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Uriel Cohen ~ Child of Hecate
He sits outside his cabin, polishing his sword. He had been sitting out here for about three hours (since he first started at 1:00PM), and seemed to be troubled by something completely unrelated to polishing. He lets out a big sigh, and just sits there, behind his cabin.
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More Info:

-The Healing Flame

 Age: 20  Height: 6'1  Weight: 140 lbs
 Sexuality: Bisexual (homoromantic)  Relationship Status: Single
 Birth Place: Athens, Greece  Main Weapon: Sword, Dagger, and Wand.
 Accent: Modern Greek
 – ❝Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.❞ -Albert Einstein

Cody Segumaya ~ Child of Athena
 He wanders about near the rear of Hecate cabin. He hears the sigh and worries about what may be wrong. He goes out in search of who could have possibly made the sound
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More Info:

-The Shy Defender

 Age: 13  Height: 5'7  Weight: 137 lbs
 Sexuality: Homosexual 
 Birth Place: Southern Missouri  Main Weapon: Rapier and Shield
 Accent: Neutral
 – ❝So many people are shut up tight inside themselves like boxes, yet they would open up, unfolding quite wonderfully, if only you were interested in them.❞-Sylvia Plath

Roleplay 1

Uriel: He sees him approach, with his ability to see in all directions at once. He continues to polish his sword, but speaks to Cody with his back still turned. "Something you need, friend?"

Cody:  Since the young person's back is turned he has a sort of confidence. "Are you the one who was sighing?"

Uriel: "Yeah, that was me." He finally turned to face Cody. "I'm Uriel, how can I be of service to you?" He said in a monotone voice. He was clearly not in the cheeriest mood.

Cody: When the boy turns away all of Cody's confidence drains. He looks towards the ground and says softly "I was just worried is all. I don't like sadness"

Uriel: "Well, you and I both. No need to look so glum all of the sudden." He says, noticing Cody's change in demeanor.

Cody:  He glances up at the boy but can't seem to make eye contact. He says shyly "So can I help you be less sad?"

Uriel: He raises an eyebrow at the question. "If you think you can, you can try." He pats the open spot next to him on the tree stump he currently is sitting in.

Cody: His eyes widen in obvious fear but he doesn't want to make things any worse so he sits next to the boy. He sits on the very edge of the stump. "So how can I help" He asks.

Uriel: "I assumed you would know." He said. "What's your name?" He asked, not wanting to make him feel uncomfortable.

Cody:  He looks at the ground and says, "My name is Cody." He looks off into the distance. "Maybe we can take your mind off of what is bothering you?"

Uriel: "Well, I managed to embarrass myself in front of the person I liked, and now he pretty much wants nothing to do with me if he can help it." He stops polishing, and sheathes his sword. "But I won't say any more than that."

Cody:  He looks at the boy in obvious shock. "W-wait you are...?" He shakes his head and using the moment on opportunity pushes the boy off the stump. Trying to hide his blunder he draws his blade and takes a fighting stance. "Lets get distracted."

Uriel: He was about to respond to Cody's shocked expression, when he was thoroughly knocked on his behind. He wasn't quite sure what was going on, so could only manage a weak query. "W-what?" He says, as he stares at Cody's blade. "If you're looking for a fight, I'm not one to mess with." He hops to his feet, and draws his sword.

Cody: He looks at the young boy and his eyes seem to take on a strange look. He pulls the shield from his back. "Distraction 101. Do something totally unrelated to the problem." He swings at the boy with his sword in a quick cobra like strike.

Uriel: He easily deflects the blade, and then attempts to knock Cody backwards with a swift kick from his left leg to Cody's chest.

Cody: He easily deflects the kick by raising his shield to block it. Seeing a small window of opportunity he comes from under the boys leg with his sword to strike at his upper leg.

Uriel: His leg, being knocked back, had set his equilibrium off. He was liable to fall— but even worse was the fact that he had a piece of celestial-bronze approaching his leg. He really was not in the mood to deal with another injury, so he teleported in a flash a few feet behind Cody. He attempts to end the silly fight by restricting Cody; he pulls water out of the nearby overgrown plants, and attempts to freeze the water around Cody's legs, immobolizing him.

Cody: Scared of the thought of another Man behind him he swiftly jumps and spins in mid~air. But he messes up the landing terribly and hits the ground hard. He lays there stunned for a moment. But then he laughs, it sounds like the gurgling of a stream.

Uriel: He can't help but laugh too. He lets his spell dissipate, and only a puddle of cool water remained. He walked up to Cody after sheathing his sword, and offers his hand to help him up.

