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Mairin: Mairin bumps into Scarlet. "Sorry!" She sqeaks while looking up from her manga book.

Scarlet: "What Manga Are you reading" Asked Scarlet as she walked by.

Mairin: "I'm reading Fairy Tail," Mairin said sheepishly

Scarlet: "Really Fairy Tail, the one with the 4 warlocks and stuff?" She asked

Mairin: "mages," Mairin corrected her, "And yes."

Scarlet: "Have you Read "Another" and "Fruits Basket?"She said.

Mairin: "I haven't read another but I have read Fruits Basket!" mairin said

Scarlet: "Hey how about you go do somthing your always just reading"i said.

Mairin: "Um, I don't have any friends, and I'm always either with my half-siblings or training..."                                 Scarlet: "Oh..well now you do!"

Mairin: "So what manga do you like?" Mairin said while smiling.        ,                                                                    Scarlet: " I like Ouran High School Host Club, Alice and the Country Of Hearts,Another,Skip Beat, Ect" Scarlet Told

Mairin: "Ah I like those too! Ouran is very cute."                                                                                                 Scarlet: "But skip beat had bad drawing and a wierd story plot"

Mairin: "Skip beat wasn't that bad." She commented                                                                                         Scarlet: "True, do you pefer a Manga or an Anime?" I asked

Mairin: "it depends. If the anime follows the manga like 85% of the time then I like the anime, but yeah most of the time I read the manga," She told her                                                                                                                    Scarlet: "Have you seen Rosario + Vampire?"

Mairin: "yeah. It was a good harem manga," She commented                                                                                 Scarlet: " Have you seen Special A? The Rosario Anime was to pervy" I said

Mairin: "Too hentai? (japanese meaning of pervert/pervy) I guess it was but either way it was okay. And Special A is the cutest manga/anime."                                                                                                                            Scarlet: "Isn't Hentai pornagraphy anime, and I wish it didn't have to end, Have you watch wolfs rain?" I asked

Mairin: "sortta. And i didn't watch wolfs rain yet, but since you mentioned it, I will."                                              Scarlet: "Be warned the ending is a big Tear jerker, you have any animes for me? (No Shouen-ai) I said

Mairin: "Have you watched/read Full Moon wo Sagashite?"                                                                                   Scarlet: "No, whats the plat?" 

Mairin: "It's about a young girls dream to become a famous singer because of a promise she made with her crush who went to america. but the thing is, she has throat cancer (OOC: i think it was that XD) and it might ruin her chance of persuing her dream. she then meets two shinigamis and they tell her that she only has one year to live (ooc: i think...) she wont let that happen and they both help her persue her dream." (OOC: it has really good music and its a very sad/romantic manga/anime).                                                                                                      Scarlet: "Ill add to my watchlist, Have you seen Clannad?"

Mairin: "That one was so sad!" She made a "D:" face. "And CLAMP is an awesome writer,"

Scarlet: "Omg Yes, Have you seen After Story?"

Mairin: She nods. "That one made me cry."

Scarlet: Me too!

P.S. Wanna rp?

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