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Elliot: Elliot sat there, looking at Connie, smiling like a goofball. "Well, that was good, wasn't it?" He questions, raising his eyebrows slightly.

Connie: Connie smiled back. "Absolutely."

Elliot: "What now?" He questions, gently grabbing her waist and pulling her closer.

Connie: Connie kisses him on the lips. "That's what. Enough stupid questions, silly." She kisses him again and pulls him close to her.

Elliot: "Good Enough for me." He mutters against her lips and grips her waist a tad more tighter.

Connie: She pulls him so tight that she can feel his heart beating against hers, and inches forward so she's on his lap, stil kissing him. "I love you so much," she murmurs as she starts kissing the line of his cheek and down his neck.

Elliot: Elliot grinned inwardly, You have no idea how long I've wanted to hear that." He whispers. "Might as well go to my cabin."

Connie: "Will we be alone?" she asks. "Or, at least have your siblings give us some privacy..." Connie says.

Elliot: "They're probably partying. You up for it?" He raises an eyebrow lightly.

Connie: "Sure," she says as she snuggles up to him with her head on his chest.

Dionysus Cabin, Elliot's Bedroom

Elliot: Eliot, holding Connie, stands up. With her permission, he carries her to his cabin bridal style. He walks into the Cabin, which is currently empty. "Thank Gods." He murmurs. He then makes his way to his room.

Connie: Connie is secretly glad that the cabin is empty. It is getting late, and she is tired. She yawns. "Are you tired too?" she asks.

Elliot: Elliot, who's already in the bed, upside down, chuckles. "C'mon."

Connie: "Okay," she whispers, "Are you sure we are allowed to do this?" she asks, a bit nervously.

Elliot: "Yes, now come! Nobody is allowed to enter or they'll have to face me in the morning." He laughs quietly.

Connie: "Okay then," she says as she crawls into his bed and under the covers. She snuggles up to him.

Elliot: Elliot smiles and wraps his arm around her, pulling her closer to him. "I love you." He whispers and kisses the top of her head.

Connie: "Am I supposed to just wear my clothes to bed? I...uhh...I've never done anything like this before and..." she says, worried, still snuggled up next to Elliot. She pulls him to her and kisses his cheek.

Elliot: He chuckles at her, "You can wear your clothes, or nothing at all. I'm fine with either." He replies with a cheeky smile.

Connie: "What will you be wearing?" Connie asks slyly, smiling.

Elliot: "Probably just boxers." He replies. "Odd how we're talking about clothes. And I'm a man!" He laughs quietly.

Connie: She laughs too. "One more clothes question: What would you like ME to wear? And also, will we be sleeping at all? Being a demigod is exhausting."

Elliot: Elliot looks at her amused, "Wear anything you want, babe. Just know, the less, the better. We might sleep, just don't know how much."

Connie: "Okay. And what would we be doing if not sleeping?" She says as she gets out of bed and takes off her clothes.

Elliot: Elliot's eyes widen slightly, but he then grins,"Movie Night?"

OOC: All of the clothes? o:

Connie: "What movie? And aren't you gonna take that shirt off?" she asks

OOC: No, not all of her clothes. She left her bra and underwear on lol

Elliot: "Which DO you wanna watch?" He questions, taking his boots, shirt and jeans off, leaving him in boxers.

Connie: "I don't know, something romantic. How about The Fault in our Stars?" Connie suggests

OOC: Anything specific that you want to happen in this rp? Just so we can rp up to it :)

Elliot: Elliot nods and puts on said movie. He flops down on the bed and pulls Connie under the covers with him with her permission.

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Connie: She runs her hands down his bare back until she reaches the waistband of his boxers, and she leaves them there. "This is the best thing I've ever done. I wonder what my mom would think...she would probably think we were gonna make IT happen..." Connie smiles and sighs.

OOC: Nope! Let's just have fun with it!

Elliot: Elliot closes his eyes and takes in a deep breath. "I wonder.." He mutters, his left hand roaming her bare stomach.

Connie: "What do you wonder?" she asks softly, grabbing the bare skin above his waistband a little tighter.

Elliot: He grits his teeth, "What we could do." His hand begins lowering by itself.

Connie: She knows what is coming, and feels nervous, but strangely excited. She lets Elliot continue with his motion and moves her hands up higher to his chest. "Yeah...what we WILL do." she whispers to herself.

Elliot: Elliot hears her comment, but says nothing about that. His hand comes to a halt right on the waistband. His eyes open and he looks at her, "I can stop if you want."

Connie: "Don't stop. Just do it," she says, "As long as we don't get in trouble. Actually, never mind. It's worth it," she says, and relaxes.

Elliot: He was going to speak, but thinks the better and simply stands up and locks the door, before returning to the bed and attempting to pull her up with him. He grins cheekily, lust evident in his eyes.

Connie: "Go ahead, Elliot. I'm ready," she says, lust in her eyes too. She really loves him a lot, and it's obvious.

Elliot: Elliot leans in and kisses her, "If we're going to do this, might as well enjoy it, He murmurs against her lips. The movie's audio rang in the background faintly.

