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Talia's Birthday

Cake Making

Lauren: She told me it was fine to use her kitchen laughs as they enter's Serra's room

Guy: Tell her thanks!Let us make the best chocolate cake ever!

Talia: Yeah! I'll get the ingredients! Goes through the fridge

Lauren: looks through Serra's cookbooks 'and shows them to Guy 

Guy: Looks through it Hmm,says here we need to get a bowl,three eggs,a measuring cup,milk,and chocolate cake mix.Wonder if we have that...

Lauren: found a bowl, measuring cup, and mixer Check check guess all check smiles at Talia with the ingredients

Talia: Beams and puts the ingrediants on the table They thought they could hide from me but I showed them!

Guy: You sure did Talia! Now what do the directions say to put first? He goes to check the book

Lauren: chuckles I'll head up the chocolates .shows them different kinds of chocolates Dark?Milk?or..?

Both: Milk chocolate!

Lauren: laughs That's my favorite too

Guy: Its all of our favorites.Is adding the mix in the bowl and cracks the eggs Hey,by the way,is it a coincidence that we all have blonde hair and blue eyes?

Lauren: does a ^^" face I used to have brown eyes then they just became blue laughs Yea,it was very very weird and shocked my parents. she heats up the large saucepan of chocolate

Guy: Huh,that's amazing. Starts to mix the condiments together

Talia: Mommy,if today is my birthday,do I get presents?

Lauren: Anything you want laughs

Guy: Got that right,and we can get it for you after the cake.Would you like that?

Talia: Oh I would LOVE that daddy! Thank chu!

Guy: No problem kiddo! Chocolate is done in the sauce pan So do I ad it to the mix now?

Lauren: nods Do the honors she admires Talia's cuteness What would you want Talia?

Guy adds the chocolate sauce to the mix and begins sturring

Talia: Hmm...what do I want...Thinks long and hard in a cute way Oh i know! I want a new dress!

Lauren: preheats the oven while chuckling You want daddy to come with us to a girl's dress shop? 

Guy chuckles as they talk about it

Talia: Yeah! I want daddy to help pick out a dress too! Do you want to do that daddy?

Guy: Sure kiddo,i'd be glad to He then pours the mix into a cake pan and puts it in the oven Alrighty,cake is on its way.

Lauren: puts some decorative chocolate in the freezer. Guess we have to wait for it turns to Talia What dress would you like? 

Talia: I want a big black and yellow one! And with a little pink on it!

Lauren: remembers she has a sketchpad in her backpack and gives it Talia with a smile Mind drawing it while we wait for the cake? 

Talia: Sure! She begins to draw it with a lot of enthusiasm

Guy: Stands next to Lauren She's so sweet isn't she?

Lauren: She's killing me. I never thought I'd meet another person like her laughs

Guy: You're telling me,she's driving me crazy with her cuteness,its like its her superpower.I'm just glad we have her with us.

Lauren: nods and smiles happily I guess I need to plan a whole book about her and occasions laughs It's gonna be so fun having her around

Guy: Really fun.Its like we're a big happy family.We're dating and she's like our daughter.If we were married then we would be the realio dealio.

Lauren: goes super red once he said "married" Fir-fir-first of, I need to explain she's a relative of yours for a while..before my parents start freaking out and the media as well does a -.-" face 

Guy: Makes an ^^" face Haha,right,that makes sense

Talia: Finished!

Lauren: May I see?Please???

Talia: Sure! She hands her the picture.It is drawn with amazing skill,colored in yellow and black with a heart symbol in the middle

Lauren: Hmm.. Colette might actually hire you at this ratelaughsIt's perfect and Colette's family has the boutiquette for customization

Talia: Really!? Best birthday ever!

Lauren: Wait till next year before saying that laughs

Timer dings

Guy: Cakes done! Sweet! Takes out the cake without a mitt Boy this cake sure smells good.

Lauren: adds the forzen choco decorations to the cake Can we take a picture of this you you Talia?

Talia: Sure mommy! She stands next to the cake making a Ta-da gesture

Lauren: does a >~< face cause talia's so cute and takes a picture of her Done!Let's eat! 

Guy: Awesome! Cuts everyone a slice of cake.He takes a bite and praises it Oh my gods!This cake is awesome!

Talia: Eats a piece also and fangirls OMG this cake is amazing!

Lauren: eats the cake and laughs It tastes so good! We should do this more often

Guy: I second that motion! 

Talia: Me too! Eats more of her slice

Lauren: finishes hers and leaves a slice for Serra in the fridge and washes her plate You guys done? 

Guy: Inhales the rest of his piece Done

Talia: Swallows the rest of hers Done too! Where are we going now?

Lauren: gets their plates and washes it Well, the little princess wanted a dress right?smiles

Dress Shopping

They all arrive at the dress shop

Talia: Is in a fangirl mood Oh my! All these clothes look wonderful!

Lauren: How about we get you more than two dresses today for being too cute? I'll hand the design to the sewer here and we can pick it up in about 4 days

Talia: Gasps That would be great,thank you mommy! She hugs her tight

Guy: Yeah Talia,you really deserve for being so adorable!

