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Val and Johnny's phone texty thingy >.<

Johnny: *He's sitting down at his couch and is watching TV. He has been missing Val insanely and feels almost heartbroken from her just not being there. He picks up his phone nad hesitates at first, a thought goes through his head. Is he being too clingy? No matter.* Hey Val :)

Valerie: She's only watching Toy Story 3, wanting to contact Johnny, but she wasn't able to find her phone; but it rings because of his text message and she hurries to read it and replies: hi c:

Johnny: He was absolutely extactic at her reply as he now grew more happy he decided to make some tea: How're you? :*

Valerie: She grins at his reply and sends him: I'm absolutely fine but i think i miss you :*

Johnny: He smiles at her reply and sends: I know I miss you Val. :)

Valerie: She blushes reading this and immediately types: you're so sappy at times :3 and i know i miss you too but saying that is just weird, but the good type of weird which is still weird. >.<

Johnny: He smiles and laughs a bit: I know I'm sappy, and I'm sort of happy that missing me's weird cause that makes me unique. :)

Valerie: Flattering yourself much, aren't you? c:

Johnny: He laughs at her text: Nah, in fact, I want to try and flatter you ;) XD

Valerie: She chuckles at the text and answers: And I suppose that this is the part that I tell you that you succeeded?

Johnny: He laughs and texts back: Already? Wow I'm good at this then XD

Valerie: I wouldn't comment on that. :p

Johnny: He smiles: So how have you been Beautiful? :)

Valerie: i was/am watching toy story 3 earlier and my phone was MIA up until you texted. what about you? She types and presses 'Send.'

Johnny: I was reading today and also drinking tea. I watched Toy Story 2 today and also got into a fight ^_^


Johnny: I was sculpting out in the woods while Raiden painted and Blake sulpted beside me. Don't worry though just a few cuts and bruises. Nothing ruined my face :P

Valerie: <.< Just don't get yourself in too much fights. >.>

Johnny: I won't, I don't want to be seperated from you. :*

Valerie: And the cheesiness is back :p :*

Johnny: He laughs. You know you love it ;)

Valerie: I find putting the :* weird (still good type of weird though) >.<

Johnny: You don't have to put it if you don't want to :)

Valerie: No! >.< I'll put it because that's part of this thing we have. :3

Johnny: He smiles. I still have a present for you and I just realized something.

Valerie: What is it? :3

Johnny: You're going to miss the V-Day Dance ;-;

Valerie: Oh my goodness >.< I didn't even remember. Sorry :'(

Johnny: It's fine ;-;

Valerie: do you hate me now? :c

Johnny: No! I will never hate you love!

Valerie: But I'm really sorry >:( I'll make it up with you, promise!

Johnny: He smiles. How? :)

Valerie: Secret ;)

Johnny: Will I enjoy this secret? ;) XD

Valerie: I'm not saying anything. :p

Johnny: He laughs. Okay, I'm going to call you my "love" now :P

Valerie: I'm still calling you stud though. :P

Johnny: I'm fine with that Love. :)

Valerie: surely, stud. :p

Johnny: Do you know when you'll be back home? ;-;

Valerie: Hopefully soon :c

Johnny: I can't wait my dear, I will give you the best welcome home party ever.

Valerie: Let's see about that, stud. :)

Johnny: XD <3

Valerie: How's the lizard? :3

Johnny: He misses you too :) He loved the skype chat you two had XD

Valerie: Awww. He was so adorable! :D

Johnny: XD Yeah.

Valerie: Brb. I'm cooking dinner :)

Johnny: Okay, I'm making tea ^_^

Valerie: As she eats, she reads the text and replies. You still there? c:

Johnny: Yes Love :P

Valerie: Hmm. Dinner's scrumptious. :3

Johnny: And tea's delicious. ^_^

Valerie: Dinner's bacon and eggs. :P

Johnny: That's what I had just before texting you! XD

Valerie: You advanced copycat! XD

Johnny: Only a Copy Cat would say that! XD

Valerie: Am not. :p

Johnny: Of course not, I'd never fall in love with a cat! Except you are my little kitty. :*

Valerie: Meow? :3

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