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Celie News

  • Cel: Cel walked up to the door of the Apollo Cabin, one hand knocking on it whilst the other was tucked firmly behind his back. On his face, he had a small grin that seemed to expel that he had something to say.
  • Kylie: She sighed as the knock on the cabin door sounded through the room, despite the built in speakers playing some music. Not wanting to get off of the couch nor put away her small tub of cookie dough ice cream, she merely calls out in a loud voice. "The door's unlocked. Feel free to enter at your own risk!"
  • Cel: His grin grew a little as he opened the door, one arm still behind him. He looked at Kylie, a single eyebrow arched, "Is this the risk? You devouring a whole tub of ice cream on your own?"
  • Kylie: She rolls her eyes. "No, it's getting hit in the face by mini elves who will think you're trying to steal cookie dough ice cream from their queen." A small cheeky grin stretches on her face.
  • Cel: He shrugged, "The mini elves of this cabin?" He shook his head playfully, "They already know who I am and they often steal ice cream for me." He walked over and sat beside her, a grin ever present on his face.
  • Kylie: She makes a noncommittal sound as she continues eating her ice cream. She watches Cel with curious eyes as he sits beside her, somewhat wary of the grin on his face. "Did you win the lottery?"
  • Cel: He retained his grin as he shook his head "Nope...something better."
  • Kylie: She raises an eyebrow. "Something better...? What, did you get invited for lunch with the Queen of England?"
  • Cel: He shook his head, laughing a little, "No...If I show you my hand, do you think you could guess?"
  • Kylie: She looks skeptical. "You know I'm no good at guessing..." Her eyes widen as a thought comes to her head. "Please tell me you didn't get a tattoo."
  • Cel: Cel rolled his eyes playfully as he brought his hand from his back, a ring placed on his ring finger. He didn't say anything and just waited for Kylie's reaction.
  • Kylie: She stares at his hand for a few moments, not really processing the meaning behind the ring. When she does understand, her grip on her spoon slackens, causing it to drop into the half-empty tub of cookie dough ice cream. "No way..." Her eyes meet Cel's and she repeats her words. "No. Way."
  • Cel: He smiled at her and nodded a little, "I said yes."
  • Kylie: She gives a soft squeal before hugging Cel with one arm. "Finally! Took you long enough, bro."
  • Cel: He laughed a little as he shuffled to hug her back in a similar manner, "I know, don't remind me - at least I've done it."
  • Kylie: A grin graces her lips. "So, when is the wedding? Looking for a dress isn't exactly easy you know, especially when it can't just be any dress." She jokingly raises a stern eyebrow at Cel. "After all, I am your bridesmaid, am I not?"
  • Cel: He nodded, "You could even be my maid of honour if you really wanted."
  • Kylie: She grins cheekily at Cel. "We'll all discuss who'll be what over tea and cakes. Or maybe over cookie dough ice cream." She pointedly looks down at her tub of ice cream before offering it to Cel. "Want some? You have a lot of talking to do about how you said yes, the reactions, and your future plans."
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