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Urban arena

WARNING: Read at Your Own Risk

In some abandoned town outside Camp...

Blake and Logan seem to be talking about life before camp

  • Blake: "And that's how I gave every girl in school a valentine rose."
  • Logan: "Wow,Blake,you must really like flowers."
  • Blake: "You can say that."
  • As they walk near an abandoned building, the loud sound of glass being crushed underfoot tries to break off their conversation.
  • Logan: He stops dead "What was that?"
  • Blake: "No idea...but get behind just in case."
  • A strong gust of wind suddenly blows, which swings the building's ajar door completely open. The wind chime hanging at the top frame of the door creates a loud sound, beckoning the two demigods to enter.
  • Their curiosity getting the best of them,they enter the building,cautiously
  • The inside of the first floor is cluttered and hard to move around on, with piles of boxes scattered all over and high shelves fastened on the walls. As they enter, a vase on one shelf falls and shatters on the floor.
  • Logan: "This place gives me the creeps,Blake..."
  • Blake: "Glad I'm not the only one."
  • When the vase drops on the floor, it hits something. As soon as the shattering sound becomes replaced with silence, a music box begins to play. The vase must have hit the music box's trigger or something, making it play. Another wind blows, only that it is cold, weak and thin.
  • Logan: He starts to shake with fear "Okay,I wanna go home now."
  • At the other end of the room is an open doorway, with no door attached to the doorjambs. Suddenly, a human figure shows up beyond that doorway and swings its right arm with a loud grunt. Something flashing dimly in bronze-like color flies through the air, aimed for Logan. It was a Swiss celestial bronze dagger. 
  • Logan didn't notice the blade until it stabbed him right in the head,taking him out quickly
  • <...Logan Baxter, son of Astraeus, dead...>
  • Blake: "No!!!!!"
  • Cato: He rushes out of the back room and into the room where the late Logan and his living friend, Blake are. He stops a few inches from the back room's doorway and stares at Logan's body, which fell to its side, hitting a solid and stuffed box, causing the dagger to dig further in his head. He then turns his eyes at Blake with a piercing glare. I got you now, dumbass.
  • Blake: Looks at him cold hatred "You sick bastard,you would kill a child?"
  • Cato: With his piercing glare still fixed at him, he knit his eyebrows even more. Child? I don't care if its a f*cking child! You want next!? Huh!?
  • Blake: "Bring it dirt bag" He draws his sword "I'll make you pay."
  • Cato: He reaches for his hatchet from behind him, and raises it halfway towards him. Without any word or warning, he leaps at an inhuman way with his hatchet aimed directly towards the top of Blake's head.
  • Blake: He parries his strike and slices at his face
  • Cato: When the sword parries with the hatchet, he quickly pulls out his executioner's sword with his left hand. As the sword tries to slice his face, he shields his face with the hatchet's head, making the sword harmlessly run across the hatchet's blade; with his own sword, he lodges it on a large box and uses it as fulcrum to spin himself around, kicking Blake at the side of his neck.

Blake: The kick to the neck led him to kneel down,choking a little.He gets back up and tries to uppercut him with his sword.

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