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Jayde: She had just finished getting settled into the Apollo cabin and was taking a walk around the camp. It was her first day here and she didn't want to make any bad impressions. So far that was going well, until she bumped into someone and fell on the ground. "Sorry! I'm so sorry i wasn't watching where i was going"

Garret: *looks down at her coldly* Well then, watch out next time. *Extends his hand to pull her up* Get up.

Jayde: "Thanks you" She looked to the ground while he looked at her, then looked up and shot him a small smile " I'm Jayde, Daughter of Apollo"

Garret: ... *still looking coldly* Garret Clover... Son of.... *makes fist, cringes and grumbles* ...Aphrodite. *suddenly explodes with anger* LAUGH AT ME AND I SWEAR I WILL F*CK YOUR SH*T UP! *waits for her to laugh or something*

Jayde: She blinks tilting her head to the side slightly "And why would i do that? Whats wrong with who your mother is, it's not like it defines you or anything" She stops "Sorry, I was rambling. It happens a lot"

Garret: *He didn't hear her because he's still kinda angry* WELL??? I DON'T HEAR YOU LAUGHING! GO AHEAD! Every other f*cking camper I've met has done it so far! What's gonna make you any different?! So?! YOU'RE STILL NOT LAUGHING!

Jayde: She frowns slightly and says quietly "Thats sounds horrible, I'm not going to laugh. I don't see why someone would judge another by their parentage. It's cruel in a way"

Garret: *He listened to her this time and turns around and pulls out a thermos full of hot coffee from his suit and chugs it down. After finishing, he instantly calms down.* Whoo.... that's good coffee... *turns to face Jayde again* I'm... sorry about that outburst. As you can tell, I haven't exactly had a good first impression since coming here. And as you could probably tell, I'm not exactly the Aphrodite kind of guy. Thank you for not laughing like everybody else. Jayde, was it?

Jayde: "Uh huh, thats me. And no problem" she laughes " So Garret, since i'm new how about you walk around camp and keep talking with me"

Garret: *thinks about it for a second and then looks at his coffee thermos* (Mumbles) Something tells me I'm gonna need a lot more than this. *looks at Jayde* Well, alright I guess... I'm new to this camp too, so I can't show you much, but it wouldn't hurt to just talk (I hope, for both of our sakes)

Jayde: She grins at him "Great! Where to first then? Do you have a favourite place?"

Garret: I just said I'm new here. I barely know any places outside my own cabin! Why don't we just stay here and just talk? That fine with you?

Jayde: "Sorry, Sure" She smiles "So, Why the James Bond suit??"

Garret: One: it's not a James Bond suit. And two: It's my attire for my... job. And this brings up another reason why I'm not so much an Aphrodite child: even though this suit makes me look good, it's the ONLY thing I EVER wear. EVER. And it's not even a designer suit, I got it at an anime convention and it was intended for cosplay. And in case your wondering, yes, that convention is also the reason why my hair is green. Why do you ask that? You like it? *As he says this, he feels a little strange and finds that he's staring right at her beautiful face and her bright red lips. He notices this and quickly looks another direction, blushing, hoping she didn't notice that he was staring either.*

Jayde: Jayde nodded "It suits you" She grins. She notices him staring and looked at the ground slightly red in the face.

Garret: *notices she blushed and figured out she noticed he was staring* Crap, I apologize, I didn't mean to stare at you like that! It's just... Because of my... job, I haven't really had any friends before and we'll... Jeez, how do I say this...

Jayde: "No, don't worry about it" She smiled " You mentioned having a job before, What do you do? And how does it affect having friends?"

Garret: I don't know, I'm kinda afraid of how you would react to it. Cause it's kind of a serious job. I'll tell you, but you have to promise not to freak out or anything like that, OK?

