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Kylie and Serenity

  • Kylie: She's sitting underneath a tree, chewing on some gum while randomly doodling into a notebook. If one were to look at the pictures, they'd find doodles of hellhounds with wet fur, satyrs with flowers strung unto their horns, tree nymphs in the middle of dancing the macarena, and many many more.
  • Serenity: She's walking around, wearing a hoodie. She doesn't consider herself a morning person and tries to avoid sunlight by wearing clothes that prevents sunlight from touching her skin. But she's gotta admit, she's very bipolar on the topic. Caught up with whatever she's doing, she finds herself on the ground, as she stumbled upon a rock.
  • Kylie: She hears a soft thud and the sound of a rock skidding on rough ground. She then looks up from her sketches to see Serenity on the ground not too far from where she is. Eyes widening, she drops her notebook and pen and rushes over to Serenity. "Hey, um, you alright there?"
  • Serenity: "Erm, yeah. This is one of the reasons I'm not a morning person." She picks herself up and wipes the soil from her clothes. While standing up, she managed to get a glimpse of Kylie's notebook and is amazed by the cute doodles. "Thanks for the concern. I'm Serenity, daughter of Melinoe. Oh, and totally random but your drawings are really cute."
  • Kylie: She looks back at her notebook and sees that the pages are open, revealing her doodles. She laughs light and grins sheepishly at Serenity. "Thanks. It's been a while since I actually drew anything so I'm glad you found them cute. I'm Kylie, by the way. Daughter of Apollo. Nice to meet you!"
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