Cody:  The battle spirit still hasn't left him so he grabs the boys hand. About half way up he realizes what's happening and lets go. He falls back on his behind and winces. He scrambles backwards a bit and then stands up on his own. He brushes himself off and looks at the ground the blood rushing to his face in a blush.

Uriel: He seemed confused. Was this guy normally such a clutz? He was definitely cute in a 'deer caught in the headlights' sort of way. He was curious what was up with him though, so he took a step towards him and spoke, "Are you alright? I can heal you if you got hurt, you know."

Cody: He looks up instinctively and the blush is evident on his face. He glances away trying to hide his embarrasment. "No. I'm fine. It's just," he mumbles something that is hard to catch but one word is clear, "cute"

Uriel: He, being the oblivious oaf he is, didn't take the hint. "Hmm? What's that? Couldn't quite here you." He says, moving a little closer. They now stood within arms reach of each other.

Cody:  His hands turn to fists at his sides as he fights the urge to run and hide. He says rather quietly, "You are," his words are lost in a mumble until his eyes brighten and he blurts out, "You are very cute." His face turns a shade of red and he looks at the ground looking like he is ready to bolt.

Uriel: His eyes widen in shock, as he didn't know how to take the compliment. "Um, uh, thank you." His usual calm demeanor breaks down in situations like this; he can handle life-risking battles and monster hunting, but relationships were a whole new arena for him. "I think you're cute too." He says honestly, but he hopes it didn't come out insincere sounding.

Cody:  He looks at the boy completely dumbfounded. He tries to sit down without realizing there was nothing to sit on and falls down. "B-but no one has ever..." He looks up at the boy, "You are.. Lying?"

Uriel: He bends his knees, crouching with his bum placed on his heels so that they met eye to eye. He smiles. "Nope. I mean it. You're really cute. Clumsier than a calf, but I think that only adds to the cute factor."

Cody:  He turns red again. "I'm not usually such a clutz. But your cuteness fuddles my brain."

Uriel: He laughs. He remembers his previous relationships, and how poorly they all went. He gives a small smile, more sad than happy. "Well, I think you've helped me with my problem, if only a little." He places a hand of Cody's shoulder. "Say, we should go to town some time."

Cody:  Without thinking he places his hand over the boys and smiles. "I'm glad I could help. And I think I would like that very much."

Uriel: "Then it's settled. I'll come pick you up tomorrow at your cabin." He said, as if they had actually agreed to the plans. He then looks up at the sky, and notices the purple-orange hues that are beginning to overtake it. "But I believe it is time I went inside. Tomorrow, then?"

Cody:  He blushes as he notices the location of their hands and looks at the boy without removing them. "Sure. It's a date."

Uriel: He finally realizes the gravity of the situation— He's dating a guy now. That means that his secret is out. But... Is that such a bad thing? He enjoys the moment, so doesn't worry about it too much. He removes his hand from Cody's shoulder, but grasps it before letting go. "See you later." He says, as he walks away. His heart was suddenly aflutter, and he felt like he was gliding through the cabin into his room.

Cody: He realizes that this is his first boyfriend. He is so exilerated at all that has happened. As the boy departs he squeezes his hand before letting go. He feels like he is walking on air as he walks back to his cabin and bunk.

Roleplay 2

Uriel: The next morning he realized that he hadn't actually asked what cabin Cody belong to. No matter, he could find him with his magic. He felt that was a little stalker-ish, but didn't ponder on it for too long. He waited outside Athena's cabin, a little nervous. Was he dressed nicely enough? What were they going to talk about? What should he do if things get... heated? He was practically freaking out, since it had been more than a while since he had taken someone out on a date, and the last one was a girl. What would people think when they saw them? He prayed Cody would just come out already, just to alleviate him of the stress.

Cody:  He calmly walks out of his cabin. Instead of his usual black attire he is a bit more dressed up. He is wearing tall boots and a sharp looking jacket over a red button down shirt. He spots the boy and all the memories of last night well up. He turns almost the same shade of red as his shirt as he hurries over.

Uriel: He notices Cody come out, looking beyond handsome. He feels relieved, but at the same time nervous; this was the real deal. As Cody makes his way over to Uriel, he extends his hand out for Cody to hold. "Good morning." He said, smiling.

Cody:  He takes hold of the boy's hand and smiles brightly. "Morning. Are you ready to go?" He scans over the boy's attire and flushes at the thought of how unbelievably handsome he is.

Uriel: He nods. "We can walk to town... Or I can take us near it instantly. Whichever you prefer." He says, smiling.

Cody:  He ponders the two options for a moment. He decides he wants this to last as long as possible since Uriels presence is very enjoyable. "Lets walk," he says and starts forward pulling Uriel to make him follow.