Jayde: "Okay? I promise"

Garret: *breathes in* I'm a freelance assassin. Before I came to camp, I literally KILLED people for a living. My father trained me to be an assassin like him. This is another reason I'm not such an Aphrodite kid, I'm pretty sure Aphrodite kids don't kill people. At all. And because of that, I was on the run from the law a lot, so I had no time to make friends. And even if I did make friends, they'd probably get scared of me. But because I had no friends, that didn't bother me much. So, yeah, I killed people... And I have no regrets. *waits for her reaction*

Jayde: "Okay. I- urm, well they we're not very nice people then if someone hired you, right?" She says hesitantly

Garret: Actually yes. Me and my father always believed a assassin's real job is to defend themselves and kill to protect innocent people from tyranny. And these people definitely deserved to die. I would never hurt an innocent person. And even though my father killed two innocent men, he was kinda forced to and didn't actually want to do so. And that's why I say I have no regrets for killing. So now that you know, do you... You know... Want to still be around me? *said afraid of what she'll say next*

Jayde: She giggled "Of course, Wouldn't wanna get rid of my first friend at camp. If these people deserved to die, then i think the world is better without them"

Garret: *suddenly hugs her for a few seconds. But then lets go quickly.* Sorry about that. It's just... *blushes more* I wouldn't want to lose my first friend... Ever. xD *ahem* Thank you Jayde *smiles* Holy sh*t did I smile? And not in an evil smirk kind of way? Woooooow.

Jayde: She blushed and pushed down the fluttering in her stomach "You wouldn't lose me" she laughed " Okay, now what" She grinned

Garret: *takes a second to think about her question, because he was kinda distracted by Jayde's very charming smile* Hmmm... Well, we've mostly been talking about me this whole conversation. Let's talk about you now. *drinks coffee from his thermos and offers her some* Hot coffee. Want some?

Jayde: *Takes the coffee* "Thanks, Well what do you want to know?" *Takes a drink and passes the Coffee back*

Garret: *takes back the thermos* Well, what did you do before you came to camp? Did you or your mother do anything together?

Jayde: "Mum's head nurse at the local Hopsitol so i don't really see her much, but when i do we literally do anything. It can get so compleatly random. So most of my time i spend writing songs or singing" She laughed "I guess i'm the typical child of Apollo, right?"

Garret: "Sounds like it. I mostly trained with my father. But he was at least a good teacher, and a good father to me." *sighs, frowns and looks down*

Jayde: "You miss him, huh? Where does he live, i'm sure you'd be aloud to visit him." She grinned placing a hand on his Shoulder

Garret: *Looks at her and points down at the ground*

Jayde: "Oh my gods. Garret i'm so sorry, Ugh me and my big mouth." *Hugs Garret* "I'm sorry, i didn't know"

Garret: *Hugs her back* "Don't be, you just met me, there's no way you could have known. And besides, he didn't die by accident. A hellhound got him before I arrived here. And i'm not too sad about it anymore. I mean, sure, I liked him a lot and I do miss him, but I can't mourn him forever."

Jayde: "Well at least your being optimistic about it" She gave him a small smile as she pulled away from the hug

Garret: "Let's change the subject. So, you say you sing and write songs. Can you... Maybe... Demonstrate?" *smiles*

Jayde: 'He should smile more often' she thought "I, urm, don't really sing in public. It's embarresing" She laughed

Garret: *looks around the area* "There's barely anybody here but us. And I really want to hear how good your singing voice is." *shrugs* "But if you really don't want to, I'm not going to force it out of you."

Jayde: "well, okay. what do you want to hear?"

Garret: "Perhaps something as beautiful as yourself? *chuckles* "We'll, anything will be fine. It can just be vocals or opera with no lyrics if you want. All I care about is you and how we'll you voice will be." *prepares for Jayde's performance* "I'm sure it'll sound great." *smiles a bit*

Jayde: "oh, urm. Okay" She blushed a deep red while searching for something to sing, And so she sung the first thing that arose in her mind "I remember tears streaming down your face, When I said, I'll never let you go. When all those shadows almost killed your light" She sung in a soft alto voice "I remember you said, Don't leave me here alone .But all that's dead and gone and passed tonight"

Garret: *starts blushing* Wow, that was good! I liked it. *smiles and clapped a little*

Jayde: *blushes more* "Thanks Garret. So" she grinned " You think i'm pretty?" She teased

Garret: *As soon as she said that his cheeks become as red as Jayde's lips. He was going to answer but he notices his heart is beating a little harder and faster* (Thinking to himself) What..? My heart... What is this feeling? Why is my heart... Wait. Could it be that.... No, there's no way it could be that! I just met this girl! There's no way I could be that.... Could it? "Uhh....." *puts hand on heart to feel it beating faster and harder*