Connie: She kisses him too, and pulls him close. "Yeah," she agrees, "now stop talking and come on. I love you."

Elliot: Elliot picks her up, hoping she wraps her legs around his waist. He walks over to the wall and pushes her back gently against it.

Connie: She does wrap her legs around his waist, and she lets him push her against the wall. "You're gonna have to do all the work, I've never done ANYTHING like this before," Connie tells him as she prepares herself.

Elliot: Elliot chuckles, "Darling, shut up. I love you and all, but shush." Balancing her against the wall, he quickly takes off his last clothing item and attempts to take off hers. After that, he kisses her and... Time Skip Until All of That Dirtiness is Done o.o

Connie: She lets him take it off and... (Yeah...DEFINITELY time skip o.o) "So...what happens now?" she asks Elliot, still against the wall.

Elliot: Elliot lays her down in the bed and under the covers. He crawls under and pulls her closer to him. He closes his eyes, "How about sleep until morning?"

Connie: "Yeah, that sounds good. But...after that? What about..." she secretly worries about pregnancy, because after all, they weren't married. She hoped that Elliot would get the message.

Elliot: Elliot opens his eyes and looks at her, "I was protected, but if that were the case, then I'd take full responsibility."

Connie: She is still worried. "Well...should we like...get a test? I'm worried, Eli. (Can she call ya that?) Please, please help me." Connie says as she gets into bed with him and puts her hands where (are his boxers back on?) his wasteband is/would be.

Elliot: Elliot looks at her worriedly. "Don't Worry, babe. We'll go through this together if it were to happen. We'll get a test during the morning."

Connie: "Yeah," Connie sighed, and went to sleep. Time Skip: to the morning and the pregnancy test (if it's okay to skip) "So," Connie says nervously once they're up and out if bed in the morning, "you ready to go to that test?"

Elliot: He nods, a bit unsure, "Yep. Are you?"

Connie: "Yeah. Come on, Eli, let's go." They sneak out of camp without anyone noticing. "Eli, will you drive?"

Elliot: He nods quietly and gets in his friend's car, "Get in."


Connie: On the way she is quiet. She thinks about what might come out of this, and she realizes she is okay with it. In fact, in a weird way, she kinda WANTS it to happen. Then they arrive, et out of the car, sign in, and ins the right room. "Here goes nothing, Eli." she says.

OOC: Should the results say yes?

Elliot: Elliot smiles at her, "What do you want the results to be?" He questions quietly, extending his hand for her to take.

Connie: She hesitates. "In a weird way, I want it to say yes," Connie admits. Just then the doctor walks in. He tells Connie to lay down on the bed in the room while he does the test. She lays down. He starts and Connie squeezes her eyes shut. "Eli, hold my hand."

Elliot: Elliot doesn't hesitate and grabs her hand. He gives her his award winning smile and squeezes her hand comfortingly.

OOC: Well, if a char can stay in camp preggo, then no. If she can, then yes.

Connie: "Okay! Almost...and...done!" The doctor says. "Your results are here." He hands her a clipboard. She still has her eyes squeezed shut. She hands it to Elliot. "Eli, I can't do this. What does it say?"

OOC: Can you ask an admin? Personally, I don't see why not, as long as she still helps out around camp with chores and trains as long as possible. Finish this scene of the rp when you have a reply, by the results, I'll know :)

Elliot Elliot's eyes widen upon seeing the results, "It- it came positive, but the doc says to come back in around two weeks just to be sure, as we simply did it less than 24 hours ago." He says, shocked.

Connie: She smiles, her eyes glowing. "Okay, see you then," she tells the doctor. "Come on, Eli! Let's go." (Uhh...time skip, two weeks later?) Connie walks out of her room, dressed and ready to go. "Eli, it's time to go!" she whispers to him when she sees him.

Elliot: Elliot looks at her and nods. He puts his beanie and sunglasses on, before walking extending his hand for Connie to take. He then walks to Camp Entrance and into his car, driving back to the doctor's.

Connie: They enter the same room that they were in two weeks ago. The doctor tells Connie to lay down again. "Ready?" he asks. Connie nods. "Let's go," she says.

Elliot: Elliot walks after his girlfriend, wary of the doctor. He looks at her and smiles comfortingly.

Connie: The doctor performs the same test, and again hands Connie the results. "Eli- please- look at this. I can't, so please tell me," Connie says, excited but nervous.

Elliot: Elliot nods in a tense way and takes ahold of the results. His gaze falls upon the final results, surprising him, "Positive."

Connie: "That's great! Eli, don't you think?" Connie hesitates. " do we hide it from the camp? I mean...we're not married..."

Elliot: Elliot smiles at her, "Don't worry. We can travel around the world? Maybe we can go to Doncaster, England. The place I was born in."

Connie: "Yeah...or we could just come clean, could propose? We could get married!" Connie smiles at the idea and the baby she now knows is inside of her.

Elliot: Elliot smiles, yet stays quiet. He did want to marry her, just not so soon. When the time was right, he would.

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