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Antinko and Eros

NOTE: This rp is a reward for Gruff placing second in the Priest and Priestess Scouting Contest.

Eros: He was lazily sitting on a tree branch quite near his cabin, one leg dangling over the side of the branch. He was wearing a simple red shirt, navy blue jeans and white sneakers. Anyone looking hard enough would notice that something about the young male was not right.

Antinko: He sits on the bench next door crying his eyes out

Eros: The sounds of crying reached his ears and he turns his head in its direction. With a small sigh, he jumps down to the ground, placing his hands inside his jean pockets and walking over to the source of the crying.

Antinko: He looked up rubbing his eyes "H-Hello?" He sniffed

Eros: He sees Antinko's puffy eyes and hears the sound of his sobbing. Biting the corner of his lips, he asks, "Hey, uh, you alright there?"

Antinko: "Who want to know?" He says angrlily "N-Niet, I'm not"

Eros: He inwardly sighs, knowing what had happened. Of course though, he only knew because he was, well, a god. He tilts his head to the side, a compassionate look on his face. "Would you like to talk about it? It seems like a huge problem that needs to be told."

Antinko: "Who are you?" He sniffs rubbing his arm having broken it a few days before the big fight.

Eros: He flashes Antinko a small, cute-ish smile. "I'm... Ero--uh, Erik. Yeah, Erik. I'm sort of new here."

Antinko: "M-Me and my boyfriend broke up" He sniffs "And last week I was attacked by a BC member and broke nearly everything in my body" He rubs his eyes "And now my friend is in hospital"

Eros: He frowns to himself, never knowing things like that actually happened. He sighed to himself and sat beside Antinko, keeping up the facade that he was a new  camper. "That sounds tough...." He clasps his hands together, not really knowing what to say.

Antinko: He hugs Eros sniffing madly "The worlds a b*tch. What have I ever done wrong?"

Eros: Tentatively, he reaches over and places a hand on Antinko's shoulder as a show of comfort. "In my lifetime, I've learned that... when... bad things happen to you and you get pass them, you grow stronger, better. And, if you reach adulthood, the bad which you experienced will bring about good." He chuckles to himself. "I'm sorry. I must be making you confused."

Antinko: "Yeah slightly" He tilts his head "But my dad won't ever help me" He sniffs

Eros: A flash of sadness passes through his eyes as he drops his hand from antinko's shoulder and leans his elbows on his knees, smiling sadly at the floor. "You'd actually be surprised as to how much parents actually care and want to help."

Antinko: "Do they? Why don't they show it then? I haven't see or heard from my dad" He looks at his feet

Eros: He sighs, having encountered such questions in the past. "Gods are... complicated beings, bound by laws which would lead to disastrous consequences." He smiles a bit while glancing at antinko. "You may not realize it but they're always with us. Watching us from Olympus or coming here to actually interact with us. We just don't realize they're there."

Antinko: He corsses his arms "Sounds like a load of bull"

Eros: He chuckles. "Gods are beings of power. What makes you think they can't easily disguise themselves and mingled with demigods? They've done it in the past. What makes this age any different?"

Antinko: His eyes widen as his brain slowly peices the bits together "D-Dad?"

Eros: He cocks his head to the side, an eyebrow raised and a half-smile on his lips. "Dad who?"

Antinko: He laughs "You, Eros?"

Eros: He pouts childishly. "What gave me away?"

Antinko: He giggles "Just being helpful dad"

Eros: He smiles at Antinko and leans back on the backrest of the bench.  "So, about this friend of yours.... and your, uh, situation...

Antinko: He blushes "W-What about it?"

Eros: He looks squarely at Antinko. "What do you plan on doing about it? I doubt you'd just sit there and cry like a kid who lost his favorite toy."

Antinko: He blushes madly "Y-You don't see everything I do right?"

Eros: He chuckles. "I do hope I don't. I have an entirely world to bring love to, you know." He winks in a fatherly/brotherly manner.

Antinko:  He blushes and sighs "Good. Somethings I do shouldn't be seen by my dad"

Eros: He lets out a hearty laugh, sort of knowing what Antinko was implying. "Oh come on, I'm no stalker you know."

Antinko: "You're the kind of person who would be" He smiles slightly

Eros: He smiles despite himself. "Yes... I do seem the type, don't I?"

Antinko: He laughs "Just slightly"

Eros: "Well, no need to worry. I don't have the luxury to... watch over my children every minute of every day."

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