Jayde: Her face flushed redder "Uhm Garret? You alright? it was a joke, i was kidding"

Garret: (Still thinking to himself) Well, her looks ARE breathtaking. Her voice sounds good, both when she's singing and when she's talking. And her personality... DOESN'T make me want to drag her to the underworld. In fact, she's actually compassionate and very touching. So.... Maybe I am... "Oh! Yeah, I'm fine. Totally fine." *drinks some coffee and calms down a little* "And to answer your question..." *puts hand in her hand* "Yes. You are very pretty in my eyes." *still blushes and smiles*

Jayde: she looks down at their hands and "Garret? I . . . uh- thank you"

Garret *Pulls back his hand* I'm sorry about that. I bet I'm just making this awkward, aren't I? *Figuring she doesn't feel the same way he does right now*

Jayde: *takes back his hand* "Of course not" She grinned and laughed "In fact, i quite like it, makes me feel safe" 

Garret: *Smiles at the sight of their hands together and her smile* "Well... You're welcome. And it's my pleasure. And.... Thank you too. *Grins*

Jayde: *She leaned against him slightly and giggled* "So whats your favourite colour?"

Garret: *blushes at Jayde leaning on her and holds her a little closer if that's possible* "Going back to small talk huh? Well, probably green. What about you? What's yours?"

Jayde: " I'm out of ideas, Orange i think, like the Sunrise" She Laughed

Garret: "Don't blame you for that." *chuckles* "And sunrise ,huh? I'm more fond of watching the sun setting. I remember when I was at Australia watching the sun set on the beach after an assassination mission there. It was a good way to relax, especially after all the trouble I went through that day."

Jayde: The sunset's beautiful, but right after it comes night. Which means darkness. So I like Dawn better than Dusk" 

Garret: "Well not gonna argue with you there. But, both are beautiful to look at nonetheless."

Jayde: "Most defibatly" She sighed "Hey! Have you got your weapons yet?" 

Garret: *Laughs at that question* "Come on, when does an assassin NOT have a weapon?" *shows her his ring and transforms it into a bow*

Jayde: *Blushed* "Well by now you must've figured out that i don't think before i talk" She laughed "That is amaingly cool. I've got a ring like that" Takes off ring and turns it into a dagger 

Garret: A dagger, huh? Not a bad weapon. And this bow isn't my only weapon. *Takes out a necklace with a heart-shaped pendant, twirls it and it transforms into a big sword."

Jayde: "Okay ,you win with the fancy toys. I've got a sword, back at the cabin"

Garret: "And I have one more weapon up my sleeves. Or rather, on my belt." *Shows her a pouch on his belt, and takes out a deck of metal playing cards*

Jayde: "Okay, that's beyond cool" She laughed "Are they like those throwing star thingys? Shurikens, is it?"

Garret: "Well... yes and no. They're not real shurikens they're just normal playing cards, only made of celestial bronze. But I definitely use them like shurikens, and they're just as effective. Watch." *Her steps back, and pulls out some grapes he was saving since he last ate. He throws them up in the air and throws his cards at them, slicing them right in half before they hit the ground.* "And I can also use them to slash thing up close, too." *He tosses more grapes into the air, but instead of throwing his cards, he uses them to slash the grapes without letting go of them, like a knife.* "These are my favorite weapons to use." *puts his cards back in his pouch and the ones he threw reappear in his pouch without him having to get them* "But now i'm just being a show-off." *Laughs*

Jayde: "Who wouldn't be a show off with skills like those" She laughed "The only thing i can do is aim" She took the dagger and flung it into a tree, landing in the centre of a knot in the trunk

Garret: *impressed by her great precision* "Wow, nice hit. And I guess you got me there. I guess I can be a bit of an Aphrodite kid after all." *laughs* "So, what other things are you into? Have any interests in anything, like anime or something?" *He asks seeing as how Jayde asked most of the questions so far* "I myself am a big fan of Japanese culture and media. Heck, I can even speak some Japanese."

