He told her as she helped him up. They went towards the bench where they sat down together. "So, where do you want to go next?" He asked her.

Fleur: She rolls her eyes.  "Camp would be good," she says through gritted teeth.  "Unless you want to go jump off a cliff somewhere.  Now, what was the name of that boy you know, the annoying one?"  She holds up a drachama triumphantly.  "Here it is!  Now, what is the name of that one boy?"

Bal: "I think that isn't need." He said. "Here he comes." He said, pointing at an Asian man which looked nothing like Jack as he is American.

Jack: "Hey guys." He said to them. Then he notice the broken leg. "Dude, what happen to your leg?"

Fleur: "It is a very long story," Fleur says impatiently.  "Now, I need you to run back to Camp and get me some more ambrosia, and perhaps a medical kit.  Grab a child of Apollo and book it back here as fast as you can.  Understood?"

Jack: "I am no Apollo kid, but I have a medical kit and some ambrosia with me. Plus, I have some healing skills from my t--" He stopped himself before saying. "training."

Bal: Knowing about Jack's secret, he decided to save him. "Say, why are you asian right now?" he asked him.

Jack: "Oh, there is a chinese place that have 50% discount to asian people. That is why I looking like an asian guy." He told him. "And, oh. If anyone ask, I am Ryan Cho."

Fleur: "All right then, Ryan Cho.  Now, give me that medical kit before this guy dies."  She holds out her hand impatiently.  "Now." 

Ryan Cho: "I think I can do this, miss. This is very easy to fix." He said in his Japanese accent. "This may sting a bit." He said as he moved his leg. Bal looked like he was going to scream but then Ryan added his mix of nectar and ambrosia paste into his legs to calm down the pain.

Bal: After a long and painful first aid, Bal's leg was on a cast and his ribs were wrapped properly. Ryan even gave him crutches to help him move. He looked at him with a frown. "Where did you get these?" He asked him.

Ryan Cho: "Someone gave them to me." He told him. It was true that someone did gave it to him, but Lord Hermes told him not to tell his son that he was helping him. 

Fleur: As she watches, grumbling the whole time about how she could have done the same thing, she wonders where Ryan Cho obtained the crutches, but didn't ask him.  She figured that it was a subject best left alone.  "So now what?" she asks.  "Are you going tom ake him hobble on crutches all the way back to Camp?" 

Ryan Cho: He looked at her as if he was hurt from what she just say. "And lose the chance for my good friend over here to score a girl? Of course not! The crutches are just there until his legs heals for the next few hours. The mixed nectar and ambrosia should heal him as fast as 3-4 hours at max." He said tapping Bal's broken leg, which the latter wince in pain. 

Ryan went close to Fleur and to her silently so that Bal wouldn't hear him. "Bal seems to enjoying your date, ok? Don't make him go back to the camp just yet." He told her.

Fleur: She rolls her eyes and pats Bal's leg, making him wince some more.  "Are you quite sure you are not a child of Aphrodite?  Because you sure are acting like one."  She glares at Ryan and picks up the medical kit.  "And that is why you are here.  To get Balthazar back to Camp as quickly as possible."

Bal: Ryan looked at Bal in a "Sorry, dude. I tried." kind of way. He looked down, clearly disappointed with the outcome of their trip. He really wanted to stay more but it looks like Fleur doesn't want to, even if he was already given chance a stay a little longer. "It is ok, I guess." He told him.

Ryan Cho: He felt bad about Bal. He was told by Lord Hermes to help out Bal with his date. He even went as far as pretending to be a snack vendor to help him out with the movie expense. He looked at her again and sighs. "Here. I still have a job to do. So, I can't bring him myself." He said as he gave them two bus tickets. He went to Bal, gave him something and whisper in his ears. Bal just nodded at his words.

Fleur: She narrows her eyes suspicously at this, but does not say anything about it.  "May I ask what mission is keeping you here, Mr. Cho?"  She cannot help but feel a bit suspicious of his shady and rather flirtatious nature.  "Surely, if it is important, you need someone helping you?"

Ryan Cho: "It is not really a mission, more like a request." He told her. "But, something came up. So, I guess my mission is a failure. Anyways, I shouldn't keep you guys busy. I better go and meet with someone at that chinese place I mention earlier." He turned and walk away. 

