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Why the cabins have to vote?

Recently two cabins have been in the midst of a huge fight and Alexander the Great got really sick of the two cabins arguing so decided to get the rest of the cabin's/counsellors to vote in who they think is in the wrong.


One night at about 2am Thanatos' Cabin spray painted Eros' Cabin an awful brown colour, the next morning their counsellor woke up to see that his cabin was vandalized by the cabin. He quickly knew it was Thanatos' Cabin's fault due to the name "Thanatos" being sprayed across the door. Skylar being quick tempered as he is stomped over to Thanatos' Cabin and tried to slap Alex but failed miserably after Alexander Su'apa'ia caught his hand and drained the life force out of him. Soon after that Madeline Perthshire attacked Skylar for attempting to slap her brother, leaving him with a bloody nose and a black eye only to flee after being aimed at by Naomi Phelps's bow. That's the situation so far.

(OOC: Eros' Cabin and Thanatos' Cabin CANNOT vote.)
(OOC: ONLY head counsellors can vote.)

Debate/Reasons for backing up cabin:

  • Zayden: He shrugs Both have rash actions, thus I conclude both have their faults. If I were you all, I would find the real culprit and punish him/her instead than waste time in a pointless arguement. If I asked you, "What will you do if a party won?" Would you be able to answer something other than, "I'll rub it on the other's face?"
  • Michel: Pfft it was just a prank. i honestly don't get the big deal. When you get pranked, prank back. Simple as that.....
  • Caesey: Prank or not, both are technically doing the wrong thing against each other. Both cabins, from what I presume, must have an ulterior motive underlying their actions. Apate's counselor is dead right; find the culprit for all sakes.
  • Alexander: Now now, guy's, let's be reasonable. I mean, honestly, my cabin is CLEARLY under attack here. Skylar just barged in and tried slapping me, and one of his fingernails scratched my hand when I caught his. It hurt. ALSO, I've treaties from many cabins. I expect the vote to reflect the papers we both signed. He frowns sarcastically So c'mon. Vote responsibly.
  • Jess: "Alexander, I might be all bark and bite, but this time I'll have to be serious. What you did was wrong. What did you do it in the first place? Both cabins are both to blame for both Alexander's and Skylar's actions, but why? That's the big question. You'd think it'll be funny, that I understand. But, it wasn't right."
  • Riley: But it was a lil prank, chu actin like Alex went and blew em up
  • Jess: "A little? Did you see what he did to the cabin? Pranking might be all fun in games until you know it, someone either breaks something or is payed severe actions. We have to be serious on this. Now I never act like this, but this is a serious matter. Really guys. Just think about it. Skylar got attacked once. And so did Alexander. What's next? If we keep acting like this, what is left?"
  • Lexi: "If it was not for that little stunt that Alexander and his cabin pulled, than Skylar and his cabin would not have needed to retaliate. Now I do agree that both cabins were at fault for this, but let's not forget that if it wasn't for the prank that started it all, none of this would be necessary, especially this vote. It all stemmed from this so called lil prank as said by Riley and Michel, but my argument is, if the prank never happened, Alexander the Great would not have needed us to help, this whole thing was blown way out of proportion."
  • Jess: "I do agree Lexi, but it's not just the prank. The Eros cabin did partake into harsh actions and I do think if this thing never happened, we all wouldn't be here momentarily, but don't you agree that it is both their faults? We have to think people. What happens if all of this keeps up? The cabins will start war on each other and camp won't be a safe place for demigods. They'll have to live in fear of both monsters and crime. A lot of these campers are here to escape from either harsh actions from their so called parents or trying to find answers for all of this. For those who think both are in faulty, you agree with me, don't you?"


Thinking Thanatos' Cabin is in the wrong: (+7)

  1. Cole McKnight (Themis' Cabin)
  2. Lexi Mansin (Aphrodite's Cabin)
  3. Melyssa Flynn (Zephyrus' Cabin)
  4. Beau Chambre (Cybele's Cabin For the record he doesn't even know what vandalizing means >.<)
  5. Greg Austere (Prometheus' Cabin)
  6. Audie Clarke (Hebe's Cabin)
  7. Mitsuru Matsui (Limos' Cabin)

Both are to blame: (+11)

  1. Zayden Tanberry (Apate's Cabin)
  2. Caesey Ongsee (Mnemosyne's Cabin)
  3. Cleo Dillinger (Hades' Cabin)
  4. Elixabeth Oslo (Boreas' Cabin)
  5. Vayle Therroth (Aeolus' Cabin)
  6. Jessica Rodgers (Athena's Cabin)
  7. John Bright (Zeus' Cabin)
  8. Kayla Brech (Ares' Cabin)
  9. Riley Bennett (Aristaeus' Cabin)
  10. Michel Breeze (Poseidon's Cabin)
  11. Jaime Alvarez (Hypnos' Cabin)

Thinking Eros' Cabin is in the wrong: (+0)

Aftermath/Conclusion/Possibly a fight idk


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