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Bryson and Layla

Bryson: He gets up out of his bed, fully dressed. It's 4 in the afternoon and Bryson's eyes are bloodshot, his pupils are quite small and he possesses an all around droopy appearance. He facepalms as he sees random syringes littered across his room, he does his best to collect them all and hide them in his trunk under his bed like he always does.

Layla: She traipses into the cabin, wondering if she should go and bother one of her friends or try and sleep off her boredom. She walks around the single statue of her father while trying to decide on what to do. With a small sigh, she stops walking before pulling out a single drachma, twirling it slowly between her fingers while she examines the cabin walls with half-lidded eyes. "Heads I bother someone, tails I go to sleep." She flips the coin, but seeing as she isn't exactly focusing on it, it slips through her fingers and rolls down the hallway leading to the rooms, coincidentally stopping a door away from Bryson's room.

Bryson: "F*ck..." He mutters as he looks towards the door. Sighing in relief as he sees all evidence of his questionable lifestyle well hidden. He had heard the coin move, seeing as how the cabin was abandoned. Every other child of travel was off on their own business. He creaks open the door, honestly hoping the cabin was empty.

Layla: She sighs again when her coin fell and rolled away. She walks towards it at a slow, almost dragging, pace. The moment she bends down to pick it up though, the Bryson's door creaks open, alerting her that the cabin wasn't as empty as she thought it'd be. She straightens up and raises an eyebrow at the partially opened door. "Uhhh... hello?"

Bryson: "Crap.." He muttered under his breath. "Sup...whoever you are.." He opened the door more, this is quite awkward since he's returned to camp roughly 2 weeks ago. He never truly bothered to get to know any of his siblings. Spending all his time partying his nights away, getting high as a kite and getting to know a certain daughter of winter didn't leave him much time to befriend any of his siblings.

Layla: She blinks a few times, her expression rather blank, while she subconsciously begins twirling her coin again. She stares at Bryson for a while, thinking that she should know him, seeing as he lives in the same cabin. She tries to put a name to his face but ends up coming blank, so she does the next best thing. "Are you new around here? I'm pretty sure I've never seen you before... or if I have, I don't recall having spoken to you... and if I did, in fact, speak to you, I don't quite remember your name, which is really rude, but seeing as you don't seem to know me either I guess we're fine."

Bryson: "Well i guess so half-pint.." He steps out of his room, looking down at the cute brunette. "Uhm..." He looks up towards the ceiling a bit, staring blanklessly. "Name?" He asked as his eyes met Layla's once more.

Layla: She tosses a half-smile at his direction. "Layla. And you?"

Bryson: "Uhhhh Bryson.." He walks from her, his attention shifting to the lone statue of Hermes. It serves as the centerpiece of the cabin. He scratches his head, thinking about how while Bryson felt imprisoned in his childhood. His true father was exploring the world, seeing exotic places.

Layla: She watches him as he moves from his room to the statue, wondering what he's thinking about. Being who she was, her curiosity got the best of her and she asked. "Whatcha thinkin' about? It can't be how amazing that statue of dad looks like."

Bryson: "Wuh?!" He quickly turns around, being torn from his train of thought. He leans on the statue, trying to act all nonchalant. "Nah it's pretty lame! And I was just spacing out shortstack!" He doesn't say that in a rude or insulting tone, rather calm and very joking.

Layla: She makes a noncommittal noise, not quite sure what to make of Bryson yet.  "Well... I hope you won't space out while you train. I'd hate to have to fill out papers on why you landed yourself in the Infirmary."

Bryson: "Nah I wouldn't sweat it, I'm a fast healer honestly. Okay I gotta ask, how long have you been here at camp? Pretty sure I woulda remembered you from back in the day..."

Layla: Her eyes focus on the floor as she mentally counts how long she's been at Camp. "I've been here for about...ummmm about two years and about three or so months, if I'm not mistaken." Her gaze locks onto Bryson, her eyes wide with what appears to be shock. "Oh wow, I've been here for two years now. Just wow. I feel old." She finishes with her expression contorting into something similar to >.<

Bryson: "Ugh get in line, I first showed up 3 years back. I was kinda popular honestly." He bragged a bit. "Granted I almost burned down the cabin several times..." He's clearly not too proud of that.

Layla: She snickers at that piece of information. "I would have loved to have seen your glory days. Seeing as this is practically the first time I'm meeting you... what made you leave Camp?" She makes a :/ face. "I'm assuming you left camp some time before I came here, by the way, cus, like I said, this is the first time I'm meeting you so... yeah." Feeling just a little bit awkward, she keeps her gaze at the coin she's still twirling in her fingers.

Bryson: "Well...traveling is actually pretty f*cking great. See some sights, meet some chicks and swipe some stuff. Come on look at our pops, god of travel. Staying in one place is a waste, trust me.." He pauses for a moment. "Uhm sorry to get all philosophical there.." He turns to the statue once more. "You ever get jealous of em?"

Layla: Her eyes land on the statue, just like Bryson. "You're asking if I ever get jealous of travelers." She frowns a bit before shrugging. "I can't really say I envy them. I mean sure, it'd be great to travel around the world, but traveling... well, that entails being a long long way from home." She smiles a bit sheepishly. "Sorry, I must sound like some pansy to you."

Bryson: "Not really, travelling all depends on what you're leaving behind. And who, if you're ever in a situation where you feel like you're in a rut, bored and just plain hate everything around you. It's too easy to just slip away and be free.." He finally turns back to her. "Perks of being a Hermes kid am I right?"

Layla: She smiles back slightly in response. "Mhm... It's always much easier to just... run away I guess." Her face scrunches up in irritation after a moment. "That came out wrong."

Bryson: "Not really, ugh I gotta jet. See ya later short stack?" He suggested, remembering he had to meet up with some mortals for something.

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