Bal: He tried to stand up and watched as Jack walk away. "Well, I guess we better get going." He told her.

Fleur: As Ryan walks off, she nods in agreement.  "Of course.  Now can you stand without falling over?"  She reaches down to help him up.    

Bal: "Yeah. I can." He stood up with the crutches to aid him. Thanks to Jack's healing method, he doesn't feel much pain anymore. Though there were some stings every now and then. "It really makes you wonder whether he is really a son of Boreas or not." He told no one in particular. "Let's go to the bus stop then." He told her.

Fleur: She grins at him and nods in agreement, watching carefully in case Bal needs assistance.  "Yes, I was wondering the same thing.  Some boys..." she shakes her head disapprovingly as they walk along, slowly making their way back to Camp.

Bal: They waiting for the bus to arrive and when inside. Bal sat at the window side while Fleur sat next to him. He looked at the window and remembered what Jack told him before he left them. "Your dad said he is going to help." He sighed. He must be guessing that he is doing his job as a dad to him. But, with the crutches and Fleur's decision, an evening dinner is really impossible. 

They were halfway to camp, when the bus gave a large bang. He driver stopped the bus and check outside. He then annouce that there were flat tires. They were told to get off the bus and waited outside. While some waiting for the two tires to be fixed, some went towards a resturant nearby. Bal looked at her and asked, "You want to eat before we go back?" 

Fleur: She looks at Bal apprehensively. "Are you sure you want to?  You are sort of injured right now..."

Bal: "And, what does eating have to do with my broken leg? Besides, it is not broken anymore. See?" He said, showing her his healed leg by throwing the crutches away. "Although it does sting a bit."

Fleur: She raises an eyebrow.  "Throwing away your support does not impress me," she states dryly, picking the crutches up and leaning them against a bench.  "But if you are so bent on eating, I suppose it wouldn't hurt to grab a bite before we go."

Bal: He nodded and they went inside. They went into a table and waited for the waiter to come. The waiter came, holding a notepad on his one hand and a pen on the other. He wore a red checkered polo shirt and denim pants. He also have a long mustache like most cowboys have in cartoons. "Hey, y'all. Da name's Clay. What ya all having?" He asked him, in a Texas style voice.

Fleur: "Hm...I think I want spaghetti and a raspberry lemondae, please."  

"Would you like garlic bread with that?"

"Yes, please," she replies.  Then she looks over at Bal.  "Your turn."

Bal: "Salad, with water." Clay looked at him, as if he was crazy. "Seriously, bro?" He told him. Bal raised an eyebrow and said, "Yes, please." The waiter shook his head and walked away. He then looked at Fleur and said. "I'm a vegetarian." He told her.

Fleur: She nods understandingly.  "I probably would be," she says, playing with the salt shaker in front of her.  "If I didn't like bacon so much."  She accidentally tips over the salt shaker, spilling some of the substance out, but she simply starts making salt piles and continues talking.  "You really like salad, huh?"

Bal: "Yeah. My mom was only one in the family who likes eating meat. And, since my dad didn't want me to be a meatlover, he made me eat more vegetables that needed. Maybe that's why I like it more than meat." He told her, as he watches her play. "You know you are really cute when you are acting like a child." He said, but she wasn't hear what he just said as he said it so quietly. 

Fleur: She hears a soft whisper escape from Bal's lips, but she does not understand it.  "What was that?" she asks absentmindedly, pushing her little piles of salt into one big pile.  "I didn't quite hear what you said."

Bal: "What was what?" He asked her, as if he doesn't know.

Fleur: She looks at him like he's crazy.  "You just said something, did you not?" she asks, hoping dearly that he did so that she wouldn't sound like a lunatic.  "I thought I heard you say something."

Bal: "Ummm.. No, I didn't." He told her. Of course, he knew better than to tell her the truth about it. "Maybe you are just hungry." He told her, hoping she would buy his lie.

Fleur: "Hm..." she figures that if he won't tell her, it coun't have been anything nice.  "Fine, Mr. Secretive.  Be that way."  She grins at him and her eyes light up as the scent of food wafts toward them.  

Bal: He smiled at her, glad that she didn't try to push him. He looked and found the cowboy waiter serving him food. He gave them their food and gave Bal a piece of paper. Once that was done, he winked at Fleur and head back to the counter.

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