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Caitlyn and Natalie

  • Caitlyn: She was walking around, clearly not looking where she was going, yet soon she realize she was near the Hecate cabin.
  • Natalie: She walked leisurely out of the cabin, a small bag resting on her shoulder. She made sure to make the door tangible as quickly as possible, so as to prevent her cabin mates from being disturbed.
  • Caitlyn: She notices Natalie. Uhh hi there.
  • Natalie: She looks up with a small smile, not in the slightest bit perturbed thanks to her ability to see in many places. "Hello there. Are you looking for someone from the cabin?"
  • Caitlyn: She gave a small wave and a smile. Hey there, and no I'm not looking for anyone. It's just how ironic but I'm lost...
  • Natalie: She makes a soft, noncommittal sound before nodding in understanding. "Maybe I could help you then. I have nothing better to do for the day anyway so I might as well."
  • Caitlyn: She nods, appreciating the help. I would love that but, seriously, this is gonna be front page news later on how a Hecate kid helped out a lost Ariadne I can see it in the news stands now...She said rather sarcastically laughing at her own joke.
  • Natalie: She raises an eyebrow at Caitlyn, not exactly finding the humor in her words. "Camp doesn't have a newspaper though..."
  • Caitlyn: She turns to Natalie. It's a joke 'cause you know children of Ariadne are good at finding their ways and I'm here getting lost....
  • Natalie: She shrugs. "I honestly don't think such things can be the focus of a joke. After all, not everyone takes after their godparent. Anyway, where would you be heading?"
  • Caitlyn: She gives out a nervous laughs as she looks away. Uhh town. Want to get some coffee to make sure I'm awake.
  • Natalie: She tilts her head to the side in thought. "You're going an awfully far way just for some coffee. You could always ask the kitchens to give you some, or take a bath." She shrugs. "Then again, baths don't always wake people up."
  • Cait: She nods. Yeah, I know I can just ask the kitchen but I don't like bothering people and anyhow, a good exercise keeps the body fit and healthy right? She said, ignoring Natalie's last suggestion of a bath.
  • Natalie: She merely shrugs in response. "I think I'll have to retract my earlier statement. As much as I'd love to help, I'm far too lazy at the moment to even step a foot out of camp."
  • 'Cait: She nods then sighs. I knew I should have bought that coffee machine. Anyhow, where are you going? She asked looking at Natalie with full interest.
  • Natalie: She adjusts her bag on her shoulder so that it doesn't fall off. "I was hoping to find some shady place to read or draw or something like that. I've already finished training for the day and I do believe accomplishing that deserves some leisure time."
  • caitlyn: she raises her eyebrow practice? you sound like an ares kid getting ready for war..


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