Jayde: " I know a tiny bit of Japanese from when i used to watch anime" she laughed "I stopped because mum brought me a Camera, so i started spending my time outdoors and forgot about it"

Garret: "That's nice. Would you like me to demonstrate my Japanese? I'd be happy to do so."

Jayde: "yes, please" She grinned

Garret: "私はあなたが非常に美しく、才能の女の子だと思う (Watashi wa anata ga hijō ni utsukushiku, sainō no on'nanokoda to omoimasu)." *Said in perfect Japanese*

Jayde: *tilts her head to the side* "what does that mean?"

Garret: "I said," *Takes and holds her hand* "'I think you are a very beautiful and talented girl.'" *Kisses her hand*

Jayde: *Blushes* "T-Thank you" I just met the guy, Why. no, How is he making me feel like this. I don't stutter, or blush. I've never blushed this much in my life

Garret: *Can't resist this feeling anymore* "Jayde. Please excuse me, but I have to ask... What do you think of me?"

Jayde: "Well, I think your very kind once i got to know you, even if it's only been hours since we've met. You Charming, funny and Loyal i suppose" Not to mention very good looking

Garret: *Blushes and smiles* "Well.... thank you. Do you... well... (Reluctantly) like me?"

Jayde: *Blushes* "I - urm, well. I think i do"

Garret: *Blushes like he never blushed before* My gods... Maybe I am more of a child of Aphrodite than I thought. I DID manage to charm this girl And if you're wondering, i'm not doing anything with my "child of Aphrodite powers" to get you to like me (or at least not intentionally, i'm not sure how these powers work). I swear it on the River Styx. And..... I must say, I like you a lot as well. You yourself are very charming, funny and loyal as well. *As he said that, he looks at her face, and unknowingly stares at her lips, with a clear facial expression as if to say, "My gooodness, those beautiful lips. Gods, what I would give to..."*

Jayde: *Blushes and looks down* "So, now what" She looked up at him through her thick eyelashes

Garret: *Completely gives into his own emotions and suddenly kisses her lips. He realizes what he's done and completely loses it.* OH MY GODS, I- I-- I--- I'm so sorry I did that! I didn't-- I don't know why---?! *turns away from her and continues to go insane and imagines the worst case scenario on what will happen next* "What in the name of Tartarus have I just done?!?" 

Jayde: *Blushes* "G-Garret?"

Garret: (Talking to himself) Gods, what the f*ck is wrong with me?! Now what am I going to do, I'm probably going to lose her after I just met her! First time I start falling for a girl and I do something as stupid as THAT! *Falls to the ground, sits down, covers his face and screams*

Jayde: *Kneel's down beside Garrets and takes his hands*" Your adorable" *She laughed then leaned in and kissed him*

Garret: *Is surprised that Jayde actually kissed him back, so he hold her closer and kisses her for a few seconds longer, enjoying every second that passes by*

Jayde: *Wraps her arms around his neck, and pulls away reluctently after a few secounds* "So, done with your tantrum yet" She teased

Garret: *puts his hands around her waist* "I am now" *smiles at her and hugs her* So... are we... a couple now?"

Jayde: "Uh huh" she grinned "well at least I hope so"

Garret: "I wouldn't have it any other way. It's amazing, we just met each other and we're already a couple. It's like Romeo and Juliet in real life. Just without any dying or anything stopping us from being together (hopefully)."

Jayde: *Giggles* "mmhmmm, and i wouldn't count it out yet. We are Demi-gods after all"

Garret: "Then I suggest we enjoy our relationship while we can." *Starts kissing her again*

Jayde: *Smiles into the Kiss* "Your a dork" She mumbles

Garret: *Glares at her for a second. But decides to forgive her this time* "I have to say, you look and kiss so well, i'm starting to wonder if i'm supposed to be the Apollo child and you're the daughter of Aphrodite. After all, I'm pretty sure you're the one who charmed me first."

Jayde: " Correction, Your a charming dork* *She kisses his cheek and giggled*

Garret: "Eh, I can accept that. So, what should we do now? Maybe we can go see each other's cabins? I'm still not too familiar with camp, and we did originally plan to walk around the place."

