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Deniel and Jason

Deniel: Deniel is wearing a pair of sunglasses and enjoying the suns rays. Much better than cold, snowy winter.

Jason: Jason walks around camp shirtless and with just a bathing shorts, since he is very hot. He then bumps into someone.

Deniel: Woah! He stands up. Watch were you're going next time. He says with a mean expression, then smiles and laughs. Just kidding. I'm Deniel. he holds out a hand to shake'.

Jason: He gets kinda startled by Deniel's sudden outcome. But decides just to flow with it, so he shakes Deniel's hand firmly "I'm Jason. Nice meeting you... did you say Daniel?"

Deniel: He shakes his hand back firmly No, De-neil, it's sort of the french version of Daniel.

Jason: He realizes his mistake "Oh, sorry, I can sometimes be pretty ignorant, Let me refresh again. Nice meeting you Deniel" he says. "So are you french?"

Deniel: he gives a little chuckle and nods Yep the land of wine, french people, art and nude beaches. How in the world did you guess. And where are you from?

Jason: He first makes a sour face at the nude beaches comment, but then shakes it off. He doesn't know if Deniel used sarcasm or not, so he just puts a skepticall face, and then says: "I'm from Austin Texas"

Deniel: Ah, the lone star state. So who's son are you? My father is Dionysus, god of wine.

Jason: "I'm son of Boreas, god of the North wind and cold" he says breathing out from his mouth cold air.

Deniel: He shivers a little from the sudden cold but smiles. Awesome, so how long have you been at camp for?

Jason: I actually got here yesterday...

Deniel: Wow, newbie then. So who've you met?

Jason: He thinks for a while. You, Nove, and a girl namd Katherine.

Deniel: He perks up at a girl's name. Who's Katherine? He gives him a is-she-hot-or-not-smile.

Jason: He tries to figure the smile, when he does, he laughs, "Oh, no, well kind off, anyway, most probably she will become Nove's girlfriend".

Deniel: Yep, cool, totally respect that. He says with a nod. I'm a bit of a player anyways, but i'd proberly have tried to set you up with her if she wasn't already interested in this Nove. You seem like you have a bit better morals than me.

Jason: He laughs "Not true" he says and laughs again.

Deniel: He laughs with him. "So what are you plans while in camp? Trin to fight monster when you leave? Chill out? Or just a break from mortals?"

Jason: I don't know, probably a bit of the three options.

Deniel: Cool, and what do you plan to do after camp, if you survive that long?

Jason: Thank you very much, I do hope I survive that much, and I don't have anything plannned, probably blend into the community, and fight monsters when necessary.

Deniel: Meet a nice girl and have a dozen or so kids...

Jason: "Probably, I like kids and fun. But I dont know if she could stand be cuz I'm very cool." He jokes

Deniel: He nods with a smile So how did you get here? Did a satyr find you?

Jason: Actually, no. I came here with my uhmmm... Half-brother-not really friend. Its complicated. He is the son of Nyx and my step-father, but I always looked at him as my brother, so I love him as one.

Deniel: Wow, that's sort of weird yet cool at the same time.

Jason: I know right? But when I tell the people that I love my friend without explaining... Let's say they think bad things...

Deniel: He grins Maybe say next time you love your friend, like a friend.

Jason: I will keep that in mind. Sooooo.... What do you want to do?

Deniel: He sighs I have no idea. Hunt some monsters?

Jason: He laughs not knowing if Deniel was serious or not, he takes it as a yes. "Sure thing"

Deniel: he stares at him with big eyes I was joking! I'm not a big fan on monster hunting, besides there it the broken cov to worry about too. Demigod verses Demigod is a pretty gruesome battle.

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