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[one] cont.

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  • Carmen: Jake was still pulling her,"Hey Jake. Slow down, you're pulling me."
  • Jake : "Sorry!", he said as he released his grip. "I am very sorry!", he said, turned to her then burst out laughing. He can't stop laughing because of Carmen's messy hair like it has been combed using a house broom.


  • Carmen: She quickly takes out a small comb and fixes her hair. She is very irritated,"Now you can stop laughing."
  • Jake : Jake grabbed her hand then said, "Hey. I was just joking." He pleaded, his puppy eyes switched on.
  • Carmen: She sighs and then smiles,"Fine."
  • Jake : "Are you mad?", he asked, breaking the silence between while they are walking.
  • Carmen: She smiles mischievously,"Of course not. I'm perfectly sane."
  • Jake : "I do not like that smile of yours.", Jake teased as h pinched both of her cheeks absent-mindedly.
  • Carmen: She smiles wider and pinches his cheek hard.
  • Jake : "Don't do that please or I'll be red as a tomato.", he joked then laughed.
  • Carmen: She laughs,"So, what are we doing now?"
  • Jake : "Walk to camp.. slowly?", he asked, unsure. "I don't wanna see your hair look like it was comb with a crooked comb again.", he teased her again then jogged first ahead of Carmen.
  • Carmen: She catches up with him,"My hair looked like that because you pulled me."
  • Jake : "Sorry for that.", he said.
  • Carmen: She smiles,"Doesn't matter. I combed my hair."
  • Jake : "With what? A zig zag comb?", he teased her again, trying to make Carmen angry.
  • Carmen: She gets really angry and is ready to slap him but suddenly her bird starts singing,"Plan failed, Better luck next time."
  • Jake : "OK, OK. I'll stop.", he promised, then seconds later he burst out laughing again.

OOC: Don't know where this rp is going. XD

  • Carmen: She smiles,"Lets just go to camp."

OOC:Nor do I. Let's just get them to camp.

  • Jake : "Ok, then.", he said then walked ahead of her.
  • Carmen: She catches up with him and walks quietly.
  • Jake : "So.. made any friends here at camp? Exclude me by the way.", he asked, breaking the silence between them.
  • Carmen: She smiles sadly,"No, that's one of the reasons I got Belladonna, the bird."
  • Jake : "Why? Aren't you comfortable having friends?", he asked her.
  • Carmen:"No, I like having friends, it's just that no one bothered."
  • Jake : "Why? You're a nice person. Why won't anyone don't wanna be friends with you?", he said.
  • Carmen:"Well,I talked to one person before you."
  • Jake : "Who?", he asked.
  • Carmen:She frowns as she tries to remember,"Someone from my cabin, My half-sister."
  • Jake : "Aside from her and me. Anyone from other cabins?", he asked once again.
  • Carmen:"No, nobody." She asks him,"What about you?"
  • Jake : "They're too many to mention.", he said then smiled at her.
  • Carmen:She laughs,"Lucky you."
  • Jake : "Say, have you ever been in a relationship?", he asked out of nowhere.
  • Carmen:"No. What about you?"
  • Jake : "No, not yet.", he said then let out a sigh. Haven't thought of anything to be considered as a topic.
  • Carmen:She smiles. "Why? Didn't meet any pretty girls?"she teases.
  • Jake : "Hmm. I meet some but, they're not really my type.", he said then smirked.
  • Carmen: She teases,"What kind of girl is your 'type' then?"
  • Jake : He stopped for a moment before talking. "Those who're cute whenever they get jealous.", he said referring to Vanessa.
  • Carmen: She smiles,"Looks like you have met someone."
  • Jake : "H-How did you know. Do you have magical powers like digging into someone's mind?", he asked jokingly.
  • Carmen: "As if. But you're very obvious. Tell me who is she?"She begs.
  • Jake : "Nope.", he said as he shook his head respectively.
  • Carmen: "Please, I want to know. And nothing is going to happen if you tell me."
  • Jake : "What if I won't tell you?", he asked, taunting her.
  • Carmen: She makes a sad face,"You will tell me. If not, then I'll cry."
  • Jake : "Why do you even need to know?", he asked her.
  • Carmen: "Because, i'm a very curious person and not knowing is very irritating." She smiles,"Plus, if you tell it to me, its not going to bother you in any way."
  • Jake : "I still won't.", he insisted, his lips pouting.
  • Carmen: "Okay. Just tell me 3 things about her."
  • Jake : "She's beautiful, pretty and attractive.", he answered jokingly.
  • Carmen: She smile,"Okay, That's one thing, what else?"
  • Jake : "She's..hmm..she blushes often."
  • Carmen: "Just one more thing. Her name, or cabin?"
  • Jake : "She's from Aglaea's Cabin."
  • Carmen: She looks a bit surprised,"One of my half-sisters? Then I think i know her!"
  • Jake : He closed his eyes as he facepalmed himself. I'm a fool. My life is ruined., he thought.
  • Carmen: She thinks of all her cabin members,"Is her name..... Vanessa?"
  • Jake : "Psh. Okay, I'll be honest with you. Yes yes, her name is Vanessa.", he said, giving up.
  • Carmen: She smiles,"You could have saved yourself all this trouble if you had told her name to me when I asked."
  • Jake : "Psh!", he grunted.
  • Carmen:"Oh, Cheer up!"
  • Jake : "What if you'll say it to her?"
  • Carmen:"I swear I will not say a word about this to her."
  • Jake : "Okay, I trust you.", he said then sighed again.
  • Carmen:She smiles,"Thank you!"
  • Jake : "Promise?", he reassures.
  • Carmen:She sighs,"I promise."
  • Jake : He smirked before asking, "Why did you just sigh?"
  • Carmen: "Because I swore i would not tell her and you made me promise again.'
  • Jake : "Sooorry.", he said.
  • Carmen: She smiles and continues walking to camp.
  • Jake : He quietly follows behind Carmen on the way to camp.


  • Carmen: "Where shall we go now?"
  • Jake : "Uhm, sorry but why are you asking me?", he said, grinning.
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