Jayde: "Okay" She grinned "Yours or mine"

Garret: "Lady's cabin first" *Grins*

Jayde: *Grabs his hand and leads him towards her cabin* "We should have it to ourself, since everyone else will either be Training, Teaching or Questing"

Garret: *Walks towards the Apollo cabin holding Jayde's hand* "If you say so Jayde" *Smiles*

Jayde: *She lead them up to a cabin that shined in the sunlight with a door made from a laurel tree with a laurel, bow and arrow carved into it* "Home, sweet home" she laughed

Garret: "Nice looking place from here." *mumbles "More so than my home here"

Jayde:" Why? which ones yours?" She asked leading him in

Garret: "Like I said, I'm in the Aphrodite cabin. Or as I should call it, the oversized Barbie Dream House. <.<" *walks into the Apollo Cabin*

Jayde: "Yikes" She said sitting on a nearby bed with golden sheets. The whole room had a theme of Gold. In each corner of the room was a Statue of Apollo and hung up on the walls there were speakers. In the center of the room was a skylight that provided most of the lighting for the room

Garret: "Hmm. Nice place ya got here." *looks around*

Jayde: "Yeah, it is" she smiled "I think it's your turn now, Into the Oversized Barbie Dream House"

Garret: *sighs* "Well alright, but before we do..." *Pulls out a small facial mask that covers the mouth and nose and gives it to her* "Trust me. You're going to need it."

Jayde: *Takes it hesitantly* "Why? Wait-no- lemme guess. Perfume?" She giggled

Garret: *Nods yes* "So much perfume I'm surprised it's not lethal or hazardous to people's health!"

Jayde: *Laughs* "It probibly is, just not to children of Aphrodite"

Garret: "Well I guess you got me there." *takes her hand and takes her to the Aphrodite cabin*

Jayde: *She giggled and walked with him* " Will i suffocate if i go in" 

Garret: "I hope you don't. I mean, if you do, then I'd be losing my girlfriend just minutes after we got together!" *They arrive at the cabin with a painted roof, with pillars and a checker board deck with steps, with grey walls. They stop in front of the pink door and Garret grabs the handle ready to open it.* "You ready?"

Jayde: Bring it on *Puffs out her cheeks like she's holding her breath*

Garret: *Opens the door and immediately the overwhelming (and not in a good way) smell of perfume starts getting to Garret and he starts choking a bit* "*cough cough* Ladies first. *cough cough*" *Steps aside to let Jayde in. Inside, there were lace curtains and potted carnations by the window. The walls of the cabin are pink with white window trim. The curtains and beds are pastel blue and green.*

Jayde: *Playfully glares at Garret then walks into the sweet smelling room* 

Garret: *Didn't notice her glare because he was still coughing from the perfume. Very few people were in the cabin and all of them were wearing tons of make up and wearing designer clothing. But none of them noticed they were there, and is most likely they wouldn't even care if they knew Garret and Jayde were there anyways.* "Welcome to my home sweet home."

Jayde: "It's nice" Gods are all the Aphrodite children so beautiful 

Garret: *Looked at Jayde and could tell exactly what she was thinking* "They DO look good, I mean they're kids of Aphrodite, what did you expect?" *Remembers about himself* "On second thought, don't answer that. Just don't forget about me here." *Looks around the cabin and at at his half-siblings* "I guess it IS kinda nice, but if I could have it my way, i'd do something about all this pink. I never actually met any of the people in here, but i'm going to give them the benefit of the doubt and say they're at least tolerable." *Shrugs*

Jayde: "Tolerable is good" She laughed *cough cough* "I think we should need to get out before i faint"

Garret: "Agreed!" *Takes her hand and walked her outside the cabin. They no longer smell perfume smells as soon as Garret closes the door behind him.*

Jayde: "Ah fresh air" She sighed and sighed "So now what, I say we explore" 

Garret: "Well, where do we go from here?"

Jayde: "Lets go to the beach" She grinned

Garret: "The beach? Well, not really dressed for a trip to the beach, but, why the f*ck not?" *Grins back*

Jayde: *Giggles* "Well, do you own any beach gear. I thought you only own that suit"

Garret: *Points at his suit* "Only thing I have. At all. But, I'd prefer to just walk or sit around there. Swimming isn't exactly my forte. Oh gods..." *Grunts and has flashback of tedious assassination mission that involved swimming* "Bad... memories..." *Shakes it off* "Let's just get going, what do you say?"

