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Town Plaza

  • Jordan: He led the way going to town still having their arms linked to one another. When they finally arrived, they were met by the peaceful water fountain in the very center of the plaza where benches circled it with equal distances on the red brick road. There were many different stores, restaurants, food stalls, and shops around which made it hard for Jordan to even pick where to eat. "Uh... so there're food stalls where you can buy hotdogs, tacos, nachos, pretzels... and I dunno what more," he said as he pointed to each one he mentioned. "Then there's a restaurant. Hey, they're really good but then the food's expensive," he added looking at Fayth then back at the restaurants. "Hmm... what else? Ah, there's a pizza place, coffee and pancake place..." He saw too many of them that he couldn't even finish telling them all to Fayth.
  • Fayth: She laughed as he names all of the places. "Okay, lots of food. Got it" She grins and walks towards the nearest stand." I'm grabbing a hotdog, what about you?"
  • Jordan: "Mmmm," he said rubbing his chin as he decided what to eat. "I think I'm going for pizza." He pointed at the stall. "I'll just meet you there at the hot dog stand." He smiled at her before letting go of her arm and went to the stall to buy his food and drinks.
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