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  • Soo-yeon: with earplugs on she walks around the bookstore to find the book she's looking for >.> *OOC:lazeeeeeeeh*

ooc: xDDDD

  • Kylie: She enters the bookstore with medium sized tumbler in hand, still steaming with recently bought hot choco from the cafe. She browses through the aisles, stopping every now and then at eye catching titles but eventually moves on.
  • Soo-yeon: She stops by infront of a book who catches her attention, she grabs it and looked at the back OOC: you don't suck at rp'ing demi. xD

ooc: aw thanks! xD

  • Kylie: Having been absorbed in looking for books, she didn't notice Soo-yeon reaching for the same book which she, at the exact same time, reached for. Her eyes widened when she saw the hand appear in her line of vision, and she took a step back to avoid any collision with the other girl. "Sorry, didn't see you there," she says with a sheepish smile.
  • Soo-yeon: she kept on holding the book while she looked at kylie with a o: face after soome moments she smiles too and offers her the book "It's okay"
  • Kylie: When she saw that Soo-yeon was offering the book to her, she waved it away. "Nah, it's fine. You found it first. I can always just go around and look for another one."
  • Soo-yeon: o.O "Are you sure?," she tilts her head
  • Kylie: She nods cheerily. "Yup! We're in a bookstore after all. There's bound to be some book that can catch my interest. So far there have been a number but they're not quite what I want to read at the moment."
  • Soo-yeon: she nods with a smile "I see, that's right. I'm Soo-yeon by the way"
  • Kylie: She grins. "I'm Kylie. Are you new to town? I don't think I've seen you around before."
  • Soo-yeon: she shakes her head slightly with a smile "Not entirely at all. I've been here for.. months i guess?"
  • Kylie: She tilts her head to the side, a soft hum of thought escaping her lips. "I guess we just don't pass by each other often... or I should get out more." She laughs a bit, realizing that she probably never met the girl because she doesn't leave Camp often.
  • Soo-yeon: "Ooooh, um. It's my first time to go out alone to be honest." ^-^"
  • Kylie: Her eyes widen a bit at that piece of information. "You're first time to go out alone? Seriously?"
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