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Rosalie:Just tell me!

Heath: He looks at her and smiles. "There's nothing wrong, I just don't like being around people." He said this patiently.

Rosalie: "Oh i understand, but why were people laughing at you?"

Heath: He looks at her, and then turns away. "Those where children of Aphrodite, they where only laughing, because I never stop to talk to them." He says this with a little bit of shyness.

Rosalie: " Oh ok".  She then walks around to face him and lifts is head up. "you must be shy" she then looked him up and down nocticing the way he stood and how he was always twitching nervously.

Heath: He looks her in the eyes, and smiles softly. "How'd you know?" He says this a little nervously.

Rosalie: "oh well its pretty obvious, you've looked on edge sense ive met you, like your always on guard and you stand and talk and walk like a shy person,"

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