Uriel: He is dragged ahead for a moment, but then he catches up to Cody. He rubs the back of his head, a little embarrassed. He finds the silence unbearable, so he tries to break it. "So, uh, I was thinking we could get some breakfast first thing."

Cody:  He smiles. "Sure, I haven't had a chance to eat yet." He looks ahead and asks, "Do you know a place?"

Uriel: "Yeah, there's an iHOP that opened recently. I've never been there before, so I figured we could try it, if that's good enough for you." He says, hoping that iHOPs were considered decent. He wouldn't really know, not being from here originally. To be fair, he didn't exactly go out eating at restaurants either back home.

Cody:  He glances over at Uriel. "Sure sounds great," he says smiling brightly. He looks up at the sky before glancing back over at Uriel. He is extremely nervous. He hopes he isn't doing anything to mess this up.

Uriel: They continue to walk into town, towards the plaza wherein the new restaurant was located. They pass through a street, lined with trees on each side. Autumn's golden-brown leaves still scattered about in the wind, swirling past them as they stroll past. Spring had only just begun, and the plants began to bloom again, and the trees showed signs of newfound life in their lofty branches. There was something calming about the scenario, where they said nothing for the time, and yet he felt completely content by Cody's side. They must've just been taking in the sights is all. Uriel spots something hop about the trees behind them; a white bunny. "Hey, look over there." He says, turning and pointing to the creature.

Cody:  He looks at what Uriel is pointing out and smiles. "What a cute bunny." He lets go of Uriel's hand to drop down onto his knees and watch the bunny for a few seconds.

Uriel: He, being the dog he is, notices the form-fitting aspect of Cody's pants— particularly in the posterior area. He coughs, catching himself being a pervert. He has to admit though, the kid was cute. Too cute for his own good.

Cody:  He stands up slowly and takes Uriel's hand again. He smiles brightly and says, "Come on I'm starving." and begins moving forward again.

Uriel: Once again, they continue down the path until they come upon the Town Plaza. He spots the restaurant, and guides Cody through the crowd to the inside. Luckily, it seems as though they weren't too busy today, as only a few tables on the other side were taken. He goes up to the perky girl—whom could be no older that him—and requests a table for two.

Jasmine: The perky blonde self-identifies herself as Jasmine, and speaks. "Wow, y'all came at a great time too. Right before the swarm appears. Would you like a seat in the back, front, a booth, table or...?" He goes off listing a bunch of unnecessary things, and waits for a response.

Uriel: "A booth in the front will be fine, thank you." He says with a smile. Jasmine then leads them to the nearest booth, and Uriel takes a seat in the comfy cushion, and begins to look through the menu.

Cody:  He isn't sure whether or not he should sit opposite Uriel or next to him. He decides it would be most comfortable opposite and sits down. He begins flipping through the menu as well. Not exactly sure what to order.

Jasmine: She returns to the table, giddy as all hell. "So, like, what would y'all like to drink to start out with?" She was giggling uncontrollably, as if she saw a post-it note on the back of someone and couldn't keep it in.

Uriel: He raised an eyebrow at her, but that was as much as he would do. "Orange Juice, please."

Cody:  He eyes the girl cooly trying to figure out her gidiness but only says calmly, "I think I would like a glass of Apple juice please and thank you."

Jasmine: "Coming right up! And, by the way, I think y'all are adorable together." She then walks away, giggling like a schoolgirl.

Uriel: "What in the world did she mean? Mortals can be so strange..." He says, still browsing the menu. "Anyway, I think I'll get the Viva la French Toast. What about you?"

Cody: "Yes, they can be quite the odd people." He glances at his menu again. He then looks back at Uriel and says, "I'm not really into all this fancy crud. You suppose they have blueberry pancakes? That would be heavenly."

Uriel: "Yeah, it should be under 'Pancakes' on page three." He says, smiling to himself. He then notices that a children's menu had been left on the table, on which was a series of games. Two crayons were laid next to the menu, and he decided to check it out. He notices that one of his favorite games; Dots-and-Boxes had a large section on it. He picks up the red crayon, and speaks to Cody. "Hey, ever play Dots-and-Boxes? I promise it's more fun than it seems."

Cody:  He leans over the table to look at the paper "You mean like tic-tac-to?" He laughs that same laugh from the night before, "I used to play all the time with Papa."

Uriel: "Heh. It's a little like it. All you have to do is create a square by connecting two dots. I'll go first." He takes his red crayon, and makes a single line connecting two dots. "Now, you go." He slides over to Cody's side to allow them an easier time playing.

Cody: "Oh this game." He smiles and picks up the green crayon and draws a line on the bottom right corner. He says sarcastically "I am so going to beat you."

