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Trip to the Cabins!

Kristoph: He watched her in awe as she started floating off the ground. He clapped after showing her specialty. "Bravo, bravo!" He added, "Never mind what I can do. Come on, let's get these babies to their owners." He smiled at her and led the way.

Jenna: She giggled at his comment about the presents. "I'm ready!" she said smiling.

Kristoph: As he walked, he oriented Jenna of the important things to do. "So, there isn't really much to do but just give the gifts. Like..." He stopped for a moment and put the sack back down to pull out a random gift. He was able to grab a small blue glossy box with an elegant beige ribbon. "Ah, here," he showed it to Jenna. "See that?" He pointed at the card attached to the gift. "To... my beloved, Ana," he read out loud for Jenna. Thank the gods they wrote in Greek. He slid his finger a bit below pointing to another item. "It says here... Tyche Cabin."

Jenna: She nodded and watched everything he did. "Seems simple enough. I've got this." she said excitedly.

Kristoph: "Nice," he said smiling widely at her. "You're one fast learner." He gave her a pat on the head and then he reached down the sack to get more gifts. "Soooo..." He gather about five to seven in total and handed them over to her. "Deliver them all using that flying skill of yours. Remember to check the tags, okay? Very vital." He leaned in and whispered, "Some of them aren't actually gifts but..." He looked around first as if checking if someone was around. Seeing that the coast was clear, he continued, "Pranks."

Jenna: "If I didn't know better I would've thought you were a Hermes kid." she laughs holding the gifts/pranks against her chest.

Kristoph: He answered, "Actually I'm a son of Morpheus. Sorry I forgot to mention that." He laughed. "Okay, so Jenna. I'll be at..." He read the tags of the gifts and mostly saw "Aphrodite's Cabin" labeled on it. "Aphro's Cabin, okay? Lot of gifts... well, some pranks perhaps for them." He chuckled as he closed the sack and slung it over to his shoulder once more. "Heaven for me coz... chics everywhere." Of course, he was kidding. "So, let's just meet somewhere there, okay? See ya, Jenna!" He gave her a casual salute before running off.

Jenna: "See ya!" She called after him. She looked down to her hands examining a gift tag. "Hmmm... Poseidon Cabin. Okay let's go." she said to herself willing herself off the ground and to the directions of the Poseidon Caabin.


Kristoph: As he finished giving gifts to Aphrodite's Cabin, he finally went out, the smell of different perfumes all over him so he didn't exactly smell that pleasant. The scent was rather nauseating. "Ugh..." he groaned in disgust when he sniffed his shirt.

Jenna: Once Jenna finished giving the gifts to the other cabins, she flew back over to where the Aphrodite Cabin is seeing Kristoph near by. "Gods it smells like a Victoria Secret store." she said to herself crinching.

Kristoph: He snorted. "You bet!" he agreed. "Those crazy Aphro chics sprayed their perfumes all over me saying, 'Come on, pretty boy, try this! Try that!' Oh my gods..." He let out a small chuckle afterwards. "I should wash first before continuing. Oh and look!" He showed Jenna that the almost half of the gifts in the sack were already given to their owners. "Only a few left!"

Jenna: "Wow, they seem to really like you, Pretty Boy." she said laughing. "Well let's get these gifts to their new owners!"

Kristoph: He laughed at her comment. "Yeah, right." He added, "But before that, I must get rid of this Victoria's Secret smell." He winced as soon as the unpleasant smell reached his nose once more. "Ugh this is really terrible." He handed the sack to Jenna. "Mind if you run a few more errands? I promise I'll be quick."

Jenna: "No I don't mind, take your time." she said, "Have fun getting that horrid smell off ya'!" she laughed.

Kristoph: "You're the best." He flashed her a smile and winked at her then ran off again headed back to their cabin.

Jenna: Jenna rolled her eyes at his cheekiness and waited patiently for him to come back.

Timeskip Again xD

Kristoph: After the quick shower, he ran back to where he left Jenna hoping she was patient enough to wait for him. "I'm back!" he declared.

Jenna: She suddenly heard a familiar voice yell I'm back. She smiled over to him "Well, you definitely smell better." Jenna laughed.

Kristoph: He sniffed his shirt and he nodded in satisfaction. "Oh much much better!" He laughed and then he said, "So, shall we continue?"

Jenna: "We shall." she smiled and curtsied.

Kristoph: He clasped his hands and said, "Alright!" He took the sack from her then added, "Deimos' Cabin next. Are you up for it?" He asked her as if checking if she was brave enough to go to the cabin of terror or if she even had any ideas who Deimos was.

Jenna: Her eyes widened, "I don't know. The Deimos Cabin kind of freaks me out, but I'll go." she said.

Kristoph: He gave her a pat on the shoulder. "Heh, that's the spirit! Let's go!" He handed her three more gifts and he carried the rest. "No worries, I got your back." He grinned at her.

Jenna: She held the presents to her chest and looked back at him. "That's reassuring." she laughed jokingly. "Ready?"

Kristoph: He ran his fingers through his hair and looked back at Jenna with a smirk. "I was born ready."

Deimos' Cabin Delivery!

Kristoph: The aura of terror was rather strong and he felt it even though he was still a few meters away from the cabin. "Woah..." he said. "You feel that?" he asked Jenna.

