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RP no. 2

RP no. 2 (timeskip)

Returning a Jacket- Nessie/Jake

Apologizing- Nessie/Jake


Lunch with Mr.Prescott- Nessie/Jake

Nessa/Jake Storm RP

Ness:She could barely see through all the rain but she managesvto see her cabin. Once he sets her down she opens the door and drags him in. She walks through,avoiding her sibling's glances and their soft giggles and coos ad she walks in with Jake.She walks into her room,holding the door open for Jake,"Come in."

Jake : He went in, his clothes wet. "Sorry.", he said to Vanessa's half-siblings, referring to the drips of water that he left on the cabin's floor.

Nessa:She steps into her baby blue colored room and sheds her navy colored blazer,letting it Fall to the white carpet. Nessa smiles even though she is dripping wet but it is just like her to smile even in the weirdest situations. She is kind of relieved that her room doesn't smell like perfume or cologne like the rest of the cabin and likes how it smells like flowers and vanilla.

Jake : He followed Vanessa behind, avoiding her half-siblings glares.

Nessie: She waits for Jake to ckme into her room and starts cleaning up. It is'nt that her room is,messy but she sees some small imperfections and she fixes them. She turns to see Jake and says,"Don't worry about my hallf siblings. They barely ever get angry."

Jake : "Yes. I can see that. Are fine now?", he asked.

Ness:She looks up from her desk where her eyes were looking at a diary that she was trying to hide behind a few thick books. "Who's fine?", she asks.

Jake : "You. Are you?", he asked her again.

Nessa:"Why would I not be?",she asks,turning to look at him.

Jake : "Well, I thought you weren't fine when we were back at the restaurant.", he said, not looking at her.

Ness:"I'm fine Jake.",she says,toying with a strand of her hair. Nessie then says,"Do you wantt to stay here?Since there's a storm....?"

Jake : "Yeah, sure. You wouldn't mind right?", he asked.

Ness: She shakes her head,"I wouldn't mind." She sits onher bed and takes off her muddy shoes.

Jake : "Uhm, where will I sleep?", he asked.

Ness:She sets a couple of blankets and pillows on the carpet and points to the bed,"You can sleep there,on the bed."

Jake : "On the bed? Where will you sleep?", he asked.

Ness:"Here.",she says as she sits on the blanket.

Jake : "No, no. You should be the one who'll sleep on the bed.", he insisted.

Ness:"And you?It's not like we can sleep on the bed together...",she says,blushing slightly.

Jake : "I'll sleep there were you are sitted.", he said, referring to the blanket she is sitting on.

Ness:"You sure?",she asks,standing abd looking at him.

Jake : "Yep.", he said as he walked towards the blanket.

Ness: She nods and stands,letting him sit. Nessie then says"Are you sure you want to stay on the floor?"

Jake : "100% sure.", he said as he gave her a thumbs up.

Ness: She nods and hears a,knock at the door. She opens it and hears one of her half sisters ask to speak with her. Nessa nods and sees her sister leave. She turns to Jake and says,"I'll be back." And then adds,motioning to the area where her diary is hidden,"Don't touch anything there. Please." The brunette walks ouut,closing the door behind her.

Jake : After Vanessa went out of her room, Jake went to the area where Vanessa obviously pointed out where something important is hidden like saying, See that place? I've got something important there.. He found her diary, went back to the blanket and sat on it. He now opened it and read what is inside.

Nessa:She finishes talking with her sister and is given some cupcakes tgat had been dropped off by her friend,Eric. She hopes Jake hadn'nt found the diary abd really hoped he had not flipped to the latest entries in which his name popped up quite a lot and her feelings were detailed.She starts walking back to her room.

Jake : Jake's eyebrows met will he is reading the latest entries of her diary. His name popped up already many times and absent mindedly smiled about that which he didn't know why. The door suddenly opened and pulled out Vanessa from it. He quickly hid her diary behind his back.

Nessa:She hums a tune and sets the cupcakes on a small mahogany table this being why she didn't see Jaje hiding the diary.

Jake : "Uh, h-hey Vanessa.", he greeted her uneasily.

Ness:She turns to look at him and arches an eyebrow,"Are you alright Jake?"

Jake : "Y-Yes.", he said as he sat down on the sofa, her diary still hidden behind his back.

Ness:"What are you hiding?",she askd,arms crossed and walking towards him.

Jake : "N-Nothing. This is nothing.", he said.

Nessa:"It's something...what is it?",she asks,looking at him.

