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The Forest

Natalie: Her eyes grew wide and she tried to gasp in surprise, but her breath was taken away, quite literally, by Jake's kiss. She didn't move an inch, having become a frigid statue. All she could think about was that she should close her eyes, and Jake should stop. She finally closed her eyes and half returned the kiss, but it was lacking in experience.

Jake: Jake didn't expect Natalie to return the kiss, even by the slightest chance. He then started kissing her torridly while his hands are on her back, avoiding her from leaning backwards or to even escape from his grip.

Natalie: Now she was confused. She continued with the kiss, her eyes still closed, and even moved her hands around Jake's neck. But her mind wasn't focussed on kissing. "I wonder if Jake likes me, wouldn't it be nice if he liked me, what if he thinks I like him because I'm kissing him? Do I like him? He's a pretty good kisser, I think... I haven't kissed anyone before... Oh, gods! Am I even kissing right?" She thought, her ideas all blurring into the one goal to continue kissing Jake, cause it sorta felt nice.

Jake: Jake leaned Natalie on the tree where he slept earlier, still kissing her torridly. His kisses went from her lips on the way down to her neck. I can't believe it! But I'm starting to love the way she kisses me., Jake thought, amused of Natalie's actions.

Natalie: As she was pushed against the tree she idly thought of having the tree swallow them up for some privacy, but decided Jake might be a little freaked out by that. Instead, she lets out a little gasp of delight as Jake kisses down her neck, and moves her hands from his neck to his lower back, pulling him closer and closer to her.

Jake: Jake stopped upon hearing Natalie's gasp. It only means that he already crossed the line. "S-Sorry.", he apologized, unsure of what he did earlier.

Natalie: "Wait... what?" She looked at Jake in confusion at his abrupt stop, thinking she'd done something wrong, as he certainly hadn't. "Uhmm..." She mumbles softly as she pushes out of Jake's hold, embarrassed for herself. All she wants to do is sink into the ground and disappear, but she needs to be the bigger person in this situation, she tells herself, though she doesn't know how to do that at the moment. She rocks back and forth on her heels awkwardly. Finally, she clears her throat and speaks up. "So... um, would you explain what just happened?" There is no hostility in her voice, just curiosity and a tinge of regret.

Jake: Jake smirked upon hearing the question then said, "I thought you wanted the kiss. You asked for it right?" He was now back on his good ol' Jake persona.

Natalie: "Uhhhhmm..." She seems unsure for a moment, until Jake's attitude sinks in. Nat scowls and folds her arms, immediately hating herself for kissing him, but directing the hate at Jake as it was him that kissed her. "Excuuuse me, bastard, you kissed me. I don't ask for that kind of shit." She spits at him.

Jake: "Then, why'd you answer my kisses?", he teased her.

Natalie: Her face grows red, and she exhales through her nose, trying to stay calm. "I did not answer your kisses, I returned them. Why did you even kiss me in the first place?" She stares at Jake, her eyes burning into his. All she wants to do is slap him hard across the face, but she's restraining herself.

Jake: "That's the same. And, like I've said before, you taunted me so I did it.", he explained calmly before he shrugged his shoulders.

Natalie: She throws her hands up in desperation. "Ughhhh! You're infuriating!"

Jake: "And handsome!", he added before laughing.

Natalie: "What? No you're not!" She screams at Jake. "Yes you are." She thinks.Her emotions betray her, and a blush rises to her cheeks.

Jake: "Hey?", he said as he went near her before pinching her cheeks. "Why're you blushing?", he asks calmly, like nothing just happened.

Natalie: "What?" She's become even more flustered at Jake's quick change in attitude, and tries to contain it by stepping away from Jake and taking a few deep breaths. She closes her eyes and drowns out Jake's voice, and when she opens them again her blush is gone. "I'm not blushing," she says evenly. She wonders what's up with Jake's change of attitude.

Jake: "Tomato.", he muttered under his breath for Natalie not to here before burst out laughing.

Natalie: "Why are you laughing? Stop it!" Nat yells, sorta playfully, before roughly shoving Jake's chest.

Jake: Jake quickly grabbed her hands as he pulled her closer to him. "I said, your lips tastes like tomatoes., he whispered.

Natalie: "What? That doesn't even make sense! I haven't eaten anything vaguely tomato-y today! What are you on?" She yells, rather flustered at him being so close to her... again.

Jake: "I was just kidding. Why do you take things seriously?", he said before laughing. He cupped her face before saying, "Should we continue what we haven't finished?"

Natalie: She leaves his hands on her face, but folds her arms defiantly. "Well, no. Not if you're going to be a jerk about it again. Don't you have some other girl to annoy?"

Jake: "I have 4 other girls to annoy, excluding you.", he said.

Natalie: "You rude little shit." Natalie growls. Her anger steadily increasing towards the douche in front of her, she swiftly moves her fist in a punch aimed at Jake's gut, hoping to take advantage of his hands cupping her face.

Jake: He quickly dodged her punch since he knew that that would be coming. "Hey, hey. What's your problem?", he asked her.

Natalie: "What's my problem? What's your problem?" She screams at him, tearing his hands from her face. She stands back from him and whistles to the wind. When she returns her attention to Jake, she's fuming. "So what? You just take advantage of girls who happen to come your way?" In her anger, a few roots have begun to curl around Jake's feet.

Jake: Jake was about to walk towards her but failed because of the roots beginning to curl around his feet. "Hey? What did I do to you that made you angry?", he asked still but the answer is stated obvious.

Natalie: "Make an educated guess." She spits. The shrubs around them begin to rustle, and soon two fierce-looking young cubs appear at Natalie's feet, growling at Jake. One cub is a chunky tiger, reaching up to just below Nat's knee, while the other is a sleek ocelot, reaching up to her mid-calf.

Jake: "Hey look, I'm sorry!", he exclaimed as he backed away from her. Afraid of the two cubs growling at Jake.

Natalie: "Are you? Are you really? Or are you just scared?" She taunted him, her cubs still growling at Jake.

Jake: "Hell, yes I'm sorry!", he exclaimed as he stumbled back.

Natalie: She took a step closer to him, using the ground to push herself up above Jake. "Prove it." She hissed.

Jake: "What should I do to prove it?", he asked.

Natalie: "Don't speak to a girl for a week. If you do, I'll have my cubs eat you." She grins, and her cubs growl louder at her feet.

Jake: "O-Okay!", he exclaimed as he salute at her before backing away as the cubs growled louder at him. "Would you please tell them to stop?", he said.


Birdie: Is he dibbed or...?

Ez: He is. >.< He does that to everyone. Kinda like, he easily gets close to girls.

Birdie: Ooh, little bit of a playa then? xP

Ez: Yep! >o<

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