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Xander and Aria

continuation from Xander's page:

Xander:  Tries to act calm and compose "You're one crazy weird woman!" he said while quietly stepping backward.

Aria: If I weren't, you eouldn't like me" she says still laughing and grabbing Xander's biceps.

Xander: "Like you?, what gives you the idea that i like you?" he said pulling his arms away.

Aria: She returns to her usual mode. " I don't care really..."

Xander: "Well let's just make something clear, I don't like all!" he said with a straight face.

Aria: "Sure.........? Maybe you need a kiss to refresh your memory" she says while putting her arms around his neck and kissing him softly.

Xander: Tries to pull away from the kisses. "You sure like to kiss Woman. I'm kinda sick of it. What will make you stop bothering me.

Aria: Poor Xander. He shouldn't have said that. Mad Aria activated.... Well "Look boy, I sobt like kissing and what makes you think I like you? Huh?" She says and jabs her finger on hos chest"I'm sick of you always being so indifferent about everything, and you know what? You are alwa-" she stops and falls ti the ground and faints.

Xander: He thought that she was faking the whole fainting thing so he just stood there doing absolutely nothing but stare at her. "What are you doing lady, pretending to faint..., that is so...'" he stops before he could say anything more, but still uncertain about her fainting being real.

Aria: She keeps fainted

Xander: He looks closer to her. Maybe she wasn't acting at all, he thought. He panic for a bit, bends down, and touch her pulse to see if she was alive. He then quickly grab her in a her back to start carrying her in the infirmary.

Aria: She starts covulsing a bit.

Xander: He suddenly increased his phase. After some time, he was in the infirmary, he let her lay on a bed. One of the apollo kid tried to look for her condition.

Nove (an Apollo kid I have): He examines her and finally says "She looks like she had low pressure... just stay with her for a moment, and then she'll wake up and you'll be free to go"

Xander: Um, sure" he said . He then looks at Aria "Is she really okay?"

Nove: "Right now she isnt, but she will soon enough..." He then think for a moment"You reLly seem to care for her, is she your girlfriend or something like that? We were a couple a year ago, but then she brokenup with me...

Xander: He was shock when he heard the guy's comment. "No!" he said calmly. "I just felt responsible for why she fainted or something. " he said in denial. "We're not even close at being friends" he continued.

Nove: Why is that? I knownshe may be weird at first, but give her some time and she eill be as sweet as candy...

Xander: looks at Nove. "I Don't really don't know...anyway, when can I leave ? I guess you're good to take care of her, since you where her Ex"

Nove: We had some conflicts so i guess its vetter if you stayed...

Xander: Sits on one of the chair. "Um, if you say so..., then okay...but what is you name Mister?"

Nove: November Stark

Xander: Nods, "I'm Xander Bledsoe!"

Days later...

Xander: He is resting at the shade, sitting at the large roots of the tree, reading a novel book. He seems to be enjoying one of his many alone time.

Aria: She was next to him, probably he didn't notice, but she had been there for qy¡uite a lng time "What are you reading?"

Xander:  He was so shock that he threw the book towards her. Too bad his aim was so bad it missed her. "What are you doing here? How long have you been here?"

Aria: She gets startled "Uhmm... I got here before you did... duhhh"

Xander:  Makes a skeptical look towards Aria. He then stands up,, walks toward the book he had thrown earlier and pick it up. "Well, see you later lady!" he said as he raised his hand for formality.

Aria: "Why are you mad at me?"

Xander:  Looks at her in the eyes. "Just like to be alone...thats all!"

Aria: "I can go if you'd like to"

Xander: "No don't bother, I'll be the one to go, you do what ever you like to do...just don't faint again!"

Aria: She starts crying and leans to Xander's shoulder "It wasn't my fault, I'm sorry!" She says and rests her face on her hands.

Xander : He was surprised by the sudden burst of emotion. "Ummm..... It's okay...? don't cry please!!!" he awkwardly said.

Aria: "Tou treat me as if I were a monster!"

Xander:"To my defence I treat everyone that they might kill me anytime. I don't trust anyone...

Aria: She wioes her tears away and stands up, her back facing Xander "Well, there's no need of defense anymore. I'm going. I just thought that I could help you get some friends. But its futile. You have no feelings." She crosses her arms and starts ealking away.

Xander: As aira walks ways, Xander take her arms and pull towards him. "I wouldn't mind some company now!

Aria: She puts a confised face "What?"

Xander: "Look, I'm like this since i was a kid, but...i just don't want you to be left upset at me...okay?"

Aria: Her face becomes even more puzzled. "Why? I thought you had no feelings..."

Xander: "Hey, that hurts a bit, i have those you know, i just have a hard time expressing them"

Aria: "I've noticed that, believe me." She then sighs and sits next to him and pats his lap"Tell me, what's wrong? Why have you always been like this?"

Xander: "I guess your looking for some psychological issues when i grew up, but no. I am just like this. I guess this is my nature is."

Aria: "Xander, do you like me?" She asks whilst shifting her hair to the back of her ear.

Xander: Cheeks turns slightly read, then slowly look at a distance. "Why ask that all of the sudden?"

Aria: She blushes "Why not asks that all of a sudden? Is there a problem?"

Xander: "Um, I think um....well, to answer your question, I guess I like you better than I like most people .!"

Aria: "Is that supposed to be a compliment? I mean, you don't like people at all..."

Xander: "Um, well that ws a compliment I think!, and I don't don't like people, I just hate talking to them"

Aria: "But you are talking to me without getting mad..."

Xander: Looks at Aira, "What's you're point?"

Aria: "Remember the time I kissed you?" She looks at her hands, ignoring his previous question.

Xander: "When was that again?" he said as he stares far away!

Aria: She standsup,brushes off anything that got in her legs and says "Then I take that as a no..." and starts walking away, brushing away a tear.

Xander: He also stands up, "Did I did something wrong again?" he said loudly.

Aria: She laughs slightle "No Xander, it was me who did something wrong by falling for you."

Xander:"Are you messing with me again? You do like to make fun of me do you?"

Aria: She starts crying. "i Love you Xander, but you're too s tupid to notice!" She yells.

Xander He just stood speechless in front of Aria.

"Don't You care?!?!?!?": {{{2}}}

Xander: "Of course I do, thats why i don't want this to be one of your tricks on me, I want this to be true for i have feelings for you too."

Aria: "Im not pulling any trick on you dumbutt!!!"

Xander :Well you always fool around, how do i know if this one's true or not."

Aria: "When have I ever fooled around?"

Xander : "When we kiss, to you it was just for fun, but I ... that was so real to me, even if it was out if the blue"

Aria: "It was real Xander" she cries "Real!"

Xander: He puts his hands on his cheeks and kisses her gently.

Aria: She is taken absck and tenses at first, but then relaxes snd kisses back, positioning her hand on Xander's chest and the other on his waist.

Xander: He slowly let go his lips away from the kiss. Smiling he said "Um, sorry if i kissed you!"

Aria: "I liked that"

Xander: "Was I any good?"

Aria: "What do you mean?"

Xander: Slowly turns away, "Um, nothing, ?" he said clearly embarrassed.

Aria: She smiles "What?

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