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Basil and Aria

Aria: She walks happily around camp, her hair just kinda floating out there like she's underwater. Wearing a little white dress and blue high-top Converse, she is dressed in the clothing of a young child. The look on her face seems to match, with a smile almost permanently on her face without her teeth showing. An aura of happiness seems to ebb off her, forcing at least a small smile on to some of the faces around her.

Sil: He walks around Camp as well, wearing this outfit. He seems to be playing Pokémon X on a 3DS, with a huge smile on his face. He's generally distracted while walking, so bumping into someone wouldn't be a surprise. [HINT HINT <~<] He also has a quiver and a bow on his back.

Aria: She looks behind her right as Basil is about to bump into her but falls even with no impact. From the ground, she looks up and sees his 3DS, immediately enticed by the screen. "Oooh.. shiny," she mutters to herself. "What are you doing?" She calls up from the ground, trying to get up at the same time.

Sil: He closes his 3DS, seeing Aria on the ground. "Ah sh*t. Are you alright?", he offers his hand to help her up. "I was playing Pokémon, you know, before I bumped you. Sorry by the way."

Aria: She takes his hand gratefully, lifting herself off of the ground. "Thanks for helping me," she smiles, her innocent aura not damaged by the fall. "What's your name? I'm Aria."

Sil: "Sil. And by thank you, do you mean thanks for bumping into me and making me fall then helping me up?" He puts his 3DS in the pocket of his pants. "You're welcome for thanking me for bumping into you, thus making you fall then helping you up."

Aria: She is dumbstruck by Sil's train of thought. "Uh, erm, your name is Sil? Like a windowsill," she babbles. She twirls her hair around her finger a bit absentmindedly, looking quite naive. Her blue eyes sparkle, and she has a wide smile plastered on her pale face. "Oh, anyway, well, I don't like to fall, but well, thank you," she continues.

Sil: "Yeah... no. Not like a windowsill. And Sil's just a nickname, really. It's short... for well... an herb." He sorta bites his lip and it's all awkward cute like iuhsuisoij. "Anyways, how would you want me to make up for you know... your fall?"

Aria: "Mom told me not to take presents from strangers, but I'll make an exception," she decides, putting a finger on her temples as she thinks. "Oh! I know! I want a puppy," she declares. "A little, fluffy, bouncy puppy!"

Sil: "Erm... How about free breakfast/lunch/dinner with me? A puppy with your description might be a little too... rare." he bites his lip again, showing that cute, slightly geeky side of him.

Aria: She thinks again, figuring out which of the three options would go the best with ice cream. "Oh! Let's go eat lunch, with ice cream," she squeals, elated by the promise of ice cream. She begins to jump up and down excitedly, a big smile erupting on her face.

Sil: "Yeah. Calm down. So, uh... Where do you want to have lunch exactly?"

Aria: She frowns. "I don't like decisions," she complains, pouting. "But, fine, I'll go with..." she thinks for a second about which restaurants Hadley really liked. "Pizza Hut!"

Sil: "Sure. Pizza's good. Do you want to go now or do you want to get ready first?"

Aria: She stares at Sil, deep in thought. "I WANT MY PIZZA NOW!" She jumps up and down and starts pulling on his hand in an attempt to drag him all the way to the restaurant.

Sil: He kinda pulls his arm away from Aria. "Geez, okay fine. You don't have to yell. Or drag me in fact." He sorta walks and bla bla bla


Aria: She walks into the Pizza Hut, all of the colors instantly fascinating her. Her eyes glitter as she takes in the rubber on the chairs, the dirty countertops, and all of the bored cooks working in an assembly line. Her attention darts up to the menu, which she quickly scans. "I'll have a large pizza with nothing on it, 'cause vegetables are gross and I'm a vegetarian," she tells one cook, who rolls his eyes before going into the kitchen to grab her order.

Sil: "And a pepperoni pizza!", he shouts just as the cook was leaving. "So..."

Aria: When she heard Sil's order, she gave him a condescending glare. "You should be ashamed of yourself! Think of all of the peppers that died to make pepperoni," she screams at him, causing her to receive a bewildered and amused look from the cashier.

Sil: He kinda hides his huge annoyance with her but in a really bad way, as he facepalms himself (literally). "That's still wrong but keep trying..." he brings out his phone, trying to minimize the eye contact with her because he's either falling for her or getting more annoyed with her. Probably both. He shows her a pic of pepperoni from the internet, still not looking at her though. "Can you guess what it is now?"

Aria: She stares at it, her eyes focusing in and out on the pepperoni shape. It is round and red, like a tomato. "Hm, if it's not a pepper, then is it a.... tomato," she guesses, quite sure of herself. "Well, anyway, the tomato looks sunburned, so it's probably mad," she states, narrowing her eyes.

Sil: He clenches his nose, his annoyance of her growing by the second. A small whisper comes from his mouth, "I should have just bought her a puppy. Would've saved me the brain cells." as he goes on, muttering about that, their pizza arrives.

Aria: Her eyes light up with joy as her pizza is placed in front of her. She licks her lips, grabs a slice, and begins to wolf it down. As she starts her second slice, she asks Sil with a mouth full of food, "How's your pizza?" Her hands are covered in sauce and cheese, so she wipes them on a napkin which she promptly tosses away.

Sil: He doesn't speak to her, as he only wants this lunch "date" to end.

timeskip to until they finish eating .=.

Aria: She skips out of the pizza place, tomato sauce and cheese covering the area near her mouth. "OOOOOH OOOOOOOH!" She screams, remembering what came next. "Now we get creamy, delicious, magical, bountiful, sparkly, ICE CREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAM!" She jumps around happily, causing the sauce and cheese mixture to start to drip off of her face. Sil: "Y'know, the money in my wallet has to survive, at least a bit..." he crosses his arms and starts walking, "Let's just get this over with, ok? And you might as well tell me what flavor you want now cause I dont wanna hear your voice later..."

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