Uriel: "We'll see about that." They continue to play, until they come to the point where one mistake would cost you the game. Uriel, having played this game with his father all the time, was perfectly aware of every move that was being made. Nonetheless, he decided it would be better to lose. He makes that one mistake, and as a result, Cody was able to attach a whole snake of boxes. The final score came out; 25U:26C. "Well, what do you know. You did beat me." He stuck his tongue out, playfully.

Jasmine: Before their fun times could continue, Little Miss Sunshine came back with their drinks after five minutes. "Sorry about the wait! We had a little difficulty with the dishwasher. Can I take your orders now or later?" She says. This time she looked at Cody for an answer.

Cody:  He looks up at the waitress with a blush growing in his face from the thoughts he had had about Uriel before she interupted. He says cooly "Might as well take them now and get it over with." He orders his pancakes and then orders Uriel's food as well and then smiles at Uriel and says, "I know what you did there, it was sweet." and then he turns to take a drink of his apple juice.

Jasmine: She was walking away when he said it, but she couldn't help but overhear Cody's comment to Uriel. Her squees could be heard from the other side of the restaurant.

Uriel: He paid her no mind, as he was too focused on Cody. "I have no idea what you're talking about." He says, but it was clear he was only just saying that. It was then that he realized how little Cody and Uriel had actually talked about each other up until now. He decided to test the waters with easy questions. "So, uh, where are you from?" He asksNd then takes a sip of his juice.

Cody:  He seems slightly agrivated by the girl's constant screeching. He looks at Uriel and replies to his question, "I'm from a part of southern Missouri. There's a nice forest close to my home town. And what about you? Where did you come from before Camp?" And then before he can answer he asks another question. "Are you certain she might not be a harpie? All those screeches."

Uriel: He laughs at his question. "No, she's definitely mortal. I could sense a monster from miles away. I just don't get what she's so giddy about." He looks over to where she stood by the front desk, and he noticed there was now a crowd of people, and the tables around them had filled up. He then replied to his other question. "Well, my father's family was from Athens, Greece, but they disowned him when I was born, and we moved out to a farm not too far from the city. While I'm not exactly pleased they disowned him, I will say that the owners of the farm were the nicest people you could ever meet. They practically took us in as family." He figured that was enough of his backstory for polite conversation. "Camp is my home now, though. What about you? Where do you call home?"

Cody:  He glances at the crowd of people and sighs. He knows the flood has arrived and it will take even longer for their food to arrive. He then answers Uriel's question with very little confidence, "I don't really know what to call home... I mean my father was nice but I don't think I could go back there. And camp is nice but I'm not used to so many people. Especially not so many," He turns slightly red, "cute men."

Uriel: His face began to grow red for the first time they've been together; he was not one to blush easily. "W-well, you'll learn to enjoy it soon enough. I've yet to meet any campers that are truly rotten to the core." He says, twirling one of his spoons. "So, uh, when'd you find out you were... Y'know."

Cody:  He gets a bit shy and starts doodling on a napkin with the crayon. He finally speaks quietly "It was a few years ago. I umm started having feelings for a guy and then I knew... But you are the first," he clears his throat "Actual boyfriend I've had." He turns to look for the waitress looking exasperated.

Uriel: He nods, kind of feeling bad he asked that question after seeing how much Cody squirmed. "I had a girlfriend once, and I loved her, but I screwed it up royally. While she was away, I went to the movies with another girl—I won't say who— and by the end, we almost kissed. I felt so bad that I had to tell my ex, and she was pretty messed up by it. I had a gang of her friends on my arse for days. We eventually reconciled, but I couldn't manage to get back with her out of guilt." He says, recounting the course of events in a sad, low tone. "And then I found out I was Bi when I developed feelings for this other guy I'm close with. Somewhere down the line I embarrassed myself, and him, so much that we hardly speak like we used to. That's it for me, I guess." He says, not sure what else to say. He hopes for the food to arrive soon, preferably hot.

Cody:  He looks at Uriel and notices his sad expression. He reaches over and takes Uriel's hand and says softly "Well so far you are great." He sits there looking for the waitress holding Uriel's hand.

Uriel: He grasps Cody's hand too. "You too." Is all he can manage to say, as his face grows a little more red. Some other diners seemed to take notice of the couple, and were giving rather gross looks at them. He didn't particularly care, as he was where he wanted to be.

Jasmine: Gwen Stefani was back, with another well-dressed male waiter who was probably college-aged. "He~re you go!" She says with a smile, and places down their food with the other waiter's assistance. "Enjoy your meal~!"

