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Clara and Kylie

  • Kylie: She's walking towards the forest in a plain white shirt, black jeans and red shoes, a quiver of arrows hanging from one shoulder and a bow in her left hand. As she walks, she hums a soft tune.
  • Clara: Clara is just outside the forest- away from everyone else. She doesn't seem to notice Kylie, and is practicing some moves she saw a child of Athena do in battle.
  • Kylie: As she nears the forest, she notices Clara execute some fighting techniques. She stops walking for a bit and observes the girl and how she moves.
  • Clara: She finishes the technique she's on, which ends up her facing towards the woman watching her. Clara stopped, wide-eyed, a bit like a doe caught in the headlights, with her sword pointed at her. "Hi." She said quietly.
  • Kylie: A grin forms on her lips as she approaches Clara, completely disregarding the sword. "Hey. Nice moves you got there."
  • Clara: "Not really. I'm sort of just... copying...." She answered, slowly putting her sword down. "Can I help you with something?"
  • Kylie: She shrugs, adjusting the quiver on her shoulder while doing so. "Not really. I was on my way to practice for a while then I saw you. I just stopped to observe."
  • Clara: She nods. "Well... that was pretty much it... You do archery?" She asked, gesturing to the arrows. "Is it fun?"
  • Kylie: She turns her head a bit to glance at her arrows before looking at Clara. "Well, I guess it's fun. It's no piece of cake, but it's definitely fulfilling to master the bow."
  • Clara: She nodded. "I could always ask my mother to get me archery... Well. step-mother, I guess. Is it possible to self-teach?"
  • Kylie: She nods. "Yup. You can learn by yourself but it's a tedious task. It's always best to ask help when it comes to weapons.
  • Clara: "Well... It'll keep me busy, then. " She said with a shrug. "I might ask her about it. I'm guessing your God parent has something to do with Archery? Mine doesn't."
  • Kylie: "Yup, my dad's Apollo." She grins proudly as she says this. "What about yours? Who's your godparent?"
  • Clara: "Lyssa." She answered, a small smile forming. "Goddess of madness and rabies. The powers are interesting."
  • Kylie: "Hmmm, I don't think I've ever seen a Lyssa kid use their powers. I dunno if that's a good thing or not, considering that I've been here for quite a while now."
  • Clara: "I can show you. If there's an animal around..." She said, and looked around, spotting a squirrel on the tree. "There's one." She said, pointing at it. As she did, the squirrel started acting weirdly, looking around constantly, and running around, rabidly, looking for another thing to attack. "Don't let it get too close."  Clara said, stepping back a little. "I can also make a beam of energy causing something to burn, but that causes me to be a lot more tired."
  • Kylie: She looks at the rabid squirrel with curiosity. "Interesting. So you can make any animal go wild... You should work more on your energy beam though, because there aren't always animals around." She grins at Clara. "Trust me, energy beams are quite useful, especially when you're weapons are useless against enemies."
  • Clara: Clara nods. "You're probably right, actually." She said, returning the grin. "I'll practice on that soon. What kind of powers do you have?"
  • Kylie: At the mention of her powers, her grin turns sheepish. "Well, um, I guess you could say I sort of have all kinds? I can create stuff from light, those energy beams included. I can use my voice as a weapon too. But the coolest power I probably have would be sound travel." Her grin becomes even wider. "I can disappear and reappear at a different place, provided there's sound where I'm coming from and where I'm heading too."
  • Clara: "Are you ashamed? Because those powers are pretty amazing. So like, if you were at a party you didn't want to be at where there was music, and a bit away there were two people talking, you'd be able to teleport to where the people were?"
  • Kylie: She nods in affirmation. "Yup, that's right. Course, I have to be careful because sound-travel could also be quite complicated. I might end up in Alaska one day!"
  • Clara: She chuckled. "That's possible? That's sort of awesome!" She said, still giggling.
  • Kylie: She laughs lightly. "I heard it happened to a son of Hades years ago. Though, he ended up in China if memory serves me correctly."
  • Clara: Clara giggled. "How did he get back? Did he get back?"
  • Kylie: She nodded. "Yup, from what I heard, he did. Ended up saving the world too at one point, if rumors are true."
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