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Maxine and Piotr at the Park

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At the Coffee Shop

Piotr: They arrived at the coffee shop and Piotr helped Maxine off the bike.

Maxine: "Yeah, thanks.", she said before hopping off the bike.

Piotr: He nodded and they went to the outside table. They waited for their waiter to come.

Maxine: "A-Are we officially.. you know.", she blurted out, her face like this: >.<

Piotr: "If you want us to be like that, then it is your call. You're the girl after all." He told her, still waiting for the waiter.

Maxine: "Why me? You're the guy.", she protested, her lips pouting.

Piotr: "So, you are telling me that the guy should be the one who would say "Yes"?" He asked her, smirking.

Maxine: "You didn't even ask me yet.", she said, half-blushing.

Piotr: "So, if I ask, would you say yes?" He asked her.

Maxine: "Yes.", she said straight forwardly before nodding.

Piotr: "Then we are a couple." He told her as the waiter arrived.

Maxine: "Just like that?", she gasped, expecting Piotr to show efforts to her before they step into the couple stage.

Piotr: "Hey, we already did "it", right? And, weren't even a couple back then. So, why make things complicating?" He asked her.

Maxine: "Sorry.", she said.

Piotr: "What for?" He asked, confused why is she apologizing.

Maxine: "Oh, I thought you were scolding me.", she said.

Piotr: "And, why would I do that?" He asked her.

Maxine: "Well, it looks like you were.", she said before rolling her eyes in disbelief.

Piotr: "I just made you mine, Maxi. I am not a kind of guy who scold my dates for no good reason." He told her, laughing.

Maxine: She blushed for a moments, hearing Piotr just called her mine and even made her a unique nickname. "Y-Yeah" was all her mouth could say.

Piotr: He laughed as the waitress came to take their order. She looked at Piotr with deep lust, as if she wants to have his kids. "What are we having?" She asked him. Piotr looked at Maxine and asked her. "What do you want to get?"

Maxine: Maxine rolled her eyes again but not at Piotr but instead at the flirty waitress serving then. "Coffee of course. This wouldn't be name a coffee shop if there would be no coffees.", she said to Piotr, prior to his question.

OOC: What's the name of your char, Piotr or Piotn? I'm confused as hell!

Piotr: He laughed at her words and nodded. "I think I will have some coffee too. Anything else?" He asked Maxine.

Maxine: She shook her head in response to Piotr's question.

Piotr: "That will be it." He told the waitress. She gave another sedutive smile before leaving. "Well, she seems nice." He told her.

Maxine: "I don't care.", she said as she crossed her arms and her frown face switched on.

Piotr: He looked at her frown and couldn't help but grin a little. "Is someone jealous?" He asked her, teasingly.

Maxine: "Excuse me, but no one is jealous.", she said before she scoffed.

Piotr: He poke her face. "It sounds like you are." He told her, grinning.

Maxine: "Psh.", she said, slapping his hand away.

Piotr: He laughed again before the waitress came back with their order. She smiled again to Piotr as if she was interested with him.

Maxine: She scoffed again, louder this time so that both of them could hear it.

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