Talia: Thank you daddy! Hugs Guy also

Lauren: I'll be back. Have fun with daddy goes to the counter and talks to a lady

Talia: I will Holds Guy's hand as they browse the clothes Daddy,can I ask a question?

Guy: Sure,what's up?

Talia: Are you and mommy gonna get married?

Guy: Makes and O O" and blushes Uh...maybe in time,when we're older,I might ask her to...

Talia: That's awesome daddy! You're such a sweetie! Giggles and jumps up to kiss him on the cheek

Guy: Blushes Ah thanks kiddo..


comes up to Talia with a casual dress here Hey Talia! I want you to try this on!  notices Guy blushing Hey~ Did I miss something? 

Guy: Makes an ^^" face Nope! Nothing at all!

Talia: She fangirls like crazy OMG This dress! I'm gonna go put it on! She skips to the dressing room

Guy: Wow,can she be anymore adorable?

Lauren: I'd love to see that!! looks super happy 

Guy: Chuckles You're cute when your happy Kisses her cheek

Lauren: blushes and kisses his then sticks out her tongue I'm just returning the favor

Guy: Chuckles I know.

Talia: Comes out wearing the dress Lauren picked out How do I look? Does a little twirl

Lauren: In a girl's perspective, you look absolutely adorably stunning turns to guy

Guy: Well from my perspective,you look absolutely beautifully adorably amazingly spectacularly stunning!

Talia: Aww thank you guys!

Lauren: laughs Take that from Daddy's perspective. He'sa guy winks All guys will fall for your absolutely cute charm!

Talia: You really think so? I really want to have a boyfriend soon.

Guy: Makes an O.O" face You do!?

Lauren: looks happiest and jumps and squeals like she's in her own paradise Yes!  Now let's go find you one! Make sure to tell me everything about him!Wait, do you have someone you like? 

Talia: Well there is this one guy I like.He can't speak but that doesn't bother me.He gave me a mini clay model of me too! I think his name was....Greg?

Lauren: Greg Austere? smiles at her touching sweetness You really don't mind not being able to speak?  sighs Can't believe Colette pushed him to be auction this Valentines event

Talia: Awww....does that mean I can't ask him out? Gives her puppy dog eyes

Lauren: Actually, you can. smiles You can wait and you'll have to fight with the other girls or nearly dies from her puppy dog eyes and gives in he can always drop out early with some persuasion from you.

Talia: Persuasion? Oh,you mean my charm speaky thing? 

Lauren: Nope, I think Greg will like you just the way you are~ hugs her 

Talia: Thanks mommy. Hugs her back

Guy: Hey,don't I get a hug?

Lauren: chuckles as she sticks her tongue out No. Kidding she hugs him as well 

Guy: Hugs back Ah,much better

Talia: Giggles You two are so cute,and so is this dress! Can I get this one mommy,please?

Lauren: chuckles at Guy Really? Oh course you may! You can have as much as you like

Talia: Yay! Thanks mommy! She hugs her and then zooms through the whole store finding the clothes she wants.She then comes back holding 5 pairs of clothes and five pairs of shoes Can I have these mommy?

Lauren: smiles as she is seeing Talia so happy I heard for every purchase with this card we get a free drink, so sure! notices one of the shoes totally matches with a dress and looks at Guy I'm guessing we have a designer here? 

Guy: Folds hands behind his head I don't know,there must be one around here somewhere...

Lauren: chuckles You do know I meant Talia right?

Guy: Blushes and laughs nervously Hehe,no I did not. Yes,we do have ourselves a designer here.She has great taste.

Lauren: Totally!I mean, those dress totally matches with those shoes! chuckles She's too cute to be real

Guy: I know.Now I have I know to cute girls who I love and adore.You and our little designer princess here.

Lauren: blushes Th-thanks chuckles There's only one crown for the king too 

Guy: Yup,and that'd be me.King Guy,his lovely Queen Laura and our little Princess Talia.Ah,warms my heart.Now I hope I don't pull a Johnny Storm and burst into flames...

Lauren: Laura? laughs Don't tanslate my name into Filipino. You know, even if Talia is here, I feel sad. She'll be alone one day

Guy: Aw don't think like that.Maybe we could change that but only time will tell.For now,let's just focus on the present,okay?

Lauren: Fine chuckles Hey, what things do you like other than inventing? I want to try it out on her

Guy: Well I love skateboarding,video games...that's about it....

Lauren:Teach me one day?smiles

Guy: Grins Sure thing!

Talia: Mommy! Daddy! Do we go up to the table now?


Talia: You know,the counter where you give the person money,and they let you keep the stuff you wanted to get

Lauren: Let's holds Talia's hand as they approach the counter and Lauren pays for the dresses

Talia: Bounces up and down This is the best birthday ever!

Lauren: Alright, now we go back to camp and tuck you in for the night?

Talia: Okay mommy.

Laure: holds talia's hand as they go back to campto tuck Talia in bed and go back to their cabins

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