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Excalibur: sits against floor, throwing ball against wall This is so boring! lets go of the ball and finishes unpacking

max: he was walking around when he spots excalibur oh hey there...

OOC:hope you dont mind me coming in OOC: It's fine

Excalibur: notices max Oh, hi. I'm Excalibur, you are? gets up

max: me? I'm max...and its nice to meet you I guess excalibur...

Excalibur: You probably already know my godly parent, what's yours? He asked as he began to sit up

max: he blinks I do? he said seeing a cabin hey I barely know where I am soo please enlighten me to where the hell I am...and please dont say camp ...he said quite mature puttin his hands into his pockets

Excalibur: He tilts his head then begins talking Well, this is a place where children of the gods and goddesses come to be safe from the monsters that are hidden by the Mist all across the world. I'm the son of Demeter, and this is where I stay, I was always attacked by monsters, I came here to be safe.

max: he sigh trying hard to not give any scientific words ok....anyhow I'm a son of aeolus...

Excalibur: "That's cool, Demeter, which you already knew. Sorry, I'm kind of awkward." He said as he walked over to the door. "Would you like to go to the beach?" He asked standing at the door.

OOC: Sorry about the change on how I roleplay and the late response.

max: he shrugs sure..


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