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Lilian: She sits on a bench, fidgeting nervously as she waits for Zach.

Zach: *He sneaks up behind her and covers her eyes* Guess who.

Lilian: She grins in spite of being a bit surprised. "The boogie monster?"

Zach: *smiles* Hmm maybe, guess again

Lilian: Jumping to her feet, she whirls around, causing Zach to lose his grip. When she spots him, she grins and crows triumphantly, "HA! I knew it was you."

Zach: *smiles and holds up his hands* of course who else would it be

Lilian: "The million kinds of monsters out there that would love to rearrange my dental work," she replies reasonably. She flops back down on the bench. "So, how is mah favorite person in the whole world today?"

Zach: They would have to get through me first, and I am doing great what brings you to the park?

Lilian: She shrugs and stands up again, unable to sit still for long. "Meh, nothing much. Kind of just waiting for something to happen, you know?"

Zach: *holds out his hand* Yeah, me too we haven't been doing many experiments lately

Lilian: She grabs the backpack beside her and reaches inside it. "Tell you what," she says, "Why don't we play Frisbee or something normal like that? It's been forever since I've done something like that."

Zach: Sure why not *runs out into the field and wait for her to throw it

Lilian: She waits for Zach to run a reasonable distance away, then throws it with all the skill she can, muster, hoping it doesn't clunk some annoyed commuter on the head.

Zach: *runs to the left and catches it and then turns in a circle and throws it back*

Lilian: As it sails toward her, she realizes it is going to go way over her head and starts running, keeping her eyes on the Frisbee -- and running into a tree as a result.

Zach: *runs back to her* Are you okay? *has a worried look on his face*

Lilian: She gets slowly to her feet, a silly grin on her face. "I'm great!" she says, throwing her hands into the air. "Now where is that Frisbee?"

Zach: *smiles and hugs her and then points up* it is at the top of the tree

Lilian: She looks up, squinting because of the sun glaring in her eyes. "Whoa. Hold on, I think I can get that."

Zach: Are you sure you don't want me to do it, you just ran into a tree

Lilian: She gives him a look like she thinks he doesn't have a brain in his head. "Dude. I'm the child of Demeter. I think I can get a Frisbee out of a tree."

Zach: *gives a big smile and laughs* Okay if you say so

Lilian: She smiles back and turns to the tree. Grabbing onto a thick branch, she hoists herself up and shimmies up the tree. She reaches out and grabs the Frisbee. "See? I got this. Nothing to worry about."

Zach: *Looks up* Great now come down *smiles*

Lilian: She smiles back and looks down at the ground through the branches. The solid dirt seems much further away than where it really is. Shifting uncomfortably, she steps precariously on the thicker branches until she is almost all the way down. Then she falls the rest of the way and lands on her rear. She shakes leaves out of her hair and holds up the Frisbee triumphantly. "I got it!"

Zach: He smiles and hugs her. "Okay, throw it now" He runs back to the other side of the park

Lilian: She aims carefully this time and flicks the Frisbee across the green, hoping this time Zach will catch it.

Zach: he holds up one hand and catches it with incredible ease. He then throws it back across hoping that it does not go back in the tree.

Lilian: Jumping up, she feels her fingertips touch the surface of the Frisbee, and her fingers close around it as she tumbles back to the ground. Standing up, she shouts victoriously, "I GOT IT!!!" a big smile plastered across her face.

Zach: Holds up his hands to receive it again

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