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Garret and Analeese

Garret: Garret was sitting around the Dining Pavilion playing poker with other Aphrodite kids. He clearly won the most money out of everyone playing.

Analeese: She walks to the Dining Pavillion, after fixing her bike. She is wearing a blue flannel shirt that belonged to her brother over a t-shirt and leather leggings. She sits at the Nemesis table, her light eyes carefully watching Garret play poker. "I'll play." She shrugs her slim shoulders and turns to face him. 

Garret: "Oh... It's you." Garret cringes at the sight of her. *Sigh* "Then sit your ass down." Garret deals five cards to Analeese. "I hope you have a a lot of money in your wallet."

Analeese: "I have enough. Are you prepared to play pretty boy?" She sits herself down, facing opposite the son of Aphrodite and glances to her cards, her lips twisted into a faint smirk. "I haven't seen you around after our fight, it was a good one." She concedes and places her small blind bet, a couple of dollars to the centre of the table.

Garret: *Showing no emotion* "Getting cocky after a single fight, aren't we?" Garret bets half of his winnings. "One win and you think you're unstoppable, don't you?"

Analeese: She shrugs her shoulders again, acting completely nonchalant. "Someone's bitter." She remarks and wisely decides to check and glance back down to her hand. "Who taught you to fight like that? " Ana asked, glancing upwards to meet his pokerface.

Garret: Garret cringes at that question but manages to maintain a lack of emotion. "Who wants to know? Now, what's your hand have?"

Analeese: She places down her cards. "Three of a kind" She says and prepares to push some money to Garret's side of the table. "Poker isn't my game. I mostly played blackjack, but I can tell a pokerface when I see one. Why are you avoiding my question?"

Garret: Garret shows his cards. "Royal flush." Garret takes all of Analeese's money. "Wanna play blackjack? Then let's play blackjack." Garret deals two cards to Analeese and bets most of his money in his stack. "And I fail to see why you NEED to know how I train."

Analeese: She tosses the few dollars she has across the table. "I don't care." She replies honestly and shuffles her cards. "Hit or miss?" She asks and places her first card on the table, a nine of hearts. "Isn't curiosity enough of a reason?"

Garret: Garret looks at his cards, Ace of diamonds and 8 of clubs. "I'll stand. And what? Have you made it your mission to learn about my personal life?"

Analeese: "Fuck it then..." She replies and takes another card, putting the ten of spades onto the table. "I thought you were different to everyone else round here. Besides what better way to learn the game than to play with an assassin?"

Garret: "And what exactly made me different from everyone else?"

Analeese: "You mean apart from the stupid tux and hair?" She smirks and rolls her shoulders back. "I thought you would be tougher, more intelligent, everyone around here is soft, sleeping in their comfy beds, pigging out when there's a real world out there."

Garret: "They always make fun of the hair... So you're saying that because I'm a camper here, I'm basically another close minded weakling?"

Analeese: "It's not very subtle." Analeese admits. "Not really. You're a lot more uptight than I expected, but you're more interesting than that lot. I would rather be on my own again, than forced to live here in the company of idiots. Fortunately I don't think stupidity is contagious."

Garret: "OK fine, I can lose my temper at times." Garret admits. "And I know how you feel. Being stuck in a cabin full of fashionistas and pretty boys who don't take anything besides their looks seriously isn't exactly what I prefer either."

Analeese: "I guess you're not so bad yourself, apart from the hair." Analeese teases, her lips turning into a wild smirk. She leans backwards for a moment, propping her weight on her elbows. "You should teach me a few of your moves, maybe I'll teach you a few of mine and we can have a rematch."

Garret: "Not even if my life depended on it." Garret glares at Analeese

Analeese: "Scared you'll lose again?" Analeese retorts. "It doesn't matter. I thought it would be better than braiding each other's hair and talking about American Idol." She shrugged her slender shoulders, sitting herself upright. "Got to pass the time somehow. One day, your life may depend on it."

Garret: Garret gets up, pulls out his necklace from his pocket and it transforms into his sword. He points the tip of the sword at Analeese's neck under her chin. "However, taking your life right now wouldn't be considered an actual fight, now would it?"

Analeese: She cooly kicks the table seperating the two of them. This causes the table to be thrown upwards towards Garret's face. She keeps a hand on the hilt of her pike. "You'll have to do better than that to kill me." She smirks and glances at him, with her eyes of cold steel.

Garret: As the table flies toward Garret, he quickly uses his sword to slice the table in half before it could hit him. His sword then transforms back into a necklace. "Look, let's be reasonable. I don't want you here. And I'm willing to bet you don't want to be here. And this isn't a place for fighting. After all, there are too many witnesses." He turns to look at the others in the dining pavilion undoubtedly watching them. He turns back to Analeese. "So why don't we just stop this needless violence... For now?"

Analeese: She simply laughs and folds her arms across the curves of her chest. "Seems like you have quite a temper." She says, her tone possessing a certain sharpness to it. "I don't want to fight. But you're welcome to try and face me like a man, maybe I'll come to respect you, but then again maybe not." She says, swiveling on her heels and walking away in full view of other campers. "Bonne chance." She smirks and saunters off.

Garret: "And here I was actually starting to respect you somewhat. I wonder what your father would say if here were with us now?" Garret said trying to taunt her, but unaware of her father's history.

OOC: The only person she's told is Daevyd who I doubt would tell Garret >.< 

OOC: let me tweak it a bit.

Analeese: "Corpses don't speak. You would be wise to remember that." She retorted coolly, somewhat irritated by his words. They unleashed a cold anger inside her. "They lie forgotten, and rot into the ground until they no longer exist."

Garret: "By the tone of your voice I'd say that you actually sound glad your father's gone. Either he must've been a real dick or you're more heartless than I thought." He said smirking.