Jake : "Nothing! Nothing! Trust me.", he insisted.

Nessa:She sighs,"Fine." She walks over to the cupcakes and reads the note taped to it and a smalll smile plays at her lips."Do you want a cupcake?",she asked, putting one on a plate and walking over to him.

Jake : "Yeah, sure.", he said.

Ness:"Great.",she says,ganding it to him and sitting next to him. "Now that I've been nice and given you you want to tell me what you're hiding?Please?"

Jake : He inched away from her before talking. "It's still a no.", he answered before grinning.

Nessa:She sighs and sets her head on his shoulder,her fingers tracing shapes on his arm. "Please?",she asks. She looks up at him."I'll do anything J!",calling him by the first letter of his name. Nessa then says,"Anything!"

Jake : He sighed, surrendering. "Okay, okay.", he said as he showed her her diary. "You said anything right? So, tell me about this.", he taunted her, still grinning.

Ness:She blushes red and crosses her arms after glaring at hiim slightly. "It's a diary. What more do you want to know?"

Jake : "Tell me why is my name written several times inside.", he said.

Ness:She replies,"Because I have seen you the past few days. Why else?",she asks,arching an eyebrow

Jake :"You're avoiding my point.", he said. (was this supposed to be here Ez?)

Nessa:She is blushing as she repllies,"I'm not avoiding anything!"

OOC: Yeeep. That alternately means that she is changing the subject. Sorry. >.<

Jake : "Okay, then. I won't argue with you.", he said, tossing her the diary.

Nessie:It hits her in the face. Hard. She groans lightly but stands up and sets it under her pillow. Nessa turns to look at him and,blushing rose,asks him,"How much did you read?"

Jake : "Exactly from the start until the end.", he said, grinning.

Ness:She blushes more but shakes it off and thinks of something before saying,"You wanna play a game?"

Jake : "Yeah, sure!", he exclaimed while smiling, not showing his curiousness because of the sudden change of subject.

Ness: "How about Truth or Dare?",she asks as she sits in frobt of him, taking a piece of cupcake from his pastry and eating it,smiling sweetly as she says,"You first."

Jake : "Dare.", he said while smirking, curious of what will she dare him.

Ness:She smiles and takes out of her purse her phone and dials a number. Nessa says,"Okay. I dare you to call this person and tell them how much you love them. Tell them everything you adore about them and how much you wish to spend every day with them.Okay?", the phone in front of him and a playful smile on her face.

Jake : He took the phone from her, pressed the call button on the screen then started talking. "Hey, uhm, haven't I told you once how much I love you?" He paused as he thought for what Vanessa said about adoring or rather admiring everything. "I love your eyes, nose, lips and the others that I haven't mentioned. Oh, and I also want to spend my everyday life with you."

Ness: She can't help but laugh at this and her face reddens extremely.

Shyloh: She hadbeen slicing apples for her and her friend Ailee who was watching "Silver Linings Playbook" when her phone ringed. She answered and heard a male tell her about how he loved her oh so much and she was somewhat shocked but managed to say,"I guess I love you too?"

Jake : "Is that hesitation, a statement or a question?", he asked referring to whom he talks to on the other line on what she said.

Shyloh:She had put the call in speaker and blushed,"I-I'm not really sure..."

Ailee:The blonde had rushed over to her friend and giggled softly and whispered to Shyloh,"Who is it Shy?"

Jake : Talking as if Vanessa isn't there beside him, he still didn't mind it and continues to join in the fun. "Oh, is that a friend of yours? Uhm, hey there friend of hers. Could you do me a favor? A favor like tell her how much I really love her.", he said, smirking badly.

Ailee:"That is so romantic...but who is it?",she turns to Shyloh and asks,"Is it Eric?That Mnemosyne boy tthat is crushing on Nessie?No...Eric has a charming brittish accent..."

Shyloh:"She shrugs and days to Jake,"Look you seem really nice. But I don't love you. Sorry...bye." Abd she hangs up.

Nessa:She laughs through Jake's phone call but then composes herrself and waits for Jake to ask her the question.

Jake : "Well, that's that.", he said then turned to face Vanessa. "Truth or dare?"

Ness:"Dare.",she answers,playing with the sblanket under her.

Jake : He pondered for seconds to think a dare for her. "Can I dare you to kiss me?", he blurted out.

Ness:She blushes like mad but replies,"I guess so...."

Jake : "Okay then. I dare you to kiss me here..", he said, his index finger pointing out his lips. A playful grin is visible on his face.