Jenna: She shivered holding the gifts even tighter than before. "Ya," she responds "Definitely feeling it."

Kristoph: He held his arm in front of her as if signaling her to stop as he analyzed the area. "And this, my friend, is where I come in." A mischievous smile curled up to his lips. "Watch me."

Jenna: She stopped immediately looking up at him. She smiled, "Show me what you got." she quoted him from when they first met.

Kristoph: "Gladly," he replied with a smirk showing his full confidence before heading to the cabin. When he arrived at the front door, he couldn't stop from trembling but tried to be as calm as possible. He cleared his throat and knocked. "Happy Holidays! Delivery!" he called not working on his magic. He kept his cool and waited until a demigod opened the door and with a threatening tone, he asked what Kristoph wanted but almost immediately, the expression of the demigod softened and a wide smile appeared letting Kristoph come in feeling all excited. Kristoph looked back at Jenna and beckoned for her to come along. The aura of terror little by little faded.

Jenna: She smiled and walked over to the entrance of the Deimos Cabin. She suddenly felt a lot more comfortable than before.

Kristoph: When she was already beside him, he whispered, "Told ya' I've got this." Then they proceeded. Thanks to the wonderful powers of his dad. He began to give out the gifts and surprisingly, he went along very well with Deimos' kids.

Jenna: She smiled to him and nodded. She talked with some of the Deimos girls and laughed with the rest of them. Jenna gave out the rest of the presents she had in her hands for the Deimos kids and chatted for a while.

Kristoph: "Sooo we really can't stay long," he said to one of the Deimos' kids. He went to Jenna and grabbed her by the arm whispering to her, "Just do as I say." He looked back at the Deimos kids and waved flashing a smile at them like a celebrity.

Jenna: She looked at him Kristoph confused and nodded again. She waved to her new friends and went along with him.

Kristoph: He maintained his friendly aura while he whispered once more to her, "Okay, on the count of three. We run out. Ask later."

Jenna: She nodded not really understanding what was going on. She got herself ready to run just in case.

Kristoph: "One..." he said in the midst of waving and still laughing with the Deimos kids. "Two..." Any moment now... "Three." He rushed out of the cabin dragging Jenna along. As soon as he went out, the Deimos kids acted as if they just got out of a trance and their terrifying aura went back on. They started shouting and throwing stuff at the two strangers thinking they just trespassed. Just in time, Kristoph was able to get out and shut the door behind.

Jenna: Jenna's eyes widened. "What in Hades name just happened?!" she asked completely confused.

Kristoph: He laughed at the thrilling experience. "Let's go before they fire canons at us, shall we?" he highly suggested. "I'll explain later." He started running with the empty sack.

Jenna: She sighed but smiled. "We shall. It better be a good explanation!" Jenna said jokingly narrowing her eyes.

Kristoph: He stopped running and started trotting when he had already reached a reasonable distance from the cabin. He panted and found a bench nearby so he sat down. "Whoo! That was fun, isn't it?" He laughed. "Ah, that was great," he said as he relaxed.

Jenna: She sat down next to him panting just as hard. "I guess. Kind of sad though, they seemed like they would've been great friends."she shrugged. "Gods, I'm out of breath!" she leaned her head back onto the bench still panting.

Kristoph: He nodded in the midst of gasping for breath. "Yeah, they're pretty friendly," he joked. "But that was actually I trick I did so... yeah."

Jenna: She laughed, "I'll admit, that was much more impressive than flying."

Kristoph: He stood up and faced Jenna with his arms open. "Presenting!" He took a bow. "A son of Morpheus." He added, "Oh but that's only one of the few tricks we can do, trust me. There are a lot more." He smiled at Jenna and sat back down.

Jenna: She smiled at his cheesiness. "As long as you don't get me killed or attacked by something, or someone, feel free to show me any other powers you got." she laughed.

Kristoph: "Nah," he said. "Let's wait for other opportunities." He smiled. "By the way, I haven't really asked who your parent is, have I?"

Jenna: She shrugged, "If you have I don't remember! Presenting a daughter of Aeolus." she smiled mocking Kristoph's previous gesture.

Kristoph: He clapped. "Well done, well done." He said as if he was some sort of critic, "Very impressive, indeed." He gestured the okay sign with his hand showing his complete approval.

Jenna: "Thank you, I know I'm amazing!" she laughed pretending to be a model. "I'm another flawless Beyonce!" she laughed harder.

Kristoph: "Who run the world? Jenna, Jenna!" he did his best to change the song of the lyrics as he sang it with the original tune dancing along with it. He looked and sounded ridiculous but he didn't really care. In the midst of the performance, he was also laughing at himself.

Jenna: She continued to dance along with the tune that he set. "Oh ya, oh ya!" she laughed.

Kristoph: He soon stopped still chuckling. "Sorry, that's the only Beyonce song I know."

Jenna: She slowly stops dancing, "It's fine. Beyonce is my favorite singer ever."

Kristoph: He simply nodded and then realized the time. "Oh gods," he said, "so sorry but I think I gotta go. More stuff to take care of. Nice meeting you, Jenna. Sorry but gotta run." He did his casual salute before running off. "See ya around."

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