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Micah: Staggers as his head was howled in pain. A-aa-gghh.... He draws his sword and flies up. He takes a dive towards Catherine, his sword aimed at her chest.

Catherine: She tries to dodge, but slices a bit of her chest. She grunts. Painful, but not painful enough. She lashes her whip to Micah's face.

Cato: He regains his momentum and charges towards Alexander with his hatchet ready to split his head in half.

Alexander: He barely dodges he blow and takes his sword out of its scabbard, ready to fight.

Thomas: he pulls out his spear and attacks Caliista

Micah: He uses the wind to speed up his movements and dodge rolls to his right. I got this BC girl! Don't try to interfere, she's dangerous.

Callista: She casually side-steps with a murderous grin on her face. She eventually unsheaths her dagger and waits for Thomas' next move.

Cato: He puts back his hatchet and brings out his sword to fit the fight. He charges at Alexander with his sword aimed for his neck to behead him. OOC: Yep. You saw it right. Behead. xP

Catherine: Catherine stays in her place and sends an even powerful wave of pain at Micah.

Micah: Micah flies up to dodge it. He sees Cato and send a small tornado at him. He pants as his energy is now averagely drained.

Alexander: He parries Cato's blow and rolls away not to get in the way of Micah's tornado.

Callista: She laughs at Cato's side. she positions her dagger directly at the back of Micah's head. She charges at full-speed. OCC: Well, at the speed a normal demigod can charge cause she's not a Hermes Kid. xD

Thomas: He uses the wind to increase his speed to try and tackle Callista. Hey your my opponent! 

Cato: He gets preoccupied by Alexander's parrying and he gets blown away by the wind. He crashed to ground with a grunt and quickly gets up. He jumps at an inhuman height to try and crush Alexander to the ground under his feet.

Catherine: She charms her weapon to inflict more damage. She then rushes for Micah with a pretty painful lasso in her sleeve.

Alexander: Cato jumps too high and Alex's vision is blocked by the sun, so he desperatly jumps diving to his left. 

Micah: Micah senses Callista and avoids her dager by rolling to the left. However, she was painfully hit  by Catherine's lasso on his back. He staggers and flies into a high tree.

Callista: She moves a bit to the side but her left side is hit and she falls. She glares at Thomas. Bastard!

Thomas: Shut up you Ho Bag, tries to stab her in the leg with his spear

Cato: He spins in midair to follow Alexander as he tries to drop on him.

Catherine: She shadow travels to the base of the tree where Micah is and sends a wave of a mental blast.

Callista: Grins murderously and jumps from her position to a position that Thomas' spear couldn't reach. Now let me see...A Rabbit? or...a MOUSE? grins.

Thomas: huh?

Alexander: Cato falls in front os Alex but he kicks Cato away trying to get himself some time.

Micah: Micah quickly jumps from his tree and into another one.

Callista: Maybe this. Go away from all of us! Like maybe...20 feet away. She adds alot of charmspeak into her voice. She gets a bit exhausted making the voice louder so that not only Thomas could hear. She then shouts: BC people! I suggest we regroup.

Cato: Tsk. Damn. He runs to Callista's location.

Catherine: She shadow travels back to Callista. So, what now?Leave these wretches alone?]

Callista: Who said about leaving them alone? She opens her palms and stretches her arms to her sides, Feiry balls of fire now emerge from both of her palms. She throws it and quickly conjures two more, sending the fireballs to the opponent. She feels dizzy suddenly but she managed to get to her feet. OOC: The size of each fireball is two balled fists combined.

Thomas: hey i got this! jumps in front of them and creates a small tornado to block the 4 fireballs

Callista: She grins and while Thomas is preoccupied with maintaining the tornado, She runs. And now...we fight back! She unsheaths her dagger again and runs towards Thomas.

Cato: He shouts a war cry as he becomes changed to become stronger and quicker. He rushes for Alex with his hatchet on his right and sword on left, determined to finish him off.

Catherine: She flexes her whip as she shadow travels for Micah to strangle him with it.

Micah: He uses all his left energy to shed his skin and transform into pure wind. He dodges Catherine's whip and attempts to knockher over the tree.

Catherine: She falls over the tree and crashes to the ground. Her back felt very painful, but she used her powers to alleviate it. She stands up and raises her hand to signal Callista and Cato. Don't attack this one! Seems pretty 'windy'. She looks back to Micah. Don't get too cocky. You'll get drained out after a while. She squints her eyes coupled with an evil smile.

Alexander: Put himself between Thomas and Cato with Callista.

Cato: He continues to rush for Alex with his hatchet ready to be embedded on his face while his sword ready to decapitate him. OOC: I watch killing movies repetitively. xD

Thomas: gets stabbed in the arm by Caliista Damn! creates a very large tornado to attack Cato and Caliista

Cato: He tries to leap in the air but he still gets blown away by the tornado. As he was about to get slammed to a tree, he uses his sword to pin it down to the trunk, saving him a some inches. By this time around, he was already drained above half of his energy.

Micah: Using last bits of his energy, he attempts to blow off Callista, Catherine and Cato into a far distance before turning back into his old body. He lies down on the ground, gasping for air and trying to recover his energy. He is much weaker now.

Callista: Gets thrown a decent distance and hits her head, She stands up and grimaces in pain. She tries to bear it but she's partly limping as she runs to Micah with an enraged expression.

Catherine: She gets blown to a prickly bush and finds it hard to get up. After a few seconds she managed to get up, her body sore from the landing. Seeing Callista in pain, she uses her powers to alleviate it to keep her fighting. She also uses her powers to become immune in pain. She pulls out her whip again and charges at Micah.

Cato: He gets blown away to a tree trunk and hits his back there. He yells as he staggers to get up.

Thomas: Damn! he tries to blast Caliista and Catherine to try and protect Micah

Callista: with her new-found strength and natural agility, She dodges Thomas' attack and passes him. She drags him to the ground while running and releases him half-way towards Micah, she then unsheaths her dagger and slashes Micah's arm. What's the matter, Windbag? Can't fight?

Catherine: She stands beside Callista with her whip ready to lash him. Want me to do it?

Micah: He howls in pain as the dagger gashed his arm. Argggh...

???: A vulture would swoop down on Callista and Catherine, trying to bury it's talons on their shoulders.

Callista: She sees the vulture and it's talons are buried on her shoulder. She slashes the vulture's neck with a dagger. She pants.

Alexander: Looks at Micah in trouble and runs behind Catherine with a vertical slash. How about I do it to YOU?

Thomas: he runs to Callista and tries to stab her in the arm chew on this!!

Callista: She sees Thomas and throws a small fireball towards him. How bout you swallow this first, airhead? 

Thomas: tries to dodge the fireball but is too tired and gets hit with it in the stomach Dammit..... he uses the wind to increase his speed as he throws his spear at Callista

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