Cody:  He relinquishes Uriel's hand so they can eat. As he scans the room he notices one of the diners looking at them with disgust and whispers to Uriel, "They are looking at us... Maybe we should go?"

Uriel: "Pay them no mind. We'll leave once we're finished eating." He says, pouring syrup onto his French Toast. "Besides, they don't know us. Though, I guess, if they did they might still dislike us. Or at the very least fear us."

Cody:  He nods and goes to work cutting up his pancakes. Once he finishes he begins to eat them. He stops about half way through to say, "These are actually really good! I haven't had these since I turned 9. Dad stopped making them."

Uriel: "Yeah. I haven't had French Toast before, but this is amazing." He says, as he takes another bite. He was eating faster than Cody, as his plate was almost foodless.

Cody:  He laughs at the speed with which Uriel has devoured his food. "You do seem to enjoy them." He goes to work trying to finish his food quicker.

Uriel: "Yeah, I love stuffing my mouth. It's a great feeling." He says, oblivious to any innuendo in that statement.

Cody:  He begins choking on his pancakes from laughing and can't breath. He begins to turn red and reaches for his apple juice to try and wash it down. He takes a long drink and then gasps for air. Once there is enough in his lungs he laughs very hard.

Uriel: He seemed confused. "Uh, did I say something wrong?" He said. The other diners now stared them down, as if they were being disruptive. Cody's laugh wasn't too loud though, considering the noise level had increased since all the people shuffled in.

Cody:  As he gasps for air between boughts of laughter he says, "That was very dirty," and then falls back into more boughts of laughter.

Uriel: He was completely clueless, and was about to ask what he meant before he was interrupted by Gwen Stefani again.

Jasmine: "Hay guys~ Did you enjoy your meal? I'll leave the cheque with you~." She says, handing it over to Uriel. He pulls out his wallet, paying for the meal and leaving a decent sized tip for their waitress.

Cody:  When he finally stops laughing there are tears in his eyes. He quickly brushes them away and smiles. "I haven't laughed so hard in ages." He decides that Uriel isn't going to catch on and decides to change the subject. "So where to next Uriel?"

Uriel: He seemed to forget all about the laughing, and changed gears quickly. "Yeah, I was thinking we could go to the park and have a walk, if that's your kind of thing."

Cody: "Sure lead the way," he says smiling and taking Uriel's hand.

Jasmine: "Oh, you two!" She says as they begin to leave. "I just want y'all to know I'm sooooo happy for you!" She giggles, and then runs back to her post.

Uriel: He spotted something on her wrist as she was talking, and everything made sense then. He lead Cody out of the restaurant, and they walked through the crowded plaza towards the park. "I finally figured out why she was so giddy. She had a rainbow coloured band."

Cody:  He laughs and blushes "Oh my goodness." He smiles and looks up at the sky as they walk along.

Roleplay 3

Uriel: He suddenly remembers what they were talking about before they were interrupted. "Oh, but are you going to explain to me what was wrong? I'm so confused." They arrive at the park, and walk down the stone pavement. The wind blew coldly past them, and the birds were singing their sweet songs.

Cody:  He laughs and then explains, "Well you said you like to have your mouth stuffed. Think of the implications of that statement." He turns red as he himself thinks of how that could be taken.

Uriel: He ponders for a moment on the exact wording. Suddenly, it dawns on him, and he was ready to die. "I-I didn't mean it like that! I haven't done THAT before." He says, waving his hands at the notion.

Cody:  He laughs and rolls his eyes. "Well neither have I. So we are in the same boat."

Uriel: He was squirming a little at the images that were going through his head. "Uh, well, uh, yeah." Is all he can muster the courage to say.

Cody:  He notices the way Uriel is squirming and tries to put two and two together. He turns a bright red and looks at the ground. "Oh. Oh my." Images of this roll through his mind and the red turns brighter.

Uriel: Unable to take the awkwardness, he looks around for a distraction. Luckily, or maybe sadly, for him a frisbee hit him upside the head. "Ow." He says, and recoils. He should've seen it coming, but I guess it was a blindspot. That, or he was just too occupied.

Cody:  He is worried Uriel may fall so he wraps his arms around him to keep him on his feet. He looks around for whoever threw the frisbee ready to give them a piece of his mind. And maybe the small dagger located in his back pocket.

Uriel: He was fine, and stayed on his feet. He was quite pleased where Cody's arms were though. "I'm fine. I've had worse hit me on the head." He rubs the spot, and then picks up the frisbee.

Jake — Brosef Almighty: "Aw, sorry bros. My bad." He says, as he runs up to them. Shirtless, and very buff, he was a sight to see. When he arrives, Uriel hands the frisbee over. "Thanks, bro. Sorry for the trouble."

