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meeting for the first time. ;o

Santiago: He sits on a bench and plays a game on his new iPhone. He's wearing a black tank and cargos. 

Lucas; Lucas walks towards the kid playing on his phone. Once he gets there he leans over his shoulder and wihspers in his ear in a smooth tone "watcha playing?". Lucas then lets his figers graise across the boys skin.

Santiago: He nearly jumps out of his seat, "Holy shit, dude."

Lucas: "Hey there doll face, why are you scared, i just asked you what you were playing?" Lucas then swiftly snatches the phone form the boy and says "Dont touch the black tiles? Sounds fun". Lucas then begin playing the game, completly ignoring the scowl of the other boy.

Santiago: "Dude, what the f*ck!" He growls before attempoting to snatch the phone from him. 

Lucas: Lucas puls back his hand and uses his hieght as an advantage, he puts the phone high up in the air, still countuing to play the game. "Hold on Honey, im busy" Lucas then pushes the boy away.

Santiago: "Argh." He groans when he is pushed back on the bench. He slumps and lets him do whatever with his phone. "Yeah, have fun."

Lucas: "This is boring." Lucas then flings the expensive phone towards the boy. " you have any other toys or do i have to play with myself" XD

Santiago: He jumps to catch his overheated phone. "Um.. not sure, to be honest.."

Lucas:"uhhh your so boring, i could just die" He then grabs the boys and pulls him in the direction of the stables. "were going to have some fun cupcake" lucas said in a light and michievous tone.

Santiago: He stumbles. "Woah, dude. What the f*ck are you doing?!" 

Lucas: "Dont swear at me babe youll hurt my feelings..." he used his best pouty face to make the kid guilty.

Santiago: He raised an eyebrow at the guy. Uncomfortable because he kept calling him babe, hun, and stuff like that. "Uh.. sorry dude.." He gave a weak apology.

Lucas: "Oh honey bun its fine, i kow you didnt mean to heart my fragile heart!" lucas then dramtically let himsef fall hoping the other boy would catch him.

Santiago: "Oooph," He grunts when Lucas falls on him. He does his best to catch him but he fails and falls to the ground with the melo-dramtic man in his arms

Lucas Lucas smirks and says "thanks for catching my big ass chu chu"Lucas then pulls away from the boy and gets up.

Santiago: He gets up groggily, "Umm.. No problem.."

Lucas: "Well i guess i should be heading back, i had a nice time sweet cheeks" Lucas then leans fowards to give a kiss on the other boys cheek.

Santiago: His eyes widened and he made a "o.e" face as the boy kissed him on the cheek. "Uh.. okay.."

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