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hope and desire. [ uno. ]

Desire: They arrive at a fast food restaurant and are in line. "What should we get?"

Hope:  She looks up at the menu and shrugs. "I mean it doesn't really matter to me. I'm not the one who is hungry." She says teasingly.

Desire: She scoffs and rolled her eyes playfully. "Whatever. You're still eating so pick." she stifles a laugh.

Hope:  She smiles playfully and then looks back up at the menu. "How about a butt ton of chicken nuggets? Synthetic chicken sounds like it would hit the spot." she says just barely suppressing her laughter.

Desire: She laughs with her, "I'll take one too. And maybe a large set of fake fries."

Hope:  She laughs out at that last part and smiles. "Okay well when it's our turn I will order."

Cashier Lady: "I can help whoevers next." she says in a bitchy tone.

Hope:  She walks up and says politely, "Can I get two orders of chicken nuggets and two large drinks and a large fry?"

Cashier Lady: "Sure whatever." She then holds her hand out while chewing some bubble gum very loudly.

Hope:  She takes out her wallet and pays the lady.

Cashier Lady:  She snatches up the money and then says exasperated, "Order number 43." Then she yells out. "NEXT!"

Desire: She glares at the rude Cashier and sends her mental pain blast. Hoping to teach her a lesson. She flips her off, before tying her hair back.

Cashier Lady:  She feels a sudden blast of pain in her head as the girl flips her off. She stumbles off to the back clutching her head and another lady steps up to take her place.

Hope: She looks at Desire incredulously and laughs. "Okay, what did you do?"

Desire: She laughs, "Just mind-f*cked her for a while." she shrugs. "She was pissing me off."

Hope:  She giggles and says teasingly, "Do you often f*ck people?"

Desire: She bites her lip and looks at Hope. "Yes I do. Boys and girls," she winks.

Hope: She is pale so the blush that rises in her cheeks is very evident. "Same. Except I don't do it often." She says trying to shrug it off. At that point their order is called out and Hope grabs it. "So where you wanna sit?"

Desire: "On you." she winks again, before leading her to a table.

Hope:  She looks completely taken off gaurd by this statement but laughs it off and follows to the table. She sets down the tray of food and in an attempt to throw Desire of her game she scoots back and pats her lap as if inviting her to sit there.

Desire: She's slightly surprised at the fact she took the offer, so she sits on her anyway. "You're not as innocent as you look." she smirks.

Hope:  She looks completely taken off gaurd by this but smiles. "I may look innocent but I can be very naughty." She winks at Desire before reaching around her to grab a chicken nugget to nibble on.

Desire: Shocked she raises an eyebrow, then laughs. "Good to know." she smirks. She pops a fry in her mouth. "Any hobbies?"

Hope:  She smiles and says calmly, "You mean aside from my Spider? I draw from time to time."

Desire: She hums whilst feeding Hope a fry. "What do you draw, love?"

Hope: She smiles and eats the fry before replying, "Oh all kinds of things. But I do enjoy drawing trees during a storm. I may get soaked but the feral beauty of it is worth it."

Desire: She smiles at her. "Anything else?"

Hope: She smiles and says, "Yeah. After this we could go to my room and I could show you." She winks at her.

Derise: She raises an eyebrow a sneaky smile forming on her lips. "How bout we just leave now?"

Hope: She laughs and pokes Desire's side and says teasingly, "You are the one who was hungry, so eat."

Desire: She rolls her eyes playfully, "Fine." she mumbles, putting some chicken in her mouth.

Hope: She laughs and says nan chelantly, "We could always make the food fun." She reaches around Desire and grabs a chicken nugget. She puts half of it in her mouth and winks at Desire hoping she gets the hint.

Desire: She puts the other half in her mouth, then kisses her. c;

Hope:  She holds the kiss for a moment before pulling away red faced. "Wow." She laughs and eats a nugget solo just to occupy herself.

Desire: She chuckles eating her half as well. "Not bad yourself, love."

Hope:  She blushes some more smiling to herself. "I'm ready to head home once you think you have had enough to eat."

Desire: "Can we leave now?" she almost whines. "We could take the food to go!"

Hope:  She laughs and says, "Okay we can get going. But first you kinda have to get off me."

Desire: She gets up, not really wanting to. "You're legs are really comfy." she winks.

Hope: "I've heard that they are very soft without my jeans on. Maybe you'll find out for yourself later." She giggles and winks at Desire.

Desire: She laughs, "I'd be glad to." She grabs Hope's hand almost rushes out of the fast food restaurant.

Hope:  She is dragged along behind Desire. She laughs at her enthusiasm and smiles happily. "You truly are eager."

Desire: She laughs with her. "Who wouldn't? I mean look at you."

Hope:  A blush rises in her face at this statement and she can't come up wtih anything to say but, "Well look at You."

Desire: She smirks at Hope. "Thank you. Maybe you'll get to see a lil more later on." she winks.

Hope:  She laughs and blushes. "Can't wait."

hope and desire. [ dos. ]

Timeskip - In Hope's Room !

Desire: As soon as she closes the door behind them, she pushes Hope onto the wall and starts to kiss her.

Hope:  She gasps lightly as she is pushed up against the wall but kisses Desire back with the same ferver.

Desire: She kisses Hope's collar bone, her hands exploring the blonde's body.

Hope:  Her breathing rate quickens and she wraps her arms around Desire breathing in her sweet scent.

Desire: She sucks and occasionally bites on her neck, making sure to leave a large hickey.

Hope:  She gasps out, "What are you doing!?" as she leans her head back exposing more of her neck.

Desire: She chuckles. "Just leaving my mark, love."

Hope:  She blushes and runs her hands up to Desire's volumous hair getting her hands slightly tangled and kisses her softly pushing lightly towards the bed.

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