Ness:She nods and feels nervous having never kissed a person before. So she leans forward and presses her lips to his, feeling something warm inside as she does.

OOC: Can I ask? Is it just a smack? XD So that I'll have an idea on what I'll post after.

OOC: More like a simple, chaste kiss... ;)

Jake : He licked his lips after the short kiss while staring at her. "Hmm. Tomato.", he said referring to her cause she literally looks like a tomato as she pinched both her cheeks.

Nessie: She blushes even more. She liked the kiss and the thought makes her blush even more . She, not really thinling abput it, leans in and kisses him once more.

Jake : This time, Jake was the one shocked because of the sudden kiss. He placed his hands on her neck as he responds to her kisses.

Ness: She blushes abd wraps her arms around his neck,leaning in closer, deepening the kiss as she smiles into the kiss


Ezzie : I just put this here so we could discuss while RPing.

Gummy : They look cute together! :) At least I think so. Ezzie : I know!! ><

Gummy : Do you have any ideas for a future/next rp?

Ezzie : I don't know! >< Sorry~

G; Er...maybe like...watching stars. That's so cliche but...yeah.

Ezzie : I forgot all about going to the movies thingy! >o<

Gum: Me too! I thought they were just walking aimlessly 0.0

Gum: Hey can we make another thread like from the tine skip and on? My phone is like not being kind to me while I try to edit >.<

E : Mkay!

G: They both look cute when they blush >.<

E : I know! LOL >o<

G: Hey Ezra what should these two lovebirds (>.<) do now? Go back to camp and watch the sunset or something? My well is running dry.

E : Same here! ><

G: Let's just see where it goes >.<

E : Mkay~ ><

G: I'm officially shipping them ><

E : Me too! >< That chemistry!

G: Yeah! I'm going to assume they arrived to camp and he's leaving. Tell mme if I'm wrong.

E : Another rp?

G: Sure. You post first or me?

E : You. Since you'll be returning his jacket.

G: Ojay. It was a little big >< sorry

G: Aw! I live Gear!!! Thanks Ezra :)

E : Aww. No problemo~

G: Nessie's love of swings is so like me. They're just so awesomely amazing ><

E : Same here! And, I agree! <3

G: They're my weakness XD

E : Oh, btw, Jake doesn't like swings. lol

G: You wanna rp Alessandro and Shyloh here on the forum?

E : Late reply! Sorry! Sure!

G: Trouble in Paradise ><

E : Yep! I'm expecting her to follow him, though. >.<

G: Let me edit the post then okay?

E : It's alright! Let's make another rp, then?

G: Let me reply on Shy/Aless and. Then I'll add it in.

G: Would it hlbe best if she denies it?

E : Lol. I don't know. Since I'm a girl myself and I've been ask by that questions many times. It's best if you'll hide it.

G: I started thinking and they're Jessie/ Nake/ ><

E : Jessie/Nake! >.<

G: Ikr. Or Janessa, Vake, Jakessa. ><

E : Oh my gods! Janessa! I vote for that! >.<

G: I know! Janessa! It has a certain ring to it. I just love those two. I'm reading their rps out loud and my sister looks at me like wtf? And then I tell her and now she ships them too. ><

E : Janessa fansclub or Janessa OTP. I'm like wthe? >.<

G: Both. We can be co-presidents. ><

G: I'm gonnaa make her dad call her. Maybe Jake could like...steal tge phone. ><

E : I like that! >.<

G: We're like so mischievous with these two. I love it ><

G: I made it so that Nessie's dad is actually at Long Island. ><

E : I'm loving this rp! >.<

G: I made a new thread abd they're with Mr.Prescott >< I hope he takes a liking to Jake :D

Gear: Hey Ezra so would it be bad if we put a waiter/waitress that flirts with oone of them? >o<

Ezra : Sure! I want some twist! >.<

G: Waiter flirts with Ness ir waitress flirrts with Jake?

E : With.. surprise me! It's up to you! >.<

G: Can you rpp the waiter then?

E : Sure

G: Jake's handling this well. :)

G: *cue waiter*

G: Jake's getting jealous >o<

E : I know right! ><

G:These two are so cute and lovable that they're going to be the end of me >•<

E : The feels!! >o<

G: I know right. These two make an awesome fake couple. >•<

E : I know!

G:I'm going to bed bit what about a storm hits and hevstays in her room and they bond?

E : Sure. Already put a time skip to it.

G:You want to put a new thread for this storm rp?

G:I changed Nessa's model

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