Jayde: *Nods* "Sitting on the beach is good, Me and my friends used to do it all the time back home"

Garret:: *Takes her hand and they start walking to the beach on Long Island Sound* "That must've been nice." *He said seeing on how he never had time for friends* "Since we're going together to the beach maybe I can make it feel like home." *Smiles*

Jayde: "You could meet them, ya know" She smiled "Come visit me during the school year if your around and not busy"

Garret: "I really never went to school. When he wasn't training me, he was an airline pilot, so we constantly traveled around the world, so I couldn't be in school. But i'm not complaining. And, are you year-round Jayde?"

Jayde: "I don't have a clue" She laughed " I haven't been in touch with mum since she dropped me here at camp"

Garret: "I bet you miss her don't you? After our little beach trip, you should call her and tell her how you're doing."

Jayde: "Yeah, i do" She sighed "Calling her sounds pretty good"

Garret: *They arrive at the beach and sunset will happen soon, but the sky hasn't turned orange yet.* "Well, here we are." *Scans their surroundings. It's a peaceful beach with groups of people around having a good time.* "It all looks nice."

Jayde: *Sits down and grabs a handful of the golden sand, letting it flow through her fingers* " It's lovley"

Garret: *Sits down next to her and puts his arm around her shoulder and looks at her* "That's not the only thing lovely here."

Jayde: *Kisses him then rests her head on his shoulder* "Your so cheesy" She giggled

Garret: *Caresses her* "Hey, I never had any friends or had any relationships before this, can you blame me?"

Jayde: "I guess not" she Grinned "But your my first boyfriend to so yeah" 

Garret: "Really? You never had a relationship before me? Could've thought a girl like you has at least had one boyfriend before me."

Jayde: Blushes "Nope, all of the guys took interest in my other friends" She laughed

Garret: "Not saying your friends were bad, but those guys missed out then." *Laughs*

Jayde: *Shrugs* "I don't mind, The guys were never as sweet as you are"

Garret: "You sure you were talking about me when you say that?"

Jayde: "mmhmmm, Once i got to know you a bit better of course" She teased

Garret: *Playfully hits her* "You little tease!" *Chuckles. Looks towards the horizon, the sun is starting to set* "Hey, look. Time for sunset. Wanna watch?"

Jayde: "Yup, thats me" She grinned " For a while, then i'm gonna head beck before it's dark"

Garret: "Of course. But for now let's just enjoy the sunset." *Sits back with her and looks at the orange sky and the beautiful sunset* "Looks beautiful doesn't it?"

Jayde:  ''"it's amazing" she sighed

Garret: *Holds Jayde closer to him and then kisses her*

Jayde: *She smiled against his lips and moved around so she could wrap her arms around his neck*

Garret: *Smiles as she does that. Reluctantly pulls back* "It's starting to get dark. We should get back to camp. After all, you have a call to make when we get back."

Jayde: *She stiffined and noticed the dark veil that wal falling over camp, and the other campers retreating to their Cabins* "Urm, Yeah. Lets go- Wait a call?"

Garret: "Your mother?"

Jayde:*Jayde mentally facepalmed* I probibly look like such an idiot right now "Right- Right, I knew that" I blame the darkness

Garret: *Can tell she's embarassed that she forgot* "Hahaha. Hey, nobody can remember everything about our lives." *Puts his arm around her shoulder and they head back to camp* "Come on Jayde, let's head home." *Smiles*

Jayde: *She leans against him as they walked, more for reassurance for herself than anything else* "So tomorrow I'll see you at the Dining Pavilion?"

Garret: *They arrive in front of the Aphrodite cabin and Garret opens the door. A few people inside notice Garret and Jayde, but nobody actually walks up to them* "As you wish." *Smiles and kisses her good night*

Jayde: She smiled and Waves at him " Night Garret" she said before turning and running into the darkness towards her cabin

Garret: "Good night, Jayde." *Before she runs off to the Apollo cabin, he puts his hand over his heart and he goes into the Aphrodite cabin and closes the door behind him. Some yelling is soon heard inside, indicating that Garret has now gone back to being an *sshole to everybody because his half-siblings confronted him about having a girlfriend*

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