Cody:  He lets go of Uriel and walks up to the buff guy. He looks up at him furiously and screams, "You hit him in the head you big idiot! You could have seriously hurt him!" he comes very close to punching the big oaf in the face.

Jake — Brosef Almighty: "Ah, sorry bra. Just an accident. We'll be more careful." He says, a little shocked at the little guy trying to threaten him.

Uriel: He places a hand on Cody's shoulder. "It's okay. Go have fun, man." He says, and he pulls Cody away, practically dragging him back down the path.

Cody:  He follows along blindly muttering to himself about big guys and thinking that they can do what they want cuz they are so big. Finally he sighs and looks up at the sky and says to Uriel, "Sorry about that."

Uriel: He laughs. "It's okay. I'm a little surprised really. That was pretty protective of you." He puts his arm around Cody, as they walk down the path.

Cody:  He laughs a bit and then says shyly, "I guess it's just my inner protector. I don't like people to get hurt. Especially not those I care about."

Uriel: "How heroic. Though, does attacking me within the first few minutes we met count?" He says, laughing.

Cody:  He blushes and states quite defensively, "That was to help with your sadness." Then he laughs a little "And it worked. Look at you now." He does just that and gets a bit redder.

Uriel: He smiles at Cody's shyness. "You're too cute." He says, poking Cody's nose softly. He looks up at the sky once more, and the sun was midway through. It must have been around 12:00 PM. "Hey, I have a surprise for you... If you can find me in a game of hide-and-seek." He says, plotting.

Cody:  He looks at Uriel skeptically and then sighs in resignation. He says, "Fine go hide. I will count to 20. But if this suprise scares me I won't be pleased." He giggles after that last part and covers his eyes and begins slowly counting to 20.

Uriel: He teleports away, hiding in a bush. He very purposefully makes sure that the bush rustles enough to catch Cody's attention.

Cody: "20" he scans the nearby area and spots the rustling bush. He laughs to himself and calls out, "Oh where could he have gone?" He slowly creeps up to the bush and stands there looking at it. "Found you Uriel!" he calls and laughs at how easy it was.

Uriel: His hand reaches out, grabbing on to Cody's arm. He then pulls Cody into the bush with him.

Cody:  He yelps in suprise and lands roughly on the ground inside of the bush. He then lets out a stream of curses. "The hell are you doing!?"

Uriel: "Giving you your surprise." He says, and then he moves close so that he was above Cody, and face-to-face with him. He closes his eyes and goes in for a kiss. Before they touch lips, he speaks softly. "If you don't want it, just say."

Cody:  He leans up the last few inches and locks lips with Uriel. He pulls away for a second to look up and says, "Does that answer your question?" And then he giggles and blushes violently.

Uriel: "Indeed it does." He says, before going back for more. They lock lips once more, but this time their mouths open as the kiss deepens. His right hand moves to caress Cody's face.

Cody:  His arms snake up to wrap around Uriel's neck pulling him down on top of him. He continues the kiss allowing it to deepen.

Uriel: He was in bliss; this was his first real kiss in a long time. And it was with someone he really liked. He was pulled down, and now they lay chest-to-chest. This was probably not a wise position, as their groins now rubbed against each other with every move they made.

Cody: He pulls away to gasp for air before going back to kissing Uriel. He realizes the position they are in and moans lightly into the kiss.

Uriel: The moan turned him on greatly. Before he knew what he was doing, his hands were moving to unbutton Cody's shirt.

Cody:  He notices what Uriel is doing and moves to stop him. "Take us home first. You said you can warp us. So do it."

Uriel: He was pretty desperate at the moment, so he does as he says. With a snap on his fingers, a veil of purple light covers them, and they slowly disappear.

Roleplay 4

Uriel: They reappear, in the same position, on Uriel's bed, in his bedroom. He was not shocked or displaced at all, and he begins to work on Cody's shirt almost immediately.

Cody:  He lays back blushing. He runs his hands down Uriels back and then goes to work on removing Uriel's shirt.

Uriel: He finally manages to completely remove Cody's shirt, and his shirt is taken off him right after. Their bare chests were now exposed to one another; Uriel's body was not particularly well toned though. Only the beginnings of the suggestion of abs could be seen, and he owed that to his many hours of training. He stared at Cody's for a few moments, though, and was thoroughly pleased. A smile creeped on his face, and the he returned those lips to Cody.

Cody:  He looks up at Uriel's bare chest and is thoroughly pleased. He is so attractive to him. As their lips reconnect Cody opens his mouth and moans lightly. He runs his hands over Uriel's bare chest thoroughly enthralled.