Analeese: "That doesn't take a genius to figure out. You make for a better assassin than a conversationalist. I assume there's not as much intelligence or empathy involved, do you actually feel anything other than nausea when you look in a mirror?" She remarked, holding steadfast.

Garret: "Considering I kill people before they can even scream for help, I take that as a complement. And "Not much intelegence or empathy"? Ironic quote from someone who grew up with a bunch of low life neanderthals who do nothing but sit their asses on bikes and act tough. You sure take up after the people who quote and quote "raised" you. And the only reason I feel nausea, it's because I look like a goddamn GQ cover model! Can't exactly say the same for you though.

Analeese: "Tut tut pretty boy, somebody takes himself too seriously." Analeese retorted. "I may come from white trash but at least my mom's not some whore, and I dont go running around and thinking I'm the next James Bond." She replied with a shrug of her shoulders. "Better luck with your pokerface next time, I'd hate to see it scarred." She said, flicking her hair to the side as she walked away from the situation.


Garret: Garret was waiting outside of the Nemesis cabin, waiting for his enemy to arrive. He was wearing his usual attire, only now, the dye in his hair has worn off and his hair has gone back to it's normal red color. As he waited he was throwing his playing cards into his hat on the floor.

Analeese and Tiffany

Analeese: Analeese chills outside of her cabin, drinking a can after a stressful day when she spots Tiffany, looking considerably fatigued and worried. Out of morbid curiosity, she puts her can down and yells over in her direction. "You okay redwood? Has the boogeyman got you?" 

Tiffany: Tiffany, looking pretty groggy, looks at Analeese and walks over to her "*Yawns* Oh, hey Analeese, haven't seen you around lately. I'm just feeling sleepy. Actually been feeling really tired a lot lately."

Analeese: "Fair enough." She shrugs her shoulders, and glances downwards to the shorter girl. "Why would you be tired? I've had several matches and I barely feel a thing." 

Tiffany: "I don't know. Ever since a few days ago, every time I fall asleep, I end up waking up even more tired than before I fell asleep! I don't get why."

Analeese: "Sounds like you've been drinking." She laughs a little and stands up straight, resting her hands on her hips. "When I go to sleep, I have to put on some rock music to drown the snoring out, or tire myself out. Why don't you try the same?"

Tiffany: "But... I don't drink. And I can fall asleep just fine. Once I start sleeping, I don't wake up. No matter if there's snoring, loud music or whatever."

Analeese: "I guess so...I've just moved into the loft so nothing would disturb me. I'm a light sleeper. It took forever to clear out all the shit there, but it's a damn sight better than hearing every little sound around me." She says matter-of-factly, shrugging off Tiffany's words. "You need to go see a child of Hypnos or something. Sounds pretty fu**ed to me."

Tiffany: "Would you happen to know any?"

Analeese: She smirks for a moment, and folds her arms against her chest. "Do I look like I need a bloody psychiatrist?" She replies. "No I don't. If you needed to get revenge I could hook you up but this is out of my league."

Tiffany: "Oh... well sorry I asked then." Tiffany pouts a bit

Analeese: "Come with me..." She sighs. "We'll find someone to sort you out. I'll be the muscle." She gives Tiffany a small smirk and a shrug of the shoulders.

Tiffany: "What am I gonna need muscles for? It's just sleeping problems."

Analeese: "If they don't cooperate or get things done," She teases back, cracking her knuckles.

Tiffany: "Oh... well alright......" She says, her tone implies she has a bad feeling about Analeese

Analeese: "Sure."

Tiffany: Tiffany and Analeese were walking through the camp when they pass by where Analeese keeps her motorcycle. Tiffany then suddenly slows down "Huh...? I'm feeling... sleepy again......" Tiffany then falls over and starts softly snoring when she hits the ground

Analeese: "Shit." Analeese mumbles to herself. "Wake up..." She shakes Tiffany for a moment, trying to wake her up without much success. She decides to hop onto her motorbike and turn on the engine, which comes alive with a loud roar. She revs it a few times, smoke billowing out of the tailpipes. She's running sweet as a nut and the daughter of Nemesis feels proud of her skills. 

Tiffany: "AHH!!" She screams and opens her eyes the motorcycle is revved. However, the pupils in her eyes have become more constricted. She looks at Analeese and speaks in a strange voice "What the FUCK?! Was that REALLY necessary?!"

OOC: How Tiffany is talking (The video is over an hour long, but you just need to watch the first minute and listen to how the bear talks. That is how Tiffany is talking) -->

Analeese: She smirks as Tiffany is woken up by the deafening roar of the engine. Analeese turns the ignition off, and swoops out of the seat. Her eyebrow is raised at the strange tonality her voice takes, which freaks her out a little. The daughter of Nemesis merely shrugs it off. "Yes. I'm not having anyone sleep near my girl." She gently taps the side of the motorbike. "Why the fuck are you talking like that? You must have hit your pretty little head hard on the ground."

Tiffany: "Hahahaha! I guess you can say that. I hit it just like THIS!" Tiffany gets out her gunblade and slashes Analeese's motorcycle's tires and stabs its engine. She laughs maniacally as she does this.

Analeese: Tiffany charges towards her, trying to damage her bike with that god-awful weapon with its anime-like gunblade. She manages to slash one of the tires and make a few scratches but she doesn't do a lot of major damage to the bike before Analeese gets pissed and sends a wave of energy to knock the girl down and draws her long-sword. "You dare, and I will hurt you little girl. So much that you'll be shipped to Tartarus in pieces." She grunts and holds her long-sword out in front of her.

Tiffany: "Oh why are you so worried about it? These stupid bikes are replaceable! It's not like they're your dad or something!" She says as she tries to cut it again

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