Uriel: He breaks the kiss, and begins to give him small kisses on his neck, down to his bellybutton. Then he stops, looks up at Cody, and asks, "How far do you want to go with this?"

Cody:  He looks down at the man so close to his private area and sighs. This is all happening so fast. But he doesn't know if he wants to stop. So he settles for saying, "As far as you are comfortable with."

Uriel: That was all he needed to hear. He continued to move down, and comes to another halt. He begins to take off Cody's pants, unbuttoning them and pulling them off.

~ Sexy Times ~

Uriel: He wakes up the next morning, naked, holding Cody close to him under the covers. The room smelled of male body odor, sweat, and Funyuns. He brushed the hair on Cody's face aside, and cupped his face. That was his first time, and he was sure it was his too, but it was incredible.

Cody:  He awakens as Uriel touches his face. He realizes the state he is in and lets out a small yelp of suprise and steals the covers to cover his body. He turns bright red as he gets up to search for his clothing.

Uriel: The covers were stolen from him, and now he lay there exposed. He was a little afraid that Cody was regretting his decision. "G-good morning." He says, unsure.

Cody:  He turns to look at Uriel and his red deepens. "Morning Uriel." He thinks back to everything the night before and if possible gets even redder. He crawls back into bed and burries his face in a pillow to hide his face. He mumbles from the pillow "Last night was great."

Uriel: "Yeah... But you don't need to be so embarrased." He says, climbing out of bed and finding a new outfit to put on. Once picked up, he snapped his fingers and he was suddenly dressed in them. "If you need some clothes, I have some that might fit you."

Cody:  He looks up and says with a blush, "I found everything but my pants they seem to have dissapeared."

Uriel: He waves his hand, and a pair appears in Cody's hand. They were only slightly larger than what he wore, and they seemed to have been relatively unused. He walked over to his dresser, pulled out some gel and other miscellaneous items and went through his usual morning ritual. He seemed pretty lost for words, though, as he was silent.

Cody:  He pulls on the pants under the covers and then comes out of bed and walks over to Uriel. "This changes a lot. But not my feelings." And with that he leans over Uriel's shoulder and kisses his cheek

Uriel: He smiles at his kiss. "I'm glad." He moves again, past the mirror. "Ah, one second." He says, moving over to his laptop. He turns it on, planning on searching for something. That was interrupted however, when his iTunes suddenly opens up and continues playing a Mariah Carey song; Touch my body/Put me on the floor/Wrestle me around/Play with me some more/Touch my body/Throw me on the bed/I just wanna make you feel/Like you never did. He scrambles to turn it off, and his face grows red.

Cody:  He turns bright red as memories from the night before slide into his mind. He looks at Uriel with a look that says, "Really?" And then he laughs and sits back down on the bed.

Uriel: He says back, "I swear I didn't mean to!" He laughs, and closes it down. He goes through his schematics, and when he finds the one he was looking for, he opens it. He calls Cody over, "Hey, I want you to see this." On the screen was an image of a pentagram pendant made of silver, with blue stones.

Cody:  He leans over Uriel's shoulder to look at the schematic. He gazes at it for a second before standing up and saying, "It looks interesting. Whats it for?"

Uriel: "You, if you want it." He says, looking up at him. "I make these kinds of things all the time."

Cody:  He blushes a bit and says, "Oh you don't have to Uriel." He goes back to sit on the bed and falls over onto his back laying there with his legs dangling over the edge.

Uriel: As Cody walks away, he reaches into his computer screen, manipulating reality to his will. He pulls out an exact copy of the pendant, yet it sparkles with a purple hue. He then gets up, and walks back over to his partner. He presents the pendant. "It's really no bother at all. Actually, I'd feel better if you took it anyway. It's enchanted, you see?" He holds it out for him. "It'll protect you from one attack a day. It'll activate when it thinks you're in danger."

Cody:  He smiles and takes the pendant obediently and slides it into his pocket. "Thinking of my safety like I matter?" He says jokingly. But then he turns red as he explains the pendants function and says, "But what if it thinks you are attacking me when...?" He clears his throat at the end of this statement and looks away turning a shade of crimson.

Uriel: He chuckles at the insinuation. "Trust me, it'll know." He says, before laying next to Cody. "So, what now?" He asks, unsure himself.

Cody:  He closes his eyes and thinks for a little while. He isn't quite sure what to do today but he knows he wants Uriel around. Then he sits up suddenly and says to Uriel, "Meet me at my Cabin in an hour." And he runs out of the room heading towards his cabin.

Uriel: "O-okay?" He says, before Cody runs out. He sits up, and figures something out to do in the meantime.

Roleplay 5

Cody: He sits outside of his cabin waiting for Uriel to arrive. He has something resembling a wicker basket poking out from behind his back. He is softly humming to himself face turned to the sun.

Uriel: He arrives, exactly an hour after Cody had left. He was pretty on-track with his schedules. He spots Cody, and walks up to him. "Hey."

Cody: His song is cut off as Uriel calls out and he opens his eyes. He goes to stand up grabbing the basket from behind him. "Hey Uriel." He says smiling brightly.

Uriel: "What do you have there?" He asks, curious what he is hiding. "You ran out faster than a bride at a wedding."

Cody: "I wouldn't run out on a wedding!" He says looking appalled. "And besides its a secret." He says sticking out his tongue and walking away. "Come silly!" he calls over his shoulder to Uriel.

Uriel: He follows like a tiny lamb. "So, where are we going, exactly?" He asks.

Cody: "You will see when we get there." he says looking over his shoulder showing a large knowing smile.

Uriel: "Alright, I trust you." He says, smiling back.

Cody:  He continues moving forward knowing exactly what he is looking for. He keeps scanning the right side of his path for something. As he spots a large rock he turns in its direction. He wanders off into a small wooded area calling out for Uriel to follow him. After a few more minutes of walking they enter into a clearing. "Here we are!" says Cody smiling. He pulls the basket out and from it produces a large blanket which he proceeds to spread on the ground. He flops down on the blanket and sets the basket down.

Uriel: He smiles, presently surprised. "You work quickly." He said, as he sat down next to him. "I was thinking of the same thing the other day, you know. I guess great minds think alike."

Cody:  He laughs that same gurgling brooke laugh and smiles at Uriel. "I guess so. I figured it would be nice to get out of the hustle and bustle of town so I made a picnic." He then commences to set out a small meal. It consists of sandwiches and a salad of different fruits. "Something sweet." he says smiling.

Uriel: He smirks as he picks up a single fruit, and bites down on it. "You're right, definitely sweet." He says, "But I know what would be sweeter." He leans over to Cody, and attempts to kiss him softly on the lips.

Cody:  He kisses Uriel and blushes a bit. He almost completely forgets the food in that one moment of bliss but soon remembers and grabs a sandwich. "Food first silly."

Uriel: He obeys, and goes back to sit in his spot. He grabs a sandwich, and eats it far more politely than he did his breakfast the day before. He occasionally looks at Cody when he thinks he isn't paying attention, just to catch a glimpse.

Cody:  He sits there nibbling on a sandwich looking off into the woods looking deep in thought. Eventually he grabs a piece of apple from the pile and nibbles on it a bit before falling over onto his back and laying there grinning like a fool.

Uriel: He watches Cody eat the apple, when he has a revelation. "My father used to tell me stories about a sacred apple. From the Bible, I think. When the man and woman ate from the apple, they lost their immortality, and were kicked out of the garden." He ponders for a moment. "So, I would be careful what you're eating unless you want to die." He says playfully.

Cody: "Oh you would just hate it if I died wouldn't you?" he says with a note of humor in his voice. He then rolls over onto his side and looks up at Uriel. "Alright enough food." he laughs happily. "Get your cute butt down here and kiss me."

Uriel: He spirit was quite willing, and his flesh even moreso. He moved in a flash over to Cody, and now he leans over his partner. He leans in the kiss again, and his hands wander around his backside.

Cody:  His desire and passion come out in full force as their lips meet. He deepens the kiss and pulls Uriel close to him. As Uriel moves his hand along his back a spot right in the middle of his lower back is touched and Cody moans out loudly. This is the spot where Cody can not bare to be touched because of the things it does to him.

Uriel: He wanted to lay there forever, just with Cody in the nascent spring weather. It was at that moment that a seashell on one of his necklaces began to shine. He broke the kiss, and held it up to his ear. A recording of himself played; a reminder that he needed to train today in approximately thirty minutes. He sighed, and look sadly at his partner. "I have to go train today. I've been off my scheduele for weeks..." He stops for a moment, thinking. "Unless... You want to be my partner today."

Cody:  He looks up at Uriel sadly as he breaks the kiss. But then he laughs at the mention of training and smiles. "I almost beat you once. So sure I'll take you on!"

Uriel: He was about to object to his claim, but decided to roll with it. "Fine, then you'll have no trouble this time." He stands up, and holds out his hand for Cody to use to stand as well.

Cody:  He takes Uriels hand and allows himself to be pulled up. He briefly dusts himself off and smiles. "I didn't bring my sword and shield though. What should I use?

Uriel: "I'll meet you at the arena, so you have plenty of time to gear up." He says as he looks up at the sky. "'Til then." He kisses Cody on the